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Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 9 Barb Returns

It has been one short month since Gypsy started hiring out young Howdy's cock to her girlfriends.
I saw Barb's new toy long before I pulled into her driveway. She had parked her vintage 1955 gun metal grey Gullwing Mercedes in front of the front doors. Barb knew I was a car guy and wanted to show off a bit I imagined.

Damn!, I thought to myself, I'd like to drive that almost as much as I like to drive Barb.

This would be my first time to see Barb since my outrageous birthday party last Saturday night. Barb had left the morning after for a little shopping spree in Los Angeles . From what Gypsy told me, Barb was impulsive and prone to such impromptu excursions.

Barb had just returned, nearly a week later, and I was anxious to see her. She and I shared something magical, something super charged, something not even Gypsy and I shared. It seemed like every time we got together, the first time we touched, a bolt of high powered energy surged back and forth through us. To this very day, I have never understood it, nor have I ever figured it out.

In the month or so since Gypsy and I started this little business of ours, except for this week, I had seen Barb at least twice each week. Ever since we started meeting, she seemed hell bent to get caught up on all the sex she had been denied for who knows how long. This little break from her only made me more eager to get in her pants again. Just saying her name, or seeing her image race through my mind, always sent a tingle into my loins.

I'll never forget getting a call from her the second or third night she was in L.A.. She excitedly told me all about her hotel room. She went to great detail to describe how romantic the view of the city lights was from her penthouse window. She said she had even considered inviting me, but suspected Gypsy would throw a fit, so she didn't. Then she started telling me about a few of the sexy lingerie items she had purchased at Frederick's of Hollywood. I could tell by her labored breathing, that just talking about it was making her horny.

I was so naive at the time, I didn't realize that Barb was cleverly introducing me to the art of phone sex. She told me that she had already taken a nice long hot bubble bath and had imagined that the stream of hot water that massaged her hungry cunt was my tongue on her. And as she dried herself off, she fantasized that I was the gentle touch on the other side of the towel.

Then Barb told me she was lying on the bed naked, with legs spread wide and she was admiring herself in the large mirror just a few feet away. It's no secret to her that I love pussy hair and Barb used that imagery on me like a sex toy. So she took great delight telling me how beautiful her fur coated lips looked in the mirror as her fingers brought them to a glistening state of arousal. She went on to tell me how wet our conversation was making her and how much she missed fucking me while she was away. Although she didn't have to remind me that two appointment dates had come and gone since she had left, she did so anyway. She promised that Mommy would make it up to me when she returned. I could tell she was becoming highly aroused by the content of our conversation.

Having been with Barb a number of times by now, it was easy for me to get a strong visual of what she was doing. She began painting a picture so vivid, I could almost drink in her fragrance, taste her soft lips and probing tongue. I could damn near feel her hot body writhing next to me as she whispered what she was doing to herself. I just remember being rock hard and rubbing myself as she talked.

Barb loved talking dirty and soon her language slipped into the gutter as she talked about all the naughty things she was doing to herself in my behalf. She drew out in great detail what she was going to do to me when she returned.

"Listen to this baby." Barb panted as she held the phone between her legs as her fingers slopped forcefully inside her, pounding at her insatiable desires. Her whimpers had became groans and loud moans as she began to cum.

" Ohhhhhh Howdy, I'm cumming baby. Fuck Mommy. Fuck Mommy's wet cunt! Make Mommy cum baby!" she moaned and cried loudly as the sound of sloshing fingers brought her to a strong climax.

Faint gasps and yelps that turned to squeals, told me her orgasm was intense and her fingers had hung around for an encore. Barb's voice changed pitch and volume through several waves of orgasms as pleasing her vagina dominated her mind and body. After a couple of minutes of listening pleasure, there was a brief pause, a bit of rustling of the phone. Then there was just heavy breathing that slowly returned to normal.

Finally, the soft sultry voice of a more composed Barb spoke, "Oh Howdy, you made Mommy soak her sheets. You made me cum you naughty boy. Just you wait till Mommy gets home."

"Barb," I said softly into the phone, "you made me cum with you!"

"What? What did you say Howdy?"

I repeated myself. "Barb, you got me so fucking turned on, the next thing I knew, I was jacking off as I listened to you masturbate. I came all over myself. My pants and underwear are a sticky mess."

