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Cheating wives - Leila Relapses Chapter 3

Leila goes to Ace, renews their relationship
Leila drove as fast as she dared. The streets were empty, so she was lucky with the traffic signals. As she neared Ace’s neighborhood, her heart beat thumped harder in her chest and she felt intensely the sense that she was racking up a long list of moral crimes.

She was going to betray her husband. This betrayal stayed at the forefront of her mind, clashing against her sexual appetite and inducing growing anxiety. Her primal need to relapse into the wicked life Ace compelled her to live during the budding sexuality of her late teens.

Leila came to Ace’s street and slowed the tires to a crawling roll. Her eyes darted around looking for his house number, but there was no need. Suddenly she spotted him in long shorts, bare-chested and barefooted, too.

He waved at her. His brawny form glistened in her headlights. Leila exhaled hard then clenched her teeth. She wailed in the privacy of her enclosed carriage, “God, what am I doing? What the fuck?”

He directed her to parallel park and she did. She reached to open her door, then hesitated and stopped altogether, frozen with deep doubt and stressing over whether to turn around, or satisfy her wet, aching pussy and wallow into everything else she could well imagine that Ace would do to her.

Ace saw she wasn’t getting out. He stepped around to face her door, which she hadn’t bothered to lock. To her surprise, he opened it and in one step was beside her. She turned to look and found her face at eye-level with his cock, at least the obvious bulge that it formed in those red shorts.

She looked away, bowing into her steering wheel and groaned. “Oh. This is a mistake.”

“Nah, nah, nah! What’s this shit?” Ace said. He reached down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He grabbed her thick mane of dark wavy hair and pulled her head to his erection.

She resisted, her neck tensing, but felt his warm, firm erection against her left cheek and heard him say, “Put this snake in your mouth. Come on! Put it in! You came this far, take one suck on it, come on, just a taste, Leila.”

She shook her head and felt her heartbeat pounding so fast. She shook her head, indicating no, or maybe not yet. Neither one of them was sure which.

He stroked his erection against her cheek and nose, and then her lips. “This is what you came for, isn’t it?”

“Mm!” Leila moaned with mouth closed. "I shouldn't have come. Let me go."

Instead, he lightly jerked her hair and repeated, “Suck it, come on, open your mouth and... Suck!”

With eyes still closed, she turned her head toward him, opened her mouth and he pushed the tip in. She sucked, softly, quietly, timidly.

Ace watched for a moment and said, “Fuck! You gonna have to do better than that! You're sucking like a newbie. You been on this one lots of times, go for it, Leila.”

Leila put one hand up beside her face to shield her eyes from a street lamp and cover her face in anonymity. This was out of character from the Leila that Ace remembered.

"Married life changed you. What? You afraid somebody going to see you here? There's nobody here but us."

She turned her head to slip the cock knob out of her mouth and covered her face with her hand. "Still, we're in the street. I don't want to do this out here."

Ace looked up and around, down the street one way, then the other, and said, “No one’s out, Leila, it’s just you and me, go at it like you used to. Remember sucking me and my friends off behind my uncle's garage? You remember that? Come on, I know that dirty girl is still in there somewhere.”

"That was a long time ago, Ace," she said as she pulled the hand away to look up at him, with a cloudy dark sky framing his body.

He let go of his shaft and let the cock dangle where it bobbed and brushed against the front of her shoulder. "Bull shit, you talk like you're an old bitch on the shelf. You are so fine! You too young to go to waste."

"I'm not going to waste! I'm doing something with my life," she countered.

"But you came. That means something. I still mean something."

There was silence. He stood there, defiant and waiting her out. Then he changed tactic and gently stroked her hair. She reached up and pushed his hand off. He maneuvered around her block and put his hand under her chin and pinched her jaw with thumb and middle finger. He gently turned her head toward him. She closed her eyes, not wanting to face the image of his cock, still throbbing at her front shoulder.

