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Carribean Surprise

He finds that innocent flirtation isn't always so innocent
After thirty years of ups and downs as a married couple, my wife Anne and I had decided that we deserved a special vacation to celebrate our anniversary. After weeks of talk and research we finally settled on the Dominican Republic as our destination and we found the perfect resort on the eastern shore of the island. The hotel we picked was the flagship of a four hotel complex that offered a wide array of restaurants and night life, all available for our use at an all inclusive price. Best yet, Anne and I loved the beach and the beach at this resort was know to be world class.

The day of the trip we flew to Atlanta from Newark and were waiting in line to board our second plane to the Dominican Republic. As Anne and I stood in line, my eyes fell on a woman just ahead of us. I had noticed her earlier sitting with her husband, and our eyes had connected briefly. She and her husband looked to be a good ten years younger than us. She was pretty, in a soccer mom kind of way, and I remember thinking to myself, “Now that's a mother I would love to fuck.” As we stood in line to board, she turned around to look to see if her husband was coming and she noticed me looking at her again. I smiled at her and she smiled back. It was all innocent and if Anne noticed I doubt she thought anything of it.

I didn't really think about her again until after we had landed in the Dominican Republic. As Anne and I were being herded through Customs I spotted her in a different line, some distance away, and I swear she was looking directly at me. There had to have been hundreds of travelers there, but she had picked me and it was quite flattering. She smiled at me again and I started to return the gesture when Anne interrupted the moment by asking me questions about the Customs forms we were filling out.

We made it through Customs fine and went off to find our baggage, all the while my new friend and I seemed to be having a little game of harmless flirtation going on. It was subtle and I don't think anyone noticed but us, including our spouses. She and her husband located their suitcases much faster than us and that's when I finally lost her.

Anne and I took a shuttle bus to the resort and, after check in and orientation, we found ourselves standing in an amazing hotel room. The bedroom was beautiful and the bed was enormous, and after a “finally we're here” kiss, I impulsively tried to guide her to it. It was late afternoon, however, and Anne wanted to see the beach in the worst way. I suggested we pull out our bathing suits and unpack the rest after a visit to the beach.

Anne had packed our suits where they were easy to get to and soon she was stripping off her travel clothes. At 53, Anne had grown more attractive to me than ever. Her dark, brown hair fell just below the top of her shoulders and formed a natural frame around her pretty face. Her soft full lips and her pretty brown eyes always drew my attention, and the attention of other men too, although I doubt she ever realized it. At 5'6” and 155 pounds, she was no fashion model. She was definitely developing a little bit of a belly on her medium frame, but she carried it well. Her breasts were just the right size to cup in your hands around, and her hips, perfect round ass and smooth, sexy legs all helped her look great in a bathing suit.

We spent an hour or so on the beach, which was indeed world class as promised. I brought the camera and got some great shots of the ocean, the beach, and of Anne. The lighting was perfect in the late afternoon sun and I wanted to take a few more, but it was getting late and we were both pretty hungry so we returned to our room, unpacked and dressed for dinner.

At this resort you are assigned a table for your stay for dinner in the hotel restaurant. There's no obligation to eat there, there are several other choices on the complex, but if you do decide to eat there you are assured of having the same waiter or waitress throughout your stay. Of course other people would be assigned to your table, but there was a good chance they'd eat elsewhere or at a different time. It looked as though we were going to have the table to ourselves.

I had just finished going through the buffet line and was headed back to our table when I noticed Anne, who was ahead of me, talking to a man and a woman who looked familiar. They had been seated at our table. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized it was the same couple from the airplane. My first impulse was to hide but, of course, I knew I had to go over and introduce myself.

I soon discovered that I had nothing to worry about. Other than a hand shake that lingered a little longer than necessary, both my airport friend and I played it cool. It turned out that she and her husband were great table mates. Her name was Sarah and her husband's name was Dan and we soon discovered that we had much in common.

Dan and Sarah were both teachers, as was my wife. Dan taught high school Honors English and my wife taught high school AP Math. Sarah was a Kindergarten teacher. It turned out we both had daughters, their two still in elementary school, two of ours in high school and a third in college.

