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Couples Massage

Massage gets interesting for conservative wife.
author's note: This story was initially written as a letter to my wife as a fantasy/story in first person. If that format would be preferred, I would gladly post the original story. Thanks for reading.

Trevor and Cyndi had worked hard during the year to save for their October vacation. When October finally came around, thoughts and conversations frequently turned to their upcoming Cancun vacation.

Cyndi is in her early 30’s, 5’9”, and 135 pounds. Her auburn hair cascades over her shoulders, and her green eyes and bright smile light up a room. Her 34b breasts, while not large, are perky, and her pink nipples would get hard with the slightest breeze. Her flat stomach, cute butt, and lean legs are the result of her persistence with her exercise. Trevor is a in his late 30’s, 6’4”, and 180 pounds. He has brown hair and eyes, and while not overly muscular, is very lean. They have been married for seven years, and while things have been mostly good in their relationship, between their work lives and kids, things have gotten a little ‘less exciting’, and Trevor wishes Cyndi would go back to being a little more risqué, like she was early in their marriage, as she tended to become very conservative in both her dress as well as in the bedroom.

When the day finally arrives, they head down to the all-inclusive resort and start to enjoy themselves. Cyndi has brought several outfits that are more revealing than she usually wears, and Trevor also sees her take out a few bikinis that he hasn’t seen. She puts on a white and pink one that the top is little more than two small triangles and lots of string. The bottoms have ties on the sides, and Trevor’s mind starts to race as he sees his sexy wife in her tiny bikini. The contrast between her tan skin and her swimsuit makes Trevor’s mouth start to water, and his dick start to stir.

They go down to the beach and spend an hour out in the sun before the ‘couples massage’ that Trevor had scheduled to really get the vacation off to a good start. The sun seems to melt all their worries away, and they both flirt back and forth as if they were newlyweds again. When the time comes, they start to head over to the spa area for their massages. Trevor notices that Cyndi has even adjusted her bikini top to give the smallest coverage possible, with her breasts even more visible on both sides. He isn’t sure if she has done this on purpose, but does notice all the looks that she is getting from both the men and women as she walks across the resort.

The spa is beautiful, as expected. They are escorted back to a private area by the massage therapists, Mike and Shauna. There are 2 tables set up very close to each other in our private area, along with 2 hot-tubs (1 warm, 1 cooler), and an outdoor shower. There is also a small table with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. There are also 2 robes over chairs next to the hot-tub. Shauna tells them to enjoy the amenities and private time, and that they will be back to give their massages in a little while.

Trevor opens the champagne and fills the glasses as he watches Cyndi walk around the private area. He thinks to himself, ‘I’m the luckiest guy in the world, married to someone so sexy!’ He walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her, giving her the glass of champagne. Her skin feels so good and hot. They walk back to the table and start to feed the chocolate covered strawberries to each other.

They take the steps down into the hot tub, and start to kiss. Both of their hands start to wander a little bit, and his fingers trace along the sides of the top of her bikini, brushing along the sides of her breasts. Her hands have come around to the front of his shorts, gently rubbing over his dick under the water. As they continue kissing, she sits up away from the side of the Jacuzzi, and reaches behind her to untie her bikini top, then briefly breaking their kiss to remove her top entirely. They are in a private area, and they continue with their sensual kissing. He slowly kisses down her chin and neck, working his way down to her breasts, gently squeezing one with his hand, and licking/kissing the other one. She leans back and stretches, pressing her breasts out more as his mouth continues to work.

After a few more minutes, she tells him that she wants to go into the shower area, so they get out of the hot tub, and walk over there. She still has on her bikini bottoms, though the back of it is now almost a thong, as she has it set up to the smallest possible coverage. She walks under the shower, and turns it on. She does a little dance/strip tease under the water, and unties the side of her bikini bottom, then tosses it over to him, as she dances naked under the shower. She reaches down between her legs as she plays with her clit with one hand, and continues to sway her hips. This lasts for a little while, then she brings her other hand to her pussy as well, and starts to play with herself by sliding 2 fingers from her other hand inside her pussy.