He pulled. She jerked her head back and freed herself. He reached again, pinching the jaw and pulled. This time she let him guide her mouth to the tip of his cock.

She opened her eyes, she saw the log of an 8-inch cock at the end of her nose and the black hairy forest it sprouted from. She looked up and locked eyes with her tormentor. They shared a long, intent novella-like stare, as if this were some over-acted porn drama.

Her tongue extended and savored the tip of his cock. The slut-mind that he once trained re-emerged. It came rising up through the dark, reptilian chamber in the recesses of her subconscious.

A reservoir of orgiastic memories danced in the back of her skull. She held his superior gaze and he smiled, his teeth glinting. They might as well have been fangs. She saw a wolf that was going to feast on her simmering will, he was going to eat it all and leave her helpless to stop him.

Ace saw her nostrils flare – once and then again. She was sniffing at his cock without moving her head or mouth. He thrust his hips to snap her out of her trance and said, “Now. How about it? Wanna suck?”

Leila reacted as if a switch on a string had just been pulled and she was the automaton whore. Her lips clamped, her neck muscles tensed, her eyes crossed down to the meat log and she put herself in motion, pumping her head and neck back and forth.

The only sounds of the night were the crickets and Leila’s mouth slurping on Ace’s rigid pole. “Slurp, slurp, slurp,” she went, steadfastly milking him and throughout this exchange, he kept a firm grip on her hair, as if it were the reins to a horse, his filly.

She sucked and slurped and then reached down to her crotch. Ace caught the move and encouraged it, “Yeah, give your cunt some goodness, that’s it… that’s the goodness. Getting what you need? What you came for?”

“Mm-hmm!” Leila answered. Somewhere in the distance, a cat screamed.

Ace pulled out and held his cock and slapped it on her face, giving her five wet slaps. He tucked his cock in his shorts and stepped away from the car, letting go of her hair in the process.

Leila immediately stepped out and into him, she hugged his chest and he grabbed her ass with his right hand and asked, “Miss me, girl? You been missing all of this nasty action?”

She nodded, rubbing her face into his chest. “Mm, yes, I did.”

Then he raised his right hand and spanked her in her short black shorts hard. “Whap!”

"Ah!" she yelped as she jumped up and a half step back. Her tits bobbed. She tried to slap him back but he caught her wrist.

“Don't do that. Can't you show me even a little respect?"

“You don't come to me for respect. I should punish you for running off. You would have made a good whore. You still could.”

Leila crossed her arms. “Don’t talk like that. I'm not going to be a whore.”

He slapped her ass again, but playfully and it had no sting. “Get in the house!”

Leila, now petulant, walked around her car and up the walk to the porch of his house. He quick-stepped in long strides after enjoying the moves of her from the rear. He passed her to open the door and as she passed the threshold he spanked her ass again. This time, just a little harder.

“Ow!” Leila yelped.

The lights were off and she waited a few feet inside the door for them to come on but they didn’t. He walked in darkness out of the living room and into a hall. She followed.

He led her to a door and then into it. She expected to be in his bedroom but when he turned on that light by way of turning on a shade lamp with a dim forty watt bulb, she saw she was in a small study room, sparsely decorated. There was a desk against a wall, a simple wooden chair and the lamp table the lamp sat on.

He pulled open a desk drawer and pulled out a shiny red jelly dong 7-inch dildo with suction cup. Leila walked up next to him, caressed his shoulder, smiled and asked, “What is this?”

“You know how I play, baby.”

He lifted the dildo to her lips and pushed. She sucked on it as she watched him watch her and grin. He pulled it out and turned it around. “Have a lick?”

"Mm, don't mind if I do," she said.

"Show the jelly dong your dong lovin' skill, mama."

She licked at the base of the suction cup and Ace reached his free hand under her tank top. His fingers slithered up and around her left tit. He palmed and squeezed at her tit as she licked the base.

