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Cheating Wives - Leila Relapses

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Five years into a relatively happy marriage, Leila is again tempted by a bad man
Leila browsed her social media page, keeping up with friends, commenting about the day’s little adventures with her peers.

It was 10 p.m. and she had just gotten the kids to bed. Leila’s husband Joel was still hours away from getting off his late shift.

Leila’s laptop suddenly pinged her. A message! She looked to see who had sent it and was suddenly seized by an invisible hand clenching her throat. It was Horacio – his friends just called him Ace.

He wanted to friend her. As soon as Leila realized who was trying to reach out to her, she felt her pussy twinge and moisten. She felt a constricting sense of doom around her neck. Her nipples tingled.

Her heart accelerated and she felt that old erotic excitement.

Horacio was the stud jock in high school that lured Leila away from Joel. He had nearly ruined her life.

It was 2005 and Leila was 17 and a junior at Richmond High. Ace was 19 and a senior. Leila was dating Joel and had been with him for four months when Ace took notice of her.

She was a shapely athletic girl, a star on the school softball team. Ace played running back position on the football team.

Joel wasn’t into sports. But he was in good shape and played basketball for recreation with the boys in his neighborhood. He could have been an athlete, Leila always told herself, he just chose not to.

From the moment Ace took notice of her, she was drawn to him. He was brash, physically imposing, popular with the other girls. He asked her for her number. She said she was seeing someone. He said, she didn’t have to tell her “Someone.”

Leila gave him her number. And in the weeks that followed, she got into long sexually lewd conversations with Ace.

Ace seemed to accept that Leila was publicly with Joel. He didn’t care, he just wanted her to sneak out and be with him, somewhere, anywhere. It was an adventure. Leila resisted for a few weeks, but then she gave in.

She lied to her parents one night about doing an overnight stay with her best friend.

Instead, she went to a party with the football jocks and at the party she was Ace’s “girl.”

He introduced her as, “My undercover honey.”

And there it was, Leila was with boys who knew she wasn’t supposed to be there and she wasn’t supposed to be with Ace. It cast her in a slutty role. She was being deceitful and yet it didn’t bother her.

Throughout the evening, Ace was joined at her hip. His hands were all over her ass and she kept pushing them away for a little while, but then she just gave up.

Leila was still a virgin, 17 and a virgin. She didn’t want Ace to know that.

She had been wanting to give herself to Joel, it’s just that the right moment never seemed to materialize.

There were drinks and more drinks. There was marijuana. Leila partook of both to fit in. There was dirty dancing. Ace was grinding against her with a hard-on in his pants.

Leila couldn’t deny it. She was horny.

They sat on a sofa and he pulled her face to his. They kissed and kissed. He stroked her thigh and pushed his hand up under her dress and fondled her pussy.

A little drunk, a lot stoned and hornier than she’d ever been, Leila wanted to give it up. She was panting in Ace’s arms. A veteran seducer, Ace knew she was ripe. He invited her to a bedroom and Leila went willingly, even excitedly! The moment had arrived.

She forgot about Joel.

In the bedroom, alone, in a strange house, Ace told Leila to strip. She did. For him. She took off her dress and underwear and then he took her by the hand and she laid herself out on the mattress.

Ace got on top and spread her legs and their eyes locked when his cock probed the entrance. He asked if she was ready. She said, “Yes.”

He shoved forward. He tore into her. She grimaced and cried. They froze for a moment, then he began a long, steady, merciless fucking of this foolish girl. Leila moaned in pain and ecstasy.

She came on his cock. He kept fucking. And fucking! She came on his cock again.

Leila didn’t know it then, but Ace had just ruined her for any chance at a normal marriage.

In the weeks that followed, Leila continued seeing Joel and being seen in public with him. Joel was the boy her parents saw, the boy her friends saw her out with.

She felt he loved Joel. He was sweet, he was crazy about her, he was considerate. He had habits of moderation. He didn’t drink too much. He wanted to be a father someday and he was looking for a girl that wanted a nice middle class family life.

Leila wanted to be that girl for him.

But after losing her cherry to Ace, and losing it the way she did, Leila felt herself rotting inside. All this deceit was undoing her.

She felt compelled to make it up to Joel, so on a date soon after she had gotten fucked, she took out Joel’s cock in his car and while they were parked she sucked his cock.

She had never sucked cock before. And she felt good. She was giving Joel something special that she had not given Ace.

But Ace kept calling and Leila kept finding ways to sneak away for a few hours here, a few hours there, to be with him.

Ace’s only interest was sex and every time he got Leila alone, he got her to open her legs and he fucked her.

Leila was careful to take precautions. It wasn’t just getting caught she was concerned about. She also wanted to make sure she didn’t get pregnant.

Staying on the pill was the easy part, though. The hard part was being around Ace’s friends. Ace was the leader of a pack. He was a classic alpha male. There were always other boys with him and they were always within earshot, hearing what he did to her, how it affected her, how she moaned and cried on his pounding cock.

They talked and rumors spread.

One day, Joel heard the rumor. It disturbed him. He got suspicious and followed her movements. He saw her sneak away and he saw her get in Ace’s car.

