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Cici Gets The Rents Paid In Full

Turning the landLords wife out in Leiu of the Rent Money Due was even better

Marti and I noticed a short light skinned man enter the room, and Cici quickly introduced him as her landlord, Tomas. Leaving the door slightly cracked he mumbled said "something about a clogged pipe, or something like that" as he walked towards Cici in the kitchen.

Marti and I were shocked, as we saw Cici kiss his torso, running her tongue along his stout body.

Tomas whispered something, and Cici dropped to her knees without a word. She began unhooking his pants, while he towered over her petite frame holding her by the hair. His pants dropped to the floor, and revealed an average size cock fully erected.

Tomas again whispered something, and Cici began to kiss and lick the tip immediately. She stroked it, twisting her hand up and down the rigid shaft. It seemed to grow a lot more in size as she continued masturbating it in her clinched hand.

I had often wondered how she afforded this house all by her self.  

With the pull of her hair, Cici's mouth opened, as she allowed the cock to enter her mouth.

Marti had dropped to her knees, imitating Cicis' every move on my opened wet pussy. Marti was sucking and licking my love juices, burying her face into my wanting pussy when the door slowly creaked open.

A female,his wife Helena, who had green eyes, long blonde hair, as well as a body to die for walked into the room.

She uttered," so this is the clogged pipe you rushed over to fix, and no wonder why I never see any rent receipts for this unit" as Cici withdrew his now hard salvia covered cock from her mouth.

"You might want to finish him off honey, because I'm not going to deal with his fucking attitude if he does not get off" Helena snapped.

hmmm..she said Cici can finish him off..hmm I wondered , as she locked the front door shut.

He was slightly uncomfortable as Cici got back into position, and resumed a sideways stroke on his softened dick. Her hand was squeezing his thick shaft as it stroked it fully up and down the swelling cock. Again, Cici placed the head of his cock back into her drooling mouth, as he placed his hands on the back of her head, pushing her forward.

I could see Helena's big brown nipples straining against the white silky blouse. They were huge and all I thought about was that I wanted to suck on them. She watched her husbands cock slid in and out of Cicis experienced mouth, while twirling the ends of her long blonde hair.

I looked at Marti and smiled, and she nodded her head in an agreeing manner.

I walked over to Helena stood behind her, and wrapped my arms around her thin waist tenderly. Marti did the same as she faced her, as we pressed our bodies against hers, making her our luciuous sandwich. 

I leaned into her and gently kissed the back of her neck, then the sides. Marti was running her hands thru Helena's long blonde hair, and pulling it very tenderly.

I placed my hands under her blouse, easing them towards Helena's well defined breasts. I could feel her body tense up as she trembled in place, as I groped and squeezed her breasts in my hands.

Marti unhooked the black knee length skirt, and it dropped to her ankles. Helena just stood there.

Helena's' husband had a very excited look on his face as he looked watched what was happening with his wife.

Cici was content to make this blowjob take a lot longer than needed as she knew what we were up to.

"Please don't", Helena mumbled "I've never done this"..( but she didn't finish ) as I continued exploring her massive globes freely.

I slipped both of my wandering hands inside her flimsy bra. Eagerly I twisted and tweaked her fucking big erect nipples causing her to shudder a bit.

Marti had slipped a finger inside her panties, exploring the damp moist area as Helena attempted to shield her pussy with an open hand.

Whimpering "no, I've never done" and again Helena stopped short of what she was saying.

I playfully lifted her beautiful breasts out of the bra, and began unbuttoning her blouse slowly. Moments later, Helena stood there revealing my hands all over her very round tanned globes as I had removed her bar completely.

Helena suddenly stepped out of the skirt that was around her ankles and stood there with her hand still attempting to conceal her quivering pussy.

Marti looked at me smiling, as she slid the skirt away.

I watched Marti kiss Helena's moist pussy thru the now wet stained panties. Helena seemed a bit more relaxed as she allowed her legs to be opened slightly wider. Marti wasted no time in getting into position.

Helena removed the protective hand from her pussy, and finished unbuttoning her blouse. She turned so I could help ease her arms out, and began to stroke her own erect nipples a bit.

Marti tugged her panties down, allowing her tongue to probe her swollen wet lips, and she stepped right out of them as if to say, ok come and get it, which is just what we did .

Marti was licking her dark moist entry hole, as she inserted one finger at a time, slowly.

I turned and began kissing her face lightly, easing closer to her luscious full lips. She placed her hands on the back of my head as our lips met. Seductively and tenderly I ran my tongue thru her lips, as she gradually allowed them to part.

Helena whispered softly "it feels so good", as she placed one hand on my golden melons, and the other one on Marti's head pressing it slightly towards her raging cunt.

Marti took the hint by inserting another finger softly in that burning pussy, pushing the two fingers in deeper, as she got down onto her back.

I began kissing Helena's' mouth deeper as I took her by the hands and pulled her with me. I knelt down onto my knees, as Marti guided Helena's hips slowly downward.  I tugged her forward a bit, until she was resting on her knees, with her pussy firmly in Marti's face.

I backed up slowly, pulling her forward until Helena and I locked lips and kissed passionately for several minutes.

Cici continued to work his pulsating cock in and out of her mouth, as he was watching Marti and I touching his wife.

We sat there over Marti's exposed pussy, again she whispered "I've never".. and again she stopped short .

I whispered, "just touch it the way you like to touch yours".

She timidly reached down with spread fingers, and placed them between Marti's pink folds. Helena slowly eased them up and down the moist trail, as I was cupped her heavy breasts in my hand.

She opened Marti's' lips fully, and slid her fingers up and down, gently touching her already erect clit. Exploring the wet inner folds, Helena stopped to poke a finger around Marti's moist hole. Gently placed her finger tip against the hole and stopped, looking over at her husband, and smiled.

Marti eased her cunt forward to the greet her finger, allowing it to slip into her fiery box, and began to rock back and forth. Marti raised her knees upward, planting her feet firmly on the floor, I tugged Helena forward a bit, as she had a perfect view of Marti's rosy pink and now dripping pussy.

Again she whispered, "I want to"  and again she stopped short  as she lowered her face on Marti's anxious pussy, kissed it lightly and pulled away. She smiled and again lowered her head and kissed the lips a little longer, with a slight sucking motion.

Helena fully inserted another finger deeply, and began to run her tongue up and down Marti's pussy freely, stopping to pull the dark thick lips with her mouth.

Marti opened her pussy wide with one hand, and eased Helena's face in deeper with the other one, as she began to rock against her face uncontrollably.

Cici was sucking that cock into a frenzy, as he blew his massive load into her mouth, almost gagging her, as his wife was about to have a nut busted into her own mouth.

Marti rocked harder, screaming "yeah that's it..suck it", as she released what seemed to be a bucket sized load onto her face, to which Helena just smiled and kept sucking.

When all was said and done, and everybody had cleaned up, Helena, told Cici," if you have any problems at all, just call and we will be right over" and her husband whispered "rent paid in full" as they left hugging each other.

We showered, had a drink, as we drifted off to sleep with as we had an evening of fun or whatever you might want to call it.

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