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Church Friend Part 2

We decide to swap spouses for a very sensual evening.

After leaving Mark and Cora, my husband and I were barely in the car before he started asking questions.  I told him about the whole day and everything that happened. Then when I told him that when he kissed me, he probably tasted Cora on my lips, his cock became rock hard.  He expressed that if he was always going to be able to taste her after each visit, he would be ok with whatever we did.

When I talked to Cora, she had a similar experience with Mark.  Nearly a month passed before we had a chance for just the adults to get together again. Cora’s neighborhood pool always had an adults only pool party the last night of the summer. This way no one had to worry about leaving their alcohol unattended and everyone could have a blast, given we were all within walking distance from the pool.

I was excited to have one more night to show off my body before having to break out the warmer clothes.  Since Cora and Mark were providing the pool we brought the alcohol.  Both guys wore board shorts for the occasion, and Cora and I both wore the swimsuits that we had worn when we hooked up.

When we each saw what the other was wearing there was instant sexual tension.  I felt like I had turned a crimson red, but neither guy seemed to notice. It was approaching 8 pm so we gathered our things and headed to the pool.

It was only a two block walk to the pool and we were there in no time.  There was hardly enough room to set our stuff down, but as soon as we did I was ready to jump in the pool.  I had been drinking since five to calm my nerves and was feeling really good. My husband Matt had not been drinking due to needing to drive so he was more interested in having some beverages and so was Cora.  Mark, on the other hand, had gotten off work early and had some drinks so he was willing to join me.

The pool was packed.  In fact, you almost couldn't turn around without bumping into each other. Everyone was friendly and didn't seem to mind being touched by barely covered strangers.  All this was not helping how horny I already was. I found myself wanting to grab the asses of several cute guys that I had bumped into.

Then without warning, I felt Mark's hand on my ass.  I turned to acknowledge him with a smile. He smiled back with a wink and moved his other hand around front. All of the touching was going on underwater, but I looked for our spouses to see if they were watching.

Matt and Cora were taking shots and getting friendly with their own touches but nothing like what was going on in the water.   A few more drinks and I bet they would be joining us.  Seeing them enjoying each others company helped calm my nerves about what they might see between Mark and myself since they were only paying attention to each other.

Even though they weren't watching, I reached down to hold Mark's hand and hopefully distract him.  When I did he just slipped the other hand around me and pulled me toward him. I could feel his rock hard cock pressing against my barely covered ass.  We were in the middle of the pool now and hard for anyone that wasn’t right next to us to see what was happening.

Without turning around I grabbed the back of Mark's head pulled his ear to me and whispered, “no one can find out,” to which he nodded his head.  Then we kissed passionately. As we did he slid his hand into my tiny bikini bottoms finding my clit to rub.

We broke our kiss hoping no one we knew saw it.  The rest of our time in the pool was spent talking with soft gentle flirty touches that occurred mostly under the water.  Mark was cute and protective as some of the intoxicated men made passes and tried to touch me.

After being in the pool for a couple of hours, my buzz was wearing off so we hopped out of the pool to make sure that didn't happen. When we got over to where we sat our stuff, there were only towels and cell phones. Matt had texted us both that he and Cora had taken the alcohol and headed back to the house. So we decided to join them.

Once in the door, we knew exactly why they had left. They were having sex and they weren't being quiet about it.  Mark smiled at me, pulled me in close and whispered, ”Does it turn you on to hear the orgasm that Cora is having on your husband's cock?“

All I could do was bite my lip and nod my head.  It was a real turn on to know that the man I was married to could have that effect on another woman. I also felt a pang of jealousy. My man was probably getting to taste Cora first hand and I knew just how good it was. 

Mark and I did a few shots, then he excused himself to the bathroom.  When he did I went to peek in on our spouses.  I wish I could say it was on the way to the bedroom I was headed to anyway,  but that was not the case. I had to make an effort to look in. They had left the bedroom door cracked so all I had to do was push it open just slightly so I could see in and hopefully not be noticed.