Trevor can’t take this much longer, and he takes off his shorts as well, and walks over to her. He walks around behind her, and holds her in his arms, with his on the outside both of hers, as she is still sliding her fingers in and out, getting closer to cumming. She tells him that she wants to fuck for a little while before their massages. She bends forward a little, and he is easily able to slide into her. She is so wet, hat he is able to slide all the way in on the first try. She pushes her ass back into him, and starts to rock back and forth. Her fingers continue to play with her clit as he slides in and out. It doesn’t take very long, as she was nearly at the point of cumming before they even started, and she starts to cum. She slams her ass back into him, which almost makes him cum as well, but somehow, miraculously, he doesn’t.

Shortly after she cums, (coincidently, maybe? – or maybe the staff is able to see them in the shower area, and they watch Trevor and Cyndi, and wait for them to finish before they decide to come in to give the massages) Mike and Shauna show up to give them the massages. They direct Trevor and Cyndi to lie down, face down, between the sheets. They are close to each other, but there is enough room for each of the therapists to walk between their tables. The music is relaxing, and at a medium volume, which makes it difficult to hear very much.

Cyndi lays down, and her body just melts into the table. Mike comes up next to her, and lightly lifts the sheet from her shoulders and folds it down to her hip bones, just above her ass. He starts to work his hands along the base of her neck, along her shoulder blades, and down her spine, all the way to her hips. He then brings his hands slightly to the side, and glides them up her back, and repeats this cycle several times. Every time he works his way down her back, she relaxes just a little bit more and more. As he goes a few more times down her back, he brushes the edge of the sheet, which pushes it down just a little more, exposing the top of her butt. He also starts to bring his hands more out to the sides over the tops of her hips as he brings them back up to her shoulders. He slides his hands more along the sides of her ribs, then actually brushing the sides of her breasts as he comes up to her shoulders. She starts to get a tingly feeling between her legs as he keeps up with his ‘risque’ massage, partly in anticipation/wondering how this will continue.

He then reaches to her arm, and, starting at her shoulder, starts to massage down her arm and into her fingers. He is directly on the side of her, with her arm hanging off the edge. His hands go in a circular motion over her shoulder, working around her biceps and triceps, then to her forearms, hands and fingers. He uses this circular motion on the way down, then a slightly lighter pressure as he runs his hands back up towards her shoulder. With her arms out to the sides, as he comes back up to the bottom side of her shoulder, he again lightly brushes along the side of her breast. She is not sure if he is doing this on purpose, or accidentally, but it feels really good, and that feeling between her legs continues to become more intense. He works a few more times with her right arm before trailing his hand across her back, then to the other shoulder, and repeats a similar massage to her left arm, again brushing lightly along the side of her breast with each cycle.

He then works his way down towards her legs, but rather than covering up her back, he simply slides the sheet over so it exposes part of the left side of her butt and her left leg. He starts down at her left foot, squeezing with just enough pressure, but not too much or too little, and again starts working in small circles around her foot and starting up her calf. Once he gets up her calf a little, he starts to use both hands in an alternating circular motion, which gently rocks her thigh muscle back and forth. This motion also starts to let the sheet slide a little more to expose her ass a little more, with the sheet slipping closer to her butt crack. She also realizes that she is becoming really wet with his hands working on her leg, her thigh gently massaging her pussy, and realizing that she is continually becoming a little more and more exposed AND aroused. She still isn’t sure if it is happening accidentally, or on purpose, and even though it is very relaxing, it is also very arousing.

