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Couples Therapy Chapter Two

Couples Therapy Chapter Two

Renee opens up in class as teachers pet.
The next few days were not what I expected. Renee seemed to be back to her distant self and was withdrawn from me. When I finally got her to talk, she told me that she felt dirty and ashamed by her actions the other night. I assured her she had nothing to feel dirty or ashamed about, that’s what the class is for.

She said, “I cannot help it, I am planning on talking to Karen about it at this week’s class.

As we were getting ready for our class tonight I noticed Renee was very nervous, and could not settle on what to wear. She must have changed her clothes six or seven times. I finally told her she looked great in everything. I poured her a glass of wine and asked her to drink it, to relax her nerves a little.

“This is why we are going to these sessions, so you can overcome all these feelings,” I said.

“I know, but I am just embarrassed about last week. At least I am still going, because I want this to work, and I know I need the help. I know this will help us, I just need to get through it,” she replied.

“Think of it like this, everyone there did the same as you. Everyone shed their clothes, and they all explored each partner. It’s not like you did something all by yourself,” I said. “Besides you said you were going to talk to Karen tonight, and I am sure she will be able to help you,” I added.

Renee decided on what to wear and we were on our way. We wanted to be a little early so Renee could talk to Karen before class. We arrived just as Karen unlocked the doors.

“Hi guys, your early. Are you anxious to get started?” asked Karen.

“Not really, but that’s why we are early. We want to talk to you before class,” Renee responded.

“Sure, come on into my office. Have a seat. What is it you want to talk about?”

Renee began telling her how she felt, and told her the things that had happened to her all her life, and that she does not trust men because of it. Karen just sat and listened as Renee spilled her feelings. She handed her a tissue now and then to wipe the tears away. When Renee was finished talking, Karen told her she had an idea that might help her. However, she would have to trust her, and know that all she is learning is how to enjoy love making. To bring passion into her life.

Karen turned to me and asked, “Are you the jealous type?”

“I am not sure I understand, but I guess I would be if my wife cheated on me.”

“Would you consider it cheating, if it was in a class setting, with you there?”

“No, I would love to watch her do anything that brought her pleasure. I think that watching her, have great erotic pleasure, and would be exciting and hot. I love her so much, and have felt so bad for her, because she has missed out on so much. The thought of seeing her experience the things she has never been able to enjoy, would be a very erotic moment. When I think about her, not knowing what it feels like to collapse from having multiple orgasms, or not ever being able to feel the joy of making love for hours. It brings me to tears. Nothing would make me happier than to watch my wife have great pleasure”

“Okay then, I have an idea for tonight, that everyone will enjoy and learn from.”

The couples were arriving in class now, so we assumed our positions on our mats. As soon as everyone was seated, Karen asked for everyone’s attention.

She said, “Tonight is ladies night, so I will pick a volunteer for me to demonstrate on. Renee you come up here with me. Now, only the ladies will undress, and the gentleman will open the bags in front of you. These are the toys you are going to learn to have fun with, and please your lover.”

Karen looked at me, and asked me to come up and sit next to her mat.

She said, “I am was going to be Renee’s partner for the night. You just sit there and watch, and learn, because I think, Renee, will open up and relax with a woman more right now than a man. Because of her trust issues with men. In the past, this has got them over that feeling of being dirty and shameful.”

“That sounds great!” I exclaimed!

Renee was still sitting there, dressed, and looked petrified.

“Renee, honey, you will need to undress for us to continue. Just trust me, and I will not hurt you. I promise you will enjoy this.” Karen said in a sweet tender voice, which seemed to have a calming effect on Renee, as she started to undress.

Karen reached into the bag in front of her. She pulled out a long pink feather, and held it up for all to see.

“This is the first thing I want all of you guys to take from your bags. Ladies spread your legs slightly and relax. Men follow my lead.”

She began to stroke the feather, ever so lightly, up and down the full length of Renee’s legs. Stopping just short of her shaved mound, returning down her legs to her toes.

The next up stroke she paused at her slit, and tickled for several seconds, before moving upward. She circled the belly button and then continued upward to her breasts. The feather then traveled under her right breast and made slow circles around it. She then crossed over to repeat this on the left breast.

Renee’s nipples became erect. Something I have not seen very often from her, not even in a cold breeze. She seemed to be very relaxed, more than I ever remember her with me.

Seeing her like this, was really making me feel good in many ways.

Looking around the room all the feathers seemed to be doing their job very well.

“Renee,” asked Karen, “How are you doing?”

She replied, “That feels good, and its soothing, and exciting, at the same time.”

“Great honey, just stay relaxed, because you’re in good hands,” Karen whispered.

“I trust you, and that feels different, and good, at the same time.”

“Okay men, reach into your bags and take out the vibrator that looks like this,”

She held it up in the air for all to see.

