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Cheating Wives - Leila Relapses Part 2

Leila has chance encounter with Ace, her resolve to avoid him vanishes
Leila heard her name called as she held a garden hose while standing on the concrete porch of her parents’ house. She was aiming the nozzle at the gladiolas in the flower bed to the right of the porch, showering them with water.

Except, her mother didn’t have gladiolas and this puzzled Leila. She looked to her right and saw Ace standing on the sidewalk in front of the yard. He was unzipping his khaki trousers.

“What are you doing?” she yelled.

“Come here,” Ace said, in that insistent tone of his. “Such a hot bitch, wasting your time watering when you should be…”

His voice went silent even though his mouth was moving.

Leila suddenly became self-conscious because of his leering eyes. He was pulling his cock out in public! Even if the day was at dusk, he shouldn’t do that! But she looked at herself, barefooted and in ridiculous short cut blue jeans, half her ass exposed, in a top that showed her belly and so tight her breasts wanted to burst out.

“Come here, cum here,” Ace said and she knew what he meant.

She walked down from the porch as if in a trance and bent over at the faucet that was against the house wall to turn off the water. In that instant, Ace was directly behind her, grabbing her ass, palming her ass cheeks and grinding his freed erection against her crack.

How did he get to me so quick? she wondered. She felt alarm, “Please, Ace, not here, my mother!”

“Shut up! You want it!” he barked.

Yes, I do, she thought, but still. “Please, Ace! We shouldn’t.”

She felt her shorts pulled down off her ass and she stood, alarmed. “Ace!”

Her shorts fell around her ankles and suddenly, the sun had fallen away altogether and they stood in darkness. The air was so muggy, cloying humidity, made her sweat. Her full curves, a young woman of 5 feet, 6 inches, 148 pounds, 38C-26-38 figure, her long, thick wavy black hair sticking to her back and neck as Ace took her by the hand.

She was walked to the driveway, up to the curb and there by the street she stood in a red thong and a tiny top that barely covered her perking tits. And nothing else. Her shame was intense, and she pulled away but Ace wouldn’t let go.

“What are you doing?!” she said in a low squealing voice.

“Suck me off, I want you to suck!” Ace demanded.

“Not here!”

“Yes, here!”

Leila felt weak, so weak, she couldn’t say no again. Ace let go of her arms. She stood there for a few moments hesitation. She looked down the street in one direction, and then the other and saw no one. She went to one knee and then both knees and her hands reached to hold onto Ace’s hips and she opened her mouth and licked at his cock.

It was entrancing, so all entrancing! She hungrily swallowed his throbbing inches and sucked, her head swinging forward and back, sucking, sucking, sucking, sucking.

“Ahh, yea, my best little cocksucker!” Ace said.

Leila’s eyes flashed up. She stared at Ace’s hanging face, his leering, open-mouthed face, his tongue at times hanging out over his bottom lip. He wagged it at her in a nasty taunt, and said, “Lick my balls, twat!”

She sucked her way off his cock to twist her head under the cobra to lick and lick Ace’s golf ball sized testicles, how they hung and swung for her! They were amazing, she thought.

Leila heard distant footsteps, but was too mesmerized by the pleasure of licking and sucking Ace to inspect. She went back to sucking the cock that slid wetly around on her forehead and while she swallowed it the footsteps got noticeably louder.

Then there was a loud clack, as of a boot heel stamping on the sidewalk concrete next to her. She spun her eyeballs to the left without letting the cock out of her mouth and saw Joel!

“What the fuck?! What the hell! You fucking whore! In front of your mother’s house!”

Leila jerked her head back and Ace’s cock slid free, pre-cum off the tip painted a cum streak on her right cheek in a horizontal stripe, glistening.

“Uhhh!” and in that moment, with a real and loud pant, Leila woke up from a dream. She lay in bed, next to her husband, Joel, alarmed and her pussy was wet with desire. She winced and fretted over what had happened. Even if it was a dream, she shouldn’t have those dreams. Not anymore!

She rolled toward her husband, soundly asleep he was, and hugged him and felt guilty for wanting Ace the way she did. He was evil, she knew, but she couldn’t stamp him out of her head.

She lay there awake beside her husband, vexed by this erotic battle going on inside her. She was afraid of herself.

Days passed and each day Leila visited her profile page and chatted with friends. She had not “unfriended” Ace, but she kept meaning to. Fortunately, he was not messaging her.

