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Chores for the neighbor

Wife plays with neighbor out of revenge

My name is Lori Samuels, I am thirty four years old. Married these past ten years to my wonderful husband Marty. I’m 5’ 6” about 135 pounds. I think I in fairly good shape with full 34 C breasts that I like to show off. For the first three years of our marriage Marti and I tried to have a child but failed. We found out that I had cysts on my ovaries that would prevent me from having children. We considered adopting but decided against that option.

Our sex life had always been good but I was brought up conservative and had a hard time trying new things like Marty wanted. I had kissed his cock a few times but thought sucking it was dirty, let alone the idea of his cum in my mouth was out of the question when we got married. I had always been faithful to Marty, something he cannot say.

About four years ago he had an affair with an intern at his company. The dumb shit brought her home and was fucking her in our bed when he thought I was going to be at work all day. I came home early and heard some noise in the bedroom. I walked in finding this young girl on her hands and knees on my bed. Marty was behind her shoving his cock into her cunt. I usually don’t use the word cunt but that became her name to me. That was one of those positions that Marty had tried to get me to do but I wouldn’t.

I screamed running out of the house. I stayed at a hotel for several days till I finally accepted Marty’s call. He apologized for an hour straight. He admitted that he had fucked the cunt numerous times over the last few weeks. It was her youthful sexuality that weakened him is claimed.

While I went back with him, it was six months before I let him back in our bed and another month before I let him have sex with me.

One weekend night we were at a party and I got a little drunk. Marty took me home helping me up to our bedroom. I took my clothes off and spread out on the bed. In my drunken voice, I told him to fuck me like he did that little cunt. Marty did as he was told and fucked me hard. It was a good fuck.

As we lay there after Marty deposited his load in me, I asked him, “Be honest what did that little cunt have that I don’t?”

“Don’t do this honey,” he pleaded.

“I told you I forgave you, I want to know. What did she have or do that I don’t?” I slurred.

“It wasn’t so much what she did as it was this young thing wanted me. It made me feel special and sexy. Don’t get mad but she sucked my dick, and it was pretty good.”

A week later in bed I worked my way down to his waist and gave my first blow job. Marty was very excited even though I wasn’t ready to taste him cum he drenched my tits with his cum. Blow jobs became part of our normal sex life and I learned to take his cum in my mouth and like it. Our sex life did get better as I got more open about sex.

That brings us to our neighbors. The Johnson’s moved in about a year ago. They are a nice couple a little old than Marty and me. Their son Jason was seventeen about to be eighteen entering his senior year of high school. He was a cute kid, tall and somewhat awkward. Jason and Marty became friends with Jason coming over a lot. While I liked him, I never felt comfortable around him. I always felt he was staring at my tits.

I told Marty that I thought Jason was always looking at my tits. He blew it off, “Of course he is looking at your tits, he is eighteen and you have great tits. Tease him, bend over and give the kid a thrill.”

I was shocked and mad at him for not caring. After stewing on what Marty said I decided that I would do as he said. I started not wearing a bra when I was around Jason and he noticed. Thinking back to what Marty had told me about his attraction to that little cunt made me think about how Jason was looking at me. I was getting turned on that this young man was looking at my tits.

The big thing happened when Marty had to go out of town on business. Marty had asked Jason to do some work on our windows but didn’t tell me. He asked him to calk the windows and clean them.

Saturday morning, I had just finished my shower. I walked back into the bedroom naked feeling the freedom of having the house to myself. I spent several minutes naked moving around the bedroom naked when I heard a crash outside my window. I quickly put a robe on, looking out the window. Jason was on the ground next to a ladder moaning.

Wearing just the robe I hurried outside to help Jason. “Are you hurt?” I asked.

“No, I’m fine, just feel stupid,” Jason said as I helped him in the house.

“What happened?”

Jason lowered his head, “Please don’t be mad me, I was on the ladder when I saw you naked. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but look, you are so beautiful.”

I helped him in the kitchen. He told me that my husband was paying him to do the work on the windows.

“What caused you to fall?” I asked him sitting next to him at the kitchen table.