“Take out the small bottle, of sensual lube. Apply a small amount on the end of your vibrator. Use the vibrator all around the vagina on the outside. Pay special attention to the area just above the vagina opening. This is the hood that covers the clitoris. Experiment all over this area. Your partner will let you know which spots are the most sensitive.”

As she was giving the instructions to the others, she was demonstrating on Renee.

Karen started at the inside top of her thigh and moved upwards along her slit, and directly to her clit. She twisted the toy to apply more of the lube to her clit. Then she moved it down between her wet pussy lips. Karen slightly penetrated the opening, and then moved down just below, to her ass hole.

The room sounded like a busy bee hive with all the vibrators being used.

This was having an effect on me, as the bulge in my pants would indicate.

This was really hot to watch. This being done to my wife, and she was enjoying it rather well, as she started to squirm and moan.

“When she responds strongly to an area, stay there for a few minutes. While using your free hand, and mouth, on her nipples. Then give her passionate kisses, trading off from one to the other, and find what she responds to the best.” Announced Karen.

When Karen pressed a little harder, as she made circles around Renee’s clit, Renee tightened her body and raised her hips, as she moaned very loud. “Ohhh My, that’s the spot.”

Karen immediately, took Renee’s left nipple into her mouth, and sucked it hard. Causing Renee to moan even lauder. She went from left to right several times. Each time Renee would thrust her pelvic at the vibrator.

Then Karen quickly and with more passion than I have ever seen, kissed Renee, hard, sticking her tongue down her throat. Renee, just melted, and kissed her back with passion, that I never knew she had.

This was the most erotic thing I have ever seen before. I have seen people have sex in front of me. However, seeing this with my wife, and being right there as a part of it, was amazing. I cannot describe all the wonderful, excitement that was rushing through me at that moment. I felt as though I was going to blow a nut, right there in my pants.

They continued kissing with all the passion of great lovers, as Renee kept moaning, and responding to the vibrator, going in circles around her clit. I noticed her clit was at least a quarter inch erect. I have never even seen it come out from the hood, on its own before. It looked like a little cock sticking up.

Karen moved the toy down and penetrated her wet throbbing hole. She pointed it upward, to contact her G spot.

At that instant Renee arched her back and screamed, “I can’t take it, I am going to explode, Ohhh shittt! Ahhh Ummm.”

Their mouths locked back up in passion, as she started to buck her hips. Then, all of a sudden she squeezed her thighs tight, and squirted a stream a foot in the air, that wet her past her knees.

Before Renee could relax, Karen pulled away from her mouth and went straight to her clit with her tongue, leaving the toy vibrating her G spot. She would lick, suck on her clit, and run fast circles around it. This sent Renee into one orgasm after the other.

I must have been in total shock, as I could not believe this was my wife. I have never seen her like this. What a surprise.

This was the hottest most erotic sight I have ever witnessed, and I was going to make a mess in my pants. I unzipped, and stood over Renee’s big beautiful breasts.

Watching the pure ecstasy and pleasure on her face, as she was about to explode. She squirted for the second time, this time all over Karen’s face.

I stroked my hard cock just a few times, before I shot a load of hot cum, all over my wife’s breasts.

Renee just looked up at me and gave me a big smile as she said, “I love you!”

Karen sat up and handed Renee a towel, and said, “Wow, what a surprise you are. You have been keeping that in a while.”

“Forty-one years to be exact,” said Renee.

“We still have a lot of work to do but what a great start. You are way ahead of schedule. Did you know you could squirt? That’s not something every woman can do.”

“You are a great teacher, and no, I did not know I could do that. My husband told me about it, but I did not believe it was possible. I always thought when we saw it on a movie, that it was a woman peeing. But that was like having ten orgasms at one time, and nothing like I have ever felt.”

There were still a few of the couples finishing up. Renee, and Karen, continued to talk till they were done.

Renee said, “I can’t believe how relaxed and comfortable I was tonight. I have never felt like that, and felt so at ease and comfortable before.”

“Well let’s talk about that for a moment. All your issues in your life have been from men. It’s only natural that you are tense and scared, when they are trying to be intimate. With a woman, it does not feel that way. This does not make you a lesbian; we just need to use that as a comfort zone, till we can get you over this. This class is usually later in the course. However, I felt it might help you, so we would not lose you. You may have to keep a woman involved for a while. Integrate your husband into that, more and more, each time, until your fears are gone.”

“If it’s going to be anything like tonight, I am all for it,” Renee said, with a big sexy grin.

Class was over and all the couples left. Renee wanted us to stay and help Karen, clean up. She really enjoyed talking to her.

“Renee, you are going to be my pet project, throughout the course. Kind of like a teachers pet.”

They both laughed, as Renee said, “I am looking forward to that. See you next week.”

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