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Contemplating Angela’s First Foursome Leads To A Threesome. Part 2 (of 3).

Angela loved titillating Barry, our favorite waiter, in our favorite restaurant.

For context please read Part 1 prior to reading Part 2 (current story).

I refrained from reminding her about covering up her breasts as I loved to see her voluptuous breasts out from the confines of her deep neck halter top as they swayed gently with her every move attracting lust filled attention. In any case, such wardrobe mishaps, whether deliberate or unintentional or mere happenings, were always instrumental in notching up our lovemaking to another level.

I got out and locked the car, turned around and put my arm around her waist to lead her to the restaurant which was on the other side of the parking area. After taking about a hundred steps, we could hear cheering from a group of youngsters which had Angela perplexed.

She turned her head towards me with a questioning look on her face. I had earlier planned to tell her about her exposed breasts only when we were just a few steps away from the restaurant, but I couldn’t hide the fact from her any longer. I just said, ‘Do you want to go in like that?’ with my eyes gazing at her exposed breasts.

Angela followed my gaze and was startled to see her fully exposed breasts softly juggling as we walked. She stopped abruptly and turned in my arm to bury her voluptuous breasts with their hard, red nipples into my chest with her face hidden in her palms. She was engulfed with a bout of shyness while I put my arms around her and slowly massaged her back to reassure her it was okay.

Taking her time to recover, she put her arms around my neck and reached up to kiss me on my lips. Just before our lips met she said, ‘You knew my breasts were out and you were parading me all over town. Now you will have to pay the price for that. After I finish kissing you, I will turn around to face the boys and you from behind me without obstructing their view, will slowly feel my breasts first, play with my nipples and then without any hurry cover me up before I take another step towards the restaurant.’

Her kiss was the briefest of kisses she ever planted on me. She turned around to face the group of youngsters, proudly displaying her breasts, waiting for me to start fondling her. I decided to delay a bit and she said, ‘You better start the show now or I will start undressing right here.’

Knowing her spirits – I was in no mood to take chances. Standing behind her I slid my hands around her waist, slowly zeroing in on her breasts, feeling her round, full and bouncy breasts. How much pleasure her breasts have given me. Softly cupping them in my palms and pulling them upwards, I presented their full size to the group. I fiddled around with her nipples, softly pinching them.

Angela had her legs parted wide by now. Her slender g string was damp with her juices and my cum. The damp strip partially engulfed by her swollen pussy lips. The contours of her pussy lips on display with the hint of leaking cum.

Slowly, my left hand released her left breast as she turned her head around to enable me to kiss her lips. Our lips locked on for a long passionate kiss, my left hand was moving down her waist, slowly but surely towards her pussy. I could feel her body quiver in anticipation against mine. My fingers explored the outlines of her pussy and slowly extracted her engulfed g string from her hot pussy and flicking it to one side.

The group of youngsters was getting boisterous now. My fingers moved into her soft, warm and moist pussy. Playfully stroking her slit as she squirmed in my grip unable and unwilling to stop me. The cheering was now very noticeable, and I could see cars slowing down on the street as drivers got curious and wanted to see what was going on.

I pushed two fingers the furthest I could up her pussy and slowly extracted them only to bring them up to our locked lips. As if on cue, our lips parted just enough for me to slip my fingers in to hungrily devour the juices.

As we licked my fingers clean, my right hand was slowly covering her breasts one by one by pulling the folds of her halter top back into place to be greeted by vociferous protests from the group of youngsters. Ignoring their protests and pleading, I reached down and pushed her g string back between her pussy lips. Our lips parted reluctantly and taking her arm, I walked her to the restaurant.

Barry greeted us at the door complimenting Angela again on her looks. He took us to our favourite table tucked away in the corner, shielded from prying or lusting eyes with potted plants. As we followed Barry down the winding aisles to our table, we could see eyes locking onto Angela’s sensuous body which left very little to the imagination.

Barry had set the table with us sitting across each other. Angela told Barry that we wanted to sit together as she slid towards the end of the sofa seat. As she had sat in the car with her back to the door, she rested her back against the wall and beckoned me to sit next to her.

As I slid in next to her, she raised her legs over and across my thighs and rested feet over the remainder of the sofa seat. Her halter top unable to contain her breasts with the sides her areoles visible, the outward bulge of her hard nipples, barely, just barely under wraps. Her sheer chiffon skirt had notched up her waist and was folded together in a band around her waist as she squirmed around trying to settle down against the wall and allowed me to get under her legs.

Neither of us bothered to right her clothes as she lazed there, exposing herself to me and Barry. Her g string was now practically devoured by her pussy and was barely visible.

Barry struggled with resetting the table, his eyes darted between Angela’s exposed cleavage and g string as she sat across and over me. Surely, he must be willing for more of her breasts to be visible again.

It wasn’t that he was ogling her for the first time. We gave him ample opportunity to do so. Angela enjoyed his darting glances of her breasts and had always leaned towards him while ordering food, to give him great views. She would sometimes juggle her breasts as he asked questions about the order or push them upwards with her arms folded underneath them and stopped pushing them upwards only when she felt they would fall out of her tops or dresses.

She loved to titillate him. Barry had known us for some time now and knew that neither Angela nor I took offence to his, at times, unabashed ogling. Besides, Angela always was exposing more of herself with time. Her mannerisms getting more and more suggestive.