We also discovered that Dan had grown up in the same city as my wife and they had actually gone to the same high school, though several years apart. While Dan and my wife talked about teachers and places they both remembered, Sarah seemed fascinated to learn that I owned a small book store. She pumped me with questions, occasionally putting her hand on my wrist to emphasize a comment.

In hindsight I would say that Anne was quite taken by Dan. He was pretty good looking, about 6' tall, perhaps 180 pounds, definitely a man who worked out. His brown hair and brown eyes contrasted my blond and blue. He had that “Jim Halpert” from “The Office” look that I knew Anne found sexy. More than that, he was very easy to talk to and Anne loved to talk.

We ended up conversing and drinking wine for long time after we'd finished eating. The age difference didn't seem to be a factor, and I could feel a genuine friendship developing as time flew by. We finally said our good nights and agreed to look for each other on the beach the next day.

In the elevator Anne told me she really liked them and I told her I agreed. We were both looking forward to seeing them again. Once we were back in our room my mind shifted gears and I started thinking about sex with Anne. I grabbed her from behind and started kissing her neck as soon as she started unbuttoning her blouse. Anne had a different idea though. Sleep. Actually it had been a very long day and I didn't argue with her.

When we woke up the next morning Anne began kissing me and before I knew it she was on top of me humping away. Back home Anne almost never initiated sex and the last time she dry humped me was before we had kids. After thirty years of marriage, our sex life had become very routine, so I was quite surprised by what was happening. It only took her a few minutes to cum hard and then she rolled over on her back, exhausted. I helped her out of her night gown and pulled off her panties and fucked her missionary style for a long time, imagining that I was fucking Sarah. She finally urged me to finish and I had a nice cum deep inside her.

Later that morning we meet Sarah and Dan on the beach. They had saved us lounges under the protective shade of a palm grove. Sarah was wearing a yellow bikini that looked really hot on her. She was more petite than Anne, a couple inches shorter and at least twenty pounds lighter. Her breasts were larger than Anne's but not so large that they dominated her nicely proportioned frame. Her shoulder length brown hair, a little shorter and a little lighter than Anne's, was pulled back into a ponytail. After figuring out when Dan had graduated from high school from our conversation the night before, I calculated that Sarah was probably around 38 years old.

We spent a lot of time with Sarah and Dan over the next couple of days. They were fun to be with and I believe they thought the same of us. We explored the other hotels and their restaurants and pools and went to a couple of shows together. We ate together, trying out new places for lunch, coming back to our hotel for the dinner buffet. The flirtation between Sarah and me had morphed into a kind of harmless group flirtation. It seemed like it was all in good fun, but deep down I felt that it was becoming more that just a game between Sarah and me, and I worried about our spouses catching on.

I was certain Anne would bring up the open flirting and say it was making her uncomfortable. She didn't and that surprised me. What surprised me more happened in our room that second night. Not only did Anne let me have my way with her, she let me indulge in a fantasy involving her and one of the black men who served us drinks that evening. She never let me talk about my fantasies back home. I rubbed her clitoris as my story unfolded and she climaxed as I described his large cock pumping semen into her wet vagina. If that wasn't shocking enough, the next morning she wanted to fuck again! I told her another fantasy about a college kid accidentally finding her home alone in the shower, and she climaxed again.

On the third day Sarah and I were alone on the beach for a few minutes when Anne went back to the hotel to use the bathroom and Dan went back to get his camera. Sarah asked me to help her put on some sunscreen. After I finished with her back, she turned around and I had an overwhelming desire to kiss her. I know she felt the same, but we both just stood there staring at each other. Finally she softly touched her fingers to my mouth and sat back down on her lounge. Shortly afterwords Dan appeared and my opportunity was lost.

