Dirty Weekend, Though Not For Me

By ukmarky

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My weekend fuck up results in my wife getting fucked up...
Our romantic weekend didn’t start so well for my wife and I.

On the Friday night after checking in to the hotel I had booked, she seemed pretty pissed off that the hotel wasn’t as fancy as I had led her to believe. ‘Boutique’ is what it had said in the info. ‘Grotty’ is how she described it, ‘Fucking shithole!’ she added.

We went for a meal and spent the evening bickering while deciding that we would try to find another hotel for the Saturday night.

Waking up after a sexless night's sleep, I got to work on the phone but came up with nothing as everywhere was fully booked. After deciding to make the best of it, we went out shopping and made quite a dent on my credit card, trying to make it up to her.

Getting ready for our night out, she looked amazing in the short black dress I had shelled 300 on, some nice black and white patent heels (120). The lingerie (150) was well hidden and she was refusing to give me a peek until later – if she wasn’t still pissed off with me!

We got to the restaurant and they had messed up our booking, which meant that we had no table. Getting a peek at the lingerie was looking ever more doubtful and I knew I had to pull something amazing out of the hat if I was to stand any chance of getting into it!

I could not and we ended up having a shit meal at a grotty restaurant before I got hammered at the bar in the hotel. Telling her that I hadn’t spent all that money to come away for a weekend to be moaned at, I called her ungrateful and stormed off to the room.

I woke up at 1am with a start when I heard a noise. Rolling over, realizing that my wife wasn’t next to me in bed. A little worried, and still a little drunk, I heard noises from the next room through the paper-thin walls. Laughing, talking and banging.

Sleepily, I pulled on my boxers and a t-shirt and went to my door. Knocking on the next room with the intention of asking them to ‘keep it down’ I was rendered speechless when after knocking, the door was pulled open and I was confronted by a well-muscled black man, naked except for a small towel covering his clearly enormous erect cock.

“What do you want?’ he said looking at me. “I’m a bit busy!” I stood rooted to the spot, unable to speak. Beyond him in the room, kneeling on the floor in front of another equally well-muscled black man, helping herself to a mouthful of his cock was my wife!

“Well?” The man said as he started to close the door. Instinctively, I stopped the door closing and stammered, “I was coming to ask you to keep the noise down, but, but, that’s my wife!’ mesmerized by her head bobbing along his clearly very long and very thick dick.

Hearing my voice, she removed him from her mouth, stood and walked to the door. She still looked pretty annoyed with me, but sexy as hell in her stockings, basque and heels.

“Two fucking hours!” she spat, “Two fucking hours I have been trying to call you, knocking on the door, trying to get into our room! These two arrived an hour ago and gave me shelter! They also offered to treat me how I should be treated and I thought well you clearly don’t give a shit, so here I am, about to get the fucking of my life. After the shit weekend you have given me so far, it’s the least I fucking well deserve!”

“Now, if you don’t mind fucking off back to bed, I’m busy! I’ll try to keep the noise down as you requested, but as you can see, these boys are massive, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’m pretty sure when these take turns in my ass, I’ll be screaming the house down! Goodnight.”

As she was talking she reached over to remove the towel from the man who had opened the door and grabbed his cock in her left hand and gently stroked it. The man she had been sucking by the bed had moved, still naked, next to her by the door, she reached down to wank his cock with her right hand.

Stunned by sight of my wife with a massive cock in each hand, I couldn’t help but stare and try to work out how they were going to fit into either of her smooth, tight holes. She couldn’t even get her hand all the way round the monster in her left hand, he must have been eight inches long and while she stroked to dick in her right, he looked not as fat, but certainly longer at around ten inches.

With that, she swiveled, swapped the cocks in her hands and started to lead them back into the room and let the door slowly close.

“Hang on!” I heard a voice say just before the door closed and heard footsteps. The door opened again. Mr Ten was stood there, his cock looking bigger than ever at such close quarters. “He could stay and watch!?” he said looking at his friend and my wife who had in that short space of time, dropped to her knees and was running her tongue up and down the length of his manhood.

