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Coming Home from Dr. Roberts'

Kate follows doctor's orders and gives Tony the relief he craves.

You might want to read The Good Dr. Roberts first.

We had just got home after a session with Dr. Roberts, a sex therapist with a hands-on philosophy. I had come like never before but Tony was light-headed with lust and frustration as I led him upstairs to our bedroom.

We undressed ourselves and each other at the same time, hands everywhere. I piled the pillows and a couple of cushions against the headboard and had Tony half lie, half sit on the bed with his knees bent and I fondled his balls and spoke lovingly to him.

“ I’m going to make you come on me more than you have ever done but that won’t be anytime soon. I’ve got a lot to tell you and some things I must say so lie back and enjoy.”

His face showed a mixture of shock at having to wait and eager expectation of prolonged titillation. He loves my tits and I made sure they were close and jiggling as I held his balls and rubbed them up and down the base of his prick. I love him more than I can say and wanted to give him something to remember for being so wonderful in agreeing to see Dr. Roberts and for throwing himself into it for my sake. I know him inside out and understand his sexuality completely as he does mine. We are faithful to one another and make love often but life has been tough lately and we had little time to indulge each other so Sonia’s enthusiasm about her visit to the doctor was a trigger to seek out some advice and find new ways to please.

“ I’m going to tell you what Sonia told me. Alan had been having problems with staying the course and she was getting very frustrated. She heard about Roberts and they went to see him, as you know. When he had listened to them he suggested they try some sexual aids to help Alan and some sex toys to sort out Sonia’s frustration.” I took his prick between my thumb and forefinger, right at the base, and waggled it side to side then up and down, making it slap against his belly. 

“ He buzzed through to Felicity and asked her where the key to the cupboard was. She came through and found it right under his nose on the coffee table. Typical man eh? She opened the cupboard and took out two trays of plastic and rubber exciters and put them on the table and sat down. After choosing a selection he asked them to change into robes and come back. When they returned Felicity was also wearing a robe.

They lay on a double couch and the doctor suggested they all three undid their robes and allow them to fall open. Felicity stood beside Alan and asked him to touch her the way he would touch Sonia before making love. Her tits were three-quarters visible and her neat little bush was a foot from his hand. As he tried to show her what he loved about Sonia his eyes were fixed on Felicity’s body as she casually put her fingers into the lapels of her robe and traced downwards around her breasts to fully open the robe, talking all the while. Alan started to stiffen and she went around to Sonia and stood before her and asked how she felt about Alan getting a hard-on while looking at her tits and touching her. Sonia said she could hardly blame him, the problem was keeping him hard after he came too soon. Felicity touched Sonia to see if she was aroused too and then fitted Alan with a vibrating cock ring but didn’t switch it on and said she would show Sonia a technique to stop him ejaculating. The doctor took a small vibrator from the tray and ran it up and down Sonia’s body, circling her tits and down into her groin on each side of her little ginger pussy. Anyway, this sort of thing went on for quite a while with Felicity watching Alan for signs of coming. The doctor had progressed to a small lubricated dildo and was rolling it over Sonia’s clitoris. When he started to slip it into her Felicity saw that it was too much for Alan and squeezed him tightly with her thumb pressing hard underneath his helmet on the underside.” I thought I might have to use this technique on Tony in a minute. I wasn’t going to let him come until he was bursting.

“ In the end the doctor made Sonia come using a curved jelly-rubber device she had never seen before. Apparently it had a vibrating pad at one end, which was against her clitoris, and the other end had an inch-long protuberance that nestled inside her and vibrated strongly. Alan reached out and cupped Felicity’s pussy and she flicked the switch on the cock ring and told him on no account to come before Sonia. He managed to control the urge until he heard the familiar sound of Sonia’s final sighs and then erupted on to her tummy as Felicity directed his cock to one side. That’s all that happened on their visit, a wank apiece and no sign of the doctor’s cock. Sonia reckons it was work experience for Felicity but at least it had an effect on Alan’s performance afterwards. They bought some toys and started having fun again. So that’s why I was as surprised as you with the way things developed on our visit; I thought Felicity would be there and would probably touch me and you and show us some toys and techniques. I didn’t know what to expect from Roberts since he had stayed zipped up throughout. Mind you, I never got to see his cock either, did I? I’ll remedy that next time !” I returned to his balls and tickled behind them, that drives him nuts. I planted the lightest of kisses on the very tip of his prick which made his hips jerk upwards to my lips. His hand had moved to my cunt and was caressing me gently, making me lose my concentration.