"Really? Oh my God Howdy. That makes me horny all over again. I'm cutting my trip short. I will be home tomorrow. So you better be fucking ready for me!"

"I can't wait to see you Barb." I replied in a soft voice. "I've missed you."

I didn't even have a chance to ring the doorbell before I saw Barb rushing to open the door.

"Hello Howdy!" Barb purred, batting her long false eyelashes. "Did you bring me some leftover birthday cake? If not, I think I'll eat you instead." Barb growled as she reached for the front of my shirt and pulled me inside. Zap! I felt it again.

"Barb," you look ravishing as always I said as I looked her up and down.

How could she not? Barb had on a new lingerie piece I had never seen. It was an open crotch black lace body stocking. Her beautiful black full bush was framed nicely by her smooth cream colored flesh. Her hour glass figure filled the suit out perfectly. To say her large nipples were hard, was an understatement.

We threw ourselves into each others arms and kissed like I was her returning warrior. We thrashed about in each others arms, grinding our bodies together like high school kids as we kissed. Barb nibbled at my lower lip as we stared at each other, then laughed.

"Where's grandpa?" I asked, suddenly aware that it was usually the old butler who allowed me entrance into Barb's home.

"None of the staff expects me home for a couple of more days Howdy. We have the whole place to ourselves." Barb announced as if she had just been given keys to a candy shop.

"I hope you don't mind Howdy?" Barb said in a playful tone of voice. "It's just us."

"Hell no I don't mind Barb!"

"Howdy, my cunt is on fire! Ever since I watched you and Gypsy make love the other night, I have dreamed of us doing something even hotter. That was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen Howdy. I went home and masturbated my self to sleep after the party. Every time that image dances through my head, I begin to drip with anticipation of our next time together. Gawwwwd that was hot!"

Barb stood close to me, her body pressed into mine as we stood just inside the doorway. Her perfume was delightful as always, and her musky scent competed for control of my nostrils. She stared at me for a long second, then realized we were still standing in the open doorway.

"Close and lock the door baby. Can I make you a drink?" she said, turning to walk ahead of me. I watched her sexy graceful gait as she moved. My mind flashed back to that first meeting. Now that, was a fucking hot appointment I thought.

Barb made small talk about her trip. She mixed us a drink and we tapped our glasses together before taking our first sip.

"There's a drop on your lip Howdy. May I have it?" Barb said softly as she raised up on tiptoes. Holding my arm tightly, she licked the drops from my lips.

"It just tastes better when it comes from your lips Howdy." she purred.

Barb loved to tease. She loved flirting and doing everything in her powers to make me crave her more than I already did. We sat across from each other in the same chairs we had occupied when we first met.

"So Howdy, do you like my sexy undies?" Barb cooed as she leaned back, spreading her legs just enough for me to see her juice matted pubic hair. She taunted me with the alluring sway of her knee that kept exposing more and more of her wet snatch.

I wasn't sure how long either of us were going to play some unnecessary game of foreplay when we were both ready to cum in our pants. But I went along. My cock was throbbing for the taste of her sweet cunt. I was struggling to keep from ripping her body suit off of her and fucking her right there in the great room. Maybe that's what she was silently begging me to do? She ran both hands over her tits, lightly pinching her already hard nipples.

"Hm, you can barely see my hard nipples." Barb said as she stood and reached for my hand. "Come with me Howdy."

We walked into the kitchen and she leaned against the large granite island. Then she hopped up on the edge and spread her legs, pulling me between them. With our arms around each other, she tilted her head backwards, inviting me to kiss the tenderness of her neck and ear before finding her lips. Barb moaned loudly as she pushed her cunt against the bulge in my pants. Then she broke the kiss and leaned to the side, opening a drawer. She pulled out a pair of scissors and handed them to me.

"Cut my titties free!" she said as she leaned back on her elbows.

I reached for her left breast, rubbing it hard, squeezing it as she squirmed. "Hold still Barb!' I said, slapping her titty on the side.

I took a handful of the floral fabric that covered her beautiful chest crown and pulled it away from her flesh.

"Are you sure Barb?" I asked as both of us breathed nervously.

"Yes baby. Free Mommy's titties!"

I cut just below where I had gathered the lacy fabric. It slapped back against her titty as I cut the last threads. There on glorious display, was her large hard nipple poking through the hand made whole I had just cut. Barb moaned her approval as I leaned down and sucked on it hard. Then I grabbed her nipple between my teeth and pulled it upward. She winced and gave my face a light warning slap.

