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Cross country run

Shelter from a storm
Three of us were on a cross country run on a summer's day when we fell victim to a sudden thunderstorm. The rain came down in sheets and we were thoroughly drenched. We were each wearing white shorts and thin white vest and embarrassingly these were now completely see-through. The rain kept pouring down, and we finally spied a cottage up ahead and decided to seek shelter.

My two mates huddled behind me as I knocked the door. I covered my crotch as best I could. The door opened and a vision of loveliness appeared. She was about 30, with long lustrous dark hair, a simple short white cotton summer dress, stunning eyes and a lovely smile. She saw our plight and immediately asked us in.

In the lounge there was a fireplace piled with logs ready for winter days. Rachel, for that was her name, suggested lighting the fire to dry us out. As we stood dripping she got matches and bent down to light the paper under the logs. Wet and miserable as we were, our spirits, [and more than our spirits!] rose as we watched her dress ride up her gorgeous long thighs almost to the top, showing a brief glimpse of the tight curve of her bum and tiny high-cut blue knickers.

I think she sensed the tension and her eyes flicked over our wet bodies. "I'll get towels for you, and you better get out of those wet clothes."

She came back with towels and once again she seemed to let her eyes linger on our bodies before exiting the room, promising to bring tea.

We struggled out of our wet clothes, quickly covering ourselves with the towels, because we all had huge erections. My mate Tom said, a little too loudly for my liking, "Wow, I'd love to spread those legs and lick her for about an hour or so!"

The door opened and she came in with a tray of mugs of tea. She surely must have heard Tom's comment. Her face was flushed and we noticed she was now wearing high heels. We watched mesmerized as she bent down over the low coffee table. I couldn't resist sitting down on the floor to get a better view and my mates did the same. My new vantage point gave me a view of her knickers stretched tight over the most fantastic bum, high cut to reveal her buttocks and cut off to show cleavage at the top. As she stood up her thin dress stayed up, clinging to her curves. She turned slowly and saw us on the floor. I could see she was excited and I exposed my hard dick by drawing up my knees with the towel stretched across them. Her eyes stayed fixed on my dick for several moments and then she looked me in the eye quite boldly.

"Join us," I said," Bring some tea for yourself."

She strode out with her sexy body slowly writhing in the most incredibly sensual way, and soon returned with her own tea. She perched on the edge of a chair with her long legs on show and looked us over. Her face was red. All three of us were showing our hard dicks while pretending not to know.

We chatted with her politely and then she stood up and collected our mugs. She very slowly and deliberately bent over the little table to set them on a tray. We just feasted our eyes.

Tom suddenly said, "Your legs are fantastic, Rachel, and I love your little panties. I would give anything for a chance to pull them off and lick your fanny. There's three of us here with hard-ons who would love to lick you and suck you and fuck you."

Rachel seemed to freeze, and I was sure we were going to be thrown out very quickly. But then she just wailed and put her hands to her face: " Don't say things like that! I'm a respectable married lady...and the idea of three hunky guys like me...ohhh...please...don't tempt me!"

Tom simply stood up and dropped his towel, and went close to her, taking her in his arms and running his hands over her sexy body, including up her dress. To our amazement she just whimpered and didn't resist.


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