The dildo was only slightly smaller than Ace’s cock. She admired it and his creative nature. He was always changing things up, coming up with tricks that kept her fascinated with their lovemaking.

He turned the dildo and pointed the tip at her lips. Her full lips pressed against it, a smooch kiss opened into an oval and her lips spread around the knob. She craned her neck forward and those moist red lips made the inches of red rubber disappear.

He pulled the dildo away from her, turned away from her and as he walked over and pressed it onto the seat of the chair, he told her, “Take your clothes off.”

Leila obeyed. All she had on was her shorts, top and flip-flops. They were off in a few seconds.

He patted the chair. “Sit on your fuck toy, fuck doll.”

Leila felt that sickening sweetness of slutty submissiveness, like a drug getting dumped from her brain straight into her pussy walls. She took the position to sit on a chair and eased herself onto the veiny red jelly dong. It spread her, opened her, and as her full weight shifted onto the chair it pinned her. She was impaled and vulnerable and instantly filled with more than a fake cock, she wanted to fuck! And she groaned, “Oh-uh, god, Nn, it’s good!”

“What I say, baby? What I say? This where your fuck doll ass belongs!” Ace ran his fingers through her hair, watching her grind her hips and brace herself and hump, up and down, up and down, her thick mommy ass slapping on the wood.

Leila had the thought that she couldn’t imagine doing this with her husband. She couldn’t deal with revealing to him that she would go for this. It filled her with a moment’s regret and that mixed with the pleasure careening through her, and she whined, “Nnn! Nn! Nn! Oh my god, I miss this crazy fuck shit," she said.

"That's my dirty girl," Ace said, his ego beaming with pride over her last comment, plainly a confession that the slut wanted out of its domestic life.

Ace reached behind her, his hand going to another drawer. She heard rustling and was about to ask what was coming next when his hand came forward with a wrapped lollipop. He unwrapped it as she watched and saw it was pink.

He put it to her lips and she grinned and fucked on her dildo – oh, yes, it was her dildo now, she was so possessive of it! She saw he wanted her to suck it, so she did. She sucked as he gripped the stick handle and he said, “Keep sucking on it til I pull it away.”

"Okay, I got it," she answered.

She sucked and fucked herself, moaning softly with pleasures. She sweet erotic bubblegum tasting lollipop and the dildo, each having its effect. She sucked hard and her mouth naturally made saliva. Ace saw her lips get wet and sticky and he pulled out the lollipop.

He pulled out his hidden cock and held it and rubbed the sticky pop on his cock. He extended his arm and tapped her chin with the pop and she opened and sucked some more.

Ace repeated these steps over and over and got his cock all sticky sweet and Leila had syrupy spit all around her lips and down her chin from the way Ace crudely rubbed the lollipop on her face as he was reinserting it.

“Uhh!” Leila groaned. “Oh, ohh god!”

Ace could see she was bringing herself to orgasm. Moments later, she shuddered, seized up, her eyes rolled up, he heard her squirt and the ass to wood slaps suddenly got very wet. She was spreading her fuck soup, smear-slapping it over the surface of the seat.

“Uh!” Leila groaned.

“On your knees, fuck doll!” Ace barked.

Leila tumbled off the chair, panting and eager for whatever came next. He slapped his cock at her forehead and she didn’t need him to say it. Her mouth opened and she snapped at the pole like a fish for bait.

“Mm! Mmm,” they both moaned in unison. She loved the bubblegum sweetness of his cock as it mixed with his natural musky cock sweat. “Mm!”

Ace was deliberately sloppy with her. Pulling his cock out after a minute’s sucking. Making her face grope for it and catch it again as he waved his wet snake around, slapping her face with it. “Uh, ah, ah nn,” Leila said. Her eyes darted up at him on one of these cock to mouth catches and he caught her look. She was happy. More than happy, she was ecstatic.

