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Darli O

Oh, please don't make me do that
Darli O

My wife and I lived in Orange County, California in a nice house, on a corner lot, with a pool in the back yard. She has dark brown hair, brown eyes, was 34C-26-35 and a size 7. She wore really short dresses and skirts that showed off her assets! She was pretty inhibited when it came to sex. I have always enjoyed talking during sex and sort of role playing and fantasizing. I think she really was turned on by this, but felt she had to deny it because of her convictions that it was wrong. It took a long time (a couple of years) before she was more willing to enjoy these sex games. My favorite fantasy was having another man join us and sandwich her. I could just picture her in complete rapture, fully filled with hard cocks, and climaxing continuously, time after time, and I think she was getting into this fantasy too, because she really got so hot when we were making love and I was whispering this in her ear, I was 5'9", black hair, hazel eyes, 165 lbs.

One Friday night, my wife's sister and her husband came over for a BBQ and some drinks. We had a nice dinner and were enjoying drinks and getting buzzed. As the night wore on, my brother-in-law decided to take a dip in the pool. He pulled off his shoes, socks, pants, and shirt and jumped in the pool. Of course, it was pretty cold to be swimming that late at night and he got right out. His under shorts were kind of transparent when wet and my wife and her sister helped him dry off and come in the house to warm up. He put his pants back on and we were sitting around listening to music and drinking. My wife was sitting on the couch, next to my brother-in-law and her sister was too tired to stay up and went to bed. I could see that if I left the room and acted like I was too tired to stay awake, things might just progress towards turning fantasy into reality, so I told my wife I was going to bed because I'd had too much to drink. She said that was fine, she'd come to bed later.

I went to bed and waited, and waited, thinking about what could be happening in the living room and getting very aroused! I figured, surely, that enough time had passed and went into the living room. My wife was sitting next to Mike and had her face turned up to his and they were kissing passionately. One of his hands was on her breasts and the other one was on her leg up under her skirt. One of her hands was behind his head, pulling it to her lips and the other was on his leg apparently I hadn't waited quite long enough. He was startled when he saw me and moved back away from Darli and she moved hurriedly back away from him. I asked what they were doing and Mike said he thought I was in bed with his wife. My wife played innocent and said nothing happened. She actually denied what I had seen with my own two eyes! When we got to bed, I wanted to talk about what had happened while we screwed, but she was still feigning innocence. So I was kissing her and kissing her nipples, nibbling and circling my tongue, working my finger in her pussy, it was so fucking wet! That was a dead giveaway that I really had seen what I thought I'd seen and if only I'd waited another 15 or 20 minutes! I put my lips next to her ear and talked about how exciting it would be if Mike came in and stuffed his big hard dick in her mouth while I was fucking her steamy, wet pussy. She wanted so much to pretend she was upset by this, but her creamy, hot spasming cunt betrayed her.

Darli was very hot and wet and oh so ready. We were completely nude and I was just about to enter her, when Mike comes into the bedroom in his under shorts and says he has to use the bathroom. I wondered why he hadn't used the main bathroom off the hall. Darli had pulled the sheet up over herself and I had rolled off her and was waiting for him to leave. While he was in the bathroom I asked Darli why he would use our bathroom instead of the other one. She said she didn't know. I asked her if she was very hot and she said she was on fire and wanted to be reamed so deep and hard that she'd pass out. So I again mounted her and rammed my dick deep into her hot, quivering, wet pussy. I was stroking hard and deep when the bathroom door opened and Mike came out and just stood there and stared. Darli was whimpering and sighing and pushing up with each hard stroke. I softly asked Darli if she wanted some extra cock to help her out, and she kind of grunted ohhh please don't make me do that, please don't as she had her first orgasm. So, being the kind husband, I called Mike over and asked him if he could handle sloppy seconds with a hot pussy. He had his huge, hard dick out and was stroking it right in front of Darli's face, her eyes were locked on it as he pulled it up and down, smearing the precum over the huge head. This caused Darlene to have another huge orgasm as he said he'd wanted that all night and thought he wouldn't get any. He pulled his shorts off and lay down beside Darli. She reached over and gripped his cock in her hand and turned her head towards him for a kiss. I couldn't hold off any longer, I'd fantasized so many times about this and it was finally coming true. It made me so excited that I just plunged deep and started spewing over and over my hot cream into Darli's hot pulsing pussy till it was squeezing out around my hard cock and running down her ass crack! Ummmm, damn, I'd never cummed that much or that hard in all my life and was certain she was having the same experience,.knowing that she was going to be double dicked soon!!!

Oh,.I kinda rolled over to the side, and Mike took my place pushing his fat dick into my wife's steamy, dripping pussy. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders and plunged his giant dick deep into Darli's wet slurping pussy, she moaned so loud that I had to do something before she woke up his wife. I sat up and moved over to the edge of the bed to see if Darlene would suck my creamy, wet cock while she was being repeatedly skewered by Mike. Damn, she acted like she was starving and my cock was a feast. She swallowed it and sucked on it and licked it until I was hard as a rock, again. Mike sure lasted a long time. I was anxious for another turn and wanted him to hurry. Darli was having multiple climaxes, every few minutes and murmuring and huffing and talking about being reamed by lots of big dicks again and again! I had never heard such things from my sweet, innocent wife before! I was hoping that she would become addicted to being banged like this and we could make it a regular occurrence. Finally, Mike pushed in deep and stiffened up, he was pumping Darli full of his cream and she was shaking all over and having a really big orgasm. I couldn't wait for my second turn!

Mike finally pulled out and I saw his thick jism all over her hot pussy,it was just rolling out and down her ass as she spasmed repeatedly. I had never seen her so hot and willing to do anything! I’m sure if we’d had a dozen guys there she would’ve loved screwing them all! She was a total sex machine right then! I jumped in bed and pulled my wife up and sat her down on my hard prick. She started moving slowly, at first, damn, the heat was tremendous surrounding my dick, then picked up speed. She was sopping wet and was soaking me as all kinds of juice dribbled out of her hot snatch. Mike stood at the side of the bed and pulled her willing head over to his wet creamy dick and she swallowed it and worked her mouth around it. That made me even hotter watching her lips stretched around my brother-in-law’s big rod. She managed to do that while riding me wildly and having more orgasms than I imagined were ever possible. She was almost continuously quivering and releasing juice on my hard dick. It made me so hot, seeing Mike's fat wet cock sliding in and out of Darli's hungry lips and her cheeks going in and out as she sucked and licked. This brought me over the edge and I filled her up again, I was really tired then and rolled off to the side to watch her sucking that big fat cock. Soon, Mike was spurting and grunting again and again as my wife sucked and milked his big dick. She had cream running down the sides of her mouth and dripping down onto her tits and Mike's face was so red and sweaty! She let his cock slide out of her mouth. It was soft and kind of shriveled up and he said goodnight and picked up his under shorts and went off to bed. My wife and I relived that adventure many times as we had hot sweaty sex.

It was too bad we didn’t get to double penetrate Darli that night. It would’ve really added to the sexiness and she probably would’ve passed out from creaming so hard! That was my only regret that night. I think, from the way Darli reacts when I talk to her about it, that she would’ve really enjoyed it too! She gets really hot and wet when I talk about it in her ear while we’re fucking. Unfortunately, we moved before we could repeat it with Mike. I'll tell you about some of our other adventures later, if you're interested. I know you said you wanted to hear it from a woman's point of view, but that's not possible at this time.

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