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Contract Hit Man 2

Paul Lovingood (Dale Bradforf) seeks revenge of the killing of his fiance and son.
Paul waited anxiously for the plane to arrive. He hadn’t seen Cynthia in over a year and he’d never seen his son. The small five passenger plane made its final turn and descended as it approached. Just before it touched down a streak of light from above the plane struck the engine causing it to explode and hit the runway in a ball of fire. 

Paul screamed, “No,” jumped the fence and sprinted across the runway to the burning plane. He heard the sirens of the fire trucks and got there before they did, but he couldn’t get close enough to do anything. The love of his life and his son were gone, killed in a blazing fireball. He slumped to the ground crying as two fire trucks poured thousands of gallon of water on the burning plane. He was helped from the ground by EMS personnel.

After composing himself, he was able to tell the authorities what he saw.

“Did you actually see the missile or rocket strike the plane?” Asked the manager of the Spring Point Airport.

“Yes, it came from high up and hit the engine, causing the explosion.”

“From what direction did it come?”

“From the water, from the south.”

“Did you see the plane’?”

“No, I was concentrating on my fiancée’s plane when I saw the streaking light.”

“I wonder why someone would go to the expense to kill your fiancée on an aircraft.”

“I don’t know it doesn’t make sense to me.” As far as I know, she had no enemies who wanted her dead.” Paul lied, because he was sure it was either the Chicago Mafia connected to BLAND Rosenfeld, or possibility the ZZZ. He didn’t want the authorities to know of his background, because his life on Acklines Island was set up to be a paradise for Cynthia and Paul, Jr. Now it would be the place from which he would gain his revenge.


After Paul provided evidence of his relationship to Cynthia and the baby, the remains of their bodies were given to him. Before he had them interred in a beautiful garden behind his large ranch style home, he interviewed the controller who was on duty at the time of the accident. “Tell me everything you saw on the screen the screen this morning?”

The large black man dressed in the casual clothing of the island said, “I’ve already told the police everything I know.”

“I understand, but I believe the plane was shot down because my fiancée and child were on it.” Paul stared into the man’s eyes with the intensity of a ruthless killer.

“Oh, I’m sorry for your lose, but everything about the flight was normal, until a minute before touch down an object appeared on my screen as a high altitude and I watched in horror as the missile of rocket struck the plane.

“Were you able to identify the object?”

“”No, it was too high and disappeared as soon as the weapon was launched.

“Were there any other planes in the vicinity?”

“No, the next flight wasn’t scheduled to land until thirty minutes later”. The man squirmed in his chair.

“Okay, are you satisfied that your description of the events are accurate?” Paul asked.

“Yes, Mr. Lovingood, I’m certain my reports to you and the police were correct.”

“Thank you Mr. Garcia for giving me your eye witness account of the event.” Paul stood shook his hand and left the terminal.

He had a computer expert set him up with the latest technology, so he could began hacking into the computers of the two groups he expected of murdering his family. Nothing of value was found on the computers of the leadership although there were several comments that might be part of a larger pattern of information.

He followed the Facebook and Twitter Accounts of all the upper echelon members of the Brucci Mafia family and their wives and children. He collected pictures of both genders and all ages. Bruno Brucci was married to an especially good looking blonde and they had three children at college age. He thought maybe the way to the top was through the females of the family. 

As he gathered information on the mob and their families, he had a number of false passports created using false hairdos and false facial hair. He wanted to be difficult to identify when he finally had a plan to exact his revenge. He also made contact with his lawyer, with officials in law enforcement, and also with several members of the FBI and CIA who had interest in the Bucci mob.

After a year of watching and reading everything he could about the family, he saw a Facebook note on Maria Bucci’s page.

"Rather than sports, weather, and the stock market, at a party, last night there was discussion of the troubles in the Middle East and the use of missiles." I was surprised by how much Bruno knew about missiles. "On another note, you’re all invited to Sarah’s coming out party to be held at the Essex hotel this coming Saturday at seven. Formal dress only please."

Paul was captivated by the Facebook information. He now knew that the Bucci’s were responsible for the plane crash, and that the coming out party would be the place to begin his revenge.

Enrico, his assistant, packed the weapons he would need and made arrangements to have them smuggled into the US and shipped to a warehouse in Chicago. He also rented a condo on Lake Shore Drive to serve as Paul’s base of operations.