Mr Eight nodded his agreement. Looking down at my wife, he asked her what she thought. “You mean, let him sit and watch how real men treat a woman?’ she asked. He laughed and said yes. “Is that what you want to do?” she looked at me and asked. “Would you like to sit over there and watch these two take turns fucking my mouth, licking and fucking my pussy and fingering and fucking my asshole with their big cocks?”

I still couldn’t move or speak, my mouth was too dry and I was rooted to the spot. “I guess not!” Mr Ten said and let the door go. As it closed slowly, I caught a glimpse of my wife pushing her mouth down on Mr Eight’s cock. Just before the door closed, my hand shot out to stop it from locking and without a sound, I squeezed through the door and closed it quietly.

By now, my wife was alternating between the two massive black cocks at her disposal, using her hands, mouth and tongue on them. I couldn’t take my eyes off her while listening to her moan and gag as she got more and more of both lengths down her throat at each attempt.

Abruptly, she stopped and stood, much to the disappointment of the two men. “My turn now!” she said, “I’ll get back to that later!” She walked to the bed and kneeled on the edge of it. Looking over her shoulder, she wiggled her ass and invited them over. “Oh, looks like he couldn’t help his curiosity after all!” she laughed, noticing me in the shadows in the doorway.

Mr Ten and Mr Eight looked in my direction and laughed. “Don’t be shy!” Mr Ten teased, “Come and sit down and enjoy the show!” he added.
Slowly, I walked to the chair that was at the end of the bed. “You can stroke that while we screw your wife if you’d like,” Mr Eight chimed in, pointing at the bulge in my boxers. I was so stunned, that I hadn’t noticed the boner in my pants.

“Not as big as either of you too, that’s for sure!” my wife needlessly muttered. Sitting down, I released my cock from my pants and took it in my hand.

“The only rule is that you are not allowed to cum before us,” added Mr Ten. “Understand?” I nodded my agreement and let go of my dick.

With that, they turned their attention back to my wife. Still on the edge of the bed with her ass in the air, Mr Ten nuzzled his face into her pussy through her panties. “Check out how wet this slut is!” he said, pulling away to peel her panties off and pull them half way down her thighs. Sliding two fingers into her pussy she moaned loudly and breathed out heavily when he began to lick her tight asshole. Groaning and grinding back onto his face, she looked over her shoulder and straight at me. The look of contentment on her face had me reaching for a sly stroke of my cock. The wave of horniness over her had her reaching for Mr Eight’s cock and began stroking it and sucking it, taking it deep into her throat.

Without warning, she collapsed onto the bed as her first orgasm swept over her. Moaning and swearing, Mr Ten still had two fingers pumping in and out of her pussy as it began to subside. She rolled over, letting his hand slip out of her, looked straight at me and breathed, “Which one of these do you want to see in me first?”

Without giving me time to answer Eight had his fat prick resting against the entrance of my wife’s swollen cunt and began teasing her hole with it.

“Be quicker next time. Have a think about who you want to see in my ass first!” she said as he pushed the first two inches into her. Her head fell back onto the bed as he thrust the final six inches into her in one motion. He pulled out quickly and pushed back into her with such force, she gasped for air. “That feels amazing!” I heard her exclaim as she nuzzled into his shoulder. Her legs were in the air in front of me as I watched his black dick stretch her smooth hole to its limit. Each time he pulled her length out of her, I could see it glistening with her juices. He pounded into her for ten minutes before pulling out without warning.

She moaned her disappointment, but smiled obligingly when he ordered her to lick his cock clean.

Mr Ten took his cue and sat on the edge of the bed and instructed my wife to face me and sit on his massive tool. Doing as she was told, she looked me in the eye as she guided his rock hard member into her newly shaved cunt. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he filled her already well-fucked pussy with his dark meat.

