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Don't Fuck MY Wife

Not just another revenge story
As I exited her bedroom after having fucked Samatha three times to finally render her comatose, the most serene feeling of my life washed over me like a gentle wave in the Caribbean. All that was left was the complete humiliation of that asshole that started me on my quest.

Sorry, I was just thinking back on one of the most satisfying experiences of my life, and I know that you have no idea what I’m talking about, so let me give you the background before I relate my tale.

At the time this story started, I (my name is Jeremy) was thirty two years old. I had been married to a wonderful woman named Claire, two years my junior, for five years, no kids. Claire was (and is) a beautiful young woman. She has a cheery smile, sparkling green eyes, and flowing auburn hair down just past her shoulders. Her Kate Middleton/Duchess of Cambridge nose highlights her beautiful face. She also has a long athletic body with medium sized puffy nipple breasts. She is someone that everyone would consider beautiful.

Claire also has an enormously high libido. I have been fortunate to be the recipient of phenomenal sex with her because of it. If life didn’t otherwise get in the way I do believe that she would fuck me all day every day, and every fuck with her is other-worldly.

Claire also gets high scores on IQ tests and got great grades in school, including difficult mathematics courses in college; but as everyone knows that doesn’t guarantee common sense or a number of other intangibles that allow one to thrive in the real world. If you give Claire a statistics problem she’ll solve it quickly and correctly, but if you ask her to size up someone’s personality she likely will get it wrong.

In other words, Claire had one major fault. She was too anxious to please and way, way too gullible and trusting. I never took advantage of her naivety unlike many of her acquaintances, both male and female, and tried my best to protect her. Of course I couldn’t always protect her because I couldn’t be with her 24/7, especially since my job required me to travel three or four days a month. I especially tried hard to insulate her from guys with immoral agendas.

I’m 6’2” tall, 180 pounds, and while I wasn’t very good in sports requiring high hand-eye coordination I am athletic in track and field sporting events. I have competed in the decathlon in college and even finished fifth at the Olympic trials after my senior year in college. I was almost in as good a shape at thirty two as I was when I graduated college, and still am today.

Even though I don’t consider myself good looking I have been pursued by women my entire life. I don’t know what qualities I have that make women respond to me, and Claire isn’t perceptive enough to offer any insight in that regard. However, I’ve been told by many women that my smile, deferential manner, and body language really make them feel comfortable, respected, and important. Also, in all humility, the women I have had sex with have universally told me that I’m a great fuck.

Claire was about the only woman I had ever dated who didn’t pursue me, which I considered a desirable change and what – besides her beauty – was one of the things that first attracted me to her. When I got to experience her wonderful personality, and had sex with her, I fell head-over-heels in love with her, and still am today.

One of many guys who had an evil agenda that I tried to protect Claire from was her boss’ boss, Clayton Morris. He was 45 with salt and pepper hair, a little taller and more muscular than I am but not nearly in as good a shape, and a wise ass. He seemed to always be sniffing Claire’s ass.

My problem that I needed to remedy started when I was on a four day trip in May, 2011. I called Claire on a Thursday night and couldn’t get a hold of her. When I called her Friday late afternoon just before I boarded my plane on my way home she didn’t have any real explanation about why I couldn’t get a hold of her Thursday night – people who are as trusting as Claire is are poor liars.

I could tell that there was something bothering Claire when she picked me up at the airport, and on the drive home. I asked her if there was something wrong, and she denied it. Then she made an obvious effort to “act normal.” Usually when I get back home after a trip, we fuck each other’s brains out, but for one of only a handful of times in our entire married life, she didn’t respond to my advances and said she was feeling poorly. I did snuggle her the entire night, although I could tell that she didn’t sleep well, and in turn, that meant that I didn’t sleep well. Even with an almost sleepless night, I didn’t come up with a really good way to find out what was bothering her.

On Saturday, we played golf together, and ate lunch with two of Claire’s female friends. After lunch I got each of them alone, and asked if they knew what was bothering Claire. They both confirmed that they sensed that something was wrong, but neither one had any clue what it was.

When we got home after lunch, Claire showered while I puttered around the garden, then I showered. As I exited the bathroom I found her sitting on our bed crying. Obviously only the direct approach would work, so with a towel around my waist I sat next to her, held her hands and said, “Claire, what’s wrong? You have to tell me.”

“You’ll hate me forever,” she sobbed.

“Claire, there is very little chance of that,” I replied, “unless you broke my favorite sand wedge,” trying to introduce a little levity into the situation. That didn’t work, as she sobbed harder.

“Please, Claire, tell me; my love for you is deeper than the ocean; but it’s killing me seeing you in pain.”

“I cheated…,” she moaned, then almost fell to the floor in tears.

About the last thing that I expected; but as I told her I truly loved her and unless this was a situation where she had fallen in love with someone else it didn’t mean the end of our relationship.

I let her cry for another minute or so then lifted her up on the bed, gently grabbed her chin and turned her head so that she faced me and as calmly as possible said “Tell me about it; who, where, when and why.”

Apparently my calm demeanor, masking my inner turmoil, allowed her to regain most of her composure within a short time.

“I’m so sorry, I love you so much,” she started out.

“And I love you too Claire; but you need to tell me who, where, when and why.”

“Thursday afternoon Clayton Morris asked if I could do an important special job for him but that it would probably take until 7:30 or 8:00. I said okay, since you were out of town.”

Classic Claire naiveté, telling a pussy-sniffing asshole like Clayton that her husband was out of town, I mused. “Go on,” I earnestly said, squeezing her hands.

“He told me that I did a great job and that it really helped the company; several times he rubbed my shoulders when I was working and I should have told him flat out to stop, but I didn’t, I don’t know why, maybe because he’s my boss’ boss. Anyway, he said since you were out of town he’d treat me to dinner.”