While Enrico was busy, Paul packed his clothing for the Chicago winter, and the outfits he would use in some of his anticipated lethal actions.

The evening he left the island, he spent at hour at the grave site of Cynthia and Paul Jr. A spot he visited every morning before breakfast. He remembered their meeting, their first time together, the shooting of the thugs in the bedroom, and his last time with Cynthia.

The picture of her in the nude showing her long black hair, her beautiful face, her fabulous breasts, her black pubic hair, and her strong runner’s legs sat in front of him as he remembered her under and on top of him. He also played over and over the destruction of the plane carrying the love of his life and his son. As he walked back to the house, he smiled to himself at the satisfaction he was going to have from the schemes he had planned.


He flew into the states by going to New Orleans and took a train to Chicago. He wore a suit and carried a brief case. It had been almost two years since he’d seen so many white women, beautiful white women, however he was saving himself for the women of the Bucci family. He entered his condo, Fairfield Arms, north of the loop about five in the afternoon.

After organizing his living space he called Chicago Glamor Escorts and hired a blond for the evening. He picked her up at 1 North State Street in a cab at ten. Her name was Lucy McDonald and she was truly beautiful and stacked and wore a formfitting red dress with a modest neckline and a hem at her knees. Over the dress she wore what looked like a mink coat. I gave her my alias, Dale Bradford.

She snuggled right up to me and asked, “Where are we going?”

“Castle Chicago north of here.”

“Wow, going there is a girls dream. I hear the food and service are wonderful and it’s a hangout for the Mafia or at least their women.”

“How do you know that? He asked pulling her closer.”

“According to the scandal sheets and social media lots of the big shots come by irregularly, but their wives and girlfriends are here several times a week.” She snuggled into him and stroked his crouch.

He put his hand on hers. “Do you think there’s much chance we’ll see any of them tonight?”

“I don’t have any idea. By the way where are you from? You didn’t get that fabulous tan around here.”

“I’ve been in the Caribbean on vacation, and I tend to tan easily.”

“Is the rest of your body as tan as your face and neck?”

“Yes, are you interested in finding out?”

She smiled, pressed her breasts into his shoulder and squeezed his cock. “That’s not part of the regular fee.”

“I tip well.”

Laughing she said, “A good tipper gets special privileges.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” The cab stopped in front of Castle Chicago.

They got in a line and waited chatting between themselves and with others.

A young lady in her late twenty’s said. “They have a cover charge: twenty for males and ten for females. It takes forever to check your wrap so if you don’t mind lugging your coats it’ll save lots of time for other things.

Lucy thanked her and they became involved in a conversation.

Dale paid the cover at the door and the two of them had their hands stamped. Once inside he directed Lucy to the stairs to the second floor.

“Why are we going upstairs? I like the music they play down here.”

“It’s more expensive on the second floor and a higher class of people tend to gravitate there. Beside, we may have the opportunity to see some of the Bucci family,” he whispered.

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that. It could be lots of fun.” She tightened her grip on his arm. “Thanks for bringing me here. I will probably never have another chance.”

They were led to a table for two by a shapely blonde wearing short shorts and a see-through blouse.

“Would you like to see me in one of those?” Lucy asked.

“Not really, a blouse like that takes time to remove and I’d rather see you nude.”

Lucy blushed. “You say the nicest things.”

They ordered drinks. Lucy wanted a Moscato and he ordered a Scotch. He didn’t want to be identified by ordering Dewar’s.

They drank and talked before Dale asked her to dance.

She was a good dancer and they stayed on the floor for a long time. As they were dancing, he noticed Maria and Ayana Bucci come into the bar with six other females of various ages. He got lucky and his immediate target was Maria although Ayana was by far the sexier of the two.

Lucy and he sat down and finished one drink and ordered another.

After finishing about half her second drink she excused herself to go to the Ladies Room.

As soon as she was out of sight, he headed to toward the Bucci table with its eight beautiful women.

Before he got there, Ayana walked straight to him. She wore a black cocktail dress revealing all her curves. “I’m Ayana Bucci and your…?”

“Bradford, Dale Bradford.” He had learned from Facebook that she tended to like older men.

“Dale Bradford, I’ll drop my panties for you.”

