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Chapter Two: Country Club Wedding

Wedding brings out the worst in me
Well, after my first experience with another man life was a little awkward for me for a while. There was some guilt regarding my own marriage although not as bad as I thought it might be. I think I justified it in a "he made me do it" sort of fashion. It also made me feel awkward around Susie and Dan for obvious reasons. Dan and I tiptoed around the entire experience in barely mentioning it aside from the occasional "are you ok?" type of question. Gradually things returned to normal and I could once again have normal interactions with Dan, Susie and my husband without stressing all that much.
A few months later, a couple we all knew got married and had the reception at a Golf Country Club in New Tampa. We knew a lot of people at the reception and the guests included Susie and Dan, a friend I knew from work named Helen and her gentleman friend and a married couple named Nadine and Steve who were from our neighborhood. Helen was about 6 years older than I, attractive although I wouldn't label her as really pretty, had a much larger frame than I did and was always willing to show off her top heavy assets. In short, she had a nice pair of tits as my husband would tell me. She was also outgoing, talked about sex all of the time, was a tremendous flirt and liked to have a good time. I hadn't had much experience with her socially to this point. That was about to change. Nadine was a much smaller woman. Very pretty but conservative. Always dressed nicely but wore nothing that would stick out. She didn't know it at the time but she was also about to undergo a change. Her husband and she were very close and usually stuck together in almost all situations which actually turned off some people.
As the case with all social occasions, some are good and some bad, some are wild and some are boring. This one went about as far away from boring as one could imagine. There was an open bar which probably increased people's willingness to drink and drink they did. The music was loud and there were couples on the floor all night....some with their partners, some mixing partners, some finding new partners. To this point in my life I was not much of a drinker. Occasionally I'd get a little tipsy while with my husband but almost never drank alcohol without him around. Shortly prior to our marriage I had gone out with some friends from work and had a couple of drinks and ended up.....horrors.....dancing with a guy all night at the club we were at. I felt so guilty the next morning that I vowed not to drink again without my then boyfriend around. What I didn't recognize was the excitement of being close with another man. While dancing with him I so much wanted to kiss him but just resisted the urge. I also, to that point, had not even considered using any recreational drugs. That was an absolute no no in my mind.
At this reception I had more than a few wines and I was feeling very good. When I danced with my husband I was all over him even to the point where I rubbed my leg up against his crotch to make him feel better. When we were sitting and talking...with my penchant for moving my hands all over in description of whatever it is that I'm talking about....a few times I ran my hands across his crotch and I could feel that he was excited by whatever it was he saw. I was really feeling good and was feeling kind of adventurous as I was dancing a slow number with my husband that as the song ended and I had my arms around him I put my hand on his face leaned in and said to him "I'm going outside to have a cigarette. Wanna come?". Ordinarily he'd jump at this chance to see me smoke but, for some reason, he said that he was going to get on the bar line while I went outside. So, in trying to entice him more, I said something I had never said to him anywhere..."I'll give you a blow job out there". He didn't realize it but I meant it. His reply was "where are we going to do that?". I told him that we had brought our car with us and that I didn't think anyone would either be paying attention or care the way the crowd was that night. This didn't change his mind and he said "later" and I said "ok" although I was a bit miffed at being turned down in a situation I thought nearly any man would jump at. So I went outside to have my cigarette.
When I got out there, Helen, Nadine, Dan, Susie and a few others were out there. They invited me to sit around the table they were at and I sat down and joined the conversation. Helen was there and she asked if anyone wanted to smoke. This confused me since Helen, Nadine and I (Dan and Susie didn't smoke) were already smoking. Then I realized she meant pot which made me initially very uncomfortable. Susie almost immediately left saying she wanted no part of it but the rest stayed. I was a bit naive to drugs and never hung around with a crowd who did drugs nor had I ever been offered drugs. So when Helen lit up and started to pass it around I was very hesitant. Helen can be very persistant and she pointed out to me that it was no worse than alcohol and that I drank and smoked on occasion. So there was nothing to be afraid of. Finally after some more talking I took a hit....very gingerly. Then Helen showed me how to really take a hit and I followed her instructions. After a few minutes I started to feel the effects and the effects were very good. I finished my cigarette, put it out, stood up and exhaled and went back inside to find my husband. When I got there he was engaged in talking about sports as is normal with a group of men and I went over and sat down with Dan. We talked for a bit then got up and danced. The feeling of having my arms around him brought back a lot of feelings now being fueled even more by the wine and pot. Since we could be seen I didn't want to overdo it but I was holding him as close as I could without attracting the wrong kind of attention from anyone such as his wife. I moved my hips in a bit as I leaned back to talk to him and could feel that he was aroused. Since I was, at this point, as high as I ever had been and my inhibitions probably as low as they ever have been to that point, I just looked at him and said "whatcha got down there?" He smiled and said "you want to find out?".

