Chronicles of my Hot Wife

By BenjaminJones

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We were spending the night with my good friend Jay. My wife, Mellonee,and I decided to sleep in his room with him. Actually my wife just kind of blurted out, "Hey why don't we just all sleep in the same room?"

Jay and I just both looked at each other and said, "OK."

Jay and I didn't think anything of it and when we got into his bedroom, he started to make a pallet on the floor and he said "You guys can have my bed. I'll take the floor."

Immediately Mellonee said "No way Jay! This is your house and your bed and you are not sleeping on the floor."

So with that Jay and I laid down on his bed. I took my jeans and my shoes off so I was only in a pair of boxers and a t shirt. Jay started to take off his jeans and then he started to take off his shirt. Once we got comfortable we laid down on the bed.

Mellonee suddenly got up and said "I've got to get ready for bed. I'll be right back." When she said this she got up and went into the bathroom and shut the door.

Five minutes later the bathroom door slowly opens and Jay and I both look up. What I saw I couldn't believe. She was standing in the doorway wearing a black, lacy, see through piece of lingerie. I was totally surprised that she would let Jay see her in something like that. You could see her perky tits through the top and the skirt barely covered up her ass. She looked totally fuckable. She just walked over to the bed and as she did she said, "Sorry boys, this is all I brought to wear to bed. This and about three other ones sort of like this one."

I don't think Jay nor I minded at all since both of us just kind of stared at her as she laid down on the bed between us. I was getting very horny. As soon as I saw her I wanted her.

Once we were all three in Jay's bed, he reached over and turned the lamp off that was beside the bed. As soon as the light went out, I slowly reached over and started to caress and grope my wife's hot body. I caressed her ass and I was surprised that she was letting me, since Jay was laying right there beside us. I decided to see how far she would let me go.

My fingers slowly made their way under her black, lacy panties and I began to rub her clit. She always loved this and this night was no different. I then began to insert one finger into her pussy and began to slowly finger her. To my surprise, she was still letting me do this even knowing my friend lay not two feet away.

I slowly began to peel down her panties, thinking for sure that she was about to stop me, but she didn't. She actually lifted her ass so I could get them down easier. That's when it hit me, she was going to let me fuck her right there in the bed with Jay. The real question was, was she going to give me and Jay some of her tight pussy?

I wanted to share my hot ass wife with him. The thought of him getting my wife's tight pussy made me even more horny. I then turned her on her side so her fine ass was against me. With one hand, I reached down and lifted her leg and with the other hand I began to guide my hard dick up to her slit. I found her opening in a few seconds and began to work my nine inch cock into her wet, waiting pussy. About ten seconds later I penetrated her tight pussy and when I did, she let out a moan. I knew Jay heard it and he turned and laid on his back.

I slowly began to fuck my wife right there with my friend watching us, but this was not my goal, even though it was sexy enough. I wanted for him to get some of her hot pussy.
I fucked her for about two minutes and then pulled out. I slowly pushed my wife's body over to Jay.

I heard them start kissing and in no time Jay was getting my wife's tight pussy as he lay behind her. I watched as he fucked her that way for about five minutes and then he put her on her hands and knees and got her doggystyle. We both took turns getting my wife's hot pussy for the next two hours and then for the next two days. That was just the start of my wife's and my sexual adventure.