When I did, I could see Cora with her long flowing red hair, her perfect tits, and great ass sitting on top of my husband’s rock hard cock. Matt’s hands were on her magnificent tits, as she gyrated on top of him grinding her clit against him with each gyration.  I was mesmerized as my husband and one of my best friends were basically my live porn show.  I heard the bathroom door open, and I was so horny that I met Mark at the bedroom door. I placed my hand on the back of Mark’s head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

He guided me to the spare bedroom bed without us breaking our kiss.  He undid my top on the way as well, letting my large breasts come out for him to see and feel bare for the first time.  Once at the bed he pulled down my tiny bikini bottoms revealing the landing strip that I had intended for his wife to see, but was just as happy to have him be the one to see it.  He almost didn’t get them removed completely before he started kissing his way back up my legs.

My pussy was soaking wet from all of the foreplay we had at the pool, and I was ready to fuck his brains out.  He, however, wanted to take his time with me and when he reached my crotch he didn’t go for it. He kept kissing his way up my body. He reached my tits, and he placed his right hand on my left breast as he took the other one in his mouth.  He was amazing at working them over creating different feelings.

With his hand, he was massaging my entire breast somewhat roughly creating some pain with the pleasure. With his mouth on the other, he was being gentle and sweet. This combination was sending shivers up my spine.  Goosebumps were forming on my skin and an aching in my vagina wanting him inside. I could feel his cock pushing against my pussy through his board shorts. I reached between us looking for the strings, and Mark was doing everything he could to keep me from it.

He was taking his time and the anticipation was killing me.  Finally, I pulled Mark up to my lips giving him a passionate kiss, then I whispered in his ear, “Mark, I need your cock.  I need your cock inside of me. I need to know what it feels like to fuck my friend's husband”.

His only comment was, “Eventually, we will get there eventually.”  He then continued to kiss me as he started to rub his covered cock against my pussy.

After a few minutes, he stopped kissing me and began to kiss down my body until he reached my pussy.  He was so gentle, and so sweet as he began to lick my clit and stick two fingers inside of me. I grabbed the back of his head pulling him into my crotch much like his wife had done to me a month earlier.  

My pussy was aching and begging for this kind of attention. I could feel my orgasm building. My breathing became faster and shorter as I was getting closer and closer. I now had two hands on the side of Mark’s head and he was well aware I was going to cum from the actions of his tongue.  

As I reached my climax, I had no idea I was going to cum so hard on his face. Mark was amazing. I wouldn’t call it squirting, but I came harder on his face than I had in a long time. My juices were all around his mouth as he came up to me. I then began to kiss him once again tasting my own juices all over him. 

This time when I reached between us Mark actually moved to give me access to his drawstrings to undo his board shorts.  I was able to get them off of his ass while we kissed but not much lower. I then rolled him over and ripped his shorts off as quickly as I could.  I then took his rock hard cock into my mouth. He was at least nine inches maybe more. I was working the shaft with my hand and the rest with my mouth.

With each trip my lips went down his shaft, I was taking a little more and a little more into my mouth and down my throat. I was able to deep throat him, however, I wasn’t able to take it all down my throat.  I was able to get everything but the last inch. It was clear that Mark was enjoying every bit of it, but he was getting close to ejaculation and not knowing how long it would take for recovery time between orgasms I wanted to make sure I got to fuck him.

I began to kiss my way up Mark's body.  When I got to his chest I began to kiss his nipples.  It was creating excitement for him and myself, but it was also giving him just a little time to calm down before my warm soaking wet pussy slid down his shaft.  I then kissed my way up to his neck, then to his ear.

I then whispered, “Do you want to fuck me now? I need to feel your cock inside me, I need to fuck Cora’s husband just as well as she fucked mine.”  

