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Devil in a Red Dress

We met over the phone while I was at work.
It was during an Alaskan summer when I was thirty five that I received a phone call at work. I'd always heard there were very few women in that great state. I'd seen guys talking about in on Opera and other TV magazine type shows. There's a saying in Alaska, "You don't lose your woman in Alaska. You lose your turn."

I'm here to tell you that that is not what I experienced. I was laid more in my eight years there than at any other time. Granted, they were mostly older women, but that's what I liked. This encounter came strictly out of the blue.

I worked composing the daily newspaper. The phone rang and I answered it. There was a woman on the line wanting to know some detail that was in an ad she was running. At the end of the business portion of the call, this woman's voice said, "Do you know you have a very sexy voice over the phone?"

I could feel the hot flush of rushing blood engulfing my face. I was turning red. At the same time my cock was growing hard. After the call, I wrote down her name and number. At home after work, I nervously dialed her number. When she answered, I explained that I was the guy from the paper and that I was anxious about the remark she made, and wanted to know if she'd like to meet for a cocktail.

In a lower voice she explained that she would love to, but she was a married woman. She also lived sixty miles away. She asked my age, then she added, "And I'm twelve years older than you."

I told her the only problem I saw was the sixty miles separating us. She told me to call back in a day or so and she'd figure something out.

The next night I called her and a man's voice answered. I cleared my throat and asked for his wife. He got her on the line and I heard her say something about the ad they had in the paper. When he'd left the room, she told me her plan.

She was going to the city to do some business and connect with a girlfriend of hers for an over night visit. I picked a lounge for us to meet at. I told her what I'd be wearing. She told me she'd wear a low cut top so I could see her tattoo of a little devil above her left breast. She also told me how horny she was and how much she wanted to see me.

We had never seen one another, but we both were driven crazy with a desire to fuck the other. I had no idea what she looked like, and told myself that I was going through with this no matter what her appearance was. I was nervous, yet hard in my pants as I sat and waited to see a woman with a devil tat over her breast. Finally I see her.

She had shoulder length brown hair. She was about 5'3" tall with large breasts for her compact frame. She was attractive and had a nice smile. She spotted me at the same time. We both liked what we saw. She sat and we had a drink and made nervous small talk. She told me she had to tell her friend that she was cheating with me. She gave me her friend's name and number. She would be our future contact. I'd call the friend when I wanted to get in touch. She broke the ice first by reaching over and rubbed her hand on my thigh, then between my legs. She could feel my hardness. I explained that I had already rented a motel room that was behind the bar.

We quickly finished our drink and we went hand in hand to room number six at the motel. At the door, she turned and kissed me full on the mouth, giving me her tongue as she did so. Once inside, we both began to disrobe. She got down to just her panties and climbed upon the bed. Finally I stood before her with nothing but a hard on. As I drew close to the bed, she reached out and took hold of my stiff rod with her hand and jacked me.

She looked up at me, smiled, and ran her tongue around her lips slowly as she pulled on me. I watched as she concentrated on my cock and took me into her mouth. Her mouth, warm and wet sucked me good. She had me groaning with pleasure. One hand at the base of my cock, the other rubbing my balls as she continued sucking my cock. As my thighs began to shake, I pulled away from her luscious mouth. I couldn't let myself cum that soon.

I pushed her back on the bed and knelt over her as I pulled off her panties. I pushed her legs apart and my face went down between her thighs. I began licking her hairy pussy. "Oh yes! Oh yes!" I heard her moan.

Her hands went to my head and grabbed my hair in her fingers as I shoved my tongue up inside of her. She became very wet as I licked and sucked on her. Finding her plump clit with my tongue and playing with it as I sucked on her. My hands reached up and found her firm breasts. They had to be implants. I liked how they felt. My thumb and forefinger found her hard nipples and I rubbed and sqeezed them as I feasted on her goodies.

Then I heard her beg, "Fuck me. Oh, fuck me baby!"

I rose up and climbed atop her, guiding my stiff cock between her love lips and I entered inside of her. She raised up to take my mouth with hers as I slow fucked her. Then she whispered in my ear, "I love being bad with you. I've needed this."

I began thrusting my cock harder into her as she spoke. It felt so good inside of her. Soon we could hear the wet, slapping sound of me slammimg my cock in her wet hole. She raised her legs into the air as I fucked her harder and faster.

Then I pulled out of her. Turned her over and took her from behind. Shoving mysef back inside of her. I leaned over and kissed her bare back as I continued fucking her. Loving every stroke of my manhood violating her. I loved that she was giving me what belonged to another man. That she was letting me give her whatever he wasn't.

Then before I could cum, she pulled away from me, pushed me onto my back and again took my cock into her mouth and began sucking me. I reached out and pulled her around so she was staddling my face and I began licking and sucking her.

I pulled her ass checks apart with my hands and then seeing her asshole, I began licking around it with the tip of my tongue. I felt her jerk as I shoved my tongue into her ass and began ass fucking her with my tongue. She wanted naughty and I was going to damn well give her naughty.

She was sucking on me so fucking good. Oh how I wanted to cum in her mouth. Then I felt the excitement building with in my loins. My hard, throbbing cock burning with desire for her. Then like a gushing oil well, I felt the joy rising up through my cock and the sweet release of my thick, hot cum into her hungry mouth. My hands held her head in case she was going to pull back, but she didn't resist and took my whole load into her mouth.

We would see one another over the next six months about once every two weeks. Then her friend wanted me, but that's another story. 
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