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Chapter Three: A Night Out With the Girls

After the wedding a few weeks before, the ladies go out to dinner.

The last story of the experience at the wedding failed to mention that the night of the wedding I still went home and made love with my husband. I was still a little buzzed and needed a little more anyway. When I woke up the next day, the first thing I concerned myself with was Helen. She's not one to mince words, is very talkative and her cryptic comment as I passed her concerned me. She also had something to say to me when we were leaving for the evening but I don't recall exactly what it was she said. It was in the "I know something that you don't want me to" vane. She was going to be on vacation from work the following week so I had to wait to get my answer. It was a long week.
Once Helen returned to work we talked a little but not about the wedding at this time I had lost my nerve to approach it directly and hoped it went away. Helen suggested that Nadine, she and I go out to dinner the following Friday and she chose a restaurant which had some "life" to it. In other words some music and dancing along with a very nice dinner. Since we're all on expense accounts, it's not hard to pass anything off as a work related expense. It's a very nice place in Tampa and is frequented by some names quite recognizable, particularly in the sports world. So we all dressed nice and made our way to the restaurant in a corporate car. I haven't described the other two women all that much and need to give a short intro.
Nadine is another woman who grew up in New York City as Helen and I did. I've already described she and her husband as nearly inseparable...rarely seeing one without the other except for one nearly daily instance.  Her husband Steve was a guy who was always running/jogging around the neighborhood. Anyone who didn't know him referred to him as "the runner". Nice guy, very quiet, into his children. Helped coach his kids in sports. Smart and nice looking guy. Nadine was very doting around children and not just her own. I don't think anyone would not have absolute trust in her taking care of her children. As much as Nadine and Steve were seen together I never saw them touch each other in anything which would be considered a sexual fashion. The always were extremely friendly to each other and you never heard them utter the sarcastic "digs" you usually hear from couples who've been together for a long time. They had met when they were very young....I think they were both freshmen in High School and dated from that point on.
Helen is a rough and tumble woman who could curse like a longshoreman when so inspired and she was inspired often. She loved to banter with the men about sex about as openly as I've ever heard anyone at work. At least a couple of times she had to be referred to management for simply using foul language. On the other hand, she was a terrific friend and would give the shirt off her back to help you out.
Once we got to the restaurant and sat and ordered some wine we began to talk. Helen brought up the wedding and that it was a wild affair and mentioned that she had seen me in the parking lot with Dan. I told her it was nothing but she replied that "nothing" doesn't usually include holding hands and nuzzling with another woman's husband. She also mentioned that she saw us get into the car together. So...faced with the facts I fessed up. Nadine took this opportunity to begin to open up about her husband and offer that at least my husband was interested in sex while her husband was referred to by she as "once every two weeks Stevie" and the once was a quick effort. She told us that she tried everything she could to interest him but nothing worked. She greeted him at the door one time in a red fishnet body stocking and spike heels and asked him what he'd like to eat for dinner. To here amazement he actually gave her a food order. Another time she planned a trip to the beach and was prepared to greet him at the door in a rather tiny bathing suit, a see through robe and sexy shoes. Unfortunately the woman who was going to take her children for the day sent her husband to pick the children up and Nadine greeted the wrong guy. Nadine said the guy's tongue practically hit the floor but he took the children and left. Steve showed up a few minutes later and walked in complaining about traffic. She said she ended up going to the beach with the wrong guy. She should have left the kids with her husband and went with the first guy. She also, for a woman who never spoke in any off color way, mentioned in question form...."don't you ever just want to get laid?"
Helen, by the way, lived in an open relationship with her boyfriend of 18 or 19 years, Jerry. They were free to do what they pleased although I'd never seen Helen do that. If she was doing anything she was discreet and I often suspected she talked a bigger game than she played. After the discussion about our husbands and boyfriend, as dinner was served, we ladies discussed many other topics. We then decided to move to the next room which housed the dance floor and some tables.
We found a table a row or two back from the dance floor and had a drink together and decided to do some dancing. Initially we danced amongst ourselves and then split up as men asked us to dance. At one point Helen and I returned to the table and when standing around couldn't find Nadine. We called her and got no answer and we checked outside and the ladies room and didn't see her. Finally she reappeared at our table and said she had gone back to one of the booths with one guy and he had some friends, now standing behind her, who wanted us to go to a party at a hotel they were staying at not too far away. Helen immediately said no...that she had plans with Jerry and I was initially pretty hesitant. Nadine convinced me that it would be ok and that she needed to let go a bit. She looked a little "alert" to me. While standing there, one of the men was looking me up and down. All that did was make me feel like the most attractive woman on the planet. So I agreed to go and we headed out to the car for the short ride to the hotel.
When we got into the car, Nadine said that one of the men had asked her to dance to a slow number and she did and it was the first time she'd been held close by another man in decades. He made her feel very attractive and she ended up kissing him on the floor before they went back to his booth. She mentioned that the group had cocaine which was offered to her. She said she had never tried it and was a little apprehensive about doing so but she finally gave in and now was feeling really nice. By this time we were at the hotel and went up the elevator to the suite the party was in.