“Fuck doll!” he said. She sucked right through the comment, passionately. “Cock sucking fuck doll! Mm, yes, eat it up, mama, you delicious nasty-ass mama!”

Leila inhaled through her nose deeply! She knew this slut-mind, it was so good to be back, so familiar! She was content in a way she hadn't felt in years.

Ace brought the lollipop down and parallel to his cock. “Suck them both, switch now.”

She listened and obediently went to the lollipop. She went back and forth. Sucking his cock, sucking his pop. It was fun. It was erotic. It was both – sweet and wicked.

Then it stopped. He pulled both of them away. She pouted. She looked up at his eyes. What next?

He shook his head, as if disappointed. He had a frown. Leila instantly felt sad, like a bitch automatically empathizing with her master. He turned and walked out of the room. Leila stood up and hurried to catch up.

“What? What’s wrong? What did I do wrong?” she pleaded as she watched his back in motion. He headed out the back door into his back yard and she walked into the back yard naked and wet with unrequited lust. "Ace! Where are you going!"

Suddenly, her feet in the cold grass, he whirled around and grabbed her neck and she felt his force commanding her to her knees and beyond. He pushed her face into the grass.

“Knees up, cunt!” he commanded in a drill sergeant's bark.

She tucked and her ass rose into the cold night air. He got behind her and she realized he was doing a yo-yo, playing with her feelings.

“I just wanted to fuck you in the grass, fuck doll,” he said.

Leila tamped down her panic button, shifted her mind, her emotions. “You crazy fucker!” she protested.

His cock speared her pussy. His rough palms gripped her hips, man fingers dug into the edges of her lower abdomen and his snake raced up into her. Leila panted. She panted some more.

She felt him take control of her body like no one else had ever done. She cried, “Uh! Ah! Ah! Ahh! Nn! Nnn!.”

“Is this ... where--yes, that's it, squirm, mama!--Your ... fuckin' ... ass! Huh! Belongs?” he yelled and thrusted.

On top of the hard fucking, the cold air and their hot bodies, on top of the chant-like questioning, Leila knew he was loud enough for his neighbors to hear. It heightened her sense of the risks being taken.

“Ah gawd! Nn! Ah, m-muhh-fuck!” Leila moaned. "You're insane!"

She sobbed, filled with a clash of emotions – happiness, dread, pain. He was driving her insane.

Her belly, tits and face rustled against the dewy, cold grass. The pleasure center between her thighs was overloading her senses. Ace drilled down into her, fucking her as he interrogated her, thumping against her with each word.

“Who! ... Do! ...You! ...Think! ... Made! ... You!"

"Ah! Uhhng! Oh, god, Ace! Nnn!" she protested.

 “This Way?” he cock-pounded the words into her.

Thump, thump, thump, thump! He accelerated his pace when he didn't speak. There was man sweat being slapped against her shaking rump.

“Nn! Oh! You, you, ahh-nn! Oh, please, Ace!” she answered.

“Damn! Fuckin'! Right!"

Thump, thump, thump, "Are you my fuck doll? Well, are you?”

She moaned and sobbed. Nodding through a storm of emotions. She was electric and spinning in sexual violence. “Yeh-ah-nn-yes! I am!” she answered, grinding her forehead into the grass.

He frightened her to her core in this moment. She couldn’t imagine denying him her body. She didn’t know if she would have the power to say no when it needed to be said.

“Uh!” she moaned aloud as his cock teased her up to another climax. She spilled her soul out her cunt and a rush of juices sprayed the grass and sprinkled her thighs and belly.

Ace was near and he raced his pace, full speed to cum after her, “I’m gonna fuck you ... uh! ... up!"

He gasped, shocked by his own orgasm, and jetted his fluid into her, spreading his nectar deep into her, into his bitch.

“Huh! Nn-yeah, fuck you, fuck you … ah, fuck you!” he said as he delivered his last ragged thrusts.

