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Chapter 4: The Real Turning Point Part 1

The real me is coming out slowly but surely
The morning after the dinner and subsequent events involving Nadine I woke up with a bit of a hangover and an urge for some lovin'. My husband had already gotten out of bed and was having breakfast and, after I pee'd I went out to try and entice him back to bed. Unfortunately two of our children were already up and my husband didn't want to chance that we would be interrupted. So we put off what I was really in need of until the evening. As was pretty common at the time, our son and Nadine and Steve's son had a basketball game. They were on the same team and we usually sat with each other during the game with the men paying much more attention to the game while we two ladies watched a little more distantly and chatted about whatever was going on at the time. On this day there was little doubt what we would chat about....the evening before.
I half expected Nadine to be embarrassed about the whole thing but she wasn't at all. In fact she was almost defiant in how she was reacting to the previous night's adventure. She talked about feeling free, being tired of being virtually ignored and that she thoroughly enjoyed her experience. I recall her saying that the attention she received made her feel so good, so attractive, that she really wanted to tell Steve what she had done and how much she enjoyed it. Most surprising was that she mentioned that she couldn't wait to get into a situation such as the one the previous evening a 2nd time and that I ought to be more willing to experiment. I responded that I wasn't sure I was comfortable about intentionally going outside my marriage other than what had already occurred. Deep down inside my curiousity was getting the best of me however.
Later on during that week, Nadine and I were talking and she asked me out of the blue "didn't you say that Jeff was out of town next weekend?". I replied that this was the case with my husband who's travelling had increased over the previous year or so. "Well then let's go out and have some fun. Get a baby sitter. Steve is taking our kids camping." Nadine was not an outdoors type so she never went camping with the rest of her family.

"So do you just want to go to dinner and do you want me to ask Helen?" I asked Nadine.
"No, let's have dinner and then go to a singles place my friend told me about that is downtown." Nadine replied. "Let's just make it the two of us."
"I'm not sure I really want to do that." My head answered without following my heart. So I told her maybe another time. Then I began to think. Jeff would be out of town and I can have my parents sit for the kids. I'm a free woman and can go out and have some fun. My heart was catching up to and passing my head. So, after a day or so, I made sure my parents could watch the kids....and as it turned out they took them back to their place for the weekend......and then called Nadine and we made plans to not only go out together on Saturday night but planned a shopping trip to buy outfits to wear that evening. I never would turn down a chance to wear new clothes.

The shopping trip resulted in a surprise for me because Nadine, a relatively conservative yet attractive dresser most days, bought a tight, relatively short, burgundy outfit which showed a lot more skin than I'd ever seen her wear including showing her breasts a bit. She also bought a pair of matching 6 inch spikes to go with the dress. I decided to go with something matching my haircolor at the time which was red and picked up a slinky red dress, not quite as short as Nadine's but form fitting and also showing some skin. As is customary with me, I matched the outfit with a pair of pumps. This was Saturday morning. We got back to the neighborhood and said we'd meet around 8 to go dinner and then go right to the club afterwards.
Getting dressed was a little strange. While putting on my makeup I realized that I was not doing so for my husband. Rarely had I gone out by myself and I certainly rarely ever got "dressed" for anyone other than my husband. Now I was getting dressed for an evening I didn't know what the outcome was going to be. Deep down inside I knew I was getting dressed for someone else. Unknowingly I had crossed the line from the unexpected encounters with Dan and even the experience with Nadine and now was at the point in which I was going to leave my home with the intention of meeting other men. I'm still not sure I understood this completely when I was preparing but it was a different feeling. All at once I was confused, nervous and excited. I got ready, put on my jewelry and some nice perfume and finally the oufit. I must say I thought I looked pretty good. Then the doorbell rang. It was Nadine who had arranged for the car to drive us where we intended for the evening.

