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chance encounter

Our cars pulls from the interstate, a thirty minute drive with hardly a word spoken. My wife and I seem to be going through one of those ruts couples go through after twenty years of marriage. I just want to get this doctors visit over and get back to the golf course. As we exit our vehicle, her white Chevy 2500 truck pulls into space next to us. As she gets out of her truck, our eyes meet for the first time. I nod as if to say, 'hello' and she smiles to return the pleasantries.

She opens the rear door of her truck and leans in giving me a clear view of her skirt covered ass and long tan legs. And what a lovely ass it is! I instantly rack my brain to figure out where I've seen such a lovely ass. We hold the door of the parking lot elevator for her to enter. She was dressed in heels and skirt with matching top that exposes just a hint of cleavage. I can smell her scent and think how sexy she is as she enters. I know I've seen her somewhere before.

As she reaches the elevator, she enters and presses the button for the 8th floor. Making small talk, she comments that she is running late for a very important meeting. She has been at the vet with her horse. And BAM it hits me! Now I know where I've seen that lovely ass before. Although only in a picture it has to be her.

The door opens on the first floor and I tell my wife I have to go back and get my cell phone. I have be alone with her if only for a moment. The door closes and I instantly slap her ass hard letting my hand linger on her lovely ass, feeling her up. She turns to look at me, a shocked look on her face. As our eyes lock, I see the look of of lust and passion. I grab her by the shoulders and push her against the wall of the elevator. She smiles, realizing who I am. But how did she know?

I know now she is mine for the taking. With my body pressing her against the wall, I run my hand under her tight skirt . She parts her tan legs, giving me access to her thong covered pussy. She is soaked!

I lean in and kiss her on the lips, gently at first. Then our tongues meet, adding to the passion. My hands are in her hair as our kiss deepens. I slowly remove my hands from her hair and slowly move them down to her blouse covered breasts. I can feel her nipples harden under my touch. We are pressed very tightly together and the kisses are making both of us a little light headed.

I feel her hand move to my cock, squeezing and running up and down my length. She moans into our kiss as I bite her bottom lip. I continue to rub her sweet pussy.

The bell sounds as we reach the 8th floor. She reluctantly breaks the kiss, and begins to straighten herself up as the doors open. On her way out I slap her ass once again telling her, 'I told you I would grow on you '. She reaches into her purse and presses something in my hand as she lightly kisses me again.

I watch her walk off the elevator. She turns, winks and blows me a kiss just at the elevator doors close. When I regain my composure, I see that she has placed her cell number in my hand. be continued........
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