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Cottage Rental

A heated night of drinking and strip poker leads to a tryst in the early hours of the morning.
My husband and I usually like to spend our summer vacations somewhere warm – Florida, Cuba, Mexico. Anywhere that we’ll find lots of sun, sand and surf. The prices are lower, the crowds are thinner, and we end up getting pampered by the staff, who are grateful for our business. However, this summer, my sister Marisa and her husband Paul had an opportunity at renting a beautiful cottage in the Muskoka’s for a fraction of the price.

Her boss’ cottage is usually rented all summer long, but there was a problem with the scheduling agency, and there was a gap of four days where it was available; too short for a full week rental, but not falling on a weekend either. Her boss offered her the cottage for the four days, and with our help, they’d be able to cover the cost.

To say that it was a cottage was a gross exaggeration. This was a mansion set on its own private island, with a gorgeous floor to ceiling window providing a beautiful view of the entire bay from just about anywhere in the cottage. It was gorgeous! The next couple of days we spoiled ourselves by playing with all the toys: jet skis, sailboat, powerboat, scuba equipment, catamaran, sailboard, kayaks, whatever we found next in the expansive boat house.

The evenings were just as much fun, as we would cook supper together in the built-in patio barbecue, then move inside to watch a movie on the large screen projected from the ceiling, or lounge in the heated infinity pool, or retreat to the large Jacuzzi. However, my favourite spot in the entire cottage was actually the view from the kitchen counter. I would often just lean over the counter, and enjoy the beautiful view out of the large bay window. The infinity pool blended into the lake, the blues of which contrasted with the lush green trees around the lake. A glass of chilled Riesling, and I was in heaven.

On our last day, we had decided that we had better finish all the booze that we had brought up with us, so by the evening, we were feeling no pain. Our inhibitions having been washed away, our poker game soon moved from chips, to money, to clothing. After several hands, we were pretty much all down to our underwear. I was the last to lose my top, and made a bit of a show of it, as the boys were catcalling and whistling. I reached behind, unclasped my bra, and let my full breasts bounce into view. I was rubbing my bra lines away, when my sister called me a show-off and leaned over to pinch my nipple. The boys loved this, which provoked another round of approving whistles.

Knowing that my sister’s husband was enjoying my breasts excited me a little, and soon my nipples grew hard. I know this distracted him from his game, as he quickly lost the next hand. He had to pull off his underwear, which I must admit was something I had been looking forward to since the beginning of the game. My sister had often told me of his endowment, in both length and girth. At times, the stories were of the glory of the orgasms it provoked, and at other times it was plaintive as his girth was difficult to accommodate if she wasn’t in the mood. Tonight, I was definitely in the mood, and I watched eagerly as his underwear slipped down, revealing inch after luscious inch of his beautiful, thick manhood. I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. Not only was it big, but it was beautifully shaped, long and thick with a cute head. I couldn’t take my eyes of it, and I lost the next hand before it was even dealt. I was actually grateful that I lost, as I was fearful that a wet spot in my crotch would betray my arousal.

My sister and my husband had gotten quite competitive during the game, and had added shots to the ante. It went back and forth between them, and as they got drunker, the conversation turned to stories of our sexual adventures. Paul was a marvelous story teller, and had us in stitches about the older ladies of his neighborhood who chased after him during his teen years. My sister finally won the game, and my husband had to do a double shot of tequila and a little dance as he stripped off his underwear. We cheered him on as his underwear came off, but it was a little anticlimactic, given the comparison in size between he and Paul. We then retired to our separate bedrooms to finish the night with our own spouses.

My husband wasn’t in much shape for anything, given the amount he had to drink, and soon he had crashed, much to my disappointment. I was horny from the events of the night: the strip poker, Paul’s beautiful penis, his unabashed gazing at my breasts, and the sex talk. I was really annoyed that my husband had left me empty handed. I even tried to masturbate, but an orgasm at my own hand was not enough to bring me peace.

Finally I slipped into my panties, and went into the kitchen to get a snack. The lights were out, and all was quiet. I made myself a glass of warm milk and went over to my favourite spot, leaning over the counter and marvelling at the beautiful view in the still of night. My brother-in-law came in to the kitchen at that moment, and my heart skipped a beat: I was topless!

“Couldn’t sleep?” he asked me.

“No, I just came out for one last view of the lake,” I lied, not wanting to give away my true frustrations. “Is Marisa coming out for a snack?” I asked.

“Nope, she’s passed out cold,” he laughed, pouring himself a soft drink.

At that moment, he bent over my body, pushing his groin against my ass. I could feel the length of his cock underneath his boxers, and it instantly ignited a passion I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Paul, we shouldn’t…” I lamely tried to protest.

“You’re right. The view from here is absolutely beautiful,” he whispered in my ear.

I knew I was going to submit. I had no choice. The drinks, the game, the stories, my frustration, his cock. Oh, his beautiful, beautiful cock, pushing up against my ass right now. My body was betraying me. I sighed, and dropped my head onto my hands.