He slowly works his way past her knee, then changes to more of an up-and-down pattern to slide along the back of her hamstrings. The first couple of times, he stops just short of her butt, and she isn’t sure if she is relieved that he stopped there, or hoping he would go just a little higher. He works his way back down her thigh, and to her calf again, and starts to repeat this whole process again. When he rocks her leg back and forth, her leg starts to spread away from the other one just a little bit, which now causes the sheet to go all way across her butt crack, and spread just a little bit. He again crosses the back of her knee and switches to the pattern of sliding his hands up the back of her thigh, again stopping just a little bit short of her ass. He goes back down her thigh, and repeats the process again, and her leg again spreads out just a little more. She continues to have a knot in her stomach, with anticipation and wonderment of what will happen next.

This time, when he slides up the back of her thigh, he goes up to massaging her ass, kneading deeply into her left butt. He works up to the top of her hip bone, then across close to her crack, then works down towards her thigh again. He doesn’t touch her inappropriately, but she realizes that as he is kneading her butt, he is gently pulling her cheeks apart just a little bit, and the sheet is not really covering anything. Can he actually see her ass? Can he see how wet she is? The thoughts are driving her crazy….

He works on her butt a little more, and then works his hands back down her thigh and foot. His hands leave her body as she feels him start to slide the sheet from (partially) covering her right leg over to cover her left leg, though again it exposes about ½ her right butt cheek and her entire right leg. Her legs are still spread a little, as she hasn’t brought them together from her left leg massage, and he uses similar strokes on her right side, which has almost the same effect on the sheet, sliding it first right to her crack, then across to the other side, almost completely exposing her ass to him. Her legs are still a little spread, and sheis almost certain that he can see everything, again not sure whether to be excited or nervous.

After 4-5 times of going up the back of her thigh, he goes back up to her ass, and when he is on this side, the oil he is using starts to go closer to her butt crack, and he grazes one of his fingers down her butt crack. She tenses up at first, but then relaxes, and he continues to go in a pattern where he goes from the outside of her right hip, across to the middle of her crack, and working down towards the top of her thighs. Every time he cycles through, his fingers venture just a little deeper into her crack, and a little lower. Cyndi is so wet that she is almost positive that he knows how excited he is making her. She unconsciously spreads her legs just a little more, and his well-oiled hands actually graze across her ass and he goes down far enough that he also brushes across her pussy lips. She gives out a quick gasp/moan, and his hands quickly move away from her most private areas. He works his way back down her legs, then covers her back up completely. She again aren’t sure if she is relieved or upset that he stopped, knowing that it was naughty, but her pussy is soaked.

He then tells Cyndi that it is time to roll over to her back, and keeps her covered as she switches from her front to her back. As she lays down, he takes a towel and gently covers her eyes. She is now completely covered basically from her shoulders down. She can feel her nipples really poking into the sheet, as she are so turned on. She is sure that he is able to see this, but he still doesn’t say anything, nor is she still sure whether all of this is being done accidentally or on purpose.

He starts massaging her head and down to her face, and he comes to her cheekbones and temples, rubbing in small circles, with just the right amount of pressure. He goes down to work on the sides of her neck, lightly, very relaxing. As he keeps working up and down the sides of her neck, she again lets out a little sigh/moan.

After about 30 seconds on her neck, his hands slide down to the tops of her shoulders, as he starts to rub the tops of her shoulders, and again she can feel the top of the sheet moving ever so slightly, which makes her nipples even more stiff, and exposing just the tops of her breasts. His hands keep working along the middle of her collarbone, rubbing down her pecs, then out and across, and back up to the sides/top of her shoulders. He does this for a few more times, each time going a little further and further down, so she is almost sure the top of the sheet is just barely covering her nipples. Once she is just about sure that he will fully expose her nipples, he stops, and slides back out to her shoulders, and pulls her arm out to the side, working in a circular motion around her arm, kind of in a ‘wringing’ motion back and forth. He starts this with her arm down a little bit, but each time he goes up and down her arm, he raises it just a little more, which again causes the sheet to slip just a little bit down until her right breast is completely exposed. She knows now that he can see her entire breast, and it is driving her crazy. She rocks her legs just a little bit, as they come apart just a little under the sheet. Shortly after her breast is exposed, he places her hand back on the table, above the sheet, pretty much locking it in place just under her right breast. He runs his hands across her collarbones to the left side, and then works in a similar fashion on her left arm, wringing down towards her hand, then back up to her shoulder. With each repetition, he again brings her arm up just a little more, causing the sheet to brush ever so lightly, and ever so arousingly on her left nipple, until it, too, slides above the top of the sheet. He works up and down her arm a few more times as she feels the sheet slide completely down the bottom side of her left breast so it is also fully exposed. Just like the right side, he then places her arm back on the side of the table, above the sheet, which presses/locks the sheet in place, just below her breasts.