"Howdy, that hurt!" she said, rubbing her nipple.

I placed my hand between her tits, leaning her back down on her elbows as I grabbed the shear black lace that did an equally poor job covering her other nipple. Roughly grabbing at the fabric, I pulled it away from her tit a safe distance as she watched. Then with a couple of cuts, I freed her other nipple from it's lacy bondage. Barb took a deep breath, relieved that was over, but she had no idea what she had just started.

Cutting the fabric of her lingerie was very arousing to me. It was liberating and highly erotic on more than one front. I had surprised myself just last week at how I had became forceful with Teresa. Here I was again, feeding the desire to demonstrate my dominance, this time, over Barb. I returned her lustful stare as I put the scissors back in the drawer next to her.

As she studied my expression, I reached behind her neck, pulling her to me. Barb was as turned on at having her nipples cut free as I was in freeing the captives. My hands slid down her shoulders to both tits. I fondled them roughly as she snarled With our gaze fixed firmly on each others eyes, and Barb licking at her lips, I slipped my fingers inside one of the freshly cut openings. Then I suddenly ripped the fabric in a tear that stretched from her collar to her tummy. The sudden unexpected move startled her and Barb jumped and gasped loudly at my raw and unexpected display of boldness.

She sat somewhat stunned at my move. Her eyes were large and her chest heaved heavily with anticipation, with uncertainty. But one thing was for sure, she was fucking turned on. The heavy muskiness from her cunt filled the air. Her nostrils flared with each deep breath. Yet she sat motionless, staring at me, waiting for my next move.

Her brand new body stocking was torn to shreds. Yet she never looked more desirable to me than she did right then. I reached under her knees and lifted her legs upward and over my shoulders. I placed my thumb on her hard clit and pressed on it firmly. Barb tossed her head backward and sighed loudly. I rubbed her her nub gently at first, making her hips bounce at my thrusts. Then I placed my fingers between her lips, moistening them with her wetness. I sank them deep inside her as her walls closed in around them, squeezing them instinctively. Barb let our a high pitched gasp as her hips thrust forward to meet my deep hard probes. Several hard thrusts later Barb erupted on my hand.

She sat there glaring at me, waiting on my next move. Her pussy lips quivered and twitched as she sat oozing her hot juices. I scooped as much of her cum as I could and helpd my fingers to her lips. As she opened her mouth to accept my offering, I smeared the sticky mess across her face and mouth. If looks could kill, I would have died on the spot. Flustered, she collected as much of her cum from her face onto her fingertips and slung it across my face. Then I softly grabbed her neck and pulled her face to mine. Holding her head in place, she began to lick her juices off of my cheek.

Barb leaned back on her hands as she watched me bite and nibble up her thighs. A puddle of her orgasm and her juices had formed on the otherwise spotless counter top . She lifted her hips off the counter to meet my kiss as I covered her drenched pussy with my mouth. Barb screamed as I shoved my tongue between her swollen lips, parting them like a thrusting cock. She brought her feet to the counter's edge and spread her legs even wider to accept my oral assault . Her legs opened and closed like the jaws of a hungry predator.

"Oh oh oh oh... gawwwwwwwd Howdy. That's it right there. Suck Mommy's hot fucking cunt!" she ordered as she clinched her thighs tightly against my head.

Barb grabbed a handful of my hair, tightening the seal between my lips and her grinding cunt. She laid back and opened her legs fully as I drank her juices sloppily. We made a huge fucking mess on her counter top . Barb writhed and gyrated wildly as I dined on her two course buffet . I licked at her asshole between sucking on her hot cunt. The juices that flowed down and between her ass cheeks provided more than enough lubrication for my thumb as I popped it inside her starfish. She came harder than I remember her ever cumming. Her cum dripped over the counter's edge and splattered on the floor. After several good hard orgasms, she became somewhat limp and barely moved as she laid there caressing her tits.

My face and neck glistened with her juices and orgasms. I only gave her seconds to recover. My cock was aching to be relieved of it's load. I pulled at both her arms and she sat up. Then I grabbed her at the waist and tossed her over my shoulder. I carried her through the great room towards her bedroom.

I caught the whole image as I passed the massive mirror that hung near the front door. Then I turned her to face the front door, the sunlight providing all the light I needed to admire her sweet cunt in the mirror as she laid draped over my shoulder.

