Dani's Dream

By TexasDOM

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Dani's dream of a black cock was closer than she thought...
Let me start with telling you Dani is 28, she is 5'8", weighs 135 pounds with an hour glass figure with 36 DD tits on top and a set of hips on the bottom that makes a man's mouth water. She has a nice bubble type ass that looks sensational in or out of a pair of jeans. Her pussy has a "landing strip" right above those lush lips. She is tan all over from nude sunbathing in our back yard. The yard has a privacy fence around it that keeps her from prying eyes. However there has been more than one work crew putting a roof on a house that have seen all her charms. Oh, did I tell you Dani is my wife?

Dani and I like to play a game where we pretend I am a black man working in the neighborhood with a partner and stop by the gate to the back yard. I call out that I am there and looking for a drink of water in the heat. She will cover her head with a towel and tell me to come in and get a drink. I enter the yard and walk over to hose and turn on the water, making small talk to her as we I stare at her nude frame. I change my voice back and forth so I sound like two people and we (I) tell her how much we appreciate the water, and tell her it is about 30 degrees hotter in her back yard.

"You sure are looking good" I tell her as I look at her body with beads of perspiration all over her.

"Thank you" she replies and opens her legs slightly.

I drop the hose and turn off the water then step between her and the sun so my shadow moves across her face. "Does your husband know you let strange men in your back yard while you lay around naked?" I ask her.

"No, but what he don't know wont hurt him." is her reply.

I lean down and grab her nipple and twist causing her to wince and arch her back. Then after I let go and her body relaxes I thrust a finger into her warm pussy without warning. This causes her to arch her back again and then hump per hips up to meet my finger. "You like that don't you bitch?" I ask.


"Then you will really like this." I say, and I grab her legs and push them apart and lower my head to her cunt lips and start eating her sweet pussy like a man eating his last meal. This brings her an orgasm that leaves her shuddering for a couple of minutes after I take my mouth from her. Once she calms down and catches her breath, I take her hand lifting off her the lounger and walk with her into the house.

This is a common fantasy we have and replay over and over again. That is until last week. I had met a man at work and he and I had become friends. After months of becoming close friends, I finally asked Tony if he would like to meet for drinks one day so I could talk with him. He agreed and so I told him where we should meet and then we finished the day.

After work we met at the bar I bought the first round. We made small talk for a bit and then I told him I had a question to ask and I didn't know for sure how to ask.

"Just come out with it dude." He told me.

"Well before I do," I started "I would like you to take a look at something for me."

"Sure." he said.

I pulled a few pictures of Dani out of my pocket. The one on top was of her in a white nightie sheer enough to see her nipples through. The next picture was of her from the waist up and topless, showing her 36DD tits standing tall and with her erect nipples. The next picture was of her completely nude and the last was Dani on the bed with her legs spread and her finger on her clit as she masturbated.

Tony looked at the pictures a couple of times and looked at me and asked "Someone you know?"

"My wife." I said as my hand played with the bottle in my hand and my voice quivered as I spoke.

"So why are you showing them to me? Not that I am complaining, mind you, she is damned hot."

"Because if has always been Dani's dream to have a black man." I explained the game we played out over and over. Then I told him; "I want you to be that black man. That is why I hoped you would like what you saw."

He looked at the pictures again. "Is it your dream too?" he asked without looking up.

"Yes. I want to watch and help you take her."

"When do you want to do this?" He next asked.

"How about this Friday evening after work." I replied and he agreed. I told him I wanted to show up and play out our game and have him go in with me and then he could either drop down and eat her pussy or he could suck on her tits while I did. He then rubbed his crotch and told me he had never done this, but he thought it would be fun. He then put the pictures in his pocket.

That Friday, at noon I called Dani and visited with her a bit. Before I hung up, I told her I heard there were some work crews in the neighborhood and at least one of the crews was black. She giggled and told me she loved me and hung up the phone. I knew she understood what I was telling her.

After work Tony and I took my truck home. Just as we pulled up, I told Tony to not close his door when he got out and I would slide over and get out on the same side so we only closed one door in case Dani could hear it. We got out of the truck and walked to the gate. I peeked through a knot hole in the fence and saw Dani, nude and in the lounger. I motioned for Tony to be quiet and for him to take a look. He looked and then grabbed himself and smiled.

I pushed him back a bit and called out to Dani who told "Us" to come in and get some water as she covered her eyes with her towel. We went about having our conversation about letting strange men see her and her husband knowing. Then I twisted her nipple and fingered her pussy. Then Tony spread her legs and after looking at her near bald pussy for a moment lowered his face into her legs.

To be continued...