Leila’s hands had been clawing at the grass. Her fingers digging into the roots. Pulling, ripping. She had dirt under her long painted nails. She bring two nails clawing at the grassroots and dirt. She panted, Ace slumped down and into her, his chest rubbing her lower back, his hot sweating thighs still against her own hot sweaty sticky thighs.

She felt his semen oozing off her swollen vaginal petals and only in that moment did shame come reaching for her heart. She moaned with the misery of knowing what she’d done and how tightly this man had a hold on her.

“I’m fucked,” she said.

Ace laughed and slapped her ass. “What I say? You belong here, Leila.”

"Maybe I did once, but I can't keep doing this shit. That was all kid stuff. It had its time," she said, trying to convince herself more than him.

"Ha, ha, hah! Oh, that's crap. Dirty sex for the prime years. You're just getting started, fuck doll."

Leila was looking for a rebuttal when she suddenly remembered to think about the time. She asked, but Ace didn't know. She raced naked, wet and warm from her exertions into the house and pulled up her shorts as she looked at the jelly dong dildo, evidence of her filthy deed. She pulled on her top and slipped into her flip-flops. She cursed herself for not even having the presence of mind to bring her cell phone into the house. She had left everything in the car, including the keys!

"Motherfucker," she yelled, angry at herself. He came up behind her and his hands clasped her hips. She shook her hips and stepped free, "Ace, I've got to get the hell out of here now."

"But there's still time!" he protested.

"No, there's not!"

She raced to the car and Ace followed her out, keeping up with her pace. She jumped into the driver seat and he grabbed her hair, he was leaning in for the kiss. She said, "I have to go!"

He wouldn't move. She kissed him. "Be back soon," he said sternly.

"I will," she said sheepishly, the admission that she was his slut shaming her. She started the engine and pulled away, racing home as fast as she dared. She didn't have much time.

When she got home, she jumped in the shower and gave herself a three-minute scrubbing, focusing on her hard-used pussy the most. She toweled off and heard her husband's truck and her heart quickened. "Oh shit!"

She jumped into the bed, covered herself with her back to where her husband would be when he came in. Her eyes wide open as he entered. She tried desperately to control her breathing.

He went straight to the bathroom. Then Leila realized, he would notice the shower had just been used!

But he didn't. He was too tired. He trudged, zombie-like into the shower and through barely open eyes he leaned into the shower head and stood there, letting the cool water calm his sore muscles. A hard day's work was behind him.

When Joel came to bed, he rolled up to Leila’s backside and put an arm around her. “You awake?” he asked.

She stiffened for a moment, then willed herself to relax. She pulled at his hand to hold her tighter. “I am now,” she said, trying to sound as if her mind was teeter-tottering, yanked from a pleasant dream. “How was your shift?”

“Okay, I guess. Same old, same old,” Joel said. His face was beside her hair and he sniffed. “Your hair smells funny … smells like, like grass.”

Leila’s thoughts had been racing, had she done everything to cover her tracks? She mentally traced all her steps and could think of nothing, but Joel had put his face in her mistake. She didn’t wash her hair because she didn’t have enough time to dry it. “God,” she thought, “I probably have blades of grass caught in my hair.”

“Really?” she answered. “Oh, I tripped in the back yard earlier this evening,” she said, making up the first excuse that came to mind.

“Why did you trip,” Joel asked.

“I, uh, I was picking up toys the kids had left out and I just lost my balance and took a roll in the grass,” she said.

“Hmm,” Joel said. Then he smiled, “Want to take a roll with me?”

“Now?” Leila asked.

“Yes now,” Joel insisted.

“You’ve had a hard day,” she said. “Get some rest.”

“The shower refreshed me,” he said.

“It didn’t refresh you that much. You need rest. We’re both tired,” she said.

Leila was anxious to get him to sleep. She didn’t want him to examine her too closely. She may have missed something that would catch his attention and require more explanation.

Joel slithered his arm and hand down from her stomach to her pussy and started rubbing her clit.

