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Cuffed with no key - chapter 4 - my men are insatiable!

Jim wants his turn Curtis can't seem to get enough....
Previously in Chapter Three:

I glance at Curtis’s and my reflection in the mirror. His large, muscular black frame seemed to dwarf me, standing behind me.

I was still pinned in ‘breeding position’ on my little step stool. I remained coupled with the large man inside of me. I was forced to remain bent over, balancing myself with my one free arm against the sink counter, essentially restrained from any movement.

I looked over my shoulder at my husband, Jim to gauge his reaction. Curtis and I remained coupled together; my lover seemed in no hurry to withdraw from me. I could feel him continuing to throb deep inside me. I liked the rhythmic pulsing of his still erect penis as we remained locked together like two carnal animals.

I smiled at my husband and simply said, “This is a very big man…very big…”

Jim smiled and replied, “I know baby, but you took all of him.” Jim said this as a matter of pride, beaming that his wife had handled this huge black man. I liked the fact that my husband was proud of me for doing this…I liked it a lot.

I watched as Jim kick off his shorts and underwear as he pulled his shirt over his head. His penis sprang free; standing at attention like a little rigid soldier. My husband’s penis was very hard indeed. And while it is not as long or thick as Curtis’s erect cock, it was still an impressive erection. And, best of all, it is all mine! I did not have to share him with other women!

Looking at Curtis’s reflection in the mirror as he stood behind me, his penis still pulsing inside of me, I remarked with appropriate gratitude, “Curtis, you made me cum so hard….thank you.” In response, I felt his cock throb inside me again.

I tightened my vagina and gripped his penis; and as I did, his cock pulsed again. I ‘hugged his cock’ with my vagina several more times, attempting to milk every drop of his sperm into my womb. I wanted to savor this moment a bit longer. I was a very content lady right now.

As he pulsed inside of me, Curtis replied, “God, you are a sexy woman.” He stroked in and out of me a half a dozen more times before slowly withdrawing.

His withdrawal made my pussy feel suddenly vacant and empty. I could feel how wet and open my vagina was now. My pussy felt very peculiar; my entire vagina, even deep inside of me, felt as though it remained gaped open. I felt 'hollow' inside. Even while I remained bent over, the first strings of his semen begin to slowly ooze out of me. I briefly wondered how long it would take before my vagina would start to return to its normal size and shape.

Chapter Four:

Jim stepped forward and took my free hand as I stood up.

Because my vagina was still gaped open, standing up caused it to spasm a bit; and I felt a sudden rush of semen flow out of me and down my inner thigh. In a reflex action, I pulled my hand free from my husband’s hand and quickly try to capture the flow of Curtis’s sperm rushing out of me before it hits the floor. I caught most of it in my fingers, but some did drip on to the tile at my feet.

I smiled at Curtis and say, “You made quite a deposit inside me…”

I bring the semen to me face, near my nose and inhale the aroma. I love the scent of semen; and both of my men seem to appreciate the fact that I am savoring this very erotic scent. It aroused both of them.

“I like your scent.” I say, inhaling slowly again.

I then rinse my fingers off before allowing my husband to lead me, and Curtis, to our large king sized bed in our bedroom.

With Curtis still chained to me, he was in ‘fast tow’ behind me. Curtis, wearing only his white polo shirt, willingly followed Jim and me; his large black cock swinging proudly in front of him.

Jim looked at Curtis and simply said, “I hope you do not mind, but I need to fuck my wife right now….”

Curtis smiled and replied, “I understand completely. Please enjoy yourself. I think I got her warmed up for you.”

They continued to discuss me in the third person, as though I was not even present. I do not know why this excites me; but it did, and actually it still does.

Jim laid me on my back across the bed; as Curtis, who was still handcuffed to me, climbed on the bed next to me. Jim positioned himself between my thighs and looked at my open vulva and just smiled.

“Jim, he really stretched me out. My god, I don’t know if my pussy will ever be the same.” I said as I looked between my knees at my husband and saw I his erection rigidly straining upward towards the ceiling.