The fourth day of our vacation began with some pretty feisty morning sex. Anne rode me to a strong orgasm and I finished a little bit later by rolling her over on her tummy and masturbating all over her pretty ass. I was just headed to the bathroom for a towel when I heard a knock on the door. I had forgotten that we requested fresh coffee be delivered the night before. I quickly pulled on some shorts and a tee shirt, closed the door to our bedroom and walked through a little bar area to the outside door where a nicely built black man was holding a serving tray of coffee. I expected he would hand me the tray and I would give him a tip and that would be it. I was surprised when he pushed right past me and headed for the bedroom. I tried to tell him to just leave the coffee with me, but he pretended he didn't understand me and pushed his way right into the bedroom.

Anne was completely naked and just barely had time to pull the covers up over her breasts. We both watched in silence as he set the service tray down and poured out two cups of coffee. He had his back turned to Anne but I could see him checking her out in the mirror. I pulled some money out of my pocket and he took it with a polite nod. Then he smiled at Anne and left.

Dan and Sarah had reservations for parasailing that morning, so Anne and I decided to check out an avenue of shops between two of the hotels on the property. We met them for lunch later on and we all had a good laugh about our coffee story. Dan said he'd deliver coffee to us for free next time.

After lunch we decided to go pool hopping. Each hotel on the property had its own unique pool and we thought it would be fun to visit them all in one afternoon. My favorite pool was the last one we visited. It had a great swim up bar and large hot tub area that resembled a little lagoon. It was surrounded by natural looking rocks which lent a sense of privacy. You could get to it without ever leaving the pool.

Sarah had promised her daughters she would call them after they got home from school that day and she excused herself to go back to the room. Shortly after Sarah left, I offered to grab some beer for us. I left Dan and Anne alone and made my way out to the pool bar. The bar was mobbed and after a couple of minutes of waiting I decided it would be smarter to come back after it thinned out some.

As I was coming around the rocks that led into the lagoon I paused. Something wasn't right. Anne had a serious look on her face and that puzzled me. She didn't see me standing there and Dan had his back to me, so I stood still and watched. Then my heart stopped. As I stood there, Dan leaned over and kissed Anne on the mouth. It was a gentle, tentative kiss. I fully expected Anne to pull away, but instead she put her hands around the back of his head and kissed him back. Hard.

In thirty years of marriage I never once suspected my wife of cheating. I stood there immobilized. I was definitely angry, but I could feel my cock stiffening at the same time. When the second kiss broke, Dan took two fingers and traced them down her chest to the top of her swim suit. He slid his fingers slowly inside her suit and traced the upper parts of her soft tits.

Anne gently pulled his hand away and I thought she was coming to her senses. But, instead of backing off, Dan slid his hand down her tummy, under the bubbling water and out of sight. I watched as Anne bit her lower lip and slipped lower into the pool. Though I couldn't confirm it, I was pretty sure she had opened her legs and was letting Dan rub her cunt.

I had no idea what I wanted to do. There were other people in the lagoon, but it didn't seem as though anyone noticed what was going on. Then I saw an older man looking on with great interest. His hand was hidden under the water too, and the look on his face told me he was stroking his cock while he watched. He looked over and saw me and quickly looked away.

Finally I decided to do nothing. I went back to the pool bar and waited my turn to be served. When I returned, Dan asked me if I had gone to Cuba to for the beer. I mumbled something stupid and then did my best to pretend everything was normal. We drank our beers and headed back to our rooms to get ready for dinner.

When we were back in our room and Anne was changing out of her swim suit, I probably could have told her what I saw and we would have talked about it. Instead I groped her. I wanted my hands to touch the same places Dan's hands had been. I kissed her gently, like Dan had done with her, and she kissed me back hard, like she had done with Dan. It was pretty weird and erotic at the same time. When my hand slid down her tummy and started to touch her hairy pussy she started to cry. She pushed my hand away and told me she had done something bad.

I listened to her tell me about her encounter with Dan. I didn't let on that I actually saw most of it happen. At first she left out the part about Dan's wondering fingers, but she described the kissing part just as I had witnessed it. I told her I loved her and I wasn't angry. I told her that she wasn't a bad person, that she was only human. I held her naked body tight to my own and I told her I wasn't about to leave a good marriage over a kiss. Then guilt seemed to get the best of her and she told me there was more.