I opened the door and there stood Nadine. Actually there stood a woman who bore a resemblence to Nadine but didn't look like the same woman I had left earlier that day. Before me was a woman with a short, stylish, wavy hairstyle, with big loop earings, multiple chains around her neck and rings on every finger save one....the one she normal wears her wedding ring on. Apparently Nadine had gone to the salon during the afternoon and changed her entire look. Previously she wore her hair mostly straight in varying lengths...from almost down to her waist to shoulder length. Never short or even up. This was a radical departure. She was very stylish and sexy and the dress and heels she wore made her look fantastic. So we walked to the car got in and complimented each other on our looks and outfits and made our way to the restaurant. We had a nice dinner, didn't really reference where we were going or dwell on what had happened the week earlier. It was probably around 10:30 that we finished, got back to the car and made our way to the club Nadine had mentioned.
While in the car Nadine mentioned that she couldn't wait to get on the dance floor and, to me, that sounded like fun. We had had some wine at dinner and I felt pretty comfortable and at that point I was in the mood to do some shaking and I maybe allowed myself to look forward to being held by someone while dancing closely if the occasion arose.
Right around that time Nadine said "Want to try something?".
I asked "Try what?"
"A little coke?" was Nadine's reply
"You mean coke as in cocaine?" I asked her.

"Yes deary. You have to try it." she said.

"I don't think so. That's not my thing." I replied.

"It wasn't my thing either until last week. Trust me that it will make you feel pretty good about everything." Nadine encouraged and as she said that she took out a vial and used an extra compact as a flat surface. She took out a $20 bill and rolled it up.
"Come on sweetie, it's not going to kill you. It'll make things more fun for you". Whoever this woman was said.
I thought about this for a minute or two, again refusing but then slowly but surely decided it was worth a try. Nadine took a snort and then another and then told me what to do and I did the same. Right about that time the car pulled up to the club and we got out. I walked out of the car a different woman. A feeling of well being I'd never felt before came over me. Everything was some much brighter and I could feel so much more than I'd ever felt before. I felt like the most attractive person in the world. I walked into that club like a queen, shaking everything that I had. We found a place at the bar and sat down. I had never sat at a bar without my husband before. I sat on the chair, crossed my legs like a lady, leaned back a bit and almost immediately had men at my side. Nadine was right next to me, naturally and she ordered drinks for us, which were paid for by the men. It seemed as if there were ten or more of them and they all seemed pretty attractive. At that point I had two urges. The first was a cigarette. The other was to be engrossed in the arms of a man. So I asked the men if anyone had a light and where we ladies could smoke and three of the men led us to a patio area. There was a dance floor outside as well and the music was pumped out there also. We sat down, the men lit our cigarettes for us and one of the men asked me if I'd like to dance. I told him that I'd love to dance to the slow sexy number being played and I got up out of my chair, took a long drag of my cigarette, exhaled upwards, turned and smiled at Nadine who had a devilish grin on her face as she mouthed the words "enjoy!" to me and I threw my arms around the sexy man's neck.

The man introduced himself as Robert and I introduced myself to him. He told me that I was very attractive and I was dressed very nicely. I thanked him in between drags of my cigarette and at one point I leaned my mouth towards him as I was exhaling and he leaned in at the same time and our lips nearly met. I backed away so I didn't blow the smoke in his face but he told me that he didn't mind and that he found me even more sexy. He had very sure hands and could move on the floor. I pressed up against him a little more and he moved his hands down towards the back of my waist and very close to my bottom. He pulled me tighter. I didn't pull away at all. I didn't want to pull away. The song finished and we sat down at the bar once again although Nadine was no where to be found. I talked with Robert for quite a while all the while peering around to see if I could find Nadine. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man and white on the side with their arms around each other and they were going at it pretty hot and heavy for public viewing. I had found Nadine.
Robert again asked me to dance and we headed for the dance floor. While dancing Robert asked me if there were any men in my life. I held up my ring to show him I was married.
"So what are you doing here?" he asked.