“I want to see and hold that thing that made me come like that. You don’t mind do you, darling? You’ll finally get to see Sonia without her knickers, won’t you? I know you’ve thought about it when she wears those little shorts of hers. I’d rather it was her than anybody else but you must never be alone with her again, sweetheart. Do you promise? I won’t ever see Roberts again without you.” He promised and I believed him, so I told him some more things that were forming in my head.

“We’ll tell each other all the details, won’t we? I want to hear all about Sonia’s little ways and what her tits are like and how she feels between those gorgeous legs. I touched her there once, a good few years ago when we were horny virgins longing to know what it was all about. Did I tell you that? It was just a tipsy romp really but I made her come, I seem to remember. She didn’t return the favour though but I would have let her, for sure. One day, maybe! “ I was being wicked now, just to turn him on but I still reckoned she owed me one and I had naughty thoughts about it sometimes when I was masturbating. 

“She reckons she’s a bit of an expert when it comes to oral sex so I’m sure you’ll come home well sucked and she will get a good licking from you, I don’t doubt. Alan sounds a bit of a wimp so she’ll be ripe for a good fucking if you play it right. I’ll find a way to subtly let her know that you are coming with my blessing so that she won’t feel guilty, then you can have your wicked way with her with no inhibitions. She has a little quirk that you could exploit too. After her first orgasm she likes to be spanked and then taken from behind and made to come again and again with her sore bum cheeks being pounded by a man’s hips. You’ll need to be masterful with her and get into the role of the spanker, not like Alan who has to be told what to do. She’ll know that I told you and that will excite the devil in her. Sound good?” Tony seemed to think that sounded pretty good, judging by his twitching and groaning. It even sounded good to me! I was starting to wish I could watch.

“Save some for me though, won’t you? I’m going to want you to bum me when you get back. It’s going to be our new thing, darling.”

“When the doctor slid his fingers out of my bum I was fully expecting him to replace them with his prick and I’ll admit that I was disappointed when he didn’t because I was so aroused. I’m glad now though, not only because his prick is so thick but because I want it to be you who takes my bum’s virginity. Would you like to do that?” He would. 

“ I’m sure that next time he’s going to want to have me like that. It’s only because he wanted my cunt so badly that he didn’t do it this afternoon but a girl shouldn’t have to take one as big as that on her first time. Tomorrow we’ll buy some lubricant and we can spend the weekend having some naughty fun so you can take my cherry and know.. sort of break me in for him. What do you say, darling?” He couldn’t speak, bless him, because I had leaned over him and rested my tits on his face so he could suck them while dragging my nails up the underside of his straining prick. He’d have signed anything at that moment and I wasn’t finished with him yet .

“I’ll need to be stretched quite a bit to take him in. Can you imagine if he’d grabbed my hips and pulled me on to him today? “ He could; he was. I tapped my middle finger on the end of his prick as I spoke. 

“ I don’t think I could have swallowed him up at that point but I do want to explore what it would feel like to be stretched to the limit. I won’t let him come inside me though. That’s going to be just for me and you. Will you come in my bum for me tomorrow, darling?” I was pretty sure that was a ‘yes’.

“When I get a bit sore I’ll turn around and let him get a good look at my tits for the first time,“ I put some lotion on my hands, took his prick in my fingers and started to pull him slowly back and forth as only I know how, “and ask him to show me how to do this,” I looked down at my upturned hand with his prick lying across my palm and my fingers and thumb curled around him, “even better.” He groaned and looked down between my tits, imagining the doctor's prick lying there instead of his. He knew how it felt to hold that impressive member and he was probably recalling the sight of the doctor’s helmet swelling out above his hand as he was told to ease it into my cunt. I put my other hand between his thighs and teased him and tickled him all around the bottom of his bum cheeks. I moved down the bed a little so that my tits were level with his prick.

“I might even ask him to teach me the technique I’ve read about where the woman massages the man’s sperm gland from….. you know … inside.”

As I uttered the word ‘inside‘ I touched the centre of his bumhole with my slippery middle finger and circled it teasingly for a few moments then pushed it all the way in. He grabbed at my shoulder and jerked his hips towards my hot and sweaty breasts. He flooded me with more semen than I had ever seen erupt from that lovely firm prick. It felt as delicious as the unseen fountain of cum that the doctor poured on to my bare bum. He bucked and roared as my finger searched for his prostate, found it pulsing in intense spasms and pressed and massaged every drop of cum from his shuddering body. I was squeezing my thighs together, trying to find a way to get some pressure on my aching clitoris. When I had finally milked him dry he did something that surprised both of us… He burst into tears and hugged me to him, squashing my splattered tits against his manly chest and rocking me until we both fell fast asleep.

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