He quickly responded, “Right here.”

She laughed. “I like men who are sharp, dress well, dance well and have a sense of humor. That makes you the perfect man with whom to spend the night. She pressed her breasts into his chest, kissed him on the lips, and said, “Get rid of that Bimbo. I’ve got an apartment not far from here, and I’m anxious to see if the rest of your body is as tan as your face.”

Dale had a dilemma. His plan had been to seduce her mother first and then Ayana, but her offer put a dent in his scheme. He felt her lush breasts against his chest, smelled her Chanel perfume, and liked her aggressive style. “On one condition.”

“You’re going to have a stipulation?” She asked with anger in her voice.

“There’s no reason to be upset. I just don’t want your mother to know we’re leaving together. I’m only protecting myself.” He stared into her dark brown eyes.

“My mother is like Sergeant Schultz, ‘she knows nothing.’ I’ll meet you at the front ten minutes.”

“I’ll be there.” He returned to the table.

Lucy was sipping her drink.

“Lucy something has come up and I have to leave. I take care of the tab and here’s five hundred for your fee and a little extra.”

“That’s too bad, I was looking forward to fucking your brains out.” She kissed him on the lips while fondling his crouch. “If you need another escort, ask for me. I’ll gladly go out with you again.”

Dale turned and walked swiftly to the first floor entrance.


Ayana took him by the arm, walked to the curb, and signaled the valet. “How old are you?

“Thirty-five, why do you ask?” He stared at her in a mink coat.

“Good, thirty-five is good. I like older men, because they make better lovers. They tend to like foreplay and not quickies.” She looked at him pulling the fur around her shivering body.

“I’m glad to hear that. I‘m into lots of foreplay,”

“You’re just what I’m looking for,” she said as her car stopped in front of them.

“Here it is Ms. Bucci.”

“Thank you Johnny.” She handed him a bill.

She took off her coat, threw it in the back seat, and got into the driver’s seat of a red BMW, and as soon as he got in she peeled for the Castle at high speed. ”I like to drive fast.”

“So I’ve noticed.” Dale watched her shift gears expertly.

As soon as the car was warm, she stopped for a traffic signal. She removed her seat belt, pulled the straps of her dress and bra from her shoulders. Pull the cups from beneath my tits. I want you to see some of what I have to offer.”

He pulled the cups away from her chest and a large set of breasts were exposed to him. “Nice, very nice. That’s the best set I’ve seen in years.”

“Do you know who I am?” She looked at him while fondling her tits with her free hand.

“I only know you as Ayana,” he answered string at her tatas.

“I’m the daughter of Bruno Bucci. Does that intimidate you?”

“Only if you tell him to have me killed.” He smiled.

“I don’t think I’ll do that because you’re the best looking and best tanned man I’ve ever seen. What’s your name and where are you from.” She placed a hand on his leg. I wish I had longer arms.” She was frustrated.

“I wish you did too, but that can wait. Back to the subject. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio and my name is Rush Pringle.”

“I like that name. Would you like to handle the merchandise?” She pulled in front of her condo.

“Only if you lean over here and kiss me.” He turned toward her.

She bent towards him.

They kissed gently.

Rush cupped her breasts and moved then in small circles.

“You have a nice touch,” she purred.

“And your breasts are soft, smooth, and plump just the way I like them.”

Put my coat around me, I’m not going to bother with my dress or bra.”

He helped her with the fur.

As soon as she opened the door there was someone there to take her keys.

He held her around the waist to help hold the coat in place and because he wanted to touch her.

She led him to a private elevator and it rapidly ascended. As the car moved she dropped the fur, threw her arms around his neck kissing him passionately and with lots of tongue.

The elevator reached the top floor, the pent house.

They separated. “I’m going to change. Drop your coat and fix us a drink.” She pointed to a large wet bar.

Rush lost his coat and tie, and noticed the liquid in the Gin bottle was low. He guessed and made her a Gin and Tonic, while he poured himself an e Scotch. He was half way through his drink when Ayana returned.

Her ensemble consisted of a pony tail, a red bandana over her head, a red ribbon around her waist, and six inch red heels.

“Wow! I like your outfit.” He held the drink out to her as he watched her stride forward him with her tits dancing to and fro.