“Joel!” she said in protest. “Give it a rest.”

“We haven’t done it in a while,” he answered.

Leila ran through her options. If she kept refusing, that might also raise suspicion. Besides, it was true. They hadn’t had sex in three weeks. And that was nothing more than about 20 minutes of kissing and touching foreplay followed by about 10 minutes of missionary position intercourse. He came inside her and she pretended to orgasm.

'The sooner I get him to cum, the sooner he’ll go to sleep,' she thought. And he knew what made him cum quickest was taking her pussy doggy on all fours on the rug in the living room. She sat up, “Don’t turn on the light. If you walk with me to the living room, I’ll let you have doggy style in the living room.”

Joel was surprised. This didn’t happen much and never at her invitation. “Wow, that’s more than I was hoping for.”

“Don’t say I never did anything for you,” she said.

They walked arm and arm into the living room, the perfect loving couple by appearances. Leila was naked, her curvy ass was inviting in the dim light as she assumed the bitch’s position. Joel eagerly kneeled behind her and stroked himself hard and harder. Then he went in.

It felt good to Leila and she let out a soft, “Oo-uh!”

Joel wasn’t much of a communicator and when he did talk it was to seek her constant reassurance, “You like this?” he asked.

“Just fuck me,” she answered.

He stroked into her, loving the tender, hot and moist feel of her. He pumped and huffed and within four minutes he was at the edge of cumming. He pulled out, not wanting to release yet.

“What’s wrong,” Leila asked, knowing exactly what he was up to. “Come on, just finish.”

“You’re not enjoying this?” he asked.

“I am! It’s nice. Cum for me baby, just keep going,” she said.

Joel thrust his cock back into her and tried to pace himself. He didn’t want to go so fast that he would ejaculate within the minute, or even the next.

Leila knew his moves, he wanted to prolong his enjoyment. But she wanted this to end, so she thought of dirty talk. “Yes baby, uh! Fuck me, fuck my pussy!” And she worked her ass and spine, humping up down and sideways.

Joel watched her snaking back and felt her move and lost it, “Ohh-fuck!”

He shoved forward, his grip on her hips went from light hold to clamp down and he released, shooting, shooting as he thrust in and out.

Once certain that he was done, Leila slumped flat onto the rug, rolled over and looked up at him. “Better?” she asked as she gave him as genuine a smile of satisfaction as she could manage.

He grinned, “Much better!”

He stretched out and moved down toward her. His eyes locked on her eyes in the darkness and she was uncomfortable with the loving gratefulness she saw beaming from him. “I love you so!” he said and then he kissed her.

“I love you, too, Joel,” Leila said with not quite the same enthusiasm and feeling pangs of guilt as she spoke. God, I’m a whore, she told herself. What am I doing? He’s good man, a good man! She turned her head away after the kiss, not wanting to look at him and certain he would sense she was different.

She got up and he followed her back to bed. He fell asleep within minutes. She couldn’t sleep. Leila kept telling herself that she had to call it off, end what was happening, but how?

In the morning, Leila made a point to wake up a little earlier than usual. She wanted to brush her hair and shower. She stood at the bathroom mirror, vainly admiring her high and wide cheekbones and broad nose. She conceitedly watched her thick dark long hair flounce as she brushed out scraps of grass that had gotten caught there the night before and she frowned at the ever present thought that Ace was back in her life.

Those bits of green, raked from the ground into her hair during passionate fucking, that evidence landing on the bathroom sink caused her anxiety. She pinched her lips with a moment of regret and then caressed the nipples of her large breasts, working breasts that had fed her children, Joel’s children. Why am I risking that, she asked herself. But she knew the answer.

Horacio, Ace as he was known by his nickname, was a deviously inventive whoremonger. He had caught her in his clutches once before and it was only the desperate hope of getting Joel back in her life that helped her escape.

