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Cheating Wives - Leila Relapses Chapter 14

Delia makes Leila come up with the rent by any means necessary
When Leila didn’t make it home, Delia and Nathan both thought the worst.

Their concerns were completely confirmed when she did show up late the next day.

Leila was evasive and it soon came out that she was flat broke. She wouldn’t come up with so much as $10 toward what she was expected to pay for rent.

Irritated and out of patience, with not a bit of sympathy for her old friend, Delia went from interrogator to sadist. She slapped Leila across the face in the living room.

“God, you’re just a ... a total fuck up!”

Leila cowered and retreated, but Nathan stepped behind her and held her arms.


Delia shook her hand to take the sting out and watched the red mark on Leila’s left cheek. She was so annoyed with Leila’s expression, her creased brow and worried stare, her constant fawning, submissiveness.

“I’ll get the money!” Leila promised.

“No, no you won’t because you HAD the money and you blew it, What were you doing?”

Delia had still not gotten the whole story and Leila was holding back. Delia knew the woman had done something stupid, but what? She slapped her again, “Tell me!”

Leila kept saying, “I don’t know, I don’t know what happened, I don’t know.”

“That is such fucking bullshit!” Nathan said, and then he squeezed and twisted her arms back until Leila was howling, “Ow, ow, oh!”

Delia taunted her, “Oh? Does that hurt?”

Delia turned her back on Leila and walked away, waving her right arm up into the air dismissively. “You deal with her! Find out what happened.”

Nathan immediately got an erection. He felt a delicious, sadistic empowerment. He had permission to torment the house fuck-up. He turned Leila around and pushed her up against the wall and slid his hands up her stomach inside her top to her tits and with his knuckles rubbing against the wall he pinched her nipples hard and twisted and pulled.

“Ahh! Ahh-aaa! Nnn!” she cried.

“All you have to do is tell us the truth, pet, just TELL us the truth,” he said as he twisted and listened to her cries.

“Oh my god, I’m so fucking hard!” he blurted out. “I could pound your cunt to hamburger right now.”

“Ahh, nnnn! Ace! I went to see Ace and ahh!”

Nathan felt a rush of satisfaction. He was getting results.

“Now we’re getting somewhere! Tell me everything!”

“He took me out. We met some guys. Nnnn! Ow! Oh, I don’t know much after that. They gaww got me so fucked up. They did me and took my money. Somebody emptied my debit card, I swear! I didn’t spend it! I didn’t spend it! They took it from me!”

Nathan let go his grip.

Leila folded into herself and sat on the floor, her forehead pressed against the wall.

“You hear that?” Nathan said, calling to his wife.

“Yea, I heard! Stupid bitch!” Delia answered.

Delia walked back into the room and kicked Leila in the right thigh with the toe of her shoe. “So! You went back to him that made this mess of you in the first place! How stupid can you be? You must fucking LOVE his cock to death!”

Leila sobbed and tried to answer, “He just showed up!”

Delia kicked her harder, “He just showed up!” she said in sarcastic mimicry.

“Well, you’re going back to him now. Right now! I won’t have you here anymore.”

Delia grabbed Leila by the hair and pulled her up and toward the front door.

“Nnn! No, don’t make me go to him!” Leila howled.

“Why shouldn’t I? Fuck! He’s the only one has any REAL control over you. There’s nothing I can do for you, you just don’t fucking listen!”

“Nnn, no! No, I don’t want to go to him. He’s mean to me!”

Delia shook her head, making full use of the hair grip.

“Mean? Meaner than this? Well, you must love it!”

“Ahh! No I don’t, I don’t! Ahh, please, let me stay. I’ll be good.”

Delia, let go her grip and pushed Leila’s head away, “Yea, you fucking love it. Little coke head fuck bunny!”

Nathan was stroking the erection in his pants and Delia turned and caught his movement, “Are you kidding right now? Are you fucking serious? Oh, god!”

Nathan shrugged, “What can I say. It makes me horny watching her get her’s. She’s a fucking coke slut and truer words were never said.”

Leila sat on the floor, six feet from the couple as they stood side by side feeding their egos off her distress.

“You’re going to pay your fucking rent this month!” Delia said. “If you have to whore your ass out, instead of giving it away all the damn time for coke lines!”

Delia opened the front door and waved with her hand, “Go on! Get out of here. Go sell that pussy! Make something of yourself for a change.”

Leila stood up and looked deep into her friend’s eyes. She was deeply hurt. “You’d make me do that?”

Delia had a flicker of sympathy, but it passed. She couldn’t keep enabling this screw-up. “Whatever it takes, go get it, get the fucking rent!”

Leila walked out, forlorn. She got into her car and turned on the engine. She was nearly out of gasoline and wouldn’t be able to drive far.

She drove four miles and passed a truck stop. She pulled over and looked back. She knew what she had to do. She turned back and parked at the truck stop. She got out and wandered among the tractor-trailers, saying hello to the drivers and trying to be friendly.

It didn’t take long to find a lonely traveler who would invite her into his cab.

Leila found the experience surreal. His name was James. He was a tall, husky man in his late 40s with a full red beard. He was kind and friendly and Leila found that disorienting.

Obviously, he didn’t know her, she thought to herself, and he wasn’t curious. He shared a bottle of whiskey, which they sipped slowly while she performed oral sex.

James played country music the whole time and hummed to his songs while he petted her head and enjoyed the feel of her mouth holding and loving his erection.

He came with no warning, not even a grunt. She swallowed and sat up. He passed her the bottle. She sipped and wiped her mouth.

James grinned and stared at her face and tits. Then he reached over and massaged her tits.

“Ya like that, darlin’” he asked.

Leila nodded and murmured, “Mm, uh-huh.”

Leila seemed in no hurry, but James wasn’t about to forget she was a whore. “Well, yore welcome to stay, but I ain’t payin’ no more.”

He had given her $100.

Leila went back to the math and knew she’d have to do this a few more times before she could go back to what passed for home.

She came into James’ arms and hugged him and said, “You’re nice!”

She meant it sincerely. And she left reluctantly. She found it a cruel irony that the first man to make her feel good in a long, long time had paid for her company.

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