She took the precaution, however, of isolating him so that he didn’t show up as visible to family. Joel wouldn’t know they were friends and Joel couldn’t know! God, no, she thought. He would be certain to ask questions.

A week after the dream, Ace messaged her. “You hide me from your family but you keep me around. What for?”

She didn’t answer. But the question was deadly. Yes, what for? Why couldn’t she just delete him altogether.

Days passed and he didn’t ask again. But Leila never forgot his very pointed question. She kept meaning to answer. She looked at it often, tried to think of something. Make a decision, damn it! It agitated her, how she left it hanging, this equivocating, this sexual pandora’s box. She didn’t dare open it.

But there he was, always there, always waiting.

It might have dragged on like that, endlessly, this standoff. Who knows? But fate would take Leila in another direction.

Two more weeks passed, then one Saturday a girl friend invited Leila to bring her kids and spend an afternoon at Rocky’s Pizza Castle. It was a cheesy pizza parlor with games for kids.

Leila took her two kids and met with Pamela and her little girl. It was just a family time out with friends, except for one very unnerving circumstance. Shortly after they arrived, Leila saw Ace come into the restaurant with a woman and a boy. She was dressed slutty, in a tight red halter top and tight miniskirt, the kind of slut Leila would have expected to see hanging on Ace’s arm, as she did.

It only took Ace a few minutes to spot Leila and he nodded at her and smiled. She looked away, but it was too late to act like they hadn’t seen each other.

He was stockier than she remembered, but it only made him sexier. Those thick muscular thighs, that barrel chest, that black goatee.

She didn’t mention him to Pamela and tried to carry on as if nothing had happened, but her heart was beating faster and Pamela noticed enough to ask, “Is something wrong, you don’t seem well?”

“I may be coming down with something,” Leila admitted. “Just a little feverish.”

Pamela offered her aspirin and Leila took two tablets with her limeade drink.

Ace soon kept his distance from the woman he was with. He was taking the boy around to the different games and the slut in the halter top sat with a group of friends they had joined.

Leila excused herself from Pamela to check on her youngster, a four-year-old boy. The other child, a two-year-old girl, Leila had kept by her side constantly.

But her little girl was impatient and wanted to be with her brother. Leila walked her toddler to her brother and moments later Ace took advantage of proximity to step right up and say, “Hey, Leila, these your tater-tots?”

Leila turned and smiled, a huge nervous smile. She followed that with a stern grimace, she hadn’t wanted to show any sign of friendliness but he caught her off guard by the way he addressed her babies.

“Yes,” she said.

An awkward silence followed. Leila didn’t want to say anything else to encourage him.

“They’re darlings, both of them,” Ace said.

No thank you followed.

“So, I’m here with a girl friend. She’s just a girl friend,” he said.

“Whatever,” Leila answered, then checking herself – did that sound like I give a shit? “I mean, it’s your business. I don’t need to know.”

Ace laughed and Leila snapped, “Did I say something funny?”

Ace ran his fingers through Leila’s hair and she pulled away from him. “It’s not like she’s going to mind,” he said. “Hell, I tell her your joining us for a three-way, (he snapped his fingers), it’s done! You’re the holdout. You want to but you’re too afraid of your boy.”

“Their father! My husband!” she said defiantly.

“Your boy,” Ace repeated.

He stepped into her. He put a hand around her waist. Leila’s son looked up from his play and for a moment Leila sensed that he registered something amiss. She reached for Ace’s hand and pushed it away.

“I don’t know what’s going on in that silly, confused little head of yours, but your body remembers me,” he said, his mouth so close to her ear she could feel his breath, a hot flashing vision of their not so long ago kisses sucked her soul to his. “Your body wants me and the body goes for what it wants.”

He stepped away and left her be.

Leila’s heart pounded so hard, her face and neck were red. She focused on playing with her kids, trying to collect herself and steel her resolve.

That night, Leila had another dream. She had just gotten home from work. Ace was sitting on her living room sofa. The door to the back porch was broken. He sat there naked, nonchalant.

She could see they were alone. He was stroking his cock, not saying a word.

Leila stripped out of her dress, took off her bra and pulled down her thong and still in her high heels she climbed onto his lap and carefully slid his cock up her slit.

“There’s my little whore,” Ace said.

She rode on him in silence.

“Are you my little whore?” he asked.

“Uhh huhhh,” Leila said, unaware that she moaned it aloud in her sleep.

“You need my cock, whore?” Ace asked.

“Unnnn uhhh,” Leila moaned.

