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Changing the Rules

Tags: teasing, oral, mf
The day that made me give in and make my marrige an open one...
This happened a few years ago, in fact it was this day that made me re-evaluate having sex with anyone but my husband.

I went off birth control a few months ago. I hadn't realized until recently how much it had been suppressing my natural sex drive but let me tell you I am walking around so horny right now it's ridiculous.

Anyway we went up to Sacramento for the weekend and I had arranged to meet Sean for coffee and to discuss some business. On our way back to his house after the meeting I mentioned my reawakened and raging hormone problem and he offered to help me out. My husband continued up to the ranch and Sean had me naked in his living room in a matter of minutes. His girlfriend was disinclined to play so he pulled me into his bedroom and onto his bed.

We had been playing for years with the only base rule being that he could not actually enter me. The lure of the forbidden was keeping the relationship hot and every so often it boiled over to the nearly unbearable point. My husband and I have been together for eleven years now and the thought of sex with someone new was a real turn on. I knew he felt the same.

Sean started kissing me. He was playing with my nipples and caressing my body, running his hands up and down my torso and pulling my hips firmly to him. He kissed, sucked and nipped my neck, ear, collar bone, breasts, nipples and mouth. God just the memory of his mouth working over my skin made me arch and writhe. He knew how I liked the mix of passion and roughness and oh my god, the feel of his stubble scraping over my delicate nerves.

I was so wet, I wanted him inside me, to feel of his cock filling me and stretching, grinding into me. He played with my clit and it felt wonderful but I wanted so much more. I straddled his leg rubbing myself hard against him pushing harder against his fingers beginning to shatter but knowing what was coming.

He laughed and pulled me up onto him, spreading my legs and positioning himself so my lips were wrapping his cock with his head rubbing my clit. Oh god, it was so, so close to what I wanted. I started sliding up and down his length, my juices soaking us, both teetering on the brink of coming as I gripped his hands.

Riding him first slowly, I enjoyed the feel of him, the exquisite sensation of every ridge rubbing up against me. Then faster, the friction setting off small explosions of pleasure that momentarily white out my thoughts, knowing that just a twist of the hips would be all that was needed to bring him fully inside me.

"Shit." I gasped. The thought so tempting it took all my willpower not to do it right then.

"What?" he murmured, knowing full well what. The jerk.

"I want you inside me so bad, I want to slide onto you and ride you 'til we both scream," I replied.

"So why don't you?" he replied, excitement at the thought of breaking through my resistance making his voice tense.

"Oh god!" I gasped as another white hot ripple shot through me. "You know I can't," I whispered raggedly hanging on to his hands to center myself, fingers interlaced. "Besides, what would there be left for us to do if we went there?" I asked trying to bring things to a more teasing level.

"I can think of plenty of things to do. I want to be inside you, feel you wrapped around me while I take you places you have never reached before.”

"I can think of plenty of things too,” I admitted, undone by the picture he was painting with his words. I gathered every scrap of willpower I had and slid off him. I kissed, licked and nipped my way down his chest, letting my hair trail my path downward.

I settled between his thighs and took his massive cock in my hand enjoying the flash in his eyes, disappointment at my decision mixed with anticipation and pure heat. I ran my tongue up the underside of his cock from balls to tip and delicately flicked his frenulum before running the tip of my tongue around the base of his head.

"Mmm," I murmured, “my favorite flavor of cock, me."

I took his cock into my mouth, as deeply as I could swallow, working the muscles of my cheeks and throat as I licked my juices off him. I gripped the rest of his shaft lightly with one hand while my other slipped under his scrotum to rub the base of his cock. I knew how much that turned him on and I could feel the tension rippling through his body as his muscles clenched beneath me.

I kept working him with my hand, light fast strokes as he liked them, while I moved down to lap at the underside of his scrotum and the base of his cock. I loved the way his breath caught and he jerked with each flick of the tongue as though he was on the verge of coming.

I knew that if I went just a little further, if I played with his ass he would lose it completely but that wasn't somewhere we had gone. I was saving that one for later. I took him into my mouth again for a moment but then decided that payback was a bitch.

I looked up into his eyes as I knelt between his legs, still working his cock with both hands and told him what I was thinking. "I wish it wasn't just my mouth on you," I murmured. “I want to be sliding up and down your cock, I want you to take me hard and fast."

His pupils contracted and his muscles clenched in reaction to my words, I could see him visualizing it as I spoke, so I continued.

"I want you to take me from behind and push yourself into me up to the balls, or up against a wall, I really have a thing for walls."

Shit, this idea was backfiring; I was just making myself wetter as I told him what I was visualizing.

"I'm so hot for you right now," I admitted. "I want you to play with my pussy."

I moved to so he could reach me better and as his hand found my pussy I went down on him again. He found my clit and I gasped with pleasure. "More," I demanded. "I need more!"

He complied and slipped his fingers into my pussy, continuing to rub my clit as he worked me. It was all I could do to keep sucking his cock as I could feel the orgasm starting to build. I raked my nails up his thighs and cried out as he flicked my g-spot. One more flick and I shattered. I renewed my efforts with his cock, pausing each time he pushed me back over the edge until finally I could feel him start to tremble, every muscle tensing with the imminent release,

"Oh my god I'm going to..."

He gasped.

"I'm going to come."

As the first hot spurts began, I worked him 'til he was almost done then took his head into my mouth and licked it clean with a swirl of my tongue that made him gasp. I looked up and smiled into his eyes as I licked a drop of cum off my index finger.

I think I may have to change our rules for the future.

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