It turned out that the "party" was basically the same 4 guys and Nadine and I. This made me a little nervous and I said to Nadine "are you sure you want to stay here?". Of course asking this of a woman who, at this point was high and apparently horny was probably the wrong thing to do. She said that she was fine staying. The men, who were all athletically built and varying races, asked us to sit down and then sat around us. They also offered up cocaine to all. Nadine, who was by now a completely different person to me, gladly imbibed and I refused as it was something I just wasn't comfortable with at that moment. Nadine then got up to dance with one of the men, apparently the same guy she had danced with and got us into this situation, while I was talking with the man who had checked me out at the restaurant. At this point I was still a bit nervous about the situation and also remembered that I hadn't called my husband to tell him that I would be later than originally planned. The music was a bit loud, certainly enough to hinder a cellphone call, so I stepped out into the hallway to make the call. I told my husband that we had a long wait to be seated for dinner and then Helen....considered to be the wild one of the three of us by the men....wanted to hang out for a while before we went home. Particularly at this time, I was extremely punctual and any case of not being where I was supposed to be when I had planned to be would cause a red flag to be raised. My husband told me to "be careful and I love you" and I hung up. I thought "nice. Way to make me feel as guilty as possible". I then went back inside to the suite.
The suite had rooms....presumably bedrooms...around the perimeter and when I went back into the room I initally didn't see Nadine. I quickly looked around the room and the only person in the room was the man I had been talking to. He again asked me if I wanted to party and I again refused and asked him where Nadine was. His reply was that she'll be fine. I immediately asked him again as pointedly as I could where she was. He nodded towards one of the bedrooms on the other side of the suite. I looked over and saw one of the men standing in the doorway looking in but couldn't hear anything because the music was playing. I got over to the doorway as fast as I could and asked the guy what was going on. He said "take a look yourself". What I saw was initially frightening.
I looked in the room and Nadine was basically down to no clothes, on her back with the man she had been dancing with on top of her. One of the other guys, the other African American within the group of men, was at the head of the bed standing over her. The light wasn't too great so it was tough to really see what was going on. I asked the guy behind me to turn the music down and I moved more into the room. When I could finally hear a bit better and see a bit better what I saw and heard was astonishing. Nadine, the mostly conservative though sexy nurturing mom who never even touched her husband much in a passionate way in public, had her newfound black boyfriend on top of her with another black guy up near her pretty head holding his erect cock out for her mouth to take......and she seemed more than willing to oblige. Since the music was now lower I could hear more of what was going on and what I heard was possibly more astonishing. Nadine, the mostly conservative though sexy nurturing mom who I've never heard even hint at a naughty word, was alternately saying "fuuuuuuck me....oh god...mmmmmmmmm.......fuuuck my wet pussy.....oh my god...mmmmm........oh god....that feels sooooo good.......mmmmmm........don't cum in me......please....don't cum in me......mmmmmmm.....oh god". I wasn't real comfortable watching this live adult movie scene.....oddly it was the slurpy sounds of the guys cock going in and out of Nadine and here slurping with her mouth with #2 guy that was making me feel uncomfortable. A little too close to the action for me I guess. Just to be sure I said as loud as I could "Nadine are you ok....are you ok with this?" Her answer was emphatically "I'm fine....don't worry".....actually it was "I'm ffffffffiiiiinnnnne....don't worry". So I stepped around the guy who was watching and went back out into the main part of the suite. The other guy who had been talking to me, a Latino guy, wanted to dance with me but I told him I'd rather just sit and talk. At this point I wanted one of us two women to be in control and wasn't all that interested in getting involved with these men.
The entire period from the time I went out to make the phone call to my husband to the time Nadine reappeared with the other men was less than an hour. Nadine called me over to the room she was in and we went into the bathroom. She was still without her clothes on and I helped her gather her clothes so we could put her back together the Strawman in The Wizard of Oz. She needed to towel off as the men obliged her request not to release inside her. Nadine later told me that she noticed the 3rd man watching at the doorway at one point, and in the state she was in she called him over and sucked him until he came on her also. So she was pretty well covered in man juice and I helped towel her down and get her clothes back on. We then went back into the main room where the men were, talked a bit more and then we needed to leave as it was getting late.
While we were riding in the car I asked her how she was feeling, she took a drag of her cigarette, exhaled and said with a smile "a little sore". "Brenda, she said, my life has been stagnant for so long I don't know how to express it. I've been taking care of kids for so long and my husband has been so satisfied with his life that I'm going crazy. You might think I'd be regretful about tonight but I'm not. I'm almost proud of myself because I just did so much that would surprise or shock people. The relationship that I have with my husband is such that I may just go home and tell him exactly what happened tonight just to see what his reaction will be. It might be jealous rage or, more likely, it will be a shrug of the shoulders and that pisses me off."

I asked her if she ever did anything like this before and she replied "absolutely not". Then I asked her what it was about tonight that made her go from one extreme to another. She said "I've been real frustrated with my husband, my sex life, my life in general and I really wanted to do something out of character. It's not something that was going to be appeased by changing my hair or buying new clothes. There's been a bit of time when I've been thinking about other men....and that had never happened until recently. I needed to explore. I still need to explore. This isn't very likely the last time I'll do this." Nadine also mentioned that she'd noticed that she's been attracted to black men over the last 10 years or so and had fantasized about being with one on a number of occasions. By this time we were back home and I got out of the car first and went into the house and found my husband asleep. He woke up and asked if everything was ok and my simple reply was "yes, we all had a nice time".
To this point my indescretions had been "spirit of the moment" encounters as had Nadine's. That was about to change for both of us. Brenda
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