It was true.

By this time, it was near the end of Leila’s junior year. It was late April and she was sitting next to Joel in the theater, watching an action movie when he turned to her and asked, “So, how long have you been fucking Ace?”

She snapped her head at him and looked in his eyes. His face was a stretched, pained and trembling bundle of muscles. She knew in that moment she couldn’t deny it.

She felt sick to her stomach and all she could say was, “I’m sorry.”

But he demanded more. More than sorry, he wanted to know how long. How long had she been making a fool of him?

She tried to get him to let it go, told him Ace meant nothing to her.

Joel stood up and stormed out. She chased after him, all the way to his car, but then he turned on her, grabbed her neck and squeezed.

They were both in tears. He said, “I loved you! What does Ace mean to you? What do you mean to him?”

He let her go. She coughed. He told her to call Ace for a ride.

Joel got in his car alone and left her there.

Leila was a mess. She called Ace. He took her to his older brother’s apartment.

Leila, in so much distress, crying over her loss, was coaxed into sipping whiskey and smoking marijuana.

Then Ace did what he always did. He told her not to think about “all that shit!” and he took her to bed and fucked her.

Leila cried and tried to take solace in sex.

Ace’s older brother was home at the time. Leila had become used to other men being around when Ace fucked her. Nothing had ever happened.

But this time was different.

After Ace came inside her, he got up and Leila curled into a ball on the brother’s bed and whimpered, still upset about the breakup. That’s when Ace’s brother came in.

He sat with Leila and caressed her.

"Cut it out," Leila told him.

He kept touching her. She protested louder and called on Ace to “get your brother to stop!”

Ace came in and asked, “What's the trouble?"

"Your brother is perving on me."

Ace smiled and looked at his brother. "Is that right, Manny? You wanna get some of this?"

"Well, look at her ... all fine and freshly fucked, when do I get a turn?" asked Manny, as he reached across the mattress and pinched Leila's little toe.

"Stop, Manny," Leila protested.

"Come on, Leila, why don't you let him have a turn? He's my brother," Ace said.

Leila snapped her head at Ace, "Are you fuckin' serious now?"

He shrugged and turned and walked to the door. "I'm just saying, you ain't some fresh ripped virgin anymore. You're all hurting from losing your sweet boy. Maybe it's time you let him go, and Manny will help you forget as good as any."

Ace walked out and left them alone. Manny kept a sly, annoying stare on Leila and she sneered at him. "Perv!"

Manny frowned and sneered back and they both kept their positions on the mattress. "What!" Manny yelled. “Who do you think you are? Cheating on your good boy with a whoremonger. Like you don’t know what my brother is? Are you kidding me? You fucking slut, you don’t even know what you are!”

Leila turned her face away from him, shook her head in denial.

“How many girls did my brother fuck before he met you? Huh? You know it happened. Hell, you met some of them. You partied with them, same as me.”

She put her hands to her ears. "Oh, shut up!"

"No, I won't shut up, fucking slut."

"Don't call me that!" she yelled.

“Think I don’t know?”

“You know the girls Ace fucked! I seen you talking to them, making all nice with them. Are they good girls? You know they’re sluts! What makes you different? Stupid bitch!"

Manny scooted up to her and gripped her neck. "Look at me," he commanded and he pulled her head toward his face. He reached around with his other hand and massaged her bare breast. She sat there immobile, panting and upset, and not struggling.

Leila felt her ego shrink. Her mind raced as she was forced to look at herself. She had loved being Ace’s slut. She was the girl the school stud was pounding. And among a certain circle of bad girls, she was looked upon with envy.

Manny gently pulled her nipple and then slid his hand down her flat stomach. He pulled her face to his and licked her chin, then pushed his hand to her pussy and used the tip of his middle finger to make tantalizing, prodding little flesh-on-flesh circles.

"Uhhhhhh," Leila exhaled softly. She tilted her head back, half closed her eye lids and left her mouth hanging open. Manny pushed his middle and index fingers into the wet heat. "You got my brother's cum in here, you hot cunt?"

"Uhhh huhhh," Leila moaned. And Manny knew, she was going to let him in her. He pressed forward, putting his mouth on her neck and sucking her as his fingers teased her lust to his advantage.

She fell back from his weight as he shifted onto her and her thigh muscles instinctively pulled her legs apart. Overly anxious, impatient to get inside, Manny fumbled a little as he directed his cock to her waiting oyster. Her wanting oyster.

And Leila came on his cock. Ace heard her moans and his brother's sexual curses of "yes, bitch, oh yes bitch!" Ace watched her cum on his brother’s cock. He knew she was squirting hard for that fuck.

He stroked his own cock, stepped back up to the bed and pulled her head to the edge of the mattress and ordered her, “Now suck on this, bitch!”

And she did. She sucked and slurped ravenously at Ace’s second hard-on. Chastised and stoned and wrenched inside by her own orgasms, Leila sucked on his cock until he had enough of her.

For the rest of the school year, what was left of it, and through the end of that summer that followed, Leila was in rebound mode. She mourned her loss by punishing herself and letting Ace use her.

