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Chronicles of Connie, Part 1

The first of a series about my life. Why? It makes me hot to talk about it.
Bill had been gone for three days of a 10 day business trip. He works for his Dad and travels most of the time. He calls nightly, usually for phone sex. I didn't always enjoy that at first, but soon started getting off on it too. I usually cum two or three times while we play around on speaker phone for an hour, sometimes longer. Most of the time he ask me to video what I am wearing, and what I do when we talk. I don't know if it is to prove I am doing what I'm describing or if he likes to watch me doing it. Probably both, but I guess it really doesn't matter.

I masturbate for him with different dildos, sometimes a beer or wine bottle, in front of the video camera while he jacks off and talks dirty to me. It gets really intense and arousing.

He loves to talk nasty to me, call me names and treat me like a slut.

"Fuck that hot pussy for me, Baby", and, "Spread those pretty legs and put your fingers in that wet little cunt, Doll".

Then, when he gets really horny and ready to cum he starts telling me he wants me to fuck other men. Mostly his friends. He tells me how turned on he would get watching me strip and dance for them and show them my "hot little cunt". He talks about how much he would like to see their hard cock going into my pussy and watch me ride them while he jacks off.

C-r-a-z-y ! Then, near his finish, he always ask me if I want to do it, "for real". If I say no, he pouts. If I say yes, he asks "Yes, what?" and begs me to describe, in vivid detail, what I would do and how nasty I would be for them. I can make him cum pretty quick when we get to that point of the game and, to tell the truth, I kinda like it too.

At first I would try to make him jealous by being very graphic, and dirty describing things I would do to his buddies. It was like sarcasm, but without the tone. I thought he would get jealous and ask me to stop. Hell! He don't get jealous, it drives him crazy, makes his cock hard as a rock.

Even when he's home we never make love anymore, we talk about me showing off my pussy and fucking other men while he fucks me. At first I didn't like talking like that very much but as it became the normal way of our sex life it became, well, normal.

When I realized he wasn't trying to "get something on me" but really liked that stuff, I became bolder making up fantasies for him. I still haven't fulfilled any of them. Yet! But I have thought about it "for real", and the thought of it was getting pretty hot.

"One of these days. I'm gonna give him what he's asking for," I thought.

I wonder what he would do if I had a real story to tell him? I wonder if it would make him jealous or would it be just what he wants. I smiled to myself and rubbed my pussy while I started another video on Porn Hub. Porn was my hobby of choice while he was away. I got some very good ideas for my little fantasy stories from the Internet. Problem was, I masturbated several times a day, or was that a problem? Maybe not, I did like it. Then again, I wondered if it was an addiction. I've read it can be. The dirty talk was what I liked most. It's nuts, but words I used to cringe at, Bill makes sound erotic. Very erotic. Those very very dirty, triple-X nasty words that made me so mad before just make me wet and horny as hell now.

That night, I was in our bedroom dressed in one of his favorite "slut outfits". A black lacy garter belt, very small, sheer white panties that tied on the sides and some black fishnet stockings with seams up the back. The little push up bra cupped the bottom of my breast while leaving the other two thirds uncovered, pushing them upward and causing my nipples to turn and almost point to the ceiling. The black and white platform heels put the finishing touch on my total slut look. The full 3" lift made me feel like I was on stilts when I walked, but still left the top of my head only 5'4" from the floor.

As I rubbed my breast, my areolas swelled and my nipples hardened. I continued surfing porn and waiting for Bill to call. "He had better hurry ", I thought as I pulled my panties to the side and pushed two fingers into my wet pussy. The phone rang, followed immediately by the doorbell almost at the same time. "Hello.", I answered the phone as I slipped on my robe and looked at my reflection in the full length mirror on the bedroom door. Standing in those shoes made my legs appear so long. I closed the robe, tied it, and walked to the front door with the phone to my ear.

"Hey, you hot little cum slut. What you doing? Tell me what you have on, darling," I heard Bill say on the phone as I walked to the door.

"Someone's here, hold on and let me see who it is," I informed him as I opened the door.

"It's Bob, didn't you tell him you were out of town?", I asked. I didn't like Bob very much. He was the main one Bill wanted me to talk about fucking. Maybe that's why. 

"Yes. He knows. What's he want?", Bill replied as Bob held out his hand for the phone.

"Hey man, I'm sorry to bother your wife but my Internet is down and I really need to check my email. Will it be alright if I borrow your PC for a few minutes. I won't be long. Just need to check on a work thing." Bob said. Then he nodded and went "unhuh, unhuh" several times, finishing with "OK, man. Really appreciate it. I'll tell her. Yea. Later man." Bob handed the phone back to me,

"He said to tell you he would call back later. Where is your computer? I'll only be a minute." He looked me up and down. "Like the shoes," he smiled, almost smirked, his eyes stopping where my pussy was hiding beneath my robe. 

"Bedroom." I said, and pointed down the hallway.