Jim was so hard that his erection looked as though it hurt. Seeing my pussy gaped open like this, with Curtis’s semen slowly draining out of me, obviously aroused Jim.

(The sight of semen slowly leaking from my vagina always arouses Jim. I guess it a very vivid reminder of what he had me do moments before? I am not complaining; but I do not fully understand Jim's reaction to this. If any of the men reading this can explain to me why the sight of my pussy brimming full of another man's semen is so arousing to my husband, I would appreciate you explaining it to me.)

Jim positioned himself between my thighs and started to enter me. “Baby you are so open and wet. I don’t know if you can even feel me. God, your pussy is absolutely sopping wet.” Jim slid right into me with no resistance.

He was right; at first, I could barely feel his girth. Jim is a reasonably well endowed man, but he is much closer to normal size than Curtis. Jim is slightly less than 7 inches long when fully erect. (I would actually say just over 6 inches, but Jim prefers me to report him as ‘just under 7 inches! Who am I to argue, right?) I would guess his girth to be an inch and a half? Honestly, my husband has a very nice cock, and he satisfies me regularly with it. But I was stretched way out of shape right now; and Jim’s erection felt quite small at the moment.

I smiled broadly, and said, “There is a good deal of Curtis’s sperm swimming around in your wife’s womb right now. That’s why your wife’s pussy is so wet and slippery. You are fucking a very well fucked pussy, my dear. You are sliding in and out of Curtis’s semen.”

These words seemed to excite my husband even more. I felt his penis 'pulse' inside me as I reminded him how full I was with another man’s sperm.

This entire scene was so surreal. The man to whom I was handcuffed, and whose semen was filling my tummy and my pussy, was growing erect again as he watched my husband fucking me.

Watching Curtis’s penis grow in a series of throbs and pulses, as Jim fucked me, was fascinating to me. I loved the slow motion demonstration that I was witnessing about how my boss’s anatomy worked. This large, thickly veined penis throbbed back to life in front of my very eyes. It seemed to be a marvel of nature the way it grew and pulsed to attention.

Jim had me on my back, and he slowly raised my legs over his shoulders, placing my feet up by the sides of Jim’s head. I motioned for Curtis to move closer; I wanted to take him in my mouth again as Jim prepared to add his sperm to Curtis’s semen inside my well used vagina.

Curtis climbed up next to my head and I took the dark pink-purple head of his large cock into my mouth. I realized that since moments before, Curtis was buried deep inside my pussy, I was now tasting a combination of his semen and my own vaginal juices.

I liked the wickedness of the entire situation. I felt so naughty being Jim’s slut and fucking whomever he wanted me to fuck. I loved having two men, and two penises to pleasure me, and entertain me. Yes, I was aroused and quite content.

Curtis’s erection began to grow in my mouth as Jim pounded my pussy. I was aroused, but since I had cum several times already, (once with Curtis’s fingers inside me, and at least twice while Curtis stretched my pussy with his large black boner), I did not expect to cum again from Jim fucking me. Nonetheless, for emotional reasons, I wanted my husband to add his sperm to the cocktail of semen in my pussy. And, if he was up for it, I wanted to make Curtis cum one more time in my mouth.

But I was wrong! Jim’s pounding my pussy, with my legs over his shoulders, coupled with the large black cock in my mouth, was getting me more and more aroused. I started moaning around the head of Curtis’s cock with each plunging thrust of my husband’s cock.

In this position, with my legs high in the air, my heels on the sides of Jim’s head, I could feel the head of my husband’s erect cock striking the front of my vagina with each pounding thrust. I could feel my arousal building thrust by thrust despite the fact that my pussy was still stretched and dilated open from accommodating Curtis’s enormous penis moments before.

Jim had not cum yet tonight. Actually, to the best of my knowledge, my husband had not cum in a few days, so he was more than ready to explode when he finally entered me.

My moans, coupled with Jim’s memory of me being fucked so well and so thoroughly by Curtis while Jim watched, and the fact that Jim’s penetrations were being lubricated by the sperm and semen left behind by my huge black lover, was simply too much for Jim. He simply could not hold back.

