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Charity Seduction - Another boring fund raiser ... or is it?

Contributing Authors: barehugged 
Craig was staring into the mirror as he tied the bow tie of his tuxedo. He knew he was stuck at yet another fund raiser event but this one was different. Craig's law firm had been actively involved in the community for many years and had always held a yearly lavish Valentine's Day ball for the local charities. This one required him to mingle with and persuade the other rich guests to part with money that others deserved more. Part of being an attorney meant that he was he was very good at persuading people, but he despised the way the rich flaunted their wealth and demanded that you stroke their egos to get them to donate to such worthy causes.

That was why this fund raiser was different. Craig's wife, Rosa, would not be attending. She was his ace in the hole for this yearly event. Rosa was a stunning, curvy woman who was an accomplished author and who gave a percentage of her royalties to local charities. When she was on his arm there was never a need to stroke egos or persuade the rich to give. They could not compete with her generosity and certainly did not want to be seen as less giving. Rosa was out of town tonight on a book signing appearance.

Craig knew that if he didn't hear from her by now that she was not going to make it and he would be on his own, a thought that made him uncomfortable. He knew he had to be the top producer of donations for his firm and without Rosa, he would have to work hard tonight. As he finished the knot in his bow tie, he looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. At least he could flirt some with the ladies tonight and practice his skills of seduction. Skills that came naturally to him and that he loved to utilize to gain advantages over women. Whether in the courtroom, boardroom, or the bedroom, he had honed the skills since he was a teenager when he found that he had a natural talent to seduce any woman out of her panties and into his arms.

That was how he got Rosa, a woman who professed to never be seduced by a man and had never let any man close to her. Oh she had her one night stands, but she never became involved because she knew the men she met were just after her money or her body, or just wanted her so as to put another notch on their belt. She was the seducer if she wanted anything from them and then she sent them on their way, with their manhood tucked between their legs. But not Craig, he was different.

He seduced her, on her terms, but she fell hard right into his arms and out of her panties. He was her love, her soul mate, and she kept him close and under control. She knew of his charms of seduction first hand and she knew all the women wanted what she had. They both relished their sex life which was on the very precipice of the elitist society's edge of being abnormal. But that was how she could keep him as hers and not have to share.

Craig made his way into the ballroom and looked around the room sizing up the situation and power players of the room. He was looking for the who's who of the event so he could maximize his efforts with the least amount of time and stroking of egos. That was when he saw her standing by the door.

His eyes widened a bit as he took in a deep breath, and thought to himself, "What a stunningly beautiful woman" as he unconsciously made his way straight for her.

As he manoeuvred through the crowd, he took in everything about her. She was dressed in an emerald green body hugging gown made of silk which was cut to enhance the cleavage of her beautiful round breasts. The back of the gown was open and showed her bare back down to the top of her shapely ass. The side was slit so as to expose just a hint of a garter and stockings. She was adorned in a stunning silver necklace and earrings made of diamonds and emeralds that added wealth to her beauty. Her hair was flaming red and styled on top of her head with just a wisp or two hanging down her neck and face. She had an air of graciousness that could not be mistaken. She had just entered the ballroom and he sensed some uneasiness and loneliness in her posture and face. Signs he knew well and which fuelled his need to seduce her and gain her absolute attention and desire.

Craig's seduction skills took over as he approached her. He looked straight into her eyes and gently grasped her hand and said,

"Good evening, my name is Craig. My law firm is the sponsor of this fund raiser. Please, let me guide you to a table and get you a drink."

For a moment, she was drawn into his deep blue eyes, then she felt the soft but firm touch of his hand gently guiding her as he moved to her side as if he was shielding her from the crowd and prying eyes. She immediately felt safe and relaxed as he held her gaze. He guided her to a small table close to a corner in the front of the room. Behind the table were French doors that led to a garden.

Craig pulled a chair out for her to sit and then motioned for the waiter, who immediately came to the table.

"Champagne please," he said to the waiter as he sat down still looking into her eyes.

“I hope this table will be fine for you. I think it offers some prestige, yet still has some privacy and a means of escape if you feel the need to leave the air in the room."

She caught his meaning immediately and smiled, "Yes, it can be pretentious at times at these events."

The waiter appeared with their drinks. He set them down, smiled at her, and slightly bowed to Craig as he moved to stand just far away to be out of hearing but yet still be able to respond at a moment's notice. This did not go unnoticed to her. Still smiling at each other, Craig began his oral seduction. He was immensely adept at making a woman feel at ease and comfortable, a skill that very few people have. He could talk to her about anything. He was a great listener.

He could find something they had in common and always something he could learn from her. Woman felt they could trust him and soon he could ask anything about them and they would gladly divulge the information knowing he would understand and help them. He could sense what they desired and his gaze conveyed to them he was willing to give it to them for just the asking.

Before they had finished the first glass of champagne, Craig had learned that she was alone for the night. Like his wife, her husband had not called and she was left to attend the event to deliver their donation. It was her plan to find a way to drop off the envelope and quietly leave the ball and go home to relax on the deck because she did not like being alone at these functions. Craig smiled and explained his similar situation.

He could immediately tell that she was more comfortable now and that she was enjoying the attention. He sensed that she was attuned to the sexual tension between them as he continued his subtle flirting. Craig had a way of moving into the personal space of a woman with ease. It was just little gestures, like a simple touch of the arm or hand.

He would lean in to listen or tell them something. All the while his eyes would never leave theirs as he made them the centre of attention. She felt safe in his presence, but more than that, she felt, sexy, sensual, and special with all the attention and sexual tension that was rising between them. Craig merely glanced at the waiter who immediately filled their near empty glasses and moved away again. Craig had moved to the side a little and took his hands off of the table and placed them into his lap and leaned back so as to let the waiter pour her drink.