He turned and walked toward the bedroom, pulling a thumb drive from his pocket. Shit! I had left the porn site up and it was playing a long video of a threesome, MFM. My face was already turning red from his blatant stare at my midsection and the shoe comment. Not knowing what else to do, I sit down in the living room and waited to see what happened next. I expected some kind of crude comment from the bedroom but none came. After about 20 minutes, it felt like hours, Bob came back into the living room.

"Thanks, you guys are life savers. I really needed this stuff. I owe you one for sure," he said, shaking the thumb drive at me for emphasis, then sliding it into his pocket.

"It's OK", I said. "Did you get what you needed?"

"Oh yea! I sure did." Bob replied, smiling like a jackass, "Good video you had playing, by the way", he winked. "Well, gotta go, thanks for everything. See you guys later", he winked again and left.

I went back to the bedroom, took off my robe and waited for Bill to call back as I restarted the video. I noticed one of my dildos on the corner of the computer desk. "Wonder if Bob got a boner when he saw that?" I giggled to myself.

I slipped down in the chair, bent my legs and put my shoes up on the edge of the computer desk as far apart as I could get them and traced my fingers over my outer labia, moving them up and down over the outline of my mound under the thin panties. As I felt the wetness growing I pulled the panties to one side and slipped two fingers in. My pussy felt so warm. So wet and squishy.

I removed my fingers and spread my lips wide with my thumb and ring finger and tickled the tip of my clit with the index finger of my right hand. It was hard and erect, like a small penis. I love rubbing and tormenting it with light touches to the very tippy-tip end. That always makes my hips raise and push back, ending with me pushing my finger hard into my clit and rubbing left and right very fast and stopping just before I cum. Then, after resting for a minute and catching my breath, doing it over and over until I can't stop. "Where's my little friend," I thought.

I bit my bottom lip as the dildo entered the slick canal and penetrated my open vagina. I turned the vibrator to its' highest setting and rubbed the bulb against the inside front of my pubes, watching my breast shake when I would hit that "magic" spot and my whole body convulsed and quaked. I was almost to orgasm when my cell phone vibrated announcing a new text, interrupting my climax and pissing me off.

I looked at the phone. It was Bob.

"what you doing?" it read.

"nothing" I replied.

"why don't you come over for a little while?" Bob texted back.

"i don't think so", I quickly typed. "Was he trying to piss me off?" I wondered.

"i really think you should" came back.

Before I could type "go to hell" the screen changed and gave the option to "accept media message" yes/no. I hit yes and a multimedia message started loading. It opened and began playing. There I was, dressed like I was now, minus panties, standing on the arms of the chair in our bedroom. My image slowly squatted until my butt was almost on the chairs' seat, legs wide open, exposing a very red, wet pussy. I then started sliding a long neck beer bottle up and down the outside length of my inner labia, finally slipping inside and disappearing up to the big part of the bottle.

My heart stopped beating and I thought I must be having a heart attack. I broke into a sweat and my head began spinning. What I was seeing was bad but the audio that went with it was even worse.

" I'd like to take Bobs' cock in my wet fucking cunt and fuck him good and hard while you watch your little slut. Then, I'll lick our mixed fuck juices off his cock and suck it until he cums in my mouth. I'll swallow his cum for you while you watch and jack off. Would you like that? I know I would. I hope he's got a big dick. You know how much I want to cowgirl a big thick cock, baby." I heard myself saying. That was how Bill liked to hear me talk but it was just fantasy stuff. We, or at least I, had no intention of following through on any of it. It was just fantasy!! 

The clip ended and my world stopped turning. What just happened here? Gotta think. Heart beating like crazy. That son of a bitch downloaded one of the videos I had recorded for Bill while he was using our computer. I remembered making the video now. It was really nasty. Even for us. And now that son of a bitch had a copy of it. "What in the hell am I going to do?" I thought.

"you need to del that shit and go to hell" I nervously typed.

"be here in 30 min or i'm gonna start sending this video out to your email favs list. including your mother and father. u really shouldn't leave ur email open dear. wear something like u have on in this vid. u have30 min then.... well, u figure it out."

My first thought, after the horror of thinking about my Mother opening this shit in her in box, was, "Maybe I can go over there and reason with him. Beg if I have too, but make him give it back and forget about it. "I'm sure that'll happen after he's heard me talking about how I'm gonna fuck him and suck his cock," I thought. I wondered if he downloaded the whole thing. Very nasty stuff. "Damn Bill! Shit!", I screamed out loud, my fist clinched by my sides and my entire body ridged.

I hurriedly jumped into the first skirt I could find and threw on a blouse, ran to my car and drove to Bobs' apartment. It wasn't until I got out of the car that I noticed what I was wearing and how short my skirt was. A white, pleated "school girl" mini that barely covered the dark bands at the top of my stockings when I was standing. It was weird, by circumstance I was wearing the exact same clothes I had stripped out of in that damned video. Even the blouse. A very thin material, almost like silk that molded itself to my breast, the swollen form of my areola's and nipples pushing their outline against the thin fabric. To late to go back and change now. I rang the doorbell at Bobs' apartment and the door opened before I got my finger off the button.

"Ummmm, don't we look slutty?" Al said.

"Please give it back to me. Please." I pleaded.

To be continued.

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