There was no denying she was trying to seduce Barry but was in no hurry to end up in bed with him.

Angela quickly ordered our dinner and as we awaited our turn to be served, Barry bought in our drinks. Angela’s g string was now really wet. Her inner thighs streaked with our cum. She could feel the dampness moving lower between her thighs to the sofa cushions underneath her.

Being in the kind of mood she was in – she wasn’t really concerned. She had her legs slightly parted and I opened her g string lock and let the strip fall between her legs. My fingers started feeling her pussy around, playfully teasing her pussy lips. Occasionally penetrating her moist confines to seek out her spot.

As she writhed about across me, I started finger fucking her. She was squirming around with little control as her sensual pleasures got the better of her. Suddenly Barry appeared from nowhere asking if we needed anything.

On seeing Barry there, Angela pulled her knees up and locked her thighs together with my fingers inside her pussy and hand stuck between her thighs. Lost for words and not knowing what to ask from Barry, she asked if they had a couple of bananas. Barry said he would check and bring them if they were available in the kitchen and left.

I continued finger fucking Angela and as she was nearing her orgasm, Barry showed up again with the bananas. Angela again locked her thighs together, trapping my hand and fingers. She took the bananas, thanking him and made small talk with him about our order while his eyes were riveted onto her cum streaked thighs and my hand stuck between them.

While talking with him, she was peeling the banana’s seductively and her lips pouting. She parted her thighs and I took my fingers out of her pussy as she handed the first banana she peeled to me. Barry’s eyes were zooming onto her swollen pussy as I slowly started fucking her with the banana.

As the banana moved in and out of her moist pussy, it glistened more with every impalement inside the confines of her pussy.

Someone was calling Barry and he turned around reluctantly to retreat into the kitchen while I continued fucking Angela with the bananas (ensuring both were soaked to their core with her juices).

I knew Angela was very near to her orgasm and stroked as fast as I realistically could without breaking the banana inside her pussy. Her fingers were tightening their grip over my thighs. Her nails digging into my skin as she was engulfed by the sheer ecstasy of her uncontrolled orgasm.

As her convulsions subsided, she took the banana from me and put it on her plate saying, ‘This one is for Barry,’ with a mischievous smile. Then she took the other banana and pushed it inside her dripping pussy for a fresh coat of cum from both sides.

Taking the banana out she moved closer to me, pushing one end of the banana towards my mouth as her mouth took the other end. Her legs had parted significantly exposing her dripping pussy.

As we nibbled on our respective ends of the banana, our lips were getting closer. Angela’s eyes signalled that Barry was there with our food as we were seductively devouring the cum laced banana. Our lips met and fought for the remaining portions of the banana.

Acknowledging Barry’s presence, our lips parted, Angela gave her plate with the banana to Barry saying, ‘This is for you Barry from me. Eat it now!’ With a shell-shocked face, tingling and shaky fingers Barry picked up the cum soaked banana and took a small bite. As the taste of cum spread in his mouth, he got his first taste of Angela’s juices.

His second bite was slow, deliberate and quite seductive as his lips encircled the banana and his tongue seeking the taste of her juices before biting into it. As he munched on his second bite, Angela asked him, ‘You want some more juice on it?’

Barry nodded and offered to return the partially eaten banana back to Angela. But she wasn’t taking it back. Instead, she guided his hand to her exposed pussy saying, ‘Take all you want!’

Barry needed no further incentive as he impaled her with the banana and bit a small bite of it and repeated the exercise eight times before the tiny banana finished. Every time he impaled her with the banana he took care that his fingers didn’t touch her thighs or pussy, as if he would lose control over himself with a mere touch!

His erection was evident. His fingers trembled as he served us our dinner and thanked Angela for the cum laced banana. His voice was hoarse with excitement.

We finished our dinner, paid up and left the restaurant thanking Barry for everything and as we parted Angela waved to him saying, ‘See you soon Barry.’ We could feel Barry gazing at Angela’s suggestive walk as we moved away from the restaurant into the darkness of the night.

It was almost midnight and Angela wanted to have an ice cream, so we walked arm in arm towards a dessert joint we knew near the restaurant. As we walked around the block it had cooled down significantly. Angela’s nipples had turned rock hard with excitement and the lowering temperature.

The dessert shop was moderately busy and as we stood arm in arm ordering our servings of ice cream, the server was enjoying mentally undressing Angela, even though her clothes left little to the imagination. She was practically whispering our order and forcing the guy to lean towards her to listen and in the bargain, get a better view of her body.

With our orders given and paid for, the server said we could have a seat and he would serve us at our table. We settled down in the middle of the seating area as all the corners were occupied. The table was very well lit with a big overhead light.

The bright light made Angela the star of the evening. She looked simply ravishing. Her golden hair shimmered. Her golden halter top turned virtually see-through. Her curves were visible to everyone. Her sheer chiffon skirt could hide nothing.

The attention she was getting made her horny. Her fingers continuously combed through her long hair, adjusting the way they nestled over her breasts. Every now and then, she would toss her head and the process would start all over again.

We were served in around ten minutes and we took our time finishing our desserts as we playfully fed each other. It was almost 1 in the morning when we started walking back to our car.


End of Part 2 (of 3). Concludes in Part 3.

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