I listened intently as she confessed to the rest of what I had seen. I was a little surprised when she revealed that, not only did Dan touch her pussy, he actually slipped his fingers inside her. She said she broke it off when she saw an old man staring at her from across the pool. I was silent for a minute and then I said, “It's alright, Anne. This still doesn't change anything.” Then, I don't know why, but I asked her if she liked feeling Dan touch her. She immediately said, “no” …...and then she looked down at the floor and whispered, “yes”. My cock was as hard as a rock.

We talked about what to do next and finally decided to keep Anne's confession just between us. I convinced her that I had no ill feelings towards Dan, and thought that he was a good and decent person. I honestly didn't want to end our new friendship, but more truthfully I was thinking this could be my free pass to pursue Sarah. I didn't say that to Anne. Instead I said, “Who could blame him for wanting you so bad, most of the boys in your math classes walk around with hard-ons all day thinking about what they'd like to do to you!” She let me know that she didn't appreciate that comment, but I had an idea that she deep down she found it titilating.

We composed ourselves, dressed for dinner and met Dan and Sarah at our usual table. We were late but they didn't mind. Anne was quieter than usual while we ate. I knew she was nervous because she practically guzzled her first glass of wine and consumed two more glasses before dinner was over.

After dinner we walked down to the beach to see the moon rise and then we went to a comedy show at an outdoor amphitheater. When the show was over, Dan invited us up to their room to watch a video he had taken of Sarah parasailing that morning.

As Dan set up his laptop, I volunteered to mix up some gin and tonics, keenly aware that when Anne gets drunk she often loses her inhibitions. I'm not sure what I wanted to happen, but I was horny enough to take a risk. Dan set the laptop up on a coffee table in front of a small couch. Dan and Sarah sat on the floor and, after bringing out the drinks, I joined Anne on the couch. After the video we looked at some photos Dan had taken of the vacation, and then some other pics from a previous trip to Cancun.

I went out to fix more drinks and when I came back Dan had moved up to the couch with my wife, so I sat next to Sarah on the floor. It was hard for me to see the screen at that angle, so I put my arm behind Sarah and leaned in to her a bit in order to get a better view. I think we were all feeling the alcohol by this time. Sarah snuggled into me and I put my arm fully around her as we watched. Neither Dan or my wife said a word.

Dan got up to get the third round and I could tell from the first sip that he'd made them extra strong. There is fine line between getting drunk and losing your inhibitions and getting drunk and not being able to function. When Anne started slurring her words I was afraid we'd crossed the line. We were discussing logging on to Anne's facebook account to look at some of our kids pictures when Anne abruptly announced it was time for her to go to bed. She tried to stand up and almost knocked the computer over.

I realized that I had to get her up to our room and that any chance of fucking Sarah from here on in was highly unlikely. I was just drunk enough myself that I failed to get Anne off the couch and Dan and Sarah had to help me. After we got Anne standing, Dan took one arm and I took the other and we pointed ourselves towards the door. When Sarah said, “come back soon,” and I wasn't sure if she was talking to her husband or me, or to both of us.

We made it up the elevator and to our room and I planned to just lay her down in bed and let her sleep it off, but Dan grinned at me and asked, “Shouldn't we get her ready for bed?”

I went to pull out her nightgown but it wasn't where I thought it was. By the time I got back, Dan had removed her shirt and was undoing her bra. Anne stood up on her own power, let the bra drop to the floor, unfastened the button on her shorts and began to pull them down. She stumbled into Dan and they both fell onto the bed. I pulled her shorts off and was suddenly aware that Dan was groping Anne's breasts. She looked at me as if to say, “I can't help myself”, and then turned her face to him and they kissed each other, right there in front of me. I laid down the nightgown on the bed and sat down in the chair and started to rub my penis.

As they kissed, Dan moved his hand over and around Anne's tits, squeezing her nipples one at a time. Then he moved his hand down between her legs and rubbed her cunt through her panties. Anne opened her legs slightly, pulling her right leg up so that she could push her pelvis in rhythm to his strokes. After three of four minutes of this, she was breathing pretty heavy and started to cum. Dan pressed on and she came in waves. When she was finished Dan sat up and began undressing.