"What are you doing Howdy?" Barb asked, knowing we were near the front door.

"I'm looking at a reflection of your gorgeous ass and pussy in the mirror babe! And I can tell you. You are quite a sight to behold." I laughed.

I hauled her like a sack of potatoes to her room, kicking shut the door behind us. As we neared the bed, I realized there was a new large mirror that hung nearby, facing the bed. I playfully laid her on the bed and took hold of her ankles, spreading them as I leaned over her to kiss her hungry lips.

Barb hungrily drank up my kisses as my tongue assaulted her mouth. I knelt with my knees to either side of her hips, her wet cunt proudly on display. I released my grip on her ankles and she wrapped them behind my waist as she gave me a couple of hips thrusts. Her lips slid back and forth along the bottom length of my shaft several times without me penetrating her. Each pass made the head of my cock push against her clit.

My hands forced her knees wide as they slowly massaged her inner thighs, inching closer to her fur covered love canal. I leaned over her as she extended her hands above her head on the bed as a sign of total surrender. Her body slowly danced under me as she impatiently awaited the ravaging her cunt begged for. I sucked hard at each nipple, repeating the nipple pull that had earlier got me slapped. This time the move was met with cries of pleasure as I nibbled hard and sucked each of them.

"Fuck Mommy baby!" Barb repeatedly moaned between kisses and probes. "Please make Mommy cum baby!"

I didn't protest as I felt Barb's hand slip between us, grabbing me by my throbbing shaft. She wasted no time shoving my cock between her wet lips. With one hard thrust, she took me to the balls. It was as if a switch in her head got turned on and she became a fucking machine. We slammed against each other like wild animals as our passion spiraled out of control. In a frenzied mesh of twisting body parts and profane filled groans, we came all over each other. I came in such large amounts that after the initial couple of spurts, the rest overflowed her vagina.

We laid there for a few minutes catching our breath, kissing, groping and marveling at how hard we both came.

"Did you notice my new mirror Howdy?"

"Hm, yes I did. And what is that for may I ask? Hmmm ?' already knowing the answer.

Barb pushed me onto my back, legs open and facing the mirror. She climbed on top of me reverse cowboy and took my slippery cock and stuck it back in her honey hole.

"So I can watch my baby fuck his Mommy's tight pussy." she said as her hips began to rock. Barb ran her hands up and down my inner thighs, from knees to balls as I pumped inside her.

I took her hips in my hands and held them firmly as she got her rhythm going immediately. As she ground herself hard, I parted her cheeks and pressed my thumb against her tightly puckered starfish. She felt me pushing our juices into her and she gave herself up to me. My thumb sank to the palm in her as a loud gasp pierced the room. Barb watched herself in the mirror as she rode me to another orgasm. Then, nearing exhaustion, she started to lift herself off of me. I pushed her hips slightly forward as I nudged the point of my cock into her asshole.

Barb looked over her shoulder at me. Then she slowly loosened as my head popped past her outer ring of defense. She worked her hips is slow deliberate circles, loosening her sphincter muscle. A few adjustments and easing of her muscles and I slipped completely inside her. It took a few minutes before she became used to the idea of having a cock filling her bowels. Slowly she lost some of her inhibitions and worked me until I unloaded another round of hot cum in her.

Unconvinced anal sex was for her, Barb told me she hoped like hell I enjoyed that because it might be a long time before she let me do that to her again.

It didn't matter to me. I loved my time with Barb almost as much as I loved being with Gypsy. I had entertained trying to get both of the lovely women in bed together, but didn't dare risk one or both not liking the idea. There was no way in hell I was going to lose one or both of them over something like that. If they wanted it to happen, they would make it happen.

Suddenly, in a panic, I realized time had gotten away from me. I was so happy to see Barb I lost track of time and now was in danger of committing the worst offense known to Gypsy, being late to an appointment. To make matters worst, it was with Melissa, the author of timeliness .

Melissa had asked me at the party to join her and Veronica at a chamber function that would follow soon after our appointment. I was going to have to haul ass to make it. Barb and I took a quick shower and shared a couple of nice kisses before I hurriedly left with a flood of apologies.

As Barb went to close the front door behind me, I yelled over my shoulder with a happy voice, "I want a ride in your Mercedes Barb."

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