She slowly began riding his dick. Breathing heavily and moaning that it felt massive inside her. From where I was sitting it looked to be stretching her pussy as much as Mr Eight’s. I could see her pussy juices coating his thick cock too.

“Do you want to lick her pussy, while I fuck her?” I heard a voice say, snapping me from my trance. With that he picked her up, still impaled on his dick and held her cunt a couple of inches from my face. I licked her slit and could feel every movement as he ground his dick into her.

Her moaning was getting louder and louder. Removing himself from her pussy, he put her on the bed and turned her onto her knees. Still wearing the stockings and sexy basque, he told his friend to put his cock in her mouth to “Stop her waking up the entire hotel!” and repositioned himself at the entrance of her pussy and pushed into her again. Mr Eight’s fat cock muffled her screams as Ten gripped her hips and thrust into her hard and fast, snaking his hand around her body to release her tits from her basque. Because she was using her hands for balance, her throat yielded to Eight’s full length, I could see his balls resting on her chin as they spit-roasted her and her eyes looked up at him in amazement at the fact that she was deepthroating such a monster cock.

She pulled her head back and screamed again as another unexpected orgasm swept over her, while Ten continued to pound her pussy. He pulled out and let her fall onto her front, while moving to sit on the bed in front of me.

“Did you have a think?” he said as his friend sat next to him. Behind them lay my wife, stroking her pussy and panting at the fucking she had just received.

“I don’t think either of you will fit, she’s never had a cock in her ass before!” I said. “Is that so?” replied them both at the same time, looking between my wife and I alternately.

She nodded her confirmation before adding, “I’ve always wanted to try it though!” while holding her ass cheeks apart to give us all the perfect view.

“On your knees then!” ordered Mr Eight and she rolled herself onto her front, pushing her ass into the air. He nudged at the entrance of her virgin hole with the fat end of his prick.

“Hang on!” Mr Ten said. “You got her pussy first, so its only fair I should get first go on her ass!” he added.

Seemingly agreeing, Eight stepped aside. Ten nudged his thumb into my wife’s ass, which made her gasp and yelp, before replacing it with the head of his massive prick.

“Take it slowly!” she whispered as he held her hips still and started to push. I could see the first inch disappear into her sweet ass. The blackness of his thick dick contrasting against the milkiness of her skin and the pinkness of her still sopping pussy.

By the time he’d got the first five inches in to her, she was grinding back on to his cock and begging for more. “I feel so full!” she gasped over and over. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Tell your husband where my cock is!” he instructed.

“He’s got his cock in my ass honey,” she called over her shoulder.

“I know,” I replied. “I can see! It's right in front of my face!” I leaned in for a closer look.

Mr Eight had moved around to help himself to a feel of her tits. I turn she pulled his dick towards her mouth and was swirling her tongue around it’s fat end.

Slowly, Ten’s cock disappeared into my wife’s ass until his balls were slapping on her pussy as he slowly pushed in and out of her. She was gasping and swearing quietly until he started picking up the pace.

“Help me lift her,” he asked his friend and together they picked her up off the bed. Again, he carried her towards me. “Lick her cunt, while I fuck her ass!” he ordered and I duly obliged, running my tongue along her sopping clit until she moaned she was coming again. She held my head to her pussy and I could feel his length in her tight hole and felt every thrust he made in to her.

Still standing, he pulled her away from my face and beckoned his friend to move around the front. Mr Eight started rubbing his fat prick along her pussy. She looked genuinely shocked as he supported her legs with his muscled arms and started to nudge his throbbing cock slowly into her pussy. “He’s putting his cock in my cunt!” she gasped. “Even though I’ve got his friend’s cock in my ass!” she added to no one in particular.

Sure enough, he had sunk six inches of his dick into my wife’s pussy. They settled into a bouncing rhythm that resulted in them both going balls-deep into her cunt and ass at the same time. I absent-mindedly commented that she had eighteen inches of dick in her.

