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Cheating Wives - Leila Relapses Chap. 5

Leila is talked into a glory hole situation in a seedy bar men's room
Leila was in full hoochie wardrobe. Red ankle strap vinyl high heels with pink Swarovski studded toes, red spandex short shorts, a belly ring and pink cross-heart halter top, her thick mane of black hair pinned up in a bun with three large red barrettes.

Her eye shadow was a metallic fuchsia with violet streaks in the corners. She wore a gold thong, no bra and Ace had smeared butter on her tits, so the halter-top clung to her full breasts in a way that isolated them in some subtropic steamy jungle scene, somehow separate and more pronounced by their oily differentiation from the rest of her body.

It was past 6 p.m. on a Thursday. She should be at home having dinner with her family, but she had lied to Joel and said she had to work late. It was a hard lie for her to speak because it was so uncommon for her to have to work late. She felt, instantly as she spoke them, as if Joel knew she was lying. She blushed at her desk at 4:11 p.m. when she said it over the phone.

She had already agreed to meet Ace, in a bar, a grimy dive really. It was a bar in a rundown boulevard that was lined with junkyards, a few Hindu-owned convenience stores, a thrift shop and a car wash.

She was the most beautiful woman in the bar, practically the only one. There was an old bitchy barfly who rambled on about her ungrateful kids and a middle aged fat prostitute who wasn’t getting any attention from the regulars.

Ace’s game today was ‘show off the slut,’ and the only reason Leila agreed was because she was sure no one in this place knew her. Ace introduced her to the men, one after the other, as if they were old friends. He agreed to give her an alias, Laura.

They walked up to a greybeard in jeans and cowboy boots and a wifebeater undershirt. “Laura, this is … what’s your name again buddy,” Ace asked.

The men either pretended to know him or not. It didn’t matter. “Jaime,” said one. “Wallace,” said another.

Ace freely fondled her. Touching her ass, hips, belly, tits, inner thighs in front of each man and asking him what he thought of her. They smiled easily. What wasn’t to like? A hot hoochie mama being strutted around, now that didn’t happen every day.

They’d grab their crotches and squeeze life back into their peckers. Ace would invite them. “She’s not made of glass. This is show and show some more!”

There were laughs, nervous giggles. Leila/Laura blushed and squirmed. She wiggled her ass and tits invitingly. She had been going to Ace for months now. She couldn’t resist him or the lust he instilled in her.

He was letting her be something she had missed being. All the thrill of it, the risk-taking, the adventurousness, the whorish behavior, she had an outlet. And he had been so good about respecting her time, most of the time at least.

He made her feel like she had it all under control, even though they did such crazy things together. This was her first time getting shown, though. Most of their sexual encounters had been private, or at least a lot more private than this.

Ace whispered in her ear when they drew the third man into the group—a short, skinny young man with Asian features. “Talk to him, ask him about his cock,” Ace said for her hearing only, as his right hand pinched her right buttock.

They had already done the introductions. The circle was Ace, Laura, Jaime the Mexican, Wallace the mechanic from Oklahoma and Rick the Filipino.

Laura leaned into Rick, smiling and giddy, speaking softly, “Rick, are you happy to see me?”

“Ha! Yea, Laura, I’m happy to see you, getting happier by the minute, the second! Ha, ha, ha! Are you happy to be with me? Wanna be with me, girl?”

“Mmmm, I don’t know.” Laura said, but she looked at Ace with a slight nervousness. How far were we taking this? The didn’t want to gangbang. She didn’t want to go back to those days.

Ace smiled deviously and pushed her in the small of her back, making her step forward and into Rick, “Oh!” she said in surprise and lost her balance. She put her hands on Rick’s shoulders to brace herself and Rick put both of his hands on her hips and pulled her into him.

“You such a friendly miss,” Rick said.

“She’s a married hoochie,” Ace said, and Rick’s eyebrows jumped and Wallace said, “Hot damn! I knew it. I could tell by the stretch marks and the white where her weddin’ band oughta be.”

Leila bit her bottom lip and frowned and Laura said, “I ain’t got a problem with it, if ya’all don’t.” And she blushed and her heart rate raced as clearly, in her soul, she did have a problem. She wanted to curse at Ace but she didn’t want to break the generally jovial mood. It was all harmless, naughty fun, wasn’t it, she told herself.