He then starts to rub her rib cage, with one hand on each side, just below her breasts. He is over the top of the sheet, but it does slide a little as he glides his hands down her ribs, towards the top of her hip bones. She is still in a position where she could stop the sheet from sliding, but since she is so aroused, she doesn’t stop the movement. She even lifts her arms a little so he is able to slide the top of the sheet down over her hips, just above the few wisps of pussy hair that she has (shehas shaved much more than she usually does, almost completely). He keeps sliding hands down, then up slowly, with his wrists just slightly touching the bottoms of her breasts, making her nipples even harder, and her pussy even wetter. He is pretty much driving her insane, whether he knows it or not, or even if he is doing it on purpose or not. He keeps sliding his hands down her stomach and lower abs, and the more he does this, she actually starts to match his rhythm a little bit and rock her hips back as his hands go lower to where he almost gets to her pubic bone before his hands trace back up her stomach and ribs. After a few minutes of this, he again has her on the verge of orgasm just from the sheer anticipation, and then he changes his focus.

He then goes down to her legs, and slides the sheet towards the middle, off her left leg, but still covering about ¼ of her thigh, angling out to the top of her hip. He starts at her left foot, working light but firm circles with his thumbs, again getting her leg to rotate just a little bit, almost too little to notice, but it works magically to massage her clit and pussy. He keeps up this similar pattern as he crosses the front of her ankle, and she can again feel the sheet start to move ever so slightly towards the middle of the table, off her left leg. He works up across her knee, and again changes from a circular pattern to more of an up-and-down sliding up her thigh, and towards the side of her left hip bone. His fingers slide just a little bit under the edge of the sheet, causing it to move slightly towards the right, exposing more and more of her ‘front-hip’ area. He slides gently across this down towards her thigh, and she instinctively contracts her lower abs, which makes her pussy twitch and legs slide a little further apart. He works his way back down her thigh, then her shin before he repeats the same process. By the time he makes his way to her hip the third time, his hands slides in almost all the way to her pussy. Because she is almost completely shaved, every time his hands run across the area between her left hip and her pussy, it feels so good, turns her on even more, and makes her even more wet.

Just when she thinks he is actually going to go all the way in to slide across the few pussy hairs that she has, he stops and moves over to her right side. Rather than cover her left leg, though, he simply slides the sheet towards the middle, again leaving about the top ¼ of her right thigh covered, angling towards her right hip bone. There isn’t much covered, though, basically it is a small triangle that starts on the right hip, at the level of the hip, and ending just far enough to the left that her pussy is almost exposed. He again starts at her foot, working in small circles, rotating her leg just a bit. Once he crosses her ankle, he keeps up with the circles, which again starts to cause the sheet to slide a little further into the middle of her legs. Once he hits her thigh again, and works up towards her hip, his hands again brush a little under the small area that remains covered, sliding it ever so slightly towards her pussy from the right side. He goes back down her thigh again, and starts working up again, going a little more on the inside of her thigh, and across the inside of her hip. This time, he gets close enough to hit the area right at the top of her legs, and she lets out a moan, and spreads her legs even more. He works his way back down her thigh one more time, and by this time, she is completely in ecstasy. He comes back up one more time, along the inside of her thighs, and she spreads a little further, this time causing the sheet to completely fall off of her. She realizes that even though her eyes are covered, that she is on full display for him, and is soaking wet. He slides up the inside of her thigh, and this time touches her clit, and slides down the slit of her pussy. She again lets out a moan, and brings her hands up to play with her nipples and tits, as he starts to put a finger inside her. He is easily able to slide two fingers inside her, and she cums almost immediately.