If she had not gotten away from Ace when she did, she was certain she would be a prostitute today.

Her eyes welled up with tears, and she didn’t know what triggered these tears, maybe the fear of not being able to control herself, but she shook her head and said softly, “Pull your self together.”

She jumped in the shower and came out with the façade of a clean and decent wife.

When she re-entered the bedroom, Joel was just getting up. He stood and embraced her and looked for a kiss. She gave him a pick that he took advantage of and turned into a full minute of face sucking. Then Leila grabbed the sides of his head and pushed gently. “We have to get going, Joel.”

“Thank you for last night,” she added with genuine gratefulness.

“Mm, thank you!” he answered.

They held each other in silence, each resting his head on the shoulder of the other. Joel’s heart was blooming and warm. Leila’s heart was aching and troubled. She pushed him away finally, but gently, and said, “I have to get the kids up.”

She woke and dressed her children and fed them breakfast. She left the youngest to spend the day with daddy and the older child she dropped off at kindergarten before going on to her job as a medical billing clerk.

Leila hated her job. She was mind-numbing boring work. It was all data entry, filling forms, call doctors and clinics, her company’s customers. It was back office work, making sure the doctors and their staff got paid.

Joel, she thought, had a more interesting job. He was a nightshift welder in a sheet metal factory. She thought she would like to do that, but never pursued it. It was man’s work, she told herself, even though she knew better.

By 11 a.m., Ace was already texting her. He left nasty messages. “How’s my fuck doll?”

Leila ignored it. He texted again. “Sore pussy, bitch? I’ll fix that.”

Leila ignored him. He texted again. “I loved your blowjob, fuck doll still has the oral skills.”

Leila ignored him, but now she was red in the neck and her heartbeat was getting faster. He texted again. “I want to feed you a cum load for lunch, thirsty?”

Leila grew agitated. She had to open a desk drawer to retrieve forms and slammed it shut. Her co-workers turned to look at her. “Something wrong,” asked a friend.

“It’s nothing,” Leila said. “Sorry about that.”

She avoided him that day, and the next, and the next. Despite his constant text messages, Leila held her ground. With each act of willful avoidance, she felt a small victory inside.

But on the fourth day, Ace didn’t text. He didn’t email. He didn’t call her cell. This annoyed Leila. She knew she should feel grateful for the quiet. He wasn’t harassing her, wasn’t that a good thing?

High noon arrived on the office clock and women started to pick up their bags to go for lunch. Two of Leila’s friends invited her to a taco stand a few blocks away. It was a nice day to go for a walk. She agreed to go with them, but as they were walking to the elevator, Ace texted her, “I’m in the parking garage, level B.”

He was right near her! Practically in the building. Leila felt all her resolve melt away in an instant. She moaned inside, knowing she was going to go to him.

She stopped in mid-strike. “You know what, I just remembered I have to pay my electric bill. It’s almost late and I don’t want to pay the penalty. I’m just going to go online and take care of it. You go on ahead without me. I’ll catch up.”

She turned and went back into the office just long enough for them to leave, then she headed to the parking garage and her high heels clacked on the concrete as she saw then approached Ace’s car. He saw her coming and reached across the seat from inside to open the passenger door. She got in and sat next to him and he immediately put a hand up her dress.

She looked out the rear window, nervous of being seen.

“Don’t want anyone to see you?” he asked.

“Of course not! And you’ve got nerve coming here.” But she let his fingers worm under her panty and he molested her slit and clit.

“It’s easier to hide if you put your head in my lap, fuck doll,” Ace said. She lowered her head and pulled at her hair so that it came forward and hid her face. She was blushing and breathing heavy, she was nervous and she wanted to suck his cock so bad.

“Come on, come on, what are you waiting for?” Ace asked.

Leila shrugged, using her body language to say I don’t know. Then Ace jabbed his fingers in viciously, scratching her inner vaginal wall. “Ow! Fucker!” she yelled.