I knew from Jim’s quickening pace and from the rigidity of his erection, he was not going to last long. I was right. Jim stiffened, and groaned as he came. I could feel him pulse repeatedly inside me; letting me know that he was adding his sperm to the cocktail of semen already swimming inside me.

Jim collapsed on me, his penis still pulsing in my vagina. I contracted me vagina to squeeze and hug him, encouraging my husband to drain every last drop of his semen into my womb which was already brimming with sperm.

I had never thought of myself as a ‘cum slut’, but tonight, for some reason, the thought of accepting rather large quantities of semen inside me was uniquely appealing.

I was glad I was safely on the pill and did not have to insist my men wear condoms. (I was taking some risk with disease. However, I concluded that Curtis was a clean, respectable and responsible lawyer who I knew from work; so the risk was minimal.)

I was also pleased and flattered that Jim’s excitement got the best of him. It is flattering to think that watching me, and fucking me, aroused my husband beyond his ability to control himself. This did not happen often, but on the rare occasion that it did, I liked the fact that even after 20 years of marriage, I could still arouse my husband to the point of making him lose control; especially if I have already had a climax or two.

After a few minutes of awkward ‘post coital cuddling’ with my husband while he remained in my vagina, Jim dismounted me. I say ‘awkward cuddling’ because as Jim recovered from his orgasm and nuzzled my neck and breasts, I remained handcuffed to my boss and I continued to intermittently suck and kiss Curtis’s dick.

I know, I know, this is not the scene that one typically imagines when they think of ‘post coital cuddling with your spouse’. I never claimed that Jim and I were a typical couple or that we had a typical relationship. I merely claimed that we love each other, and that I adore my husband.

Curtis, having cum twice already, was rock hard, but showed no signs of climaxing as I sucked, licked and teased his large black cock.

Although I had experienced Curtis’s penis twice already tonight, once orally, once vaginally, I was still fascinated and intrigued by its color, texture, length and girth. This was the most impressive male member I had encountered in my 38 years.

Curtis was almost as long as my arm was from my wrist to my elbow, and he was nearly as thick, perhaps even thicker, than my arm just above my wrist. How did I ever fit this monster dick inside my tiny pussy? Taking this huge black cock all the way inside me seemed to defy the laws of physics. Nonetheless, he had been slapping his balls against my ass, he dick buried deep inside me, moments ago!

As Jim dismounted me, Curtis rolled over on his back causing his penis to flop over on to his lower abdomen, making a distinctive slapping sound.

Curtis looked at me with a devilish smile and reached down and held his erect penis straight up from his belly. “Cindy, I think you should climb aboard for another ride on the ‘Curtis express’. I have a first class seat for my favorite lady.”

“Curtis, where do you think you are going to stick that monster?” I asked while continuing to study his penis with keen interest and arousal.

I have to admit, I was tempted to try to mount him again just to prove that the first time was not a dream or a fluke; that I really was capable of handling this much man. However, I also realized that I was going to regret this tomorrow. I was going to be a very, very sore little girl. I had already been stretched once beyond what I thought possible.

Despite the mental gymnastics I was silently doing in my mind, I knew that huge black cock with its interestingly ridged, deep purple-pink head was too damn irresistible, too tempting. I did not know if I would ever get another opportunity like this again. I wanted him inside me again.

Whenever I get aroused, I can feel my pulse very distinctively in my clitoris. My clitoris was pulsing as I grew in arousal right now. I studied the large black snake which was rigidly sticking straight up from Curtis’s tight belly.

Curtis slowly stroked himself up and down, teasing me with the monster sized cock that he was offering me. With each downward stroke, the tiny slit to his urethra would open, as if it were winking at me, beckoning me to come play. I was growing wetter by the minute.

I looked at Jim and asked, “Honey, what do you think I should do?” in as coy a little girl voice as I could muster.

Jim smiled broadly, looked at the huge black cock and then back at me. “I think you should climb aboard the ‘Curtis express’. I think you should ride this until you physically cannot stand it any more. I want to see you take that up inside you again.”

I looked back at Curtis, and studied his erection for another moment before responding to Jim, “OK, if that’s what you want. If you want your sweet innocent little wife to do that, I will do it just for you.”

