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Cocktail Anyone?

We met at a conference, and wanted one another.
It was a business trip and tonight was your typical cocktail dinner reception, people floating around pretending to network with people that they know they will never contact or speak to again in order to be cordial. It was during that “networking”, we met. At the time I thought nothing of us meeting and chatting. I didn’t even have one lustful thought or any inkling of an idea that this six foot tall, dark haired hunk was going to be more than a cordial hello, not until the evening ended that is and a bunch of us met at the hotel bar for a night cap.

He was there already with others from the reception, still in his business suit looking all professional, and strangely enough sexy and intriguing. I had changed from the skin tight leather pants, and thigh high boots, and off the shoulder form fitting top into something more casual and comfy, a pair of capri-spandex and a tank top, with my long blond hair now clipped up and away from my face and shoulders. Still, I looked hot. It was in this casual atmosphere, my Adonis started to make me urn. As I and my traveling associate went to sit with the crew that had gathered, I sat right across from him, only an arm’s length away from me. He had a certain air about him and we started chatting, and laughing. It was during the first five minutes of conversation I knew I wanted him, wanted him to take me that night in the wildest way possible, but how could I make that happen.

It’s as if providence took over as we chatted as we found out where each other was from and what we did. It turned out he was going to be visiting my province for a conference the following month, and he had never been there before. What a better way than to make contact than to offer to take him around and show him some sights when he was visiting. He quickly gave me his email address and I emailed him my contact info.

His reply was simple, “Hi Karen, I love you. See you in May”.

'Yay,' I thought to myself, his enjoying himself, maybe he really does want further contact.

We continued to chat with the others and when a spot became available right next to him I moved in. We started to flirt between ourselves and I could feel the moistness between my legs getting heavier. I had a feeling he would love to know that I had no panties on so started to tell him about the weekend before when I spent a night at my best friends cabin and that we were totally “free”, no bra and no panties on during the stay. He smiled at that and said he loved it, especially when I told him the story about the time my husband complained about the time my best friend and her husband had been down to our house and we were so hot we took our tops and bras off, and left tit marks on the kitchen table.

“Unfortunately”, I told him, "I'm only half free tonight, but I have no panties on.” He smiled and told me he loved me again.

Yup, he was into me, and before the night was over would be literally. Yes, I am married, and I knew he was too by the wedding ring he wore, but that obviously didn’t deter him either.

It was obvious my chances were increasing with every minute we chatted of getting him into my bed and getting fucked the way I wanted, but I had to close the deal. We were both enjoying our drinks but then mentioned I had a bottle of liqueur in my room for shooters and wanted to try it but didn’t want to drink alone. The invitation was put out and he took it, he gave me his room number and told me to call him when I returned to mine and he would help with the shooters, he then left.

At about midnight, I returned to my room eager to send my traveling associate back to hers so I could call him. He picked up on the first ring and was down to my room within five minutes.

He was now changed into what appeared to be a pair of hospital scrubs and a T-shirt, and he let me know of his disappointment that I was not braless. I knew if he was disappointed that I still had clothes on, I was going to get my wish and get fucked the way I wanted. I quickly changed into my little black nightie and velvet wrap that I purposely left open so my cleavage was clearly visible.

“That’s much better,” he said when I came out of the bathroom.

He had chosen to sit at the desk in my hotel room so of course I jumped up and sat in front of him with my legs crossed on the desk.

Fuck he looked so hot; I wanted him there and then.

We had a few shooters and started to chat openly about “fun”. I learned he and his wife were open to playing with other couples and had when the opportunity presents itself. He was obviously pleasantly surprised to learn me and my husband were swingers and I had in fact participated in not only foursomes but had in the past a six-some. It was obvious however by our chatting that sexual escapades without our partners involvement were considered taboo but we didn’t care, we knew what we both wanted. I gingerly slipped off my desk and onto his lap with no hesitation on either one of our parts. He grabbed me and started a relentless assault on my lips.

His tongue teasing mine as he lifted me up saying, “Let’s move over here”.

He grabbed my hair clip and let my long blond hair flow over my shoulders caressing them as he threw me down on the bed, and pressed his body against mine.

He whipped off his clothes as I pulled my night dress over my head. Fuck, I wanted him so bad and I was going to have him. He lifted my pussy to his mouth and dove in sending waves of delight all through my body as I tingled. I wanted his cock in my mouth and he knew it, and was more than willing to oblige. I wanted him in every way possible. He drove me insane with an insatiable sexual appetite and raw lust. He pushed his fingers dip within my soaked pussy, making me ache even more for this man I didn’t know until a few hours ago. As he started to eat my pussy again, I reached for my side table drawer and pulled out my vibrator.

I didn’t need to tell him what I wanted, he knew. He grabbed my vibrator as I sucked his delicious cock again and rammed it into my pussy, driving me to brink. He then pushed his cock deep and hard inside my pussy, and my vibe in my ass. Fuck, his unstoppable I thought to myself, and I don’t want this to end. As he fucked me he continued to tease my tongue with his.

“Roll me over,” I told him.

“Roll over then baby.”

He rolled me over and mounted me and fucked me like I’d never been fucked before.

At what point did we stop, I don’t know, but I knew I wanted to fuck him again and I would if our paths ever crossed.

It was like he was reading my mind because he looked at me and said, “Next month and I won’t be drinking this time.”

I can’t wait till the end of May!

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