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Cuckolded slowly, obtusely, over time

This is a true story of my wife's infidelity, but it's just the beginning...
I was attracted to the teenage girl who would become my wife because she was cute, funny, street smart, and worldly. She was also slightly taller than me, with full breasts and only a slight flare at the hips. I was a virgin, young and naive, but confident enough in my looks to marry a taller woman. She was certainly not a virgin and didn't suffer fools gladly. We dated for a mere six months, then married just after her twentieth birthday. I was only a year older.

Our sex life as young lovers was terrific. Although I was intimidated by my lack of experience and my left of average endowment, she seemed thrilled with our lovemaking as well. As we explored one another physically and mentally in bed (the brain really is the largest organ in sex), I soon learned I was incredibly aroused by stories of her sexual experiences. Over time, we transitioned from true tales, as she was sometimes reluctant to share all those details, to fiction. When we did so we learned the tales we both enjoyed the most were the ones involving her with another man, and that man was always well endowed and supremely confident. There was no danger in these fantasies because we would never cross the line from fantasy to reality. Or so we told ourselves.

But my job has always involved travel--lots of travel. It's a great adventure for me to go all over the place and to be gone for long periods of time, but it leaves the little missus to fend for herself when the washer breaks or the car needs repair or...well...when she becomes lonely.

My wife has always been fairly social so in my absence she made new friends every time we moved and kept in touch with old ones--including old boyfriends. I didn't know of the latter until things came to something of a head at one point fairly early in the marriage. She was unhappy with our lifestyle and didn't like being the mother of a toddler. I knew this and did my best to help her through that malaise, but I was unprepared for her to tell me that an old boyfriend was passing through town and that she wanted to get together with him.

I was caught completely offguard and really didn't know how to deal with that situation. She was really adamant. If I told her no, she would make my life hell; if I told her yes, we'd find out very early on if maybe she would be happier with someone else. I elected to go with the latter, so she went out with her old boyfriend. She didn't call it a date, but what else would you call it?

You know, as I look back on that time now, with the benefit of so much hindsight I can see other ways that I could've handled it better. And it literally makes me tremble at the memory. I'm not sure why.

And it arouses me again all these years later.

I don't remember the details of what she wore or how she prepared for the date. Maybe I was still at work and didn't observe that. But I do remember how the evening went in other ways. I was home alone with our baby and put the baby down for bed at 8:00 p.m. She had planned to be home by 10:00. At ten o'clock on the dot she called to tell me she would be late. She did not get home till after midnight.

I was pissed off, worried, confused and at some level also aroused. That only confused me more. It's one thing to fantasize about this stuff and something entirely else to do it for real. I was pretty sure my young wife had just fucked one of her old lovers and I had "approved" her date.

After she got home I basically gave her the cold shoulder, so she took a shower and got ready for bed. Once in bed, we talked (with the lights out). She claimed that she had not done "anything" and otherwise described their evening. It sounded fairly benign, but could I believe her? She's the kind of girl who could look you straight in the eye and lie with conviction. I didn't know. But as we lay there talking we eventually started touching and caressing and she found me hard as a rock. When she found my erection, she made a sound that was like, Oh, now isn't this interesting? I felt I could read her mind and she was thinking: He doesn't want to admit it but he's mighty turned on by the thought of me fucking this other guy. Isn't that just so...interesting. My, my, my...

I went down on her with full knowledge that another man's cock had likely just been inside her. I very nearly came all over myself in the process. But somehow I managed to hold off until I could enter her. We then fucked like rabbits and both of us came quickly and enthusiastically.

And I was somehow ashamed.

The story continues. Let me know if you'd like to read more...

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