“Thanks.” She took a sip. “How did you know I like Gin and Tonic?” She swirled the glass in her hand and fondled a tit with the other.

“It was simple. I saw the Gin bottle was well used and I guessed on the tonic.”

“I like that. You’re handsome and intelligent. Why don’t you undress so I can see your package?

Rush slowly undresses leaving his boxers until last.

“You have a great tan. You certainly didn’t get it in Cleveland.”

“I just returned from a Caribbean vacation.”

“Okay, now drop the shorts. You’ve been keeping me in suspense for too long.” Her eyes widened as his semi-hard cock came out of his boxers. She whistled! It looks like I’ve hit the jack pot tonight. Let’s go into the sitting room.”

They sat next to each other on a long, soft couch.

She stroked his cock

He fondled her breasts.

As soon as she finished her drink, he took her in his arms and kissed her with his tongue invading her mouth.

She kissed back with passion equal to his while one hand rubbed him rapidly. “You’re a great kisser.” She kissed him again squeezing his dick.

They kissed passionately wrestling back and forth.

As she ran her hand up and down his staff, he took a nipple into his mouth. “Oh, that’s nice,” she sighed.

He continued to suck and run his tongue over and around her teat. His left hand moved south until he was caressing the area around pussy.

She spread her legs. “Not only do you have a great mouth, but your certainly know how to use your hands. Ayana floated in enjoyment; Rush’s skills were exactly what she wanted. Lots of tender caresses and kisses. She enjoyed the multiple stimulations he gave her. Her breasts tingled, her pussy ached for more. His hands and fingers rubbed up and down and across her pussy lips.

She arched her back when he slid a finger into her tunnel and pumped in and out. The finger curled up and in the inside her cunt and she groaned, “Augh,” when it hit her G-spot. His finger circled her hidden place and sent thrills through her body and mind. He returned to finger fucking her as he moved further down her body dropping his face into her snatch. His lips and tongue wet her pubis and when his tongue touched her clit she moaned, “Oh god, oh god, yes, yes, yes!”

Rush held her by the hips lifting her off the bed. His mouth covered her clit and his tongue ran circles around it and back and forth over it.

After a few minutes, Ayana’s body went stiff before wiggling wildly in all directions, “Oooagh, oooagh, oooagh! God, oh god that was wonderful.”

He wiped off his mouth with the back of his hand, moved between her legs, and slipped the head of his cock into her opening. Resting on his forearms, he bobbed in and out of her pussy. Looking down at her smiling face and her tits moving slightly back and forth like the swash and backwash of waves at the coast, he thought about what a great body she had, and that this was the first stage of his vendetta against the Gucci family.

“Rush, Rush, stop teasing me and drive that big-long cock of yours into me,” Ayana said as she raised her head to look at his handsome face. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him on top of her and within her. “Oooagh, oooagh, oooagh, fuck me, fuck me.”

He lay still while pushing his staff to the bottom of her tube.

“Oh god, it’s so long and so big. I’ve never been this full.

Short hard jabs into her cervix set her off again.

She climaxed groaning, “Aaagh, aaagh, aaagh! My god that’s wonderful. No one’s ever made me come like that.”

His ass rose and fell in long-slow strokes.

She grunted, “Yow,” each time he bottomed out. “Yow, yow, yow, she moaned into his ear. She continued to grunt until she said, “I’m getting close give it to me harder.”

Like a jackhammer he pounded her cunt.

Her grunts turned to moans, to groans, and to a long scream, “Woooo,” as she climaxed. Her body squirmed under him until she went limp.

They lay together in a pool of sweat holding each other close.

“That was wonderful,” she whispered.

He rose high enough to kiss her passionately.

She kissed back with her tongue mating with his.

“I’m going to roll over slow and easy. I don’t want us to be separated.” Slowly, he rotated them onto his back. ”Now sit up so I can enjoy your hooters.”

She sat up and rubbed her tits back and forth over his face.

He took one in his hand and pulled a nipple into his mouth.

She arched her back to have her breast pulled taunt, then she swayed back and forth. “Oh, you have a great mouth. It’s almost as good as your dick filling my pussy” She pushed her boob into his face and rolled it in circles and back and forth. “Oh, I love it. Take the other one.”

He licked the other nipple before taking it into his mouth.

