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dangerous game

an old friend tempts me to cheat
I get up to do something, and he comes up behind me. He catches my wrists and pulls me back against him, grinding himself against me. He leans down and scrapes his stubble across the base of my neck, as I shudder with pleasure.

I can see our reflection, and I love the way we look. Him intent and hungry, me abandoned to sensation, the curves of our bodies as we strain toward each other. He drops my wrists, and as one hand slips under my shirt to peak my nipples, the other unhooks the waistband of my jeans.

With my hands free to roam I slide them back and trace the bulge of his erection through the thick denim of his jeans. I can hear him inhale even as his finger unerringly finds its way to my clit. He traces a slow firm circle and I gasp and thrust my hips back against him, hungry for more.

He catches my wrists again and pulls them sharply away. I resist, wanting to touch, but he twists my arms up behind me and pushes me toward the bedroom. I stumble a bit as he releases me but catch myself on the bed.

He bears down on top of me pulling my hands up over my head and stretching my body under him . He kisses my nipples, rasping his stubble against the underside of my breast, then nips lightly and moves to the other one as I gasp and arch.

Frustrated at my inability to reciprocate, I widen my legs and push my mound up against his ridge, as I squirm sideways to escape his grasp. He just laughs and moves up to kiss my mouth. He moves my wrists to one hand so his other hand can roam, twisting and pinching my nipple.

OH! The pain is a sharp spice pushing my excitement higher. I break free and scratch my hands down his back biting his lower lip just hard enough to let him know I'm serious. I wrap my legs around him and with a wrestlers flip I am on top. Smugly I reach down to trap his wrists, as I kiss him the tables have turned. But not for long, he twists to break my grip and grabs my wrists to pull me flat against him. Then he rolls up and pushes me back underneath him. I begin struggling in earnest, putting all my efforts into escape, more and more turned on as he blocks each attempt. Stopping to kiss him or "accidentally" rub against him as I contort and writhe beneath him. He releases my hands to pull off my jeans, and I claw his face and scalp.


He gasps, as he kisses me punishingly hard, biting my lower lip. I laugh softly and unzip his fly, releasing his cock, running my nails over his balls and stroking up his shaft before he catches my hands once more. He repositions himself so his cock is between us, rubbing my belly, his balls pressed hard against my pussy. He uses his forearms to pin my arms fully to the bed, while he leans down to lick and nip at my throat and breasts. He bites into the top of one breast, and I know it will leave a mark for days.

I'm so wet, so turned on. I have been struggling away from him, but he pins me so completely I might as well have been lying still. I wrap my legs around his waist, bringing his cock into full contact with my aching pussy. I slide myself up and down the length of his shaft, feeling him grow slick with my moisture, wanting him inside me so badly. the tip of his cock is rubbing up against my clit and I come in a quick white hot burst of pleasure. I gasp and bite into his shoulder to keep from screaming out. He is poised at my entrance, thrusting slightly but never penetrating. I can hear his ragged breathing. this has him as turned on as it does me.

"Do you want me inside you?"

He murmurs the question as though there is any doubt.

"Oh god yes, but you know we can't"

I moaned, nearly weeping from desire. I reached down and took him in my hand, stroking lightly. He groaned in return pinning my wrists again and kissing me hard, his breath a rough panting with a jagged edge.

"I have to leave NOW. If I stay one minute longer I'll take you, fuck the rules! You couldn't stop me, and you'd love it too. But we both know we'd hate ourselves after"

I couldn't say anything; he was right on all counts. I love my husband, and as much as I want this I can't go beyond the boundaries we have set for playing with others. It would be a betrayal of trust. He looked at me another second, took a deep breath and turned and left. I lay there trembling and aching with desire, wishing....

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