And she rode on his dream cock until she came.

Leila woke up in the dark of night. It was a dream. She turned and looked at her snoring husband. She worried for a moment that he would notice how wet she was. She was stinking of sex.

But she didn’t roll toward him and hug him this time, even though she felt as guilty as before.

She quietly got out of bed and went to the kitchen and opened her laptop. She signed into her social media account and messaged Ace, “Are you there?”

She sat in suspense, hoping that he would not answer.

Ace did not answer. It must be too late, she thought. Even the devil sleeps.

But she knew she had crossed a line. She shouldn’t have sent that last message.

The next day, at work, while sitting at her office desk, Leila opened her social account to check specifically for a message from Ace, and there it was, “I’m here when you’re ready and it looks like you're ready.”

She closed the message. She bit her lip. She felt her neck burn with shame.

That evening, after the kids were put to sleep, she took the laptop to her bedroom and dressed comfortably. All she had on was a bathrobe and black bikini panty.

Leila went to her social media site and waited for Ace to notice she was online.

He was online and that simple fact sent a surge of excitement through her.

She heard the familiar ping of a message and went to it. He said, “Open a cam in Skype.”

They exchanged usernames and she opened a cam for him.

It was immediately obvious to Ace that Leila was in a bathrobe in bed.

“Sexy, sexy hot mama!” he said.

Leila looked at his two-dimensional face in bad lighting and looked away. He looked creepier than before this way.

“Miss me, Leila? Miss my moves?”

She shrugged, not looking at him.

“What, can’t answer me, can’t admit it to yourself? Come on, stop playing games,” he said.

“I don’t know,” she said, still not looking at him.

“The fuck you don’t. You know, Mrs. Mrs. The Mrs. misses my fat dick! Why don’t you just admit it?”

She shrugged and shook her head no. “Maybe I’m just having a nostalgic moment, remembering why I had to get away from you.”

“Oh yeah, yeah, right! You just had to get away from me after I fucked your brains out a couple hundred times! Leaving me was your mistake. You’re back because you regret leaving.”

Leila vigorously shook her head no. “You’re such a bullshit artist. No way I regret leaving.”

“Then why are you here? Opening cam to me while you’re in your bed, your husband’s bed, in a bathrobe?”

Leila shrugged, excited and her heart racing, “I don’t know.”

She heard a chair move and looked at Ace stood up and now his hard erection was in full view. His hand stroking his cock, that cock that she had been used and abused by so many times. Her eyes were locked in the open position, staring and transfixed. Her chest pounded, her nipples hardened, she reached for her pussy under the robe and rubbed her clit.

Ace could see her staring and he kept his position, he stayed quiet, drawing her through the screen, letting her take it all in, reaching into her reptile brain, making that connection with her again.

He could read her face and he waited, he waited until he knew just when to say it and when her jaw slowly fell open and her nostrils flared, Leila heard, “Show me your tits, slut.”

Without thinking, Leila pulled her robe open and did exactly as she was told.

He stroked and she watched, he said, “Pull on your right nipple,” and she pulled.

“I’m going to tit-fuck your knockers and then have you suck my dick and swallow my load, you like that?”

Leila nodded and masturbated. “Uhhh huh.”

“You know where I live, get your horny ass over here,” Ace said.

Leila had a moment of clarity. Cam cyber was one thing, but going to his bed!

“I can’t,” she exclaimed.

“It’s 11:15,” Ace said. “He won’t be home til 2 a.m. at the earliest. You got plenty of time.”

Leila’s mind raced. At this hour, she could be at Ace’s place by 11:35. Fuck! He was right, she had plenty of time.

But she had the look of fright again in her face and Ace had to pull her back into her slut mind. “Get on your knees in front of your cam and show me your cunt!”

Leila got up and to her knees and spread and exposed her pussy to him.

“Fuck!” Ace said. “Now finger your fuck hole, slut, finger it deep.”

Leila masturbated as instructed and after a minute of this, Ace said, “You want my cock up in there?”

She panted and stayed silent.

“Come and get it, come and get this,” he said as he stroked his for her viewing pleasure. “Come and get this up your hot little wet slutty fuck hole, now!”

Leila winced and panted. She was too far gone. She got off the bed. She pulled on a pair of short shorts, with no panty. She pulled a tank top over her torso and slipped her feet into a pair of flip flops.

She grabbed her purse and key and marched out the door to her car, started the engine and raced to Ace’s house.

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