I knew how absurd that sounded; I was his slut, would accept any man’s semen that Jim instructed me to accept. I was certainly not innocent; however, I really am pretty sweet.

I looked at Jim in amazement. Jim nodded, "Go ahead, baby. Give it a try. See how the head feels inside you in this position."

I climbed over and straddled Curtis. His erection was so large that I had trouble raising up high enough to get the head to my opening.

I took a hold of the massive tool with my free right hand and directed the pulsing head towards my wet and dilated vulva.

I was scared and excited. I wanted to feel him, but I was still apprehensive that I could take his girth or length a second time.

As I touched the cockhead to my opening, I was amazed at how very wet I still was from the deposits of semen inside me and from my own arousal; the head was slippery from cocktail of semen that was slowly leaking from me as I rubbed it across the opening of my vulva.

I felt Curtis arch his hips slightly and the head passed into me about an inch, “Wait, not too fast. Don’t hurt me.” I cautioned as the thick ridge of his head was just past the outer ring of my opening. I felt stretched open and full.

I was trying to adjust to the first few inches which just inside my opening, when I caught our reflection in the large mirror over my dresser. We were quite a sight. The contrast of my tiny white frame astride his dark black muscular one was stark.

With approximately 2 inches of his erection inside my vaginal opening, the huge 7 inches of thick cock that remained outside my pussy and looked sexy and scary. The head throbbed inside me as I waited to adjust again to its girth. The scene was more erotic than any pornography I had ever seen.

I raised up a bit and tried to lower myself down further; a loud gasp escaped my lips as I felt my uterus being wedged open and stretched wide again. Despite having had him inside me earlier, I still needed time to adjust to the massive length and thickness.

I tried to lower myself down on him further, but for some reason it seemed more painful than the previous time he penetrated me. He felt bigger, or I was not as dilated.

Regardless, I was struggling to lower myself down on this massive erect penis. I only had about three inches in me, but it was stretching me too far and too fast.

I looked at Jim, “I don’t think I can do this. He’s just too big.” I was almost crying. It was actually more painful than I was expecting. I wondered if it was our position with me on top of him that was causing the problem with me taking him inside of me.

Jim came over and stood by my side next to the bed. He leaned over and kissed me. With Curtis’s cock partially in me, and said, “You can do this baby, just work it slowly. Just relax and go slowly. You did this earlier. Just relax.” He gently pushed my shoulders, forcing me down slightly, forcing Curtis further into my tight pussy.

The pressure my husband placed on my shoulders forced me down about an inch further onto Curtis rigid shaft. Instantly, I felt a spike of pain shoot up through my core as the large head wedged further into me, suddenly prying my womb open. I yelped, “Oh shit, fuck, it hurts…stop….don’t push…it hurts too much…I can’t do it. “

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes from the sudden and unexpected pain. With this huge dick stretching me to the point of pain, I started to cry a little. I wanted to give up; I wanted to abandon my plan of fucking Curtis again.

Curtis said, “Cindy, don’t move….let yourself adjust to it right there. Give yourself a chance to adjust and to open up. Just hold still….”

I held myself motionless, nearly half of his large penis inside, and half outside my tightly stretched vagina.

I panted, as I had during child birth, attempting to relax and adjust to the pain. “Hee, hee, hee,…” I panted for a minute or two, as I remembered my Lamaze training. If I could deliver a baby, I could take this huge dick inside me.

I waited hoping that I would dilate further. After 15 or 20 seconds the pain subsided, and was replaced with a sense of fullness that was not unpleasant.

“Are you OK, baby?” Jim asked with obvious concern.

“I think so. I think I’ll be OK. I just need to go slowly.” I said, my voice quaking with a combination of fear (panic actually) and excitement. I did want to do this. I wanted to do it for me, and for both these men.

I so wanted to do this for my husband. I wanted to make him proud of his little slut wife for being able to do this.

I slowly raised myself about two inches and ever so carefully lowered myself down again. I seemed to have gained a half inch or so. I repeated the motion; raising myself up and lowering myself as far as I could without experiencing pain. This time I was sure of it; I had taken him deeper inside me, without the searing pain.