Laura and the four men moved away from the bar, gathered around a round table and an order of drinks was brought. Laura had a shot of tequila and then another as they all talked, mostly about her and what kind of sex acts did she like. Ace shared tales of their sexual encounters, all of them true and all of them recent.

Then he pulled a wild card. He recounted a night when she was just 19 and how she laid up in a private house in a bedroom and let six of his friends pull a train on her. Laura turned into Leila, now undeniably upset. She punched at his arm as he talked and told him to stop, she told them it was a lie, he was making it up. They didn’t care, it was a hot story.

The men were all horny an beady-eyed, leering at her and clearly expecting her to oblige them, to satisfy their “needs.” She wasn’t mistaken about the body language and finally, too nervous to continue with this expose, she stood up and said she was leaving.

Ace grabbed her wrist. “No, you ain’t. You gonna stay here and suck off these fine gents.”

Leila, furious, jerked her arm and broke Ace’s grip. She walked out into the parking lot. The men stayed behind and laughed at her furious exit. “Now you gone dunnit!” Wallace said.

Leila sat her butt on the grill of Ace’s car, unable to get in it. She fumed and stood leaning against the vehicle. She waited but Ace didn’t come out. Ten minutes passed, she marched back in to get him. “You coming or not, ‘cuz if you aren’t I’ll get a taxi.”

Ace grabbed her hips and tried to pull her onto his lap. She slapped his arm and side stepped away, “No games!” she insisted.

The men giggled.

Ace stood up, faced her and pulled her into him. This time she let him and he kissed her neck. “You’re gonna like this, just trust me.”

“Well, I don’t trust you,” she said.

But he talked her into going to the men’s restroom with him, with them. She was pulled along reluctantly but she went and Ace sat on a toilet and she sat on his lap and she noticed the handle to the door to the stall was missing, there was just a hole. There was a hook latch that Ace closed. He necked on her back and nape and rubbed her nipples under that oily halter top and she was aroused for him.

Suddenly, a brown cock started growing through that hole in the door and Ace’s fingers were at her clit.

“You know what to do, dirty mama,” Ace said.

She did know. Yes, she did know. She bent forward and as Ace aroused her Devil’s Triangle her mouth clamped on the cock and she sucked.

Minutes later, by the time she had Mister Brown Cock, it was the Filipino, cumming in her mouth, Ace had her short shorts down to her ankles and he was fucking her slimy, horny, grinding cunt.

The anonymity of the door was all it took to get her to suck on anything that came through the hole. She sucked Wallace next. She could tell by the way he grunted.

“Ohh! Nnn!” she moaned and she groaned and she suckled and slurped and let Ace make a fucking mess of her cunt.

Jaime the Mexican offered her the next sausage, she heard him tell her to suck grease out of his chorizo, she knew his voice and accent, and now she knew his cock.

After she swallowed a third ejaculation, she thought that was the end of it. But other men had been spying her group in the bar and knew what was up when she went into the men’s restroom.

A fourth cock appeared. Leila felt the brand of the whore coming down on her like some indelible tattoo and she moaned, “No! No more.”

Ace’s cock never softened. He kept going and going! “Oh, god, just suck it bitch!” he ordered.

She said, “I’ve done three!”

He slapped her ass and she yelped and he said, “So what? Why stop there?”

She moaned on his thrusting cock. He ran a hand up her spine to her neck and pushed and moments later she was sucking Number 4, Mister Anonymous.

And after he came in her, another cock appeared. Just as it showed up, this one black and long and thick, Ace finally came inside of her. Leila went to her knees, her legs wobbly and her psyche absorbed with cocksucking, as if it were her universe.

She sucked on black and white splattered her throat … 32 minutes later.

It was Leila that walked out of the bar after 9 p.m. She was unable to act with pretense. She was ashamed of how far it had gone and frightened over how she would handle her husband.

Leila came home to a fight. Joel was furious. He knew she lied about staying late at the office. He had taken the kids after dinner to her workplace when she didn’t answer her cell phone. She wasn’t there and she kept lying about where she was, telling him she just needed to have some “me time,” that she wandered the mall window shopping and having drinks at a mall bar, alone.

They went to sleep at odds with each other. Their backs turned to each other, Leila frightened and Joel angry. She told herself this freak thing with Ace had to stop, but she knew in her heart she couldn’t break up with him.

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