I'd never been in a situation like this and was beginning to get uncomfortable, but I kept watching. He took off his shirt, then pulled down his shorts. He had quite an impressive erection. Anne sat up and pulled down his underwear and he kicked them aside with his shorts and stood there before us completely naked. Dan's cock was thicker and longer than mine and was glistening with pre-cum.

I was shocked by what happened next. Anne slid down from the bed and took his cock in her hand and began giving him a blow job. Not once in over thirty years could I ever convince her to do that to me. She kissed the tip and licked the shaft, then took the whole thing in her mouth as far as it would go. Dan said, “Jesus,” and looked at me. I smiled weakly and gave him a thumbs up.

She didn't suck him for long, if that was any consolation. Dan helped her stand and for a minute they just embraced and kissed, her hands around his neck, his hands on her back and ass. Dan broke the kiss and started pulling down the bed covers. Anne came over to me, sat on my lap and kissed me. I could taste Dan's pre-cum on her mouth. She said, “Thank you.” Then she stood up and wiggled out of her underpants. Dan led her to our bed and she laid down on her back and spread her legs. Dan mounted her and she let out a small gasp as he pushed his large cock into her waiting cunt.

I heard a tap on the door and I jumped. I had forgotten all about Sarah. I went to the door and opened it with my finger on my lips in the universal “don't talk” sign before she could ask what was going on. She looked puzzled as I took her hand and led her through the little bar area and to the bedroom. Dan was now fucking Anne pretty hard. His upper body was raised above her and he had her hands pinned down on the mattress. Anne's legs were wrapped tightly around his thighs, pulling him deep inside her.

Sarah reacted by turning to me and putting her hand on my erection. She gently pushed me back through the bedroom doorway and kissed me in the bar area. She took my hand and led me to the elevator where we kissed some more. When we got to her room our clothes came off in a hurry. We began what turned out to be over two hours of torrid lovemaking. Sarah was a dream fuck. She did everything that Anne wouldn't do and she did it very well. I squirted on her tits and face early after an incredible blow job, but quickly recovered. She came four or five times, loudly enough that I was sure the people on either side of us could hear.

After my second orgasm, deep inside her as I looked down on her beautiful smiling face, we both fell asleep. It was just after one o'clock in the morning. Around four thirty the phone rang. It was Dan saying my wife wanted to see me. I put on my clothes, kissed Sarah and left with great apprehension. When the elevator door opened, Dan was standing there and we talked quietly for a minute. He wanted to know if I was okay with everything that had happened and went on to tell me how lucky I was to be married to such a hot woman. I returned the compliment and we shook hands.

When I got back to our room Anne was awake and sober. She had her silk night gown on now and we held each other in bed for a long time without saying a word. Finally she started to apologize and I quieted her with a kiss. I felt my cock getting hard again and thought for a moment she was going to let me fuck her. Instead she pulled away and we talked about what had happened, eventually falling asleep.

The next day was weird to say the least. We didn't see Sarah and Dan until after lunch. It was awkward at first, then Dan broke the ice by asking us how we slept. Sarah was more serious and suggested we go back to their room and talk. We did, and we had a good honest discussion about what had happened. It turned out that we weren't the first couple Sarah and Dan had exchanged partners with. They had been having discreet sex with another husband and wife on and off for two years, back where they lived. They way they described it, it sounded natural and healthy.

No one wanted the last few days of vacation to end on a sour note and, as we talked, we admitted that we all had liked what had happened the night before. I was mildly shocked when Anne said she would do it all again if she had the chance. So a deal was struck: for the last days of vacation we would enjoy the sun and surf as two couples, but when it came time for bed we'd trade partners with no restrictions. It worked to perfection.

As I write this nearly a year later, we have remained good friends and have met twice since for sex. Once in Mexico for a week and just recently at a hotel in the city where Anne and Dan had grown up, when we were both visiting relatives. In the meantime Anne and I have reached a level of sexual happiness I never dreamed possible. God bless the Dominican Republic.

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