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On-line lovers, married to others, finally consumate their cyber relationship.
For Heather

I caught an air2 there commuter flight from Paraparaumu to Nelson, and picked up a rental to drive across to join you in Golden Bay, after you had sworn the girlfriend you were staying with to secrecy. Following a pleasant dinner accompanied by a couple of wines, we made our excuses and headed to the bedroom, leaving your girlfriend to watch DVDs.

As soon as I closed the bedroom door behind us we were in one another’s arms. Our kisses were initially exploratory but rapidly growing more passionate, until we broke our embrace and moved towards the bed, discarding clothes as we went. Pulling back the covers you slipped into bed and I followed you, sliding close as I pulled the covers up against the cold. We moved into an embrace as naturally as if we were long time lovers. Propped on one elbow above you, I kissed your eyes, your cheeks, your lips. The warmth of your soft lips on mine encouraged me to probe them with my tongue, and they parted, our tongues twining with growing passion.

The movements of your legs, sliding against mine, betrayed your excitement. I slid my lips from yours, kissing along the curve of your cheek, the hollow where your neck and shoulder meet, kissing down to the swell of your breast. Fastening my lips over each of your nipples in turn, I teased them with my tongue before suckling on them, relishing the sensation of them swelling and hardening in response to my actions. You murmured your pleasure, and in response I slid a hand down over your belly, reaching for the fork of your thighs. Your legs parted to facilitate my access to your pussy. My fingers found your crease, probed and entered your wet warmth. Suckling your nipples ever more strongly, my fingers played in your crease, titillating your hardening clitoris until your hips began to move, rising to meet my hand.

I knew then that it was time to move on. My free hand continued to mound your breasts, tweaking your swollen nipples as I moved my head lower, kissing down over your belly, shifting my body between your legs. Taking my fingers from you I fastened my mouth over your swollen lips of your pussy, my tongue probing and finding your swollen clit, licking, swirling; sucking your pussy lips into my mouth, teasing you inexorably to a frantic climax, your hips bucking against my face as you came. I held your hips close, stilling my tongue until your climax eased, and then moved up on you. You could taste yourself on my lips, as we kissed passionately once more, your hand reaching to find and grasp firmly my achingly erect cock.

Your smooth skin, damp from the exertion of your first climax, was warm against mine as I held you closely, feeling and hearing your breathing return to normal as you came down from your sexual high. As your breathing eased I resumed caressing you, gently, slowly, my fingers cupping your breasts, tenderly fondling your still swollen nipples, as I bought my lips to yours once more and continued kissing you lovingly.

Our kisses soon grew more passionate; your grasp on my erect cock tightened and you moaned softly, deep in your throat. Breaking our kiss you told me urgently, “I need you inside me, Doug!”

Your thighs parted readily, as I passed a hand down the curve of your stomach, feeling the curls of hair on your mound, still damp from my licking, brushing against my fingertips, as I probed between the swollen lips of your sex, finding you hot and wet inside.

Shifting my weight onto one leg, I eased the other across you, your legs parting wider, as I shifted my body across yours, settling between your spread thighs. Supporting my weight on one elbow, I continued our ardent kisses, our tongues writhing passionately, as my free hand continued to tease your hardened nipples. Your grip on my erection tightened almost painfully, as you pulled me ever closer to you. Shifting my weight onto both elbows, I raised my hips and you guided my broad knob between the lips of your heated sex. Rising up slightly on my knees, I pressed forward, my thick shaft sliding partway into your molten core as you drew your thighs back, opening even wider to facilitate my entry. “Oh God, Doug!” you moaned, “That feels fantastic!”

“So do you, my darling!” I responded, “So hot, so wet and so tight!”

Lifting up again, I sank down on you once more, and this time my rock-hard shaft slid all the way into you, until our hips met and my balls pressed against your buttocks. I rested for several moments, relishing the tight grip of your pussy on my cock; feeling on it little pulses of sensation from the walls of your cunt.

Breaking our kisses, I bent my neck to suckle one of your breasts, as I began to move on you, slowly withdrawing and then thrusting back in, gradually but steadily building up to a regular rhythm of thrust and withdrawal, until I was plunging steadily back and forth in the clinging grasp of your hot and wet pussy. My mouth moving from one breast to the other, as I feasted on your engorged nipples. Your breath was coming in heavy gasps, when suddenly you stopped me. “Doug, sweetheart!” you gasped, “I want you from behind!” I thrust once, twice more, and then reluctantly withdrew from the velvety heat of your cunt.

“Alright my darling!” I told you, my mouth close to your ear, “Roll over onto your knees!” and I lifted away from you.

Turning over, getting onto your knees, you raised your hips for me. Bending forwards, I kissed the smooth pale globes of your buttocks and licked up and down your crease before I shuffled forward, my stiff cock, shiny with your juices, bobbing jerkily front of me. Guiding my knob between the puffy parted lips of your pussy, I leant forward, my broad knob spreading your sex wide, as I surged back into your slippery channel.

“Oh God!” you moaned, in gratified pleasure, “You’re so big!”

“And you’re so wonderful and tight, and hot and wet!” I gasped as my hips met yours, “You feel fantastic!”

Bending over your back, my hands reaching under you to grasp your hanging breasts, I began to fuck you in earnest, my cock working vigorously back and forth, in the tight clench of your slick pussy. My hands mounded your breasts, my fingers busily teasing your erect nipples, as your hips began to push back to meet my thrusts.

Our surging hips were meeting with audible slaps, as our excitement grew. All too soon you moaned, “Oh God, Doug! Oh God! I think I’m going to cum!”