“This is embarrassing but when I saw you naked I reached down to rub myself and lost my balance. Please don’t hate me and don’t tell anyone.”

“So, you were rubbing yourself looking at me?”

“I’m so sorry, please don’t tell my mom.”

I looked at him then looked down at his crotch. Somehow the words came out of mouth, “Show me.”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“Show me how you rubbed yourself.”

“You want me to go up on the ladder?”

“No Jason, right here in front of me. Show me how you rubbed yourself.”

Jason reached to the front of his shorts rubbing the front. I could see the outline of his cock getting hard in his shorts. Jason shocked me when he spoke up, “It would help if you opened up that robe a little.”

To my own surprise I opened my robe enough to give him a good view of my cleavage. Jason moaned and rubbed harder. “If you’re going to do it, take it out,” I said to him staring at his crotch.

Without hesitation, Jason stood up dropping his shorts. He sat back down holding his hard cock in his hand. Slowly stroking his cock he started at my tits. “You can see mine, I would sure love to see more of yours.”

I debated with myself for a moment, then stood up. I open my robe to expose my tits.

“Oh my God Mrs. Samuels, those of the first tits I’ve seen that weren’t on a computer. They are incredible,” Jason continued to jack off staring at my tits. “You’re not going to tell my mom about this are you?”

“No Jason, we are not going to tell anyone about this.” I was mesmerized by this teenager stroking his cock just feet from me.

Jason broke my trance, “Mrs. Samuels, would it be possible to touch them?”

Again, I debated with myself but my arousal was breaking down my inhibitions. I stood up and took two steps to him. Jason released his cock and with both hands squeezed my tits. A moan escaped my lips betraying my excitement. I leaned closer to Jason pulling his head to my breasts. “Suck on my nipples.” Jason did as he was told taking my nipples into his mouth sucking and squeezing them.

Damn it was intoxicating having this boy worshiping my tits. My thoughts went to the cunt that my husband had cheated with. Was this the feeling that caused him to stray.

Just then I felt Jason’s hand slip under my robe grabbing my ass. I had gone farther than I ever thought I would with another man or boy, but now Jason was crossing a big line.

“Stop!” I said in a commanding voice.

A startled Jason stood up, “I’m sorry Mrs. Samuels, I got carried away.”

I looked down at his hard cock poking at my robe. “Remember you tell no one about this.” As Jason nodded, pulled him down the hall to our bedroom. When we got to the bedroom removed my robe standing in front of him naked. “Sit back on the bed Jason.”

I kneeled down in front of him examining his long thin cock. It was so beautiful standing up straight before me. I appeared to be a good inch or more longer than Marty’s but not as thick. I kissed the head then kissed my way down his shaft. Jason moaned as I licked his cock. “Fuck that feels so good, Mrs. Samuels.”

“I can do better than that.” I kissed the head of his cock then let it slide into my mouth. More moans came from his lips as I started sucking. His moans got louder as did his breathing. I stroked his dick with my hand while I sucked.

“Mrs. Samuels, I think I’m about to . . .” Jason didn’t finish his sentence he just filled my mouth. “Oh my God, that was incredible. I hope it was okay to do that in your mouth.”

With a gulp, I swallowed his cum. “That’s fine, I have found I like it. I’m gonna need you to do something for me now.” I scooted up on the bed with him.

“Sure, what can I do for you?”

Spreading my legs wide, “You’ve got me really worked up. I need some relief. Come up here and lick my pussy. Kiss and suck on my pussy then use your tongue to fuck me.”

“Oh yes I would love that.” Jason tentatively put his lips to my pussy kissing the lips.

"Now use your tongue, like you are tongue kissing it. Oh, that’s it,” I moaned. “Keep that up and you will make me cum.” I could feel an orgasm building, I threw my head back enjoying Jason’s tonguing when he abruptly stopped. “No don’t stop that feels great.”

I suddenly felt pressure being reapplied to my pussy lips but it was not his tongue or fingers. I immediately recognized the feeling of a cock entering my pussy. “Oh shit Jason, we shouldn’t be doing this.” Even though I said no his cock was fully inserted inside me.