"I just came  out with my friend to have a good time with my friend." I replied.
"She's having a good time." Robert said.

"I noticed." I said while laughing.
I was getting more and more comfortable with Robert as we swayed to the music. I could feel him getting more solid as he pulled me close and that was making me feel more excited by the second. The thought of turning this man on was very appealing. As the song finished I allowed my hands to slide down his chest and, as we turned, ran my right hand softly down past his beltline and brushed his bulge.
"Oh...I'm sorry." I said with a smile that probably told him the truth...I wasn't.
As we got back to the bar, Nadine came over and asked me to come to the ladies room rather breathlessly. So I grabbed my purse, excused myself and ran after her.....literally at a trot because she was moving so fast. I finally managed, on the run, to in the most feminine way possible while running in way too high heels for running....and catch up with her just as she entered the ladies room.
"Brenda, I've got to go." she said.
"Go where?" I asked.
"The guy I'm with wants to go someplace private and I want to go with him." Nadine responded as she opened her purse. She took out her vial of cocaine and asked me if I was interested. Inhibitions having long left me I gladly imbibed once again along with my apparently trampy friend. Almost immediately a feeling of confident euphoria came over me along with a pretty strong sense of sex...if you know what I mean.
"Nadine, let's think about this" I said. "Where are you going to go....alone....with this guy whom you just met?"
Nadine responded "I don't know. How about my house? There's no one there."
"I think your absolutely nuts. I've got to get back to MY "date". I don't want him to think I've left him". I said. "Do NOT leave without me or letting me know where you are." I admonished as I walked out of the bathroom and back out towards the dance floor. On my way out the door, Nadine yelled to me that Robert and I were invited to come back to her house as well. Initially I dismissed the thought.

While walking out towards the dance floor I began to feel differently. Maybe it was the effects of the spirits I'd used that evening but all I knew was that I really wanted to have sex almost right then and there. In short, I was suddenly really horny almost out of nowhere. Once I got back to Robert who was sitting in the inside bar, I sat for a minute, appologized for taking so long in the ladies room and asked him to come outside as I had to have another cigarette. On our way out Nadine caught my attention and reiterated that she wanted to go home with her new found boyfriend and that she wanted me and Robert, if I chose to, to come along. Robert and I continued to the outside bar and dance floor. My initial reaction to returning to Nadine's home with Robert had taken a pretty big change however.
Robert lit my cigarette while standing near the bar and I moved towards him, exhaled, moved my free hand up his chest to his shoulder. By this time I was pretty warm all over.
"Can I ask you something?" I said as sweetly and sexily as I could. "Would you like to go somewhere where we could have a lot more privacy?"
Robert looked a little taken aback but looked me straight in the eye and asked where I had in mind.
"My friend Nadine, you know the nut that keeps bumping into us, has invited you and I and a friend of hers back to her house. There's no one there and there's plenty of room. She has a pool also to play in." I said
"How will we get there and how do I get home?" he asked.
"Don't worry. I always have access to a private car to get you where you need to go whenever you need to get there. It's a perk from my business. No one ever asks any questions." I told him.
He hesitated for a second and I needed to convince him as the feeling coming over me was such that I swear that when I moved my sweet spot was making loud squishing noises. I was actually feeling and hearing that I was so wired. I took a deep drag and put both arms around his neck, pulled myself close and leaned up against his face while exhaling.
"Please come with us." I wispered. "You won't regret it". I continued.
I was now positively purring like a cat into his ear as sweetly and teasingly as I could. The need to get this man into our car and to Nadine's house was almost to a state of desperation at this point. I pulled him even closer so my mouth was right at his ear and gave him a little peck on his earlobe. I decided to go all in. I moved my arms back from being around his neck and shoulders so I could be in front of him to "convince" him.