When he moved in to speak to her he gently placed his hand on her leg as if to get her attention but the feeling she experienced caught her off guard. She felt a wave of sexual heat rise in her body and she could feel the wetness between her legs. She drew in a short breath which caught Craig's attention and he knew then that she was his to do with as he wished.

"If you wish, I could take the envelope and then we could escape to the garden so you can relax before you leave," he said.

Craig could tell that a weight fell off her shoulder as she took an envelope from her purse and handed it to him as she said,

"Oh, thank you. I would love that."

Craig took the envelope, opened it and glanced at the figure. His eyes widened a bit as he looked at the figure - a half million dollars. He knew that his fund raising goals were met and that she would be receiving all his attention tonight for her generosity. He looked at her, took her hand in his, looked deep into her eyes and said, "Ma'am, thank you. No one will question your desire to leave this ball and relax in the beautiful garden. May I show you the way?"

She smiled, nodded her head, and said, "I would like that, thank you."

He helped her up from the table and they discreetly moved to the French doors where he opened them and led her through to an exquisite botanical garden with trees, flowers, plants of all kinds and varieties, a showplace of nature's colour and beauty. He led her down a small path to an open area that overlooked the ocean. It was a large area with fireplaces along the sides and a fire pit in the middle.

There were director chairs around the fireplaces for people to sit and watch the fire or gaze at the ocean, a place of beauty, serenity, and romance. A few people had discovered the garden besides themselves but they were caught up in the spectacular view and didn't seem to notice as they passed and made their way to the farthest corner of the garden.

Craig slipped his arm around her and pulled her to his side as they stood looking at the view. Her heart was pounding and her knees unsteady as she took in the raw beauty of the vista before them. She felt his body heat. She melted into him as he moved his hand to her ass which he gently cupped and pulled her to him as he moved in front of her. Their eyes were locked in a lustful gaze.

He leaned in to whisper in her ear, "I wanted you the moment I saw you walk in the door."

His breath on her neck was all it took to make her mound drip with desire. Her subconscious mind was trying to caution her, telling her that this was a public place and to think about the consequences of being seen and her reputation, but her body betrayed her. His commands become her movements as he guided her to lean back into the high backed director chair and place her legs on the highest rung. Craig gently moved in so as to spread her legs as the slit side of the gown rode up to expose a lovely black lace garter, stockings, and panties.

Craig placed his hand on her thighs and felt the smoothness of the stockings as he still stared into her eyes which were now starting to glaze over in complete wantonness. Craig started to feel the passion in his loins but fought to suppress the feeling. He had worked many years on prolonging his excitement so as to please the woman he was with. It was a sacred practice to him to only allow himself pleasure after he had pleased his partner.

This was one of the things that Rosa insisted on even during their first sexual encounter. In fact, she would not have had it any other way, which is why he was so successful in seducing her when others could not. She saw something in him that others did not.

Craig continued his seduction, knowing he was in control of her, as he moved his hands up her silky legs to her panties. He leaned in to barely kiss her lips. She closed her eyes and fell into his complete control. His left hand reached the top of her panties. His right hand was placed gently on her cheek caressing it for a moment, and then it moved to her breast, which he cupped lovingly. She felt herself arch her back so as to meet his touch. Her mouth opened a little to gasp out a breath of air.

His hand moved from her breast to her waist as he gently began to pull her panties down below her knees. She lifted her ass off of the chair to allow him access to her. She felt decadently wicked and afraid someone might be watching, but she was too in lust to do anything else. She kept her eyes closed. He moved down and she felt his breath on her legs and then coming in to her now wet folds of her womanhood. She gasped again as she felt him just graze her outer lips with is tongue. Craig's tongue worked its way all around her outer lips and teasingly ran up the middle. It was just enough to barely part the skin but not enough to enter.

She could feel herself starting to lose all control and moved to place her hands on his head. Craig's tongue now aimed to caress open her flower bud to reveal her clit. He let his tongue dance lightly upon it and encircled it lovingly. She closed her thighs against his head, locking him onto her clit. Craig felt her holding him as he gently sucked her clit between his lips and into his hot mouth. He then began to lap it with long strokes, up and down the length of it. He could tell she wouldn't last long. Her juices were now covering his cheeks and dripping down his chin. He reached out to grab her waist and pull her tighter into his grasp.

She was on the edge of the chair; her back was arched as she clinched her teeth so as to not scream with ecstasy as waves of an orgasm built up inside her. Craig could tell she was close and pushed his tongue deep inside her which was all it took to set off a sexual explosion that shot her sweet nectar into his mouth. He could feel her convulsing in a state of orgasmic bliss as she clenched his head and humped his mouth while pushing his head between her legs.

She gasped for air as she continued to fuck his face. As her eyes started to open and her senses returned, she knew she had been seduced and had lost control. However, she didn't let up on her grasp of Craig's head between her legs until she had composed herself a little.

She unclasped her thighs and opened them but kept his head in her hands. Craig looked up and into her eyes and said, "Happy Valentine's Day my mistress, my love, my wife." She gazed lovingly into his eyes and with one hand pulled a handkerchief out of her bra and started to tenderly wipe her juices off of his face.

She gave the handkerchief to him to finish but raised her finger to command him to hold his position. She then reached under her silver necklace of diamonds and emeralds to reveal a shiny silver key that she held in between her fingers as she smiled and said, "My love, the night has just begun."

Author's Note: To my friend, Michael. Thanks.

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