As she is cumming, Mike continues to keep his fingers inside her, working in and out. When she came, her hands went down to the edge of the table, and somehow, he ended up brushing his cock against the side of her hand. She instinctively reached out to rub the back of her hand against it, and she hears him start to moan a little and breathe a little harder. His hand leaves her pussy briefly, as she can hear him open up his pants. His hand returns quickly to her pussy, and she pulls his cock out of his pants, and starts to stroke him. She is still crazy turned on, as she is giving him a hand job as he slides his fingers in her soaked pussy. When he comes out, rather than go right back in, his fingers slide back just a little to play with her ass as well, which, surprising to her, turns her on even more. She knows that what is happening isn’t necessarily supposed to be happening, but he has her turned on so much that she just can’t help it.

As she is continuing to stroke him, the towel over her face slowly starts to lift, and she finds out that Trevor is the one who is lifting the towel. He gives her a long sexy, hungry kiss, with their tongues going deeply into each other’s mouths. All this happens as she is still stroking Mike’s cock. They open their eyes, and look at each other, and she realizes that all of this is ‘o.k.’ She then tells Trevor that she wants him to fuck her.

Trevor doesn’t need any further encouragement, and quickly slides on the table with her, and enters her easily. Cyndi is still stroking him off, as Trevor goes in and out of her a few times, but the table starts to move a little too much, so he has her come to the edge and turn over, so she is bent over the table with Trevor behind her. She continues to stroke Mike’s dick as Trevor slides into her again. He doesn’t ever think he’s felt her so wet. Every time he pushes into her, she bounces a little across the table. Cyndi then surprises Trevor again, as she takes the Mike’s dick in her mouth and starts to give him a blowjob. It drives Trevor crazy as he is driving into her from behind, and she is sucking Mike’s dick. He slaps her ass lighly, then rubs his hand along her ass as they continue to fuck. He gently rubs on her asshole with his finger, and she press back into it. Trevor takes this as something that isn’t a bad thing, so he keeps on lightly rubbing her. After a few more strokes of his dick into her pussy, and Cyndi pushing back, his finger actually slides into her ass just a little bit, and that by itself causes her to cum again. She takes Mike’s dick out of her mouth as she holds onto the table, with at least her 5 th orgasm of the night (she’s lost count by now).

She turns back to Trevor and tells him that she wants to lay on the top of the table with him at the edge. She positions herself so her hips are at the edge of the table, but she still is holding the Mike’s dick in her hand. She opens her legs, and Trevor positions himself to enter her again, and they start to fuck again… she keeps stroking the Mike with her hand, and he starts to play with her tits and nipples, lightly pulling on them. She turns her head, and starts to suck him again, and must be doing an incredible job, because he tells her quickly that he is going to cum, which seems make her use her mouth even more. Just as she takes him out of her mouth his dick explodes, landing mostly on her chest. This also causes a chain reaction where she cums again, and Trevor explodes deep inside her, in what seems like an endless orgasm.

Trevor pretty much collapses onto her, and they give each other a big hug. Mike tells them that their massage is finished, and that they can use the shower to clean up. They both get off the table, and, though their legs are shaky, make it into the shower, and clean each other off. They put their swimsuits back on, and walk back to the front of the spa.

Mike and Shauna are standing behind the counter of the spa as they get to the front of the spa. Shauna reaches behind the counter, and pulls out a dvd, tells them ‘for your memories’, and that it is a dvd of their events, and that it is the only copy. Trevor and Cyndi tell them ‘thank you’ again, as they walk out, going back to their room, both of them thinking that this may be the start of a very interesting vacation…

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © All of my stories are fantasy. They may be based on some truths, but events are made up in my head. Any resemblence to actual people is purely coincidence. All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce without giving credit to author.

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