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Dani's Dream Part III

He then started to push into Dani, who threw her head back and looked me in eye
He then started to push into Dani, who threw her head back and looked me in eye as she was taken by another man in front of me.

This was how part II ended if you missed it. Hope you enjoy.

Tony slowly slide into Dani's pussy, inch by thick inch of dark black meat disappearing as he stretched my wife further than she had ever been stretched before. She had her feet planted on the floor and was raising her ass to meet him. She wanted him in her! Her eyes were on me the whole time and she was biting her bottom lip as moans of ecstasy escaped her. Soon she dropped her hips just long enough to wrap her legs around Tony's waist, her heels on his ass as she pulled him all the way into her. Her arms around his neck, her head back and a scream of "Fuccccccccck yea."

I stood up and stripped down so I was not the only one with clothes on, and sat back down, slowly pulling on my cock in time with Tony sliding in and out of Dani. Since he had already came once he was able to make this one last. Though Tony was not cumming, Dani was in a constant state of orgasm. I could not really tell if it was one long or several short orgasms, but I knew she was definitely cumming her brains out.

Soon Dani was telling Tony "Fuck me, cum in me, oh fuck me." then she would kiss him for a while, their tongues fighting back and forth and when the broke for air she would repeat "Fuck me, cum in me, oh fuck me." This seemed to go on forever and then Dani told Tony to roll over.

They rolled over and did not break contact. Dani was now on top of Tony and she started riding him. She would come off his cock until it almost slipped out then she would start the slow ride back down until she was sitting on him pubic hair to pubic hair and then she would wiggle her ass some to make sure he was all the way in. As she would come off his cock she would lean over and place her tit in his mouth. And with each time she did it, she would feed him a different tit. Soon Tony told Dani that he was about to cum and she started riding him faster - forgetting about her tits and concentrating on making him cum. Soon he bucked his hips off the floor, reached up and squeezed both of her tits and began to fill her with his load. For her part Dani, started rocking back and forth on his cock and at the same time reached down and fingered her clit. As she came her eyes rolled back then closed as she leaned her head all the way back and began to shake.

After they had both cum, Dani lay forward on Tony's chest, her head on his shoulder and his cock still inside her pussy. For his part, he had one hand around her resting on her back and the other playing with her ass. They laid there catching their breath. As I watched them both cum I realized that I had jacked myself to orgasm as well and had cum all over my hand, my legs, the chair and the floor. I grabbed my shirt and wiped it all up.

After a few minutes Dani rolled off of Tony and spread her legs. She looked at me and said "It's sore, come and kiss it and make it feel better."

I thought for a moment how my "snowball" was not that bad earlier, I got down on my knees and started kissing around her cunt lips. I then worked my way to her clit with my tongue and then with her hands on my head, pushing my face lower, I finally started working my tongue into her as far as it would go. The taste of their combined juices drove me to continue on and soon I had her cumming again and I lapped at her until she pushed me away. By this time I was hard again, and climbed up on her and started pounding her until I spurted my cum inside her.

After that round of sex, we decided to rest for a bit. We all took showers to help restore our energy however none of us dressed. We decided we were hungry and since nobody wanted to cook we decided on pizza so we placed the call. We were sitting around drinking beer and shooting the shit when the driver showed up. It was an overweight kid whose car looked like it was handed down three times, wearing glasses and looked to be about 19 or 20. He also looked like a virgin. As he was walking up, Tony and I talked Dani in to opening the door naked, and if she liked his reaction then she should at least give him head for a tip, telling her he was probably a virgin and might die one if she didn't help him along. She blushed a bit, but said said she would do it.

The kid rang the bell and Dani opened the door with Tony and I watching from where we could see the door. The kids mouth dropped and his eyes went from Dani's breast to her pussy and back. She finally cleared her throat and the kid came out of his trance, sort of. He started sputtering what our order was and the price, but his eyes never made it above her shoulders. She took the pizza from him and invited him in so she could get the money and pay. He stood just inside the door and watched as she walked to the buffet where her wallet was and picked up the money we had set out.

Dani walked back to the young man and stuck the money out. He reached for it, but she held on to it and said "Tell me stud, when was the last time you got laid, and don't lie?"

The kid turned red and stammered "Never."

"Does that mean you have never had a blow job either?" Dani asked.

"No." he replied.

She then squatted down on the balls of her feet and reached under his belly and grabbed his belt. Pulling his pants and underwear down. There she found a small penis. I am talking small, like three inches sticking out. She turned and glanced at me and Tony, smiled and then turned back to Randy and took his cock into her mouth and started sucking. In less than two minutes she had a load of cum shot down her throat and she swallowed it all. Then still squatted she reached into her pussy and got some of her juice on her finger. Then she stood up and waved it under his nose so he could smell her sent and then stuck it in her mouth and told him to suck it. Once that was done, Dani told him to get dressed and get out which he did still not sure what just happened to him.

After he stepped out of the house she closed the door and came to where Tony and I had been watching from. We all talked about she did and ate our pizza and drank our beer. After we ate all we wanted I told Dani I was ready for dessert and we cleared the table. Then Tony and I helped her on the table. I then dived into her pussy and started eating her out as Tony moved to the other side of the table and pulled her head over the side and started feeding her his cock. Soon Dani started moaning and wiggling so much I had to wrap my arms around her thighs and hold her down as she came down all over my face.

Tony pulled out of Dani's mouth and she pulled herself away from my face, rolled over and grabbed Tony's cock and pulled him back to her mouth. "Hold on baby." Tony said as he pulled back out. "I got plans for this bad boy." He then helped Dani off the table and taking her by the hand led her back into the living room where he had her lean over the arm of the couch with her tight tan ass sticking up in the air.

Tony then put his cock back into Dani and started a slow in and out causing her to start shaking her ass back and forth. Tony then reached over and grabbed some lube he had placed on the back of the couch without me or Dani seeing it. He took the lube and started smearing it around her asshole, starting with one finger and then once that one started sliding in easily, he added and second, and when that one slide in easily he added another until he had four fingers closed together in her ass. Again, Dani was in a constant state of orgasm.

Tony then pulled his fingers out of Dani's ass, his cock out of her spread open pussy and started working it into her ass. It took Tony about three minutes to get it worked in all the way and start fucking her with long slow strokes. I moved onto the couch and faced her feeding my cock into her mouth. She took me in, dropped on my cock until her nose was touching my pubic hair. She was a mad woman, sucking me and fucking Tony. After just about five minutes, we all came at the exact same time. Dani swallowed all my load and Tony dumped so much in her ass that when he pulled out, it started running our her ass, along her pussy lips and down on the arm of the couch.

We all fell back exhausted. Finally Dani stood up and grabbed Tony with one hand and me with her other and led us to our bedroom where we all lay on the bed and went to sleep. And when we woke up....

Hoped you enjoyed Dani's dream, I know she did. Please score and comment. Don't forget to read part I and II if you haven't already.

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