Well, with the state of mind I was in...frustration with my husband, too much wine, high from the pot, I didn't have a care in the world and I really wanted to suck Dan's cock right there on the dance floor.....if only just to get back at my husband for turning me down. So I leaned back into Dan and said "I'd like to take care of that". Dan smiled and said "Now? Where?". I asked him if he knew any private places inside the Country Club and he told me that while he'd been there before, he wasn't aware of any place we could go that would guarantee privacy....which at this point seemed a higher priority to him than me :-)  I asked him which vehicle they had taken to the reception and he said the Infiniti. My comment was that I thought the Infiniti had tinted windows to the point that unless you were right on top of the car or the dome light was on, it was pretty hard to see inside the car. So I suggested his car. "What are we gonna do in my car?" He asked. I said "come with me and you'll see". We both found our spouses and told them we were going to get some air. They were both too busy chatting to notice or care what was about to happen. On the way out we passed Helen who was still outside and I asked her for another hit of pot and she said "that's my girl". I took a deep hit and walked out with Dan holding his hand by now feeling very brave.
We got into Dan's car which was out in the parking lot and secluded from nearly anyone except someone who would be leaving the reception and it was too early for that. I sat in the passenger's seat and he in the driver's seat and we kissed for a very short time. We were both highly excited and I started to unzip his pants. Normally I like to suck nice, slow, gently and for a long time. I had never felt this way before and I just wanted to have Dan's cock in my mouth as quickly as possible. Naturally, just when you want to move fast you can't and I was struggling to get his pants to a point where I could get to what I wanted to. Finally Dan pushed my hand away and said that he would do it. He unbuttoned, unzipped and lifted his pants just enough over his rear end that his cock was there for me. I just touched the tip with the nail of my index finger for a second and told him that I just had to have the whole thing and dropped my head down in his lap and took him as far into my mouth as I could. At this point I wasn't aware of how to best take a man all the way down so I just went to town on him. A few times I took his cock out of my mouth and flicked the outside of his cock up and down with my tongue. After a few times doing that and a very few minutes sucking and twirling my tongue around his cock in my mouth he told me he couldn't last much longer. I rose up and came face to face with him and while grabbing his cock much more roughly than I usually do kissed him deeply and said to him as nasty as I could "you gonna cum baby? Where do you want to cum? You pick the spot. Does Suzie do this for you? I bet you she doesn't. Where do you want to cum? Tell me." Dan through his breathless panting finally blurted out "put your mouth over my dick". I replied "I was hoping you'd say that. What do you think Susie will think about this?" He said he didn't care and as I was moving my head down he grabbed my hair by the back of my head and guided my head down to exactly where he wanted me. I held his cock down near his balls while I ran my mouth up and down the outside of his cock when Dan moaned and stiffened his back. He shot a big amount of his insides onto my dress all the way down by my knees and at the same time I moved my mouth over his cock. By now I wanted it so bad that I couldn't take it and I sucked as hard as I could. He continued to orgasm and I tasted a man for the first time. I gagged just a bit and then relaxed as the amount lessened as it poured out of him. It tasted different than anything I''d experienced and the texture was the most difficult to get used to but I felt incredibly powerful at that moment. Dan was trying to catch his breath when I moved up to kiss him with a good portion of his semen in my mouth, a little on my face and my lips pretty much covered. He backed off a bit and I told him "this was ours and we need to share each other selflessly." He finally reneged and gave me more of a peck of a kiss but this gave me an idea. He asked if I wanted to be pleased and I told him that pleasing him was what I needed at that moment. So we cleaned up, got ourselves together and got out of the car. When we got inside, I saw Susie and went over to her and had an idea. With the taste of her husband still on my lips, I said to her "give me a kiss" and I kissed her on the lips with her own husband's semen on my lips. I told her that we had had such a nice walk while getting some air and that he was so sweet and she should take him home and take care of him. I am such a devil. :-) I've always wondered what Susie thought that sticky substance on my lips was.
As things began to quiet down and I began to come down from the chemicals a bit, Helen came over to me and asked how I was feeling. I told her that I was doing ok. She asked where I was going with Dan and I told her that we just went for a walk. Helen is pretty devious and said "I went for a walk too" with her tongue sticking between her teeth. I knew then that she knew more than she was letting on. Brenda
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