"I'm sorry, but it feels so good inside you,” Jason said stopping with his cock in me.

I looked at Jason over the top of me motionless with his cock in me. I contemplated the situation. “Well fuck, don’t stop now. We can go back so at least give me a good fuck.”

Jason started slowly moving his cock inside me. “That’s it, now give it to me hard.” Jason responded by shoving his cock deep inside me. Being longer than Marty he was reaching farther but I could tell not at thick. My orgasm that was building before was returning quickly. “Harder honey, I’m about to cum.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” I called out. I pulled him to me kissing him and sticking my tongue in his mouth. Jason hungrily returned my kiss. He grunted into my mouth, then I felt his semen fill my pussy.

Jason pulled out of me trying to catch his breath. I hugged his tight then whispered in his ear, “Remember you tell no one about this.”

“Don’t worry Mrs. Samuels. Thank you so much, this was great.”

My mind went to Marty and the little cunt who he cheated with. I guess I can now understand the attraction of having a young body that wants to be with you.

“I better get dressed, I need to finish the job your husband asked me to do.”

“Do you think you will finish today?” I asked.

“Oh sure, it is only a couple of hours work if I can keep from falling off the ladder.”

“It seems falling off the ladder worked out for you. How much is my husband paying you?” I asked.

“He said fifty bucks but I can’t take his money now,” Jason said putting his pants on.

“Oh no, you are going to take his money. If you’re in a working mood I have some chores for you to do inside if you have time tonight.” I said with a serious face.

“Of course Mrs. Samuels, whatever you want me to do I will be glad to help.”

“When you’re done with the windows I want you to go home and get a shower. Tell your parents that you have work on the inside of the windows to do and it will take you late into the night,” I said with a smile.

“Do I need to bring any tools or supplies?” Jason asked confused by my request.

“No no, you have the tool with you that you will need.”

Jason got a big grin on his face when he realized what I was telling him. “Yeah, I will be back over here by 5:30 is that too early?”

Jason went back out on the ladder and I took another shower. After cleaning up I had a few errands to run. When I got back I decided I needed to check in with Marty. We talked about his trip and how the work was going.

“Honey, you didn’t tell me the neighbor boy was going to be working in the windows. He scared me when I saw him on the ladder.”

“I’m sorry, I should have told you, he isn’t causing a problem, is he?” Marty asked.

“No, not at all, he is a cute kid. You are going to have to pay him double. When he is done with the outside of the windows I’m going to have him come in and help me with a few chores.”

“That’s great, I’m sure he will do a great job. He is a hard worker. I know you think he is always looking at your tits but you could give the kid a thrill by bending over in front of him.”

“Wow, my husband is telling me to flash my tits to a young man alone in our house. What if I get him excited and he attacks me?”

Marty laughs over the phone, “Oh you’re just paranoid, show him a little and he might give us a discount. I have to go, have a good night.”

“Oh, I plan to.” I said as my husband hung up.

I had seriously thought about calling Jason and telling him not to come over, but Marty made me mad with his comments about giving the kid a thrill. My thoughts went back to him and the cunt. I knew I was using Jason as revenge sex for Marty’s affair, but the more I thought I should call it off, the hornier I got.

My mind was going is both directions when the doorbell rang. I went to the door finding Jason on the porch.

“Sorry I’m early. My mom said if you had jobs for me that was going to take me to late tonight, I should get an early start.” Jason said with his head down. He looked up and smiled, “She said I should do whatever you ask without question.”

“I knew I liked your mom, come on in. I’m ready to put you to work. Did you get something to eat? I want you keep your strength up.”

“Oh yes,” he said with a smile. “Where are we starting?”

“I thought we should start in the bedroom,” I said taking him by the hand.

When we got to the bedroom I stopped him. “Oh wait, Marty wanted me to do something.” I bent over pulling my shirt out Jason could see down my shirt. “You like?”

“They are beautiful, your husband told you to do that?”