“Me too, my darling, I’m close too!” I responded urgently.

Releasing one of your breasts, I slid a hand beyond your belly, my questing fingers probing your wet slit to find your swollen clit. Frigging your clit in time to my thrusts, I plunged harder and faster into you, until with a wail you climaxed, as the spunk jetted from my cock to flood the depths of your core. Our frantic movements slowed and finally stilled, and as you sank down onto the bed I followed you, my cock still buried deep inside you, until it slowly softened and slipped from within you.

I lifted up, and you turned below me, to face me. “Oh God that was good, Doug!” you sighed, as I bent to take you in my arms and kiss you once more.

“I hope so sweetheart!” I murmured tenderly, my mouth close to your ear. “I think you’re so sexy! I’m going to want you again soon!”

We lay in one another’s arms, warm beneath the bedclothes, our legs twining, moving restlessly as we spoke softly, murmuring loving little nonsense phrases as lovers do, until in response to your softness, warmth and nearness I felt my ardor returning. I moved closer, kissing you once again, my hand slowly drifting down your smooth body towards the fork of your thighs. You spread your legs, allowing my fingers access to your very wet opening, giggling, as you felt my cock beginning to swell against your thigh.

“Whoa tiger!” you laughed. “Ready, already?”

Grinning, I responded, “I told you sweetheart! This is what you do to me!” Taking one of your hands, I took it to my slowly swelling cock. At your touch it stiffened further. “See what I mean?” I told you, “I can’t help it when I’m with you!” Taking my arms from around you I urged, “Give it a little kiss for me my darling! Make me hard for you!”

As you turned around to face my cock, I reached for your hips, urging you to straddle my face. Looking up into the cleft of your thighs at the swollen split of your cunt, I could see our mixed juices glistening on the insides of your thighs and on the crinkled, puffy parted lobes of your pussy. You lifted my semi-erect cock to your mouth, sucking me into your warm wetness, as your lips closed around my shaft. I pulled your hips down to me, my mouth fastening over the still-swollen lips of your sex. Tasting our mingled juices, as I licked you out, I could feel my cock swelling to full erection in your mouth in response to your sucking and the titillation of your tongue swirling over my knob.

Our urgent need for vigorous sex temporarily slaked, we enjoyed a languid spell of gentle and mutually satisfying oral sex, however when your hips began to move, grinding your sex against my face, I knew that your ardor had grown to match mine. Grasping your hips I rolled onto my side, pulling you down beside me. Turning around I pulled your lips to mine, kissing you passionately, as I rolled you onto your back and positioned myself between your thighs. Grasping your ankles in both hands I lifted them high, sliding my hands down your calves to grip you behind the knees, pushing them up and back, so that I could lift your legs onto my shoulders, raising your hips from the bed.

Supporting my weight on my arms and toes, I moved further up the bed. With your legs over my shoulders, I moved your hips, so you were lifted even higher from the bed. Carefully positioning my raised hips to bring the tip of my throbbing cock to your very wet opening. I sank down on you, my broad knob spreading your pussy lips wide, spearing down into the depths of your cunt. Your moan of pleasure was matched by my groan of satisfied lust, as I sank into the tight clasp of your slick, hot channel until the tight, swollen sac of my balls settled into the crevice of your smooth buttocks.

In the position we were in, with your hips raised high and your buttocks bent beneath me, not only was your cunt both tightened and shortened, providing a delicious friction for us both to savour, but the base of my shaft rubbed your clit while my cock went deeper than ever as I stabbed down into you repeatedly. However it was a difficult position to maintain, and after almost ten minutes of steady thrusting, I needed to relieve my straining legs and slumped down onto my knees.

Easing your legs from my shoulders I slowly withdrew from the warm clasp of your pussy and slid from the bed to stand beside it, urging you to get onto your knees and move to the side of the bed. The erotic view of your wet and open pussy beneath the smooth, rounded, globes of your buttocks, as you knelt before me served to increase my lust. Quickly moving closer, I directed the tip of my straining cock, glistening with your juices, between the parted lips of your pussy and plunged in forcefully, sliding in like a hot knife through butter. Leaning over your back I kissed and licked between your shoulder blades, tasting on your smooth skin, the salt of the light sheen of perspiration from our exertions. As I began to fuck you vigorously, I bent further over you to grasp your breasts as they swung with the impact of my hips on your buttocks. Cupping your breasts in both hands, I lightly pinched and teased your swollen nipples to increase your excitement.

Our moans of passion filled the room, interspersed with the regular slapping of my hips against your smooth buttocks, as I pumped my cock steadily into you with powerful thrusts. Damp with the perspiration from our efforts, our bodies where they met were welded together and the room was pungent with the heady aroma of sex. Despite our earlier climaxes the strength of our passion continued to increase with every passing minute. Your moans and squeals of passion had grown to a steady counterpoint to my thrusts, while I groaned in lust with each thrust into you.

Your moans grew to a crescendo, as your body shook with the onset of yet another climax. As you came, I added a twist to my slowing thrusts, screwing my cock around inside you ,as I rammed into you; once, twice, three times, and I came, gushing my hot seed deep inside you with powerful spurts. Panting, I slumped over your raised hips, holding you close until our breathing eased. My softening cock slipped wetly from you, and I climbed onto the bed to take you in my arms again, drawing the bedclothes over our cooling bodies and kissing you tenderly, as I cradled you in my loving clasp. “Darling, you’re the best!” I murmured softly, “I’ve never known a lover like you!”


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