He took her to parties and passed her around. She was no longer his favorite. He had a new favorite. Leila was just a horny bitch in his cell phone directory. Tortured by regret and guilt, she had become a booty call slut that could be counted on to suck and fuck his boys. She tried to forget Joel by letting herself be used, as if being their fuck toy were some kind of penance.

When her senior year started, Leila came back to school exposed. She had a new reputation. She was known as a football groupie. And she lived up to the part until graduation.

But after high school, Leila focused on community college and avoided the jocks. She wouldn’t date anyone. She lived her life full of regret. She missed Joel terribly and called him all the time. He ignored her.

She was convinced she had ruined her life, had ruined her one chance.

Until one day, she accidentally ran into him at a rock concert. They had both gone alone and ended up spending the evening together. By now, she was 20 and he was 21.

Afterward, he took her out for a coffee and they talked. Leila reached out to him, begged him again to please take her back. She swore she had changed and that Joel was the only one for her.

Joel had always loved Leila. He wanted to believe her. They started seeing each other again. A whirlwind romance ensued and three months later they had a civil wedding.

Five years later, they had two children.

Leila worked days and Joel worked nights. They didn’t see each other much, except on weekends. And Leila was missing the intimacy. The marriage was under strain. They both worked so hard and had so little time to enjoy each other.

Sometimes, they even fought.

Joel was a wonderful father and such an even-tempered man. But he lacked ambition. He had a low level job in his company and Leila was always pressing him to do more to move up into a supervisory position. She kept telling him he could do it. He had what it takes.

But Joel wouldn’t change.

It made Leila frustrated and sometimes even angry. They struggled to pay bills and their standard of living wasn’t what she had imagined for herself.

And here was Ace, that devil, trying to snake his way back into her life. Leila gulped on fear. Her body instinctively wanted him, wanted what she knew he could give her, with all the depravity and a decent wife and mother should run away from.

Her body craved it.

She reached for the “accept” button.

The message opened. It said, “Hello, slut. Remember me?”

Leila didn't answer. Not right away. She closed the message and tried to ignore Ace and everything that answering his message implied. One day passed, then two, then three.

But he haunted her. Old memories came flooding back and she struggled with sensory overload. All those horny bodies he put in front of her, all that raw sexual energy.

Every night, she sat with her computer, keeping up with friends. But Ace's message lay there like a hungry big cat, waiting for her to go back to it so he could pounce on her. She couldn't stand it.

On the sixth night, Leila opened the message again and responded. "Hello, Ace. How are you?"

Instantly, he replied. "Friend me, girl. I need you."

Leila 'friended' him.

"Miss me, baby?" he asked.

"No, I haven't," she said. "I've moved on. I'm married now. What about you?"

"Ha, ha, ha, married? Are you kidding me. A hot slut like you?"

"Don't laugh! I'm not like that anymore," Leila said.

"Once a cock slut, always a cock slut. Why are friending me, if you aren't? Shouldn't you be sucking your husband's little dick?"

"God, you were always such a asshole," Leila said. "Anyway, he works late. He's not here or I would!"

"Oh? Thanks for volunteering that info, slut. If he's not there, why don't you come over and suck mine instead. You know you love it."

Leila felt intimidated. She didn't answer. She sat there.

"Come on, I miss fucking your face, baby."

Leila read and read, and she head a mental image of herself, once again on her knees enjoying the taste and feel of his erection pumping into her mouth and down her throat. Oh, the dirty things she had done for him! She reached for her pussy and rubbed, but she didn't answer.

"I know you're there, bitch. You think I don't know you? I know you better than you think."

Leila sat and rubbed herself and told herself she should close the screen.

"I been thinking about you a lot lately. God, I wanna fuck your ass!"

Close the screen! Leila yelled inside her head. Don't let him get to you!

"I wanna hold those ass cheeks tight and pound this cock up your fucking hot cunt til you jizz all over the floor."

Leila panted and closed her eyes, recalling him doing just that. Oh, how good it felt!

"Answer me, bitch!"

They were just lewd and angry words, but Leila could feel him yelling at her, his voice, that compelling baritone.

"I'm here," she typed, and instantly bit her lip in regret.

"Come on over," he said.

"I don't know where you live," Leila answered, and then she yelled at herself, why am I saying that!

"20410 White Rock, Apt. B."

"It's 8 miles north of your house."

Leila froze with fear. What was I thinking, she cried inside.

"I can't. I can't go," she said.

"Yes you can, you can and you want to. I can tell," he said.

Leila hated Ace in that moment. And she hated herself. Why did he have such a hold on her, after all these years?

"I have children. I just put them to sleep. I'm married. I can't be doing those things anymore," she wrote, and wasn't that enough reason?

"Are they his?" Ace asked.

Leila felt righteous indignation well up inside her chest.

"Yes, they are his! God!"

"Hey, how am I supposed to know? You being such a slut. You probably still cheat on him, don't you?"

"F.U.!" Leila answered. And she closed the screen. She turned off her laptop and marched to the restroom. She sat on the toilet and instead of feeling any triumph over shutting Ace down, she opened her thighs and finger-fucked herself, imagining Ace was giving it to her.

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