"Come with me." I said to him and at the same time gave him a simple little kiss on his lips. He still looked almost flustered. I took another deep drag of my cigarette, gave him another little peck on his lower lip and said to him in the sweetest wisper I could muster up as I exhaled "Do you want your cock sucked? I'd do it right here if we wouldn't get arrested. Trust me, it will be the best blowjob you've ever gotten."
"Let's go." he said. Apparently I piqued his interest. Now to find Nadine and get going. I finished my cigarette and found Nadine at a table and now I was the one in a rush. We called the car and told him to meet us outside. Within a few minutes we got the word that the ride was ready. So out the door we went and in to the waiting car.
Once in the car we all introduced ourselves a little more formally. Nadine's friend was named James and he was a really nice looking black guy who was probably in his mid to late 20's. My date Robert, was about the same age, athletically built and had a smile which could light up a Christmas tree. I was very very attracted to him. The car was virtually a small limousine with two seats facing each other and Nadine immediately cuddled up to James, kissing him a few times and almost seemed familiar with him since her hands were moving almost too comfortably around his body. Initially I sat close but not immediately next to Robert as I had one thing to take care of first. I opened my purse and pulled my phone out and sure enough there were 3 calls from Jeff. So I immediately dialed him in and attempted to "lose" the buzz from the drugs I had imbibed in. "Hi baby" was my first comment. Interesting because I NEVER referred to my husband in those terms in a casual conversation. So he asked what I was up to. I told him that I was out with Nadine and that we had dinner together and stopped in a club for a short while. He asked if maybe I had a drink or two since I seemed a little tipsy and I giggled and told him maybe one. He told me to be careful....he would never suspect anything at that point....and I assurred him I would do so. I gave him a phone kiss and hung up. That done, I shifted over and placed myself slinkily into the arms of my new found toy.....Robert. He was very open to having me do so.
We had nice conversation on the way home. As we got to the interstate exit for our development, about 10 minutes from home, I was feeling pretty comfortable and put my head on Robert's shoulder. Nadine and James had been nuzzling the entire trip home and watching them was doing absolutely nothing to appease the warm feeling I was having all over my body. I moved my hands up and down Robert's chest and on his thigh. I was so wired I just kept running my fingernails up and down his thigh and then finally just moved my hand up to the hard spot between his legs and started tickling gently. Then I just took my head and pulled his face to mine and we gave each other the dirtiest kisses we could muster up. Good god he felt good!
I said pretty firmly "I wish we were alone because I'd do you right here in the car". I must have said it loud enough for Nadine to hear because she laughed and said "Don't let us stop you. We might join you. I hope we make it home ourselves!". Right about that time we pulled up to Nadine's driveway. We got out of the car and went into Nadine's home.
Once inside, Nadine made some punch which was pretty strong and James had some pot with him. So I drank a little more and we passed around the pot which I took some deep hits about we talked, made out with our new boyfriends and in general got prepared for the rest of the evening. Nadine finally stood up and took James hand and said. "We're going upstairs. You can have downstairs all to yourself. Brenda you know there is a guest room in the far corner and that has it's own entrance to the pool. I shouldn't have to tell you where anything is. You've been here often enough. Enjoy yourselves. You'll have complete privacy. Trust me. With that, James and Nadine walked up the stairs, I heard a door close and then heard the sounds of muffled music. I now was alone with Robert.

We had been standing to allow the other couple to leave properly and we sat back down on the soft sofa we had been sitting on. I was feeling incredibly good....warm, wet, sexy, desirable.....and now had a man I had been wanting for a couple of hours to do whatever I wanted to with for what seemed like as long as I wanted. I decided that I was going to have to tease this man to death. I stood up and asked if he liked what he saw. He told me he did. Unfortunately he was a little shy when I was looking for a tiger at this point. So I felt the need to be aggressive. I reached under my dress and pulled down my panties and threw them at him.
"What do you think of them?" I asked. He sat there a bit stunned.
I sat down on his lap with my legs apart. I took his hand.
"Do you want me?" I asked. "Do you want to taste me?" I asked "Do you want to smell me?" I asked. "Yes" he answered to all.

