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Cheating Wives - Leila Relapses Chapter 9

Leila's life goes into downward spiral, unable to adjust to the separation
In the months since Leila went back to seeing Ace, she had been slipping in many ways.

It wasn’t so obvious at home, where she was constantly taking precautions to keep Joel fooled.

But at work, she was different. Her mannerisms and her tongue were looser, more carefree and vulgar. She had girlfriends at work that she gradually confessed to. They knew months before Joel found her out and left that she was being a cheating, reckless slut.

Her friends were divided on this. A few of them started avoiding her. The others were split between tolerating her and occasionally bad-mouthing her, even to her face, to a smaller group that just enjoyed her lurid stories.

She shared, as women are want to do.

And women love gossip, even more so if one amongst them is willing to be the fool for their entertainment.

But after Joel left, Leila was a bore to all of them. She spontaneously wept. She would often get up from her desk and fast-walk to the bathroom and sob, come back red-eyed and call Joel, who never answered.

She left pathetic message after pathetic message for him at his workplace, on his cell and at his mother’s house.

Then she got served. A lawsuit processor walked up to her desk one day with the divorce petition and she was so distraught she left work early and screamed and shook tears off her nose in the parking garage. She tried to find Ace but he was nowhere to be found and she ended up buying a bag of cocaine on the street.

She started to drive to the house, but couldn’t face that lonely place and pulled into the parking lot of a bar, snorted in her car then went inside to drink. It didn’t take long in there for a horny man to notice her. He was older, in his forties by her estimate, with a round paunch and balding. She didn’t care.

They talked for a few minutes and then Leila asked, “Wanna go to your place?”

It was meaningless sex. She was stoned and drunk, but she managed to suck cock and balls and take a pounding to her cunt while he stood at the edge of his bed, looking down at this screwed up lady who just seemed to really enjoy opening her legs.

He tried to hold a conversation with her afterward, but she mostly stared into space, at what he knew not. Still, he was a decent enough fellow to let her sleep the night. In the morning, he showed her the door.

Leila struggled constantly with being alone, which was happening more and more.

Ace was tiring of her blue funk and had begun avoiding her. This made everything worse for Leila and she resented his lack of empathy.

“It’s your fucking fault!” she would yell into the phone when he’d make some excuse to be somewhere else. “You’re with that little bitch again, aren’t you? Fucker! It’s your fault this all happened to me! Please, Ace. I want to come over. Be there for me, why can’t you fucking be there for me when I want you, I did it for you!”

None of this made Ace feel any more sympathetic. If anything, he was also getting more short-tempered.

Everything came to a head between them one night. Leila stalked Ace from his house and followed him to his sweet young girlfriend’s place. After he went inside, Leila pounded the door and Ace came out.

“What the fuck? Hey, bitch, you can’t be here,” he warned her. The girl came out and stood behind Ace and Leila tried to attack her.

“Fucking whore!” Leila screamed. “You don’t do anything for him, fuckin’ whore, you ain’t shit.”

Ace had to hold onto Leila tight and push her back, but she kept coming and the girlfriend got into it, taunting her and telling her, “Who’s the whore? Look in the mirror cunt, you fucking cum bucket!”

It was a scene and Ace held Leila down. He had to, she wouldn’t stop. The girlfriend called police and Leila ended up spending the night in lock-up for trespass, disturbing the peace and assault.

But the cop that took her in wasn’t so noble that he would pass a chance to make a move on some fucked up hot piece of ass that no one seemed to give a damn about. So three-quarters of the way to the jail, he pulled into a railroad yard, took her handcuffed to the back bumper of his squad car and ordered her to her knees.

Leila, resentful of all that had transpired, feeling herself the righteous victim, refused to open her mouth.

“Suit yourself, honey pot,” he said.

He leaned over and looked in her eyes and watched her muscles twitch. “You a user?”

She stayed silent.

He opened his trunk, then opened a padlocked metal box and brought out a baggie and waved the snowy powder it contained in front of her eyes. “You won’t do it for me, how about for some of this?”

Leila was beaten. She bit at her lip and nodded a yes. He sculptured on line on the backboard of his report pad and she sniffed her way to happy bimbo land. A minute later she was slobbering on his cock.

Out in that yard at night, it was so dark and there was nothing to hear but an occasional dog howl, her slurping and the good officer’s panting.

He came. She swallowed. He put her ass on the back seat and took her to a place where fucked up people get caged for being fucked up people.

By the time she got out, she had missed another day of work.

She went in the following day and her boss took her in his office and told her he was letting her go.

“Your work product, it’s gone downhill. There’re too many mistakes. You’re production is down, you’re missing work, I could go on, but,” he shrugged his shoulders, hoping the message had gotten through with sufficient finality.

But Leila was desperate. She couldn’t lose the job, what else did she have. She offered him excuses. Her husband left her. She missed her kids. She was trying to put her life together. She would do better.

He shook his head, no and no to every excuse.

“I’ll suck your cock,” she said in a whisper. “Anytime you want. Please, anything you want. No one has to know. It’s just between us, I swear.”

He looked at how desperate she was and his cock jerked awake in that “Say what!” excitement that comes from a gift-wrapped surprise.

A year ago, he would have turned her down. But he was going through his own divorce and this he couldn’t pass up. Human Resources department be damned! He wanted his cock in her mouth.

He stood up and drew the shades and locked the door and couldn’t believe his luck when she got on her knees and thanked him. She thanked him! What a fucked up life this bitch has, he thought, to be thanking me for this.

But then he saw what happened next. How swiftly and deftly she undid his pants and licked and smeared his throbbing hose all over her face.

“Oh, slut!” he told himself, not wanting to say it aloud.

She sucked on his rod with such gusto that he felt no qualms about gripping her hair and humping into her mouth.

“Mmm!” she moaned.

“You like that?” he asked.

“Mmhmm!” she moaned.

“Really? I couldn’t tell.”

And at that she laughed with her mouth full and giggled like a gay school boy.

Leila pulled her mouth off his cock, smiled and told him, as if he needed any more reassuring, “You won’t regret keeping me. I promise.”

He read her grateful desperate tone right. He had a keeper. He’d find a way to paper over her fuck-ups. And who knows? Maybe once she had him to fuck, her work would improve.

He took her hair in his hands like reins and fucked her mouth.

Leila obediently submitted, watching him enjoy himself. It gave her a boost of confidence. Something in her life had worked, had turned over in her favor.

When he felt himself getting close, he asked if he could put it in her pussy.

He didn’t have to ask twice. Leila stood and turned and held onto the desk and he pushed up her dress, jerked down her aqua spandex thong and slid his hotdog into her bun.

“Oh you dirty girl,” he said softly, trying not to exult too loud, lest he be discovered.

He slid his hand around on her ass, thighs and waist, so fascinated at having it all he couldn’t decide what part of her to grip.

She was such a hot slut, he thought.

“Oh fuck, I can’t believe we’re doing this,” he said softly.

“Do me anytime you want, boss,” she said.

“Uhh, god,” he answered as his ejaculate escaped his pumping organ.

When Leila went back to her desk, her co-workers were all eyes on her and unanimously convinced she was coming to clean her desk.

But she sat down with a smile.

One asked her, “What happened?”

“Nothing,” she said, “Mmm, nothing at all.”

Of course, that was not to be believed and knowing her as they did they thought the worst.

She heard a lady from behind say, “Whore.”

Leila turned, annoyed, then thought the better of it and didn’t respond. For once, her instincts worked as they should and she realized she didn’t need anymore drama.

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