“Sorry, long story we don’t have time for. He wanted me to tease you, I’ve teased you enough.” I pulled my t-shirt off and un-hooked my bra. “That’s better, I don’t want to be just a tease.”

“Mrs. Samuels, can I ask you something?”

“Sure Jason, whatever you want.”

“Before we get started with the you know, can we do some kissing? When you kissed me this morning with your tongue I really liked it, I mean I really liked have sex too but I haven’t done much kissing.”

I stepped up to Jason putting my arms around him. Our lips met then my tongue started exploring his mouth. I broke the kiss and looked him in the eye, “I have one condition, we do it naked.”

Jason said nothing just quickly shedding his clothes. I responded by removing my shorts and panties. I pressed my tits against his body resuming our kissing. His warm cock poked my stomach. With just a quick pull we tumbled onto the bed. Jason was clearly loving my kissing; our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths.

After what seemed like fifteen minutes of just kissing, Jason’s hands started to roam. First feeling my tits then my pussy. My hand found his cock, stroking it.

“Jason, I need to you stand up by the bed here.” He did so looking a little confused with his cock pointing to the ceiling. I scooched up on to my hands and knee with my ass pointing at Jason. I spread my thighs to give him good access to my vagina. “I want you to start slow putting your dick in my pussy. Once you get it in I want you to speed up to the point you are giving it to me hard and fast.”

Jason moaned as he inserted his cock into my pussy. I was very wet so he slipped right in. He did just as I told him. He started slowly then picked up the pace. He had no idea he was recreating the scene I walked in to catching Marty screwing that little cunt. “That’s it Jason, fuck my pussy. I want you to pound then fill me with your cum.”

“Oh shit, this feels so good. I don’t know how long I can last.” Jason continued to pump me hard and fast.

“You don’t need to hold back, just unload in me whenever you are ready.” His moaning was getting loud so I knew he was close.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” He grunted filling me up.

Jason squirted the last bit of cum into my pussy then joined me on the bed. He whispered in my ear how incredible sex was, thanking me for letting him fuck me.

“Jason, just remember what I’ve told you several times. You can’t say anything to anybody about us having sex. How late will your parents let you stay out?”

“That’s the thing, dad told me that I was to stay here till the job was done. He said if a job is worth doing then it is worth doing well. You have me till you are done with me.”

“I will have to make a point of thanking your dad. You’ve done great so far but I don’t think your job is done do you?” I asked patting his soft cock.

“No mam, I would love to keep working till you tell me we are done.”

“I’m going to go wash your cum out of me then come back and suck your cock back to life.”

For the next five hours we sucked, fucked, rested and fucked some more till we were both spent. I decided that we had fucked as much as we could. We just lay in bed kissing for another ten minutes then I sent him home.

After Jason left I lay in bed I fingered my well fucked pussy. What I thought was a revenge fuck turned into just enjoyable sex. I questioned myself if I would fuck Jason again. My head said no but my pussy throbbed with a yes.


The next day I was in the garage moving some things around when Jason’s dad, Joe, walked in startling me.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you. I just wanted to come over and thank you for putting Jason to work.”

Jason’s dad looked a lot like Jason only a little taller and more filled out. He was a very good-looking man with just a little grey in his hair to make him look distinguished. I was wearing a low-cut t-shirt and no bra, I hadn’t expected to have anyone in my garage.

“Jason is a hard worker he did a great job helping me out.” I said with a smile.

We talked for a little while till I noticed Joe was staring at my tits as we talked. After a few moments, he could tell I knew he was staring. “Oh, I’m sorry, I would try and tell you I didn’t mean to stare but that would be a lie. I hope I didn’t offend you, you are very beautiful. You are hard not to look at. ”

Like father like son I though. “That’s okay Joe, I take it as complement.”

“You should, if you need any help over here, you just call me. I’m sure I could take care of whatever you need.” Joe said putting his arm around my shoulder.

"I will do that Joe, if I need something you can help with I will give you a call.” We both knew he was flirting with me. What surprised me was that I was playing along. When he left I looked down and my shirt to find my nipples hard and poking through my shirt.


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