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Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 12, Dear Abi

For several weeks, we had flirted with the idea of public sex.
"Aaaaand STAY OUT! You're lucky I don't call the police, you fucking weirdo !!" the lingerie store manager yelled at me, giving me a firm push between my shoulder blades.

Dammit, some people are way too sensitive when it comes to public sex I mused. It was obvious to me that the lady manager never saw Abigail hidden away in the middle of one of the clothing carousels . Good thing Abi didn't have her usual neon hairdo going on, or it would have been equally embarrassing for her.

More than once, Abi and I had talked about having sex in public. It just so happened that I was shopping for some sexy undies for Gypsy when I literally bumped into Abi. Since she sported a 'normal' hair color, she more or less blended in with all the other shoppers.

As Abi turned on the hormones, she asked me why I was there, if I was stalking her, if I had planned to surprise her and fuuu ... cK her in public, if maybe I was going to put my hand over her mouth and force her into a dressing room with her. Abi was already sexed up long before I showed up. Her nipples looked rock hard and her musky scent and perfume roiled through my nostrils. Her behavior told me she just might be thinking what I was thinking.

We flirted back and forth as we moved slowly from isle to isle to rack to rack. She even invited me to join her in the dressing room, which was a bit too obvious. Abi loved taking risks and reminded me that she wanted us to fuck in public some time...soon!

"So Howdy," Abi softly placed her hand on my chest and cooed in a whisper, "wanna play a game of hide and seek?"

I suppressed my excitement and told her hell yes.

"Good, just as I hoped. I'll hide first. Now, you walk out the front door and around the fountain in the courtyard. Then come get me big boy."

"What do I get for finding you Abi?" I asked leaning over, my face just inches from hers.

Abi took a quick peek both directions as she groped between my legs, knowing she would find me already aroused.

"Well, let's see Howdy. Would you like for me to help you with this heavy 'load' you're carrying? How about a blow job in public, right here in the store? Is that prize enough? Hmm?" Abi oozed naughty as she slowly licked her full lips.

She felt my cock twitching in her hand as my muscle squeezes pumped blood supply to all battle stations.

"How are you going to do that without us getting thrown out or arrested?

"Do you wanna cum play with Abi or not?" Abi stuck her lower lip out and pretended to pout as she waved her shoulders.

I smiled, "You are one naughty naughty girl." I said shaking my head before giving her a quick kiss.

Abi gave me a swat to the ass as I turned to walk towards the open mall.

My round trip didn't take but a few minutes, and my search was on. Where the hell could a grown woman disappear to in such a small store I asked myself. I stood by the dressing room, watching for her to come in or out, lots of women did, but Abi did not. I walked the perimeter of the store, along every wall rack, peeked behind displays, and I didn't see hide nor hair of Abi.

I was beginning to think I had been tricked, or she had changed her mind and simply left. So I went back to the circular rack in the back of the store where I had first seen some things I wanted to buy Gypsy, and coincidentally , where I had bumped into Abi.

The circular rack was pretty big, maybe eight feet in diameter if you count the clothes. It had a decorated center piece with three torso mannequins, each wearing some sexy thing. There were a piles of undies and lingerie thrown about on the top, discards and rejected items left there by people too fucking lazy to put them back where they had been found. That kind of disrespect was one of my few pet peeves.

I thought I caught a whiff of Abi's musky aroma. My nose raised upward into the 'wind' like an animal seeking the direction of a female in heat. Then I saw a stir in the hangers in front of me, and watched as a hand mysteriously appeared from between hung garments.

I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed this 'hand' grab the crotch of my pants, pulling me further into the clothing, between rattling hangers. Abi was so hidden amongst the clothes, I could barely see her even though I was practically on top of her. My zipper went down, my underwear was pushed under my balls and my throbbing cock pulled from it's safe harbor.

Abi moaned faintly a time or two as she began jacking me off. I slid myself even further into the rack to avoid being detected. The next thing I felt was the unmistakable grip of her lips around my cock. Abi possessed unbelievable sucking power. In another life, she would have been one helluva vacuum cleaner.

I was so aroused that I barely got the entire load safely deposited down Abi's silky throat before my escapade came to an screaming halt, literally. The manager's shrill voice pierced the tranquility of the store. Abi quickly retreated into her rabbit hole, leaving me to fumble about, hurriedly tucking my self back in and zipping up as the manager stormed directly towards me.

"What do you think you are doing young man?" she screamed as her hands flung wildly in the air.

She stopped directly next to me, glaring up at me with face blood red, eyes on fire, and veins popping in her neck as she scolded and demeaned me relentlessly. As I nodded my head in agreement to all her ranting and name calling, I calmly reached for the rack and blindly grabbed a handful of items on both sides of where I had been 'serviced'.

"I'll take all of these ma'am." I said, offering to hand them to her.

She threw both hands in the air and stepped back as if I was offering her toxic waste. "Don't you dare touch me with those you."

"I have cash ma'am." I offered meekly with a disarming smile.

"Pay for them and leave the store... immediately! Do it now. Right now!" she ordered, pointing towards the register.

The stunned shoppers finally went back to their business. Humiliation is the price you pay when you get busted for having sex in public I laughed to myself. Cum see, cum saw.... or some shit like that I laughed.

"I apologize for making a ruckus ma'am. I just wanted to see how they would feel when I rub myself on my girlfriend later. Things just got a bit outta hand." I said giving her a big smile, pulling out a fat wad of hundreds.

The hot little lady behind the counter thought it was funny, but only dared to giggle after the mumbling manager stormed away towards the front door. I looked the petite hottie over real good, noticing her nipples hardened up as my eyes went back and forth from her eyes to her tits. Then as she rang up each item, she offered comments about each one. After she made a fuss over this one particular piece, telling me it was her favorite, and that she intended to buy for it herself on payday, I told her to keep it as a gift from me to her.

"I bet you will look smoking hot in that." I said with a wink.

"Was it worth it?" the checkout girl asked me with a sultry look.

I stared at her for a long second. Then I leaned forward and in a low voice, told her, "Every stroke of her hand, every flicker of her tongue, every drop of hot cum I shot down her throat...was fun as hell, and worth every bit of this. You should consider it sometime."

She clung to every word. I had to gently pull my bag of lingerie from her tightly held grasp as she looked at me.

"Thanks for coming. Come again." she said automatically before realizing what she had said.

We laughed and I told her I'd love to come again.

As the comotion died down and while I had been flirting with the hot little cashier, I noticed Abi's reflection in the mirror as she sneaked out behind me towards the mall. That little bitch is gonna pay for this I said under my breath.

Seeing that I had completed my transaction, the manager motioned me towards the door without so much as touching me. I stopped short of the front door and faced her,

"What, no thank you, no please come see us again, no nothing?" I taunted with a comical expression.

"Get out of here NOW!" she growled, " Aaaaand STAY OUT! You're lucky I don't call the police, you fucking weirdo !!" she yelled at me, giving me a firm push between my shoulder blades.

"Dear Abi," I said, making a mental note. "I got asked to leave a lingerie store today..."

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