He used his other hand to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. Leila took one look and her body sank and slumped and her mouth was on the knob. She sucked and her senses took over. It was too seductive. The taste and girth and smell and pulse and length and veiny soft texture of his cock, it was so familiar and comforting to be on it again.

She had sucked this cock countless times. It was like rich comfort food, there was an emotional reward here, she knew.

“That’s my fuck doll!” Ace said.

She spread herself out as much as she could across the front seats and turned her right leg up to where she could plant her high heel on the armrest of the passenger door. Ace undid her top and firmly inserted his hands into her brassiere and pulled out both tits.

Leila was lost in sucking his cock, she was transfixed and self-absorbed with her selfish desire to suck his cock. She couldn’t understand why she loved doing it so much!

Ace pinched a nipple hard and Leila moaned in protest and slowed her bobbing head. Ace let it go and she resumed her sucking pace. Then he pinched the other nipple just as hard and got the same reaction, then he released and she resumed her sucking pace.

“You miss my cock, slut?” he asked.

“Mm-hmm!” Leila moaned in agreement without stopping, but she wished he wouldn’t call her a slut just then.

He reached for the back of her head and pulled her hair, forcing her to release the cock. He gripped his cock with his other hand and slapped it at her chin and neck.

“Ah ah,” Leila cried, with mouth open and desperately trying to snatch the snake with her lips.

“You need to suck it, don’t you?” Ace said.

“Yes, yes, give it to me,” Leila pleaded.

“That’s a good slut,” Ace said and he pushed her head down and she gobbled on his inches.

He enjoyed her work. He watched and moaned softly and encouraged her. “That’s a good cocksucker. Mm, yea slobber on that bone, bitch. My hot married bitch. I love it!”

Leila sucked and sucked and she knew Ace could hold out for a long time. The minutes ticked away. She labored. Her neck muscles burned from the exertion. Her jaw got sore from stretching out so long.

He occasionally repeated his tit pinching trick, then pulling it out and slapping her neck and chin with his wet, rigid staff. Making her plead to resume and then she was allowed to do so.

Thirty-two minutes passed, then thirty-three and Ace was cursing her faster now. She knew that meant he was close. “You fucking whore, fuck! Oh god, suck it bitch, suck it suck it, ah, you fucking cum dump, you want it so fucking bad, don’t you? Oh, shit!”

He spurted. She swallowed the first shot, “Drink up, fuck doll!”

He spurted and she swallowed again. And again. He kept his cock in her mouth and she swallowed all his ejaculating sperm.

Leila sat up. She checked herself in the overhead shade flap’s mirror. Her face was a sloppy whorish mess. She lowered her head, not wanting to see herself like that, not here.

She put her bra and blouse back in place and opened the door. Ace grabbed her arm and demanded a kiss. Leila reluctantly gave it to him. She moved again to get out, but again he held her, "Got something for you!"

"What is it," she asked as her inner tension rose.

He reached in the console compartment between them and produced a green-apple flavored lollipop. "Your favorite, right?" he asked with a devilish grin.

Leila had to smile. She took it and put it in her purse. This time he let her go. But she felt a deep emotional tug in her gut and said, "I'll see you soon."

"Stop ignoring my texts, or you might not see me so soon, Leila," he warned.

Chastened and deflated by her near total lack of willpower, Leila walked away looking for a restroom on a floor that she didn’t work on. She didn’t want any of her co-workers to see her like this. In the restroom, she fixed her face first, then she went to a toilet stall to pee. She opened her compact as she sat on the toilet and was frustrated. Ace had not made her cum, so she sat there fingering herself and whispering, “I’m Ace’s whore, I’m Ace’s whore, I’m Ace’s whore, uh, oh god, yes, I’m Ace’s fucking stupid whore!”

Even as she was near to tears from this sense of defeat, she reached orgasm. And the exclamation point on her relapse was the sound of her juices falling into toilet water.

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