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Dani's Dream Part II

Tony's tongue ran along Dani's slit and I took her right nipple in my mouth
Tony spread Dani's legs and after taking a moment to look at her almost naked pussy lips buried his head between her legs, placed his tongue at the bottom of her pussy and ran it along the slit until he reached her clit. When he reached her clit, he sucked it into his mouth and concentrated on it.

As soon as he took it into his lips I bent down and took her right tit in my hand and the nipple into my lips. As I took her nipple in my mouth she froze and held her breath. She knew we were not alone. I released her nipple and whispered in her ear, "Relax and enjoy, this is what we have talked about."

Tony continued to suck on her clit as he squeezed her ass cheeks. Soon Dani relaxed and started swaying her hips and pushing her mound into Tony's mouth. As this was going on I started working on her tits again. Soon Dani took the towel from her eyes and grabbing it in both hands she placed it in her mouth and screamed into it as Tony brought her to orgasm.

As Dani came down from her climactic high, I pulled the towel away and kissed her. As I pulled away she opened her eyes and looked into my mine. I looked from her to Tony, who was sitting back on his heels now, his face covered with juices, and she followed my gaze. "Dani, this is Tony; Tony, Dani." I introduced them to each other.

They said hello to each other and we all had a little laugh. "Let's go in the house and get better acquainted," I said and we all walked into the house, Dani in front while Tony and I walked behind her taking in the wonderful sight of her naked ass.

Once in the house we talked a bit and had a beer, Tony sitting on the couch and me sitting in our recliner with Dani kneeling next to me while I stroked her hair and shoulders. Finally I told Dani, "Well, I think it is only fair that you get to know Tony as well as he knows you." She looked at me for a few seconds then sitting her beer on the coffee table, crawled over between Tony's legs and taking the buckle of his belt in her hands began working it then his pants open and down.

Once she had Tony's pants down she took the legs of them and pulled them completely off, then his boxers. He was naked from the waist down and then he leaned forward and pulled off his T-shirt. There he sat naked with my nude wife between his legs - what a sight. She then looked over her shoulder at me a minute and then back at Tony. She then took his cock, which had to be nine inches long and so big around Dani couldn't close her hand around it. She started working it up and down in her hands and then as a drop of pre-cum started leaking out she licked it off. She did this time and time again until she finally closed her lips around the head of his dick. The black monster wrapped in her mouth was a sight I will never forget. As this was happening, I was working my cock through my pants.

Dani took as much of Tony's manhood into her mouth as she could which due to it's size was just over half. With her hands she massaged the other part working her hands in time with her head as it bobbed up and down on that big thick black monster. Tony had Dani's head in his hands and was running his fingers through her dark brown hair. Since her hair is cut just at her jaw line, by his working his fingers in it, her hair was kept back enough for me to see her face as she sucked him off.

Soon Tony started moaning and saying, "Oh yea, oh yea," over and over again. I knew he liked what Dani was doing to him. Soon his hips started bucking up to meet her bobbing head and then he said, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I am going to cum." He held Dani's head and raised his ass off the couch bucking his hips. Dani's eyes got wide and she started swallowing fast as he unloaded into her. Her cheeks puffed out with his cum as she tried not to lose any of it. Soon Tony relaxed and fell back onto the couch. As he did his cock slipped from Dani's face and cum dribbled down on to her chin. She wiped it with her finger and sucked it into her mouth. She then pulled herself up, turned to me with a smile and then walked over to where I was sitting and bent down and kissed me.

As she kissed me, her tongue probed my lips and I parted them to let her have access. As soon as my lips parted my eyes flew open and I looked Dani right in the eye as she worked not only her tongue into my mouth but also part of Tony's cum. I thought she had swallowed it all, but to my surprise she held some in her mouth with the intent of giving me my first snowball kiss. After we broke our kiss, she leaned in and whispered in my ear "That is just the start of my fun." Then she turned to Tony and asked, "Are you planning on staying all weekend? God, I hope so."

Dani went to the kitchen and brought us more beer then disappeared into the bathroom. After a few minutes she came back in and had me help her move the coffee table from in front of the couch. With it out of the way, she lay down on the carpet with her pussy pointed at Tony. Tony and I watched as Dani began to finger herself in front of us. Soon her fingering turned into an all out masturbation session. She moved around so that one hand was coming at her pussy from behind and was working fingers from that hand in and out of her gushing pussy. Her other hand was still on her clit. Her hips bouncing all over as she neared orgasm in front of both Tony and myself. As I watched Dani, I glanced up and saw Tony had his cock in his hand and was working the stiff pole up and down as he watched my wanton wife make herself cum.

Dani came with a scream and remained in the position she was in for a minute or two. Then she unwrapped herself and with her legs splayed open looked from Tony's hard cock to his face and said, "That was just the reaction I was looking for. Now that we are both ready, come down here and put that pole inside my pussy and make me beg for more." Wow, she was into this.

Tony knelt down on the floor and Dani pulled her knees up to her chest and grabbed them with her hands pulling them tight against her breast and as far apart as possible. Tony took his cock in his hand and ran the head up and down her slit through her juices that were running from her to help lubricate his giant manhood. He then started to push into Dani, who threw her head back and looked me in eye as she was taken by another man in front of me.

To be continued....

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