“If you ever tell a soul, I’ll kill you,” I warned him.

In answer, his hands moved around and began to caress my breasts, gently tickling the sides. I pushed myself up, giving him full access to my tits. He began to knead them, gently. They felt heavy in his hands, and the attentions he gave them felt so good. His fingers moved down to my nipples and began to pull on them, teasing them out to their full hardness. I groaned a little, pushing my ass back against his cock.

I felt his hands move back and pull off his shorts. Then I felt him pulling down my own panties. He began to kiss the backs of my legs, making me giggle. He began to nibble and gently bite my cheeks, then pulled them apart and began to lick me, sliding his tongue between my legs, tasting my nectar. His tongue felt wonderful! Warm, and wet, it was working my hole into submission. He then began to lick my rose bud, which was a new sensation to me. I was in rapture, as I felt his tongue moving gently over my ass hole, gently pushing in and out. He then moved up my body, giving my back little kisses and licks as he did. I felt his warm breath on my neck, as he positioned his cock between my cheeks.

I could feel his cock against the crack of my ass. It was hard, and long, and thick. He rubbed it up and down a few times, then let it fall between my legs, and began to move it in and out between my legs. I pulled my legs together, trapping his cock. I could feel him slipping in the moisture. I was wet! There was no stopping him now.

He angled his cock up, found my hole with the tip of his cock, and lodged the head of his cock inside me. I grunted, spreading my legs and pushing my ass back at him. He pushed it in another inch or two, then let it sit there, allowing me to get used to his width. His girth was stretching me in the most delightful manner. Just feeling myself opening to him was sending waves of pleasure through my body. He then pushed himself in deeper, and deeper, and deeper still. Oh, my God, it felt delicious!

He pulled his cock out, and I felt so desperate for it, that I began to whimper. He laughed, and pushed the entire length of his cock into me. Ugh! I felt it filling me up in places I didn’t even know existed. He began to stroke in and out, hitting something deep inside of me that made me jump, and sent an electric current straight to my clit at the same time. I could feel my engorged clit rubbing against the cold marble of the counter top as his warm cock was sliding in and out of me. It wasn’t long before I felt my first orgasm rolling through my body. My legs began to shake, and I collapsed on the marble as I felt the delicious release explode through my body.

Paul paused, sinking his cock deep inside of me as he felt my orgasm. I had a brief moment of lucidity, realizing that either one of our spouses could come walking into the kitchen at any moment and find us, Paul bent over my body, with his cock fully impaling me. Then he began to move his cock inside of me, and reality was replaced with the heavenly sensation he was causing between my legs. My orgasm had produced even more lubrication, and relaxed my muscles considerably, giving him room to advance his attack. He began to push into me in faster and deeper strokes, establishing a delicious rhythm.

I could tell by his groans that he wasn’t going to last much longer. I arched my back, and I felt his cock rubbing right against my g-spot! My orgasm exploded so quickly, I didn’t even have time to prepare for it. I was groaning, my body quaking in pure sexual bliss!

Another moment of lucidity. He was going to cum soon. And I wasn’t protected! But that cock. Oh, that cock!

I was dripping with perspiration beneath him, almost unable to breathe. His thrusts became more desperate. He grabbed my hips. His body stiffened, he pushed himself into me as deep as he could go. I could feel his cock throbbing, then pulsing, and then strong spurts of cum against my cervix, again and again, as he grunted his victory over my body. My husband had always taken care of our birth control. To make matters worse, I was probably at the worst time in my cycle and realized I could easily get pregnant by our midnight tryst. But it was too late.

I just submitted to my plight, marvelling at the feeling of his heavy cock, fully sunk inside of me. Each time he grunted, he pushed deeper, and I felt anther spasm. I could feel him releasing pulse after pulse of sperm deep in my belly. My cunt was slick with our mixed fluids. His cock just pulsed and pulsed for what seemed like an eternity.

After a few more grunts and thrusts, he collapsed on top of me, our sweaty bodies heaving from the exertion of our fuck. Finally, he rose, and slowly pulled the great length of his cock slowly out of me. I felt so empty when his cock finally popped out. Then I felt the evidence of our transgression leaking down my leg. He kissed my neck, gave me one last bite, and slipped back to their room, leaving me a wet mess, prostrated over the marble counter in the kitchen. My legs were still spread, his sperm, heavy and thick, running down my leg. My God. I’d just mated with my sister’s husband at the peak of my cycle without protection. What had I been thinking!

I carefully slipped back into bed, next to my sleeping husband. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I rolled over onto my back, my hands slipping down between my legs to confirm my transgression. Not wanting to give up the pleasure I had just felt, I began to play with myself. His cum was still flowing from me. Feeling his warm sperm while I lay beside my own husband was too much, and I stroked myself to one last orgasm, using his sperm as lubricant over my swollen clit. What a way to end our summer.
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