“Oh shit, he’s going into me.” I exclaimed, my voice cracking with excitement. I began to believe I could do this.

I raised and lowered myself slowly, yet again, at Jim’s encouragement, taking myself a half an inch deeper with each cycle. I glanced over and now there was three inches of ‘unused cock’ remaining outside of me; and under my totally stretched pussy.

I felt the huge rigid cockhead deep inside me, pressing firmly against the front wall of my uterus. Squatting astride Curtis like I was, I was forcing his cock into me at a very different angle than when he took me from behind earlier; doggie style. In this position, the head of his cock was forced against my front uterine walls, and this excited me tremendously.

He now had found my ‘g-spot’. I was able to grind down on him and force the pressure into my g-spot. The fullness had aroused me like never before. I knew I was going to cum just like this. There was little question in my mind, I was going to cum soon; I could feel it building inside me.

Jim stood by me (next to the bed) and kissed me as I worked myself deeper and deeper on Curtis’s cock.

Curtis was rocking his hips now, stroking in and out of me, but he was careful not to impale me with too much too quickly. He was obviously used to allowing women to come to grips with his size slowly.

But he was fucking my pussy. As I raised up and pulled most of him out of me, I looked down and could see a thin white coating covering the first seven inches of his shaft, displaying for everyone precisely how much of his cock I had been able to accommodate to this point.

I assumed that the creamy coating was from the semen stored in my pussy coupled with my vaginal juice. The milky white coating was quite distinctive against the deep purple-black color of his large boner. It looked like someone had painted the first seven inches of this thick black cock with a thin coating of heavy cream.

I had never noticed the ‘white cream from my pussy’ on Jim’s cock, or anyone else’s, before. I assumed the dark contrast of Curtis’s skin color made the creamy white semen and my feminine lubrication much more obvious now.

But the fact that the last two to three inches of Curtis’s cock did not display my juice told me precisely how much of this huge penis was being unused; and how much more of Curtis I needed to accommodate if I was going to claim I took him all. The distinctive white creamy line of demarcation was telling me precisely how much of this large black cock I had allowed to penetrate me. This was a very erotic and very arousing sight.

As I pushed down deeper, really trying to take more, I looked to Jim and said, “Honey, he is so far inside me; he is fucking your wife’s womb. He is all the way up to here.” I said as I pointed a couple of inches above my naval.

I did not know precisely how far he was up inside me, but I did know it was further than anyone else had ever been. I also realized that straddling him, with me on top, his erection was attempting even a deeper penetration than he had made earlier from behind.

I loved the feeling of the head of his cock rubbing firmly against the front wall of my womb; arousing my g-spot so deep inside of me.

But I simply could not take him deeper. He was striking against my inner organs, he would not fit. He was deeper inside me in this position. He was too long.

I felt another orgasm building inside of me, and my movements became faster and more dramatic. “Oh baby, I am going cum again on this big black dick. I feel it. Your wife is going cum on her black stud for you.”

And I took Jim’s cock in my hand and started fucking Curtis with a passion, pushing myself down as far as I could, grinding the head of Curtis’s penis deep inside me as I pumped Jim.

Moaning loudly, I came violently, with a large and long series of convulsions rocking my tiny frame. Curtis was pushing up against me with each thrust.

“Oh god, I am cumming. Oh, don’t stop….fuck me hard….oh god….” I said as I pushed down to meet Curtis’s upward thrusts. The head of his cock was buried deep in my abdomen.

As I came, Curtis arched up, fully impaling me, I felt a surge of pain mixed with intense pleasure as his cock pulsed deep inside of me. Curtis’s loins stiffened and his grunts and moans matched mine. I knew he was preparing to cum with me. I could feel his penis throbbing deep inside me, shooting ropes and strings of his sperm into my womb.

My moans of orgasm triggered Jim who started cumming in my fist. I had one of the most earth shattering orgasms of my life. Despite the pain in my womb, I pushed myself down to take as much of him as I could.

I could not stop cumming. Each time I pressed down, forcing his cock up inside me, it triggered another wave of pleasure crashing through my core. I could not’t catch my breath as series after series of orgasms shook me.

