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Do Me A Favor

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I’ve known Michael a couple of years now – we were colleagues and shared an office. He was my informal mentor, guiding me through the office politics and best practice. Outside the office we’d become close too as he’d introduced me to his circle of friends, often spending Saturday afternoons as a group watching soccer, drinking beer and feasting on snacks. The wives and girlfriends were as much part of the weekend ritual as the guys.

Michael’s wife, Helen, was unconventionally attractive – quite masculine in her manner and looks, short blond hair and very forthright in her opinions. I liked her.

In the office we rarely chatted about women, wives and girlfriends, though I occasionally regaled him with tales of my latest escapades and conquests. He knew I had a preference for short-blonde haired women, as did he – he once told me that the carpet didn’t necessarily always match the drapes, which I found amusing, but that Helen was an exception to that particular rule. I was surprised that he felt able to share such intimate details with me, and also intrigued by it.

The next time we met, I paid slightly more attention to Helen than I may previously have done - chatting, laughing and joking with her. At some point during the afternoon I headed to the bathroom just as Helen was coming out and I was acutely aware that her nipples were poking through the material of her t-shirt – she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra (I hadn’t noticed this earlier) – and they were huge. She smiled at me as I passed her and went into the bathroom. Something about the brief exchange aroused me and I was semi erect as I took a piss – squeezing my cock as I recalled her nipples, I became hard and furiously pulled myself off to a very quick climax, depositing a thick wad of cum into the toilet. After cleaning up, I returned outside to the rooftop garden and noticed a sly smile from Helen, who was now clearly wearing a bra. Very strange.

Two weeks later at a similar gathering, we were again outside on the rooftop – it was a beautiful summer’s day. Helen was again wearing a fitted t-shirt and a relatively short skirt. At some point during the afternoon, she was sat directly opposite me, next to Michael, on a low bench lounger – I glanced across chatting and she unmistakably spread her legs a little wider, giving me a clear view of her pussy. I did a double take to make sure I wasn’t imagining this and to check no one else could see what I could see.

It was a beautiful sight – trimmed sandy blonde pubic hair, framed the biggest labia I had ever seen. It only lasted for a few seconds, before her knees drew together and she gave me the dirtiest smile I had ever seen. The eroticism of the moment was exacerbated by the fact that she was sat next to her husband and surrounded by a group of friends who all seemed blissfully unaware of what had just happened. I struggled to cover up my obvious excitement and not to blush, before excusing myself to the bathroom. This time there was no slow build-up, my arousal too great, I pumped my cock hard and fast exploding with a grunt as I recalled her beautiful pussy and dirty, dirty grin.

In the ensuing week, I thought about it often bringing myself to a climax at every opportunity. I dared not broach the subject with Michael and he never mentioned anything. Then on Friday as we made plans for the following days gathering, he interjected the conversation with four simple words “do me a favor” - the words hung in the air as he looked at me meaningfully, with an expressive pause, before asking me to pick up a case of our favorite beer. It was a surreal moment.

The next day, we gathered as usual – the women had laid on a lovely spread, which we tucked into enthusiastically. At some point Helen turned to Michael and said she needed to head back to their condo and collect the cake she had made from their fridge, that she might need a hand. Michael asked me directly if I minded giving her a hand.

As we walked back together we chatted fairly nonchalantly about things, she asked me about work and I reciprocated. I was unsure about what was really happening and didn’t want to say the wrong thing, though I was obviously thinking about the previous recent occurrences.

This all changed dramatically when we entered the condo. We headed straight for the kitchen, Helen telling me she needed to get something from a cupboard – she bent over as she reached down, her skirt riding up exposing her panty clad arse and the outline of her clearly visible cunt lips. My cock sprung to attention, straining through my briefs and tenting my shorts. She turned round with that dirty smile and said in a very husky voice, “You like what you see.” – it was a statement not a question.

In that second I was on her, we groped for one another, kissing forcefully, tongues exploring, teeth clashing, fluids being exchanged. She grasped my hot throbbing cock, pulling it free from the confines of my clothing, as I roughly kneaded her ass and fingered her brown hole with a finger. This was hot, this was dirty, and this was pure lust. I grabbed at her panties noting the damp, creamy deposit on the gusset as I pulled them down over her long sexy legs.

She pulled my cock towards her exposed sex, rubbing the tip of my glistening glans over het clit spreading those huge labia, feeding my meat into her hungry cunt. The sight of her lips wrapping around my girth sent me wild and I thrust hard into her, as she emitted a low groan, two more forceful thrusts and she screamed out, cumming hard as I feel the muscles contracting around my girth – this sent me over the edge, my cock twitched sending an explosion of thick, hot cum deep into her slutty cunt. So quick, but so fucking intense!

We quickly recovered our composure. My cock was still rock hard as she pushed me off, popping out of her meaty cunt, globules of semen dripped down her inner thigh. She smiled, “This is just the beginning.” And it was…

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