“Too right baby,” she replied, “and it feels fucking amazing!!”

After what seemed like an age of them standing in front of me, dping my wife, Mr Ten pulled out of her ass. His cock was glistening with her juices. “Drop down and clean this for me,” he instructed her, which she duly obliged, licking along his manhood to his balls and back again.

“How selfish of me,” Ten said, “I’ve been hogging her ass all this time!” he added while picking her up and lay on the bed, positioning himself at the entrance of her pussy. Pulling her down towards him, he beckoned his friend around the back to help himself to her, now, well stretched puckered hole.

In front of my eyes and for the second time that night I watched a big dicked black man put his cock into my wife’s ass. It seemed to glide in easily and in no time at all they had sunk the full eighteen inches of cock into my wife again. Eight grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back as he pounded her ass. Ten matched his friend’s pace in her pussy and as predicted, she was moaning and screaming the house down. Eight put his hand over her mouth while telling her what a black cock slut she was. She moaned her agreement, encouraging him to fuck her harder and faster.

Pretty soon their dark massive dicks were a blur as they pummeled my wife’s cunt and ass at the same time.

After what seemed like another age of this, Eight groaned that he was cumming. “In my ass!” my wife grunted and without further encouragement he did just that. Pulling out of her, I could see her ass yield what looked like a gallon of cum. Slipping off Ten, she turned around and licked Eight clean at which point he slumped onto the bed spent.

Ten was still rock hard and looked expectantly at her. Telling her to get on her knees in front of me, he proceeded to fuck her mouth as if his life depended on it. Grabbing handfuls of her hair and feeding his length into her throat, he ordered her to rub her swollen pussy which bought her to another shuddering orgasm.

After a few minutes of ferocious face fucking, making her gag on his solid tool, he groaned, held her head still and emptied his balls into her mouth. There was so much it spilled out and dripped down onto her basque. When he pulled out, he was still cumming and shot two or three more jets onto her smiling face.

“Wow!” she said, looking over to me. “I never expected to be fucked like that my whole life!” She couldn’t wipe the slutty smile from her face.

“You must be dying to cum!” Mr Ten said, looking at my near to bursting cock. Nodding, I stood up and told my wife to stay where she was. Fisting my throbbing cock while looking at her cum-stained basque and face, remembering the cum that was probably still oozing from her ass, I fired my load onto her tits in no time at all.

“Well done for sticking to the rules.” Ten laughed as I slumped back onto the chair.

My wife stood up shakily. There was cum dripping down her chin, down her basque and when she disappeared into the bathroom, I could see cum glistening on her ass cheeks and down the backs of her legs.

“Your wife is amazing!” Ten said to me. “You’re a very lucky man!” he added. She came out of the bathroom a bit cleaner and began gathering up her stuff. Slipping her dress over her soaking wet lingerie, she took my hand and led me to the door. Opening it and leading me through it, she told me to wait while she returned to collect something she had forgotten.

She returned a minute later and said, “Go back to the room, I think I’m going to stay in here a while longer!” and slammed the door in my face. I knocked and got no answer, though could hear lots of giggling on the other side!

Admitting defeat, I went back to bed. Looking at my clock I saw it was 3.15am. They had been fucking her for two hours solid! For a while I could hear them talking, then more moaning through the paper walls and after an hour, silence. I drifted off to sleep at around 5am and was woken up by the sound of banging at 9am. Thinking it was the door I went to see, but there was no one there.

Listening carefully, I realized that the banging was rhythmic and coupled with the moans that were accompanying it I guessed that my wife was getting a morning ‘seeing to’ by one or both of her new friends.

Sure enough, it sounded like they were taking turns with her for the next few hours and when she rolled through the door at 3pm covered in cum, she remarked, “Couldn’t let cocks that size go to waste, could I? They’ve already missed two trains otherwise they’d both be in here right now!” With that, she turned around to give me a view of her swollen pussy and ass before disappearing off to the shower!