I couldn’t seem to stop cumming, but I had to stop, I had to break this incredible string of orgasms that were wracking my body. I was going to pass out.

I released Jim’s cock and fell forward, collapsing on to Curtis’s chest. I felt another smaller string of semen from Jim’s cock strike my back as I lay panting in a heap. Curtis’s large cock still pulsing inside of me. I realized Jim was not completely done ejaculating when I had released his cock from my fist.

I lay across Curtis’s chest panting in a post orgasmic bliss. I was sweating, and panting. I pulled up his shirt slightly and kissed his nipples and chest in gratitude. I was starting to fall in love with my boss. Well not ‘love’ exactly, but a form of deep felt lust and adoration. I loved the way he made me feel.

Kissing his chest, I contracted my vagina and hugged Curtis’s cock which pulsed inside me in response. I love experiencing the slow rhythmic throbbing of a penis as it empties its final few drops of semen inside me after a powerful orgasm. This experience is particularly fulfilling to me; both emotionally and physically as I slowly descend from the bliss of a climax.

My post coital cuddling with Curtis was interrupted though as Jim reminded me of the realities we faced, “I hate to interrupt this beautiful moment you two lovers are experiencing, but Linda should be returning soon. We better start putting ourselves together…” Jim cautioned.

(note to readers: if you did not read chapters 1 & 2, this may not make sense to you.)

“Oh shit you are right. What time is it?” I asked with mild panic.

“It is 10 minutes to midnight. She could be back at any time.” Jim was right. It was approximately a two hour round trip and Linda had left just about 10:00 p.m.

I dismounted my dear friend Curtis, dripping a considerable amount of semen on his belly as his large cock exited my vagina. I took a moment to study it, and saw the white creamy coating covered all but the last 1 1/2 inches. Try as I might, with me on top, I could not take the entire erection inside me. There was some left over for a 'larger woman' than me. I was momentarily sad I had failed. but I banished these thoughts from my mind quickly.

“Good bye, Curtis. I hope you come visit ‘little cindy’ again soon.” I said playfully, revealing to Curtis something few other than my husband know; my pet name for my pussy is ‘little cindy’.

With Curtis and me still chained at the wrist, getting re-dressed was a major chore. Both men had to assist me in putting my one piece bathing suit back on. Very quickly, the gusset of the crotch began to grow dark wet as my pussy began to spasm back into shape and contract slightly, forcing the large cocktail of semen up inside of me to flow out. The darkness was quite noticeable.

“Oh, this will never due. Linda will see this huge stain in the crotch of my bathing suit, and she will now precisely what we have been up to.” I said with adequate concern.

Jim walked over to my dresser, got me a pair of white jogging shorts, and said, “put these on. She will not see the stain leaking out of you.”

I donned my shorts, and helped Curtis step into his shorts and underwear. I leaned over and kissed the head of his cock one last time before dispatching it out of sight to his shorts.

Jim fixed us each drink and we retired to the living room to wait for Linda’s return.

I looked at Curtis and said, “You never did actually pee?”

Curtis smiled and replied, “I know. I still need to, but I think I have to hold it. I do not think we can risk getting caught by Linda now.”

I smiled and nodded in agreement. .

About 20 minutes later, around 12:15 a.m. Linda’s car pulled into the driveway. Jim met her at the door. She had the key in her hand as she entered the living room. She quickly unlocked the cuffs freeing Curtis and me, as she apologized profusely.

Curtis was polite, but he made it clear to Linda that this was a joke gone bad, and she needed to think before pulling a stunt like this again. He then excused himself to visit the restroom.

Linda looked at me in amusement as we all could hear the powerful stream of Curtis forcefully urinating in the toilet immediately off the living room. Curtis peed for a long, long time.

Curtis came out, thanked me for an interesting evening, said it was time he got home, and excused himself. Linda left moments later.

Jim and I then took a long, hot bath together in our over-sized tub, cuddling and relaxing as the memories of this evening were still fresh. I reluctantly washed the remnants of my experience from my vagina and from my breasts.

I wondered what work was going to be like next week?

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