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Cheating Wives - Leila Relapses Chapter 10

Leila gets her best friend Delia's husband involved
Delia thought of herself as a good wife with a shady past. She had her “slutty phase,” she called it. But it was normal.

Didn’t most young women sow wild oats in college? But Delia had a measure of local fame concerning her past.

She was a terrible student. She never passed a chance to party. She’d get led by the nose by horny college boys from one party to the next and got passed around like a soccer ball on a field of marathon sex play.

She had no idea how many men she had been with and was frequently interrupted on the street by some man who claimed to have had “a great time” with her.

Delia usually took it good-naturedly and then firmly explained that those days were behind her.

She had a good marriage and it was based in part on the fact that her husband Nathan knew her past. He met her at a frat party while she was naked on the floor riding some guy who was lying on his back.

Nathan stepped over, unzipped and asked, “How about me?”

She laughed, told him to pull it out and 16 minutes later she was digesting his goo in her stomach.

Nathan was in love and not concerned about Delia’s sexual history. He kept looking for her and 8 months later had convinced her to be his steady. She loved at first that he was kind and not judgmental, then she admired his persistence.

In the end, she realized this Nathan guy might be all she needed.

That turned out to be the case, but it was only normal of Nathan to occasionally ask if she didn’t miss her “wild side.”

“Mmm, baby, you bring out my wild side, it never left,” she said.

Nathan was flattered, but dubious. In the back of his mind, he had prepared himself for the possibility that he might find her fucking some other horn-dog someday. But the years had gone by and she remained faithful. And his thoughts of her playing with someone else's cock receded.

The one joker in the deck was Leila. As her life spiraled out of control, Delia was the only girlfriend that kept in touch out of genuine empathy. And Delia didn’t hide anything from Nathan. He got weekly reports, sometimes daily reports of that woman and her screwed up life.

Part of him sympathized, but part of him—the beast inside the often got to treat Delia like a slut in the bedroom—didn’t mind the idea of fucking that coke-head MILF in some dark alley and then leaving her to waste.

Leila, meanwhile, wasn’t done falling. Shortly after she started letting her boss fuck her, just so she could keep her job, she had a court hearing. Joel had an attorney, and she didn’t.

Joel had a petition before the court to get primary custodial rights to her children, Lisa and Jonathan. Leila, easily undone, made a scene and was warned to be silent or be held in contempt. Meanwhile, to support his case, Joel’s attorney talked about Leila’s sexual history and submitted Joel’s affidavit of the events of the night he left, including the history of messages and pictures he found on her covert cell phone.

Leila didn’t look good in the judge’s eyes. He wasn’t terribly impressed with the husband’s statement. Husbands and wives lied about each other in divorce court. But then there was the incident report Joel’s attorney introduced about the night Ace had her arrested. This was a third-party report with police statements of a violent and unstable woman.

He looked at Leila and she was physically a wreck in front of him. A year earlier, she was a healthy 25 year old, 5 feet 6 inches tall, a shapely 38C-26-38 and 148 pounds. But stress, lack of appetite and cocaine use had caused her to drop to 131 pounds and her eyes had the hollowed look of a substance abuser.

Moreover, Leila didn’t have the good sense to come to court like she was dressing for Sunday church. Instead, she was in a leopard mini-dress, a low cut club dress with torn white stockings and sunshine yellow, scuffed vinyl 5-inch fuck-me high heels.

She had come to court from a night of partying with three of Ace’s friends. He wasn’t seeing her anymore, but his friends didn’t mind fucking her up on drugs and then getting their nut off. She had spent three hours earlier that morning getting her brains fucked out. When she complained that she had to have a shower and get ready for court, they hosed her down naked in the backyard of the house they'd used to have their fun.

The judge wasn’t sure if he was looking at a whore, but he knew this much.

“You don’t look like mother material, ma’am,” he said bluntly.

He told the attorney he would entertain the possibility of Joel having custody. Then he ordered a psychological evaluation for Leila. He told her if she didn’t cooperate, he would get Child Protective Services involved.

“I see no need to bring the agency into this at this time, as the children are in the father’s custody. But I’m concerned about their welfare should she be allowed ANY visitation,” the judge said, much to Leila’s alarm.

Out in the hall, Leila grabbed Joel’s arm and begged him to talk to her, but he was stone-faced and shoved her off. She could beg all she wanted, he was done with her.

As usual, Leila handled it all poorly. She marched off, alone and in need of a fix and an enabler. Who would give me comfort, is all she asked herself. Who would see my side of it?

She turned to Delia, but Delia wasn’t home. Nathan was, and as he examined her on his doorstep he couldn’t help it. His cock twitched. This was a bitch just begging to be used.

He invited her in. By now, he knew the drill. He had seen her and Delia interact often enough to know Leila was here for some sympathy and she didn’t care how she got it, from whom she got it, or the price she’d have to pay for it.

He invited her to the sofa.

“What’s wrong, girl. You look like you’ve had a bad day. Wanna tell me about it?”

She unloaded, without even apologizing for the whiny fucked up bitch she was going to put on display.

Nathan patted her hand as she talked. He stroked her thigh as she talked. Leila read the body language and asked how long Delia would be gone.

“Long enough,” Nathan said with a nervous smile, his hand relocating far up her inner thigh.