She wiggled her hips to increase the pressure of his mouth on her teat. She sighed, “I love what you doing to my tits, don’t stop.”

Sucking, licking and nipping, her nipples aroused him. He pushed her up, took her hands and said, ‘Stoke me” He guided her for a few strokes and then laid back and watched her breasts swing forward and back and from side to side. They were beauty in motion, and the walls of her snatch stimulated his shaft until he was close to coming. He pulled her to his chest and kissed her. “You almost caused me to come. Wait a second and I’ll be ready again.”

Ayana looked down at one of the most handsome man she’d ever seen. His dark brown hair and eyes surrounded his prince-like face with a straight nose, high cheek bones and lips that were full and smooth, his face topped a dark tan and chiseled chest, a narrow waist, long legs and a cock that completely filled her pussy, and he was just the man he was looking for. Her nipples tingles from his sucking and the walls of her cunt had never been stimulated as well. She couldn’t wait until he was ready again. Her hands were squeezed.

“Take my hands and fuck me again.” Rush wiggled his cock within her

She took his hands and rode his shaft like a barrel rider. Rapidly, she slid forward and back. The sensations she felt were wonderful. Every part of her canal was gorged with blood and sending shock waves through her body. She sit upright and moved up and down on his long-hard cock. Finally, the convulsions stemming from her pussy took her to a peak of ecstasy and she exploded in an orgasm, “Woooo,” her body quivered as she melted onto his chest. “Damn, and god damn that was awesome. How do you do that to me?”

“It’s not my doing. You did all the work all I did was lay here and enjoy you pleasing yourself. After I suck on your nipples, I want you to do it again.” He pushed her up until her breasts were in front of his face. One tit was fondled by his hand that strummed her nipple like a guitar string, and the other teat was ravished by his mouth. He switched sides when she sighed, “Oh yes,”

He continued to delight her breasts, and occasionally thrust his cock into her sliding pussy. “Sit up straight.” He helped her sit up before he placed his thumb on her clit. “Move up and down as fast as you can.”

Ayana glided up and down on his shaft rapidly.

Rush circled her clit with his thumb. Over and over he massaged her honey button.

Without warning she sat down on him hard, threw her head back, and roiled it from side to side as she experienced another intense organism with a long groan, “Wooooooo!. Her body went limp and she softened and fell to his body.

After several minutes, she said, “That was incredible. Your dick hit every nerve in my pussy, and the most awesome pleasure filled my body.”

“You’ve got a great set of sensitive tits and a moist and tight pussy. I haven't come yet. I hope you’re ready for one more.”

“Give me a minute. I want you to bring me to another orgasm.”

He slowly turned them on to her back. Pulled toward the bottom of the bed and rose on his hands. “I hope your nipples aren’t sore because I’m going to suckle on them again give me one.” He dropped his head to her tits and sucked a teat into his mouth and began sucking, licking and nipping. Her other nub, he rolled between his thumb and forefinger until the pressure and pleasure became to great and she moaned, “That hurts so good you have to stop.” He changed from one breast to the other being tenderer this time.

“Rush, I’m ready, give it to me hard and fast.”

He laid on her body, spread her legs, and using the footboard as a stabilizer he rammed into her hard and fast. He kissed her on the side of the face and whispered into her ear, “You’re a great piece-of-ass.”

His ass rose and fell like an oil pump as he slid back and forth in her pussy. His movements were nonstop, and he ran his arms under her shoulder, grabbed them with his finger, her, and using his feet to propel him into her swamped cavity he drilled into her like he was a mining machine trying to bore through a granite wall. His breathing became faster, perspiration covered his body and he reached his point of no return. He plunged into her one last time and shot spurt after spurt of his jizcome deep into her well.

“Woooooo! Oh god, I’ve died and gone to heaven. Rush, I’ve never had an orgasm like that.

They kissed and he slumped to her side.

They lay in each other arms in a state of ecstasy.

Oh Rush, oh Rush, you’re the best lover I’ve ever had.”

He lay silently until she fell asleep. Grabbing his clothes he ran to the bathroom, took a quick shower, dressed and hurried from the apartment, haired a cab, and directed to cabbie to the Castle Chicago. He wanted to return to the night club in time to speak to Ayana’s step-mother, Maria.


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