Then I moved his hand down to my sweet spot and placed it right at the door. "Pet my pussy." I commanded. He did so softly. "God you're wet" he said. Apparently the squishy feeling was close to the truth.

"It's all for you sweetie" I answered. I told him to stand and get naked which he did pretty quickly. I removed my clothes at the same time. He sat back down and I kissed his lips and then put my pretty head in his lap and began to give him the best cocksucking I could think of. This wasn't the sweet loving I gave to my husband. I sucked on his cock as dirty as I could. Tongue swirling, wet, juicy, deep in and out. This man was putty in my mouth. He was squirming all over the couch. In between I was telling him "don't you dare cum in my mouth, don't you dare........until I tell you you can" I said to him with a smile. That only made him crazier with lust. Finally I picked me up and put me on the couch and I opened my legs for him to do anything he could possibly think of. I was at a stage of lust I didn't know existed.
While he was standing there apparently trying to figure out which way to attack first, I rubby my kitty a little and said "come here baby. give momma a kiss". He was very inspired at that point and he dove for my wet spot. When he made contact I lost all sense of being on earth. " my pussy" I cried out. Eat it he did. This man, as shy as he was otherwise, licked my sweet spot for what must have been an hour. I'd be lying if I told anyone how many times I orgasmed. I really don't know. It might have been once. It might have been a dozen times. I really don't know. All I know is that while he was addressing my needs, I was in an incredible state of arousal. I was climbing the back of the sofa all the while grinding my loins into this mans absolutely beautiful mouth and tongue. He teased me, kissed me, fingered me. Every once a while he'd come up and give me a nasty kiss on my mouth so I could taste myself on him which only turned me on anymore. He rubbed his hands on my body, played with my breasts, my bellybutton, and even lightly teased my anus which was something he really knew how to do. I was in an absolute state of euphoria. Finally he started to slow down and came up and kissed me sweetly. I needed to catch my breath and asked if I could have a cigarette. He told me that was fine and we sat together. His cock was still rock hard.
While smoking I ran my fingersnails up and down his cock and he gave out little gentle moans of pleasure which sounded real nice. It was great to get a reaction out of a man. I was starting to get turned on again and I gave him a few gentle smoky kisses and kissed his cock lightly right on the head. I think he was actually harder at that point.
I leaned into him and said "I want your cock in me." while running my index finger up and down his throbbing member. He told me to lie down which I did. I spread my legs, put my hands down and spread my lips and said to him "Come and get it honey." The look on his face told me that I had hit whatever spot I needed to hit with that request and he pulled me down a bit and he put his cock right by the opening. I slid down to meet him and we both moved forward at the same time and with great timing I threw my legs completely around him and pulled up as he thrust down. He hit the back of my insides almost immediately. He was longer than my husband and touched a spot not reached before which felt incredbily good. We were rocking and rolling like two animals. I could tell he wouldn't last too long and pretty soon he started to stiffen up and started ramming his cock in me pretty roughly. Well anything I was thinking to that point immediately left me as I could feel the drool running down my lips. I was so limp from pleasure that I could barely hold onto this man who was positively fucking the shit out of me. I was like a ragdoll and my body just began to orgasm. "Fuuuuuck me. Do me. Ohhhhh...ggggoddddd. You're making me cummmmm...." I was grunting "Do me. Do me. Do me deeeeeeep" I never talked like this during sex but I was out of control. Finally I hit the peak of my orgasm and about that time Robert declared that he was about to cum and cum he did.....for a long time. I could feel the warmness of his cum inside me which only made me hotter. Good god that felt good. He finally finished and we both laid there with him inside of me. He stayed there too. Didn't pull out. We moved to a comfortable position with him still inside me. It was now early morning and we fell asleep for the evening completely naked and with a man I didn't know inside me.
To those who think that this part of the adventure is over. You're wrong. It had barely started. This is to be continued.....
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