Leila saw an opportunity to barter.

“I’m hurting,” she told Nathan.

“Oh, I can see you are, baby,” he said.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a fifty you could lend me,” she asked.

“A fifty?” he asked back.

“For …,” and she thumbed at her nose.

Nathan understood. They talked a deal. He would go with her. She’d make her buy.

“Then once you’re more relaxed, we could have some fun,” he said, his middle finger now tracing the soft crevice over he pussy.

They left the house. She gave directions to a connection she had. She went alone into an old Section 8 apartment complex and came back 10 minutes later.

Then she gave him directions to a clothing cleaner’s shop that was six blocks away. She had him park in an alley behind the cleaner’s. It was very secluded with tall walls on one side and a privacy fence on the other.

“How did you know this spot,” Nathan asked.

She shrugged as she laid out her line and snorted.

“Uhh!” she moaned as she jerked her head up and her eyes rolled. She wasn’t listening.

Nathan’s hand went back to her cunt and he called her one, “Are you a cunt?”

Leila moaned on the effect of her rush and nodded yes.

He kept rubbing, trying to arouse her and get her to focus on him. “Is that a yes? So, you saying you’re a cunt?”

“Uhh!” Leila said, still nodding.

“You look like a cunt, like some fucking cunt,” Nathan said, persisting in the obvious for the shock value.

“Hump on my hand cunt,” Nathan commanded.

Leila pushed her heels into the floorboard, completely unconcerned with the other obvious fact, she was messing with her best friend’s husband.

She smiled at him like an evil Cheshire cat and gyrated her hips, grinding at his invasive and manly hand.

She was wet and doing what Nathan expected her to do. He loved her filthy fucking mind and the body that came with it. “That’s it cunt, move!”

She humped faster at his hand, then he pulled it away, opened his door and got out of the car. Leila opened her door and got out with him.

He had her hold onto the open passenger door, and as she balanced herself there, he lifted her right leg high and in several one-handed moves unleashed his cock and got it up into her wet cunt.

There was no more foreplay. He fucked her. He fucked her long because he was strong and she was just messed up enough to let him get away with it. She moaned against his fucking body. She loved the human contact in the way a woman who knows she is losing everything gives herself up to anything that mimics love.

“Come for me Nathan, I won’t tell Delia,” she said.

He jerked down her slutty club dress and sucked a nipple while his cock sang hallelujah in her pumping, hot, dripping fuck hole.

“I love it, Nathan” Leila said. “Nnn! I love what you do for me, oh you’re so good to me so good for me!”

Leila’s sex talk was delusional. She was trying to snake her way into his affections, making out as if this were something more than what it was.

“Oh, mmm, I love your cock Nathan.”

“Yea, that’s all you love, cunt, is the cock,” he said as he pounded her.

“No,” she answered. “No, it’s more. You’re so good, so good, nnnn. Cum for me, I want you to cum inside me,” she implored.

“Why, why inside you?” he asked, never stopping.

He pinched her exposed nipple. She yelped. He pulled out and looked at this coke-head, open-legged slut. He pulled out. She begged him to put it back in and cum inside her.

“Get on your knees, Leila,” he said.

She dropped to her knees and looked up worshipfully, hoping against the odds that there was more to this for her.

“You want me to suck it?” she asked.

“Yeah, suck me off cunt.”

Leila had no trouble deep-throating Nathan’s 7 ½ inches. She was Delia’s equal in the department and Nathan had a flashing image of the two of them on their knees sharing his cock.

“Mm, if only,” he said out loud, but to himself.

“If only what,” Leila asked as she disgorged his prick for her wide open lips.

“Just suck me,” he said, irritated.

She resumed. And Nathan watched her. She had such a desperate look. She was desperate to please and Nathan was too tempted by her utter vulnerability.

“Strip naked, get you clothes off,” he said.

Leila stopped. That wasn’t a nice thing to ask in an open place.

“Here?” she asked.

“Yes, here, goddammit!”

Leila didn’t get up. She pulled off her dress and then sat on one ass cheek and pulled down her stockings. She got to a kneel to jerk down her thong, then sat to work the thong past her feet.

She got to a kneeling position again and looked up. She looked in Nathan’s eyes and saw him drunk with power over her. She didn’t believe he’d do anything too bad. She reached to stroke his cock, which he was stroking on his own.

He let go and let her take over.

Nathan had gotten himself too excited. She had stripped naked for him in an alley.

“Oh, fuck!” he said, as her soft hand teased him to cum on her face and tits.

She looked up at him, stroking him until he was limp.

“See what I do for you?” she asked.

“Yea, … I … see,” he said in his halting breath.

She wiped the cum off several minutes later with newspaper sheets she found fluttering around in the alley.

She stood there, naked, unconcerned about her nakedness. Nathan marveled at what she had become. He had known her from a distance as his wife’s friend. He remembered that Leila. He barely recognized her and in moment of sudden empathy he asked, “What happened to you?”

She turned and looked at him, but had no answer.

Then Nathan remember. Her car was in his driveway. This encounter couldn’t end her. He leaned over and picked up her dress and tossed it to her.

“Let’s go,” he said.

On the way back, Leila asked, “If I get Delia to let me stay the night, would you object?”

There was a mile of silence before Nathan mumbled, “I dunno. I guess not.”

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