He nodded his head and lined his cock up with my pussy. I pushed back on it, but it was so thick I wasn’t going to be able to take it all the way in on the first try. I continued to push down harder with each thrust taking more and more into my wanting pussy.  I finally got him all the way inside, and I sat there for just a moment taking in the feeling of being stretched to my limits. I then began to rock back and forth slowly working Mark’s cock. I didn’t want him to go off prematurely, and that was a real possibility given how tight I was around his cock. 

After a few minutes of getting used to each other, Mark rolled me onto my back and began to pound me hard and fast.  His rock hard cock was sliding almost all the way out before he would bury it deep inside me again. He was fucking me so hard and so fast.  I bit his shoulder to keep from screaming. I could feel his balls slapping off of my ass with each thrust. He was grunting with each thrust stretching my pussy more and more.  

My orgasm was building, but I was trying to hold off for him until I couldn't take it any longer. It ripped through my body to the point I squirted a little for the first time.  He kept pounding me the whole time, drawing my orgasm out for what seemed to be days until finally, he shot his load deep inside of me. Exhausted, I placed my head on Mark's chest and fell asleep.

After being asleep for just over an hour, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  It was Cora and she wanted me to join her out in the hall. Once I was out there she kissed me hard shoving her tongue deep into my mouth.  With both of us naked already she slipped a finger inside of me finding her husband's cum still inside. She pulled her finger out after a couple of strokes and brought it up to her mouth and sucked her husband’s juices off if it before kissing me again.  

I was hoping this could go on forever. I wanted to cum at Cora's hands once again. I was begging her to make me cum, but each time I got close, she would slow everything down keeping me on the edge the whole time.

We were playful with each other for about thirty minutes before Cora said, “I want to switch back husbands and be fucked by my own and have him feel your husbands cum that is already in me.”

That comment alone had me horny as hell.  I wanted to do the same thing with my husband.  I crawled into bed behind Matt and put my arm around him, spooning him and kissing his ear gently.  

When he started to wake up I whispered in his ear, “hey honey, how would you like to be the third person inside of me in the past eight hours?’  

I then reached for his cock and had my answer as he was rock hard. He rolled over and kissed me. I am not sure what he tasted when kissing me, but I could tell he had tasted Cora and I was now getting to taste her second hand.

The thought of what I had done with Cora a month ago and just a few minutes ago had me so turned on.  Combined with that I had Mark’s juices in me giving me a ton of lube for my husband to slide in and I was ready to fuck.  My husband was trying to be considerate as I normally need to have quite a bit of foreplay and he was trying to oblige.

Finally, after a few minutes, I had to tell him, “Just fuck me!! I need your rock hard cock inside of me!”  

I positioned his cock at my entrance and he began to slide into me. Since I had been stretched so much I wasn’t feeling him like I normally do so I grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way inside in one easy thrust.

Matt then commented,“Your pussy is so wet, wetter than I think you have ever been.”  

I kept fucking him as we laid side by side, and then I said, “That is because you are fucking Mark’s sloppy seconds.”

He looked at me with a look of shock then, he told me, “That is so fucking hot.  That makes me even harder knowing his seed is deep inside of you!”

Matt then picked up his pace and began pounding me.  Pounding me like we were having sex for the first time. It was so hot. I was trying to pull him deeper and deeper inside of me, my fingernails digging into his ass.  He was sucking on my neck and goosebumps were forming all over my body.

I was going to have marks on my body from this fucking. Bite marks on my tits, red marks on my neck.  This was rough, this was hot this was passionate. He then rolled me over and started fucking me from behind, adding hand prints on my ass. The pain with the pleasure had me edging my orgasm for what seemed like hours.  

My husband then exploded inside of me, sending me over the edge. My pussy was so sore I was going to need days to recover from the pounding I just took from both guys. It was so exciting, it felt like Matt and I had just taken our relationship to the next level.  A level that very few get to go to, and I didn’t want to go back.

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