Poor clueless Claire , I thought.

“Well at dinner the wine was really good, and he was very nice, and I had way too much to drink, a lot more than he did. He said I was in no condition to drive and that he’d let me sleep in the condo that the company owns in the building next to our office, so he drove me there and went up with me on the elevator.”

Even less sophisticated than I imagined rolled through my brain.

“Well, when we got up to the condo, he got real aggressive and I tried to push him away, but then he started rubbing my pussy through my clothes, and you know how that makes me feel.”

Yeah, I do, I said to myself, normally three strokes and she’s ready to ride me cowgirl.

“Well, he just wouldn’t stop, and I was feeling so mellow with the wine and all, that I just stopped fighting it. He kept constantly rubbing my pussy as he pulled my panties down and removed my top, and the next thing I knew he had bent me over a chair and stuck me with his cock.”

That’s when I gulped really hard and she started sobbing again. I continued to maintain my composure, squeezing a hand and stroking the side of her face. She finally continued.

“I’m so sorry, but it felt good and I started banging back and squeezing his cock with my pussy, and he unloaded inside me. After that, he removed the rest of my clothes and we went to sleep in the condo bed.”

Inwardly I was really agitated but still was able to appear composed.

“"Then early in the morning I felt my pussy being rubbed again, and my clit being massaged, and I was disoriented. I realized that it was Mr. Morris and not you, but I let him fuck me again, because he made me feel so good. After that I went back to sleep and when I woke up about seven he was gone. I got dressed, drove home, showered and douched, changed, and went in to work hoping to avoid him. Fortunately he had left to go out of town.”

I was stunned; I probably had a blank look on my face.

“I’m so sorry’ I feel so awful’ I hate myself; I love you; please, please forgive me,” were some of the things Claire wailed after collapsing on my lap.

We probably remained in that position for twenty minutes, Claire weeping as she laid across my lap and me instinctively stroking her head and shoulder. I used every ounce of will power I had to not jump up and start screaming at her and throwing things around. I don’t know why but then a sudden tranquility came over me.

A naïve high libido wife is seduced by an unscrupulous evil predatory bastard. Wine, his position as her boss, and circumstances rob her of what little common sense she has. I could understand how it could happen.

Consistent with her personality and what I knew to be her true love for me she had voluntarily told me what had happened and begged forgiveness. I had to think things out but consistent with my love for her I had to tell her that I would eventually forgive her. I lifted her off my lap into a sitting position and looked her in the eye.

“You really are pathetic, Claire. I never cease to be amazed how someone with your intelligence and problem-solving ability can be so fucking stupid when it comes to judging people. I need some time to think so I’m going to leave now and return Sunday morning, but I want you to know that this is NOT – I repeat NOT – the end of our marriage. I love you too much and will eventually forgive you, but I need to work things out because I can’t just forget that it happened. Understand.”

“Yes,” she softly replied, wiping away tears.

“I want you to go to the spa and get a full treatment, massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, the works, but I don’t want you to otherwise leave the house until I get back tomorrow. Order a slapstick comedy on pay per view and have some takeout delivered to you for dinner. Are you willing to do that?”

“I’m willing to do whatever you say.”

“I hope so,” I replied. I kissed her on the forehead then immediately got dressed and left without another word.

I drove to a resort about fifty miles from our house, got a room, went swimming, soaked in the hot tub, and walked around the grounds. The other guests seemed to be very friendly, and a number of women at the pool and in the hot tub in particular initiated conservations with me and seemed very flirtatious, even with their husbands giving them and me dirty looks. I eventually went to my room to be alone with my thoughts, and concentrated hard on evaluating a full range of possible actions on my part.

Of course the first option that came to mind was kicking the shit out of Clayton. Even though he was bigger and more muscular than I was since I was in much better shape and was much more highly motivated the chances were excellent that I would be able to beat him senseless. That would only provide temporary gratification, however, and I’d end up with some pain too, and might end up in jail if I got carried away. No dice!

I could have Claire file a sexual harassment suit against Clayton. That would require her to testify, though, and she simply did not have the personality to carry that off properly and it could end up being a disaster. Even if it eventually worked out I would go through significant pain myself if we pursued that option.

Then it hit me. Use my natural abilities in a way that wouldn’t cause me pain but enormous satisfaction while causing Clayton enormous long-lasting anxiety.

I got home early Sunday morning. Claire rushed up to me and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I’m sure that despite what I had told her she wasn’t sure that she would see me again. After giving her only a perfunctory hug and kisses I gently pushed her away and said “We’ve got to talk.”

I spoke calmly and with the most pleasant tone that I could muster. As I looked her in the eye I said “I have arrived at a plan of action. I hope that you will agree to it. If you do we eventually will be back to where we were when I left on my trip Tuesday. I’ll forgive you completely and unequivocally and what happened Thursday will have no effect whatsoever on our relationship.”

“Yes, please, anything,” Claire whined.

“Wait and hear me out before you agree to anything,” I chided.

“OK,” she demurely responded.

“You never go back to work at that place. You send a fax to your boss resigning, copying Clayton Morris, saying that they need to waive your two week notice requirement, pay you everything you’re entitled to and provide honest recommendations to other employers, concluding with ‘I hope that this will be acceptable because otherwise my employment termination will be very, very unpleasant.’”

“OK,” Claire replied, wide-eyed.

“There will be some times probably over the next year that I will not be home without a good reason; it will be because I am doing something to exact revenge on Morris without demanding that you file a sexual harassment suit. You cannot question me about it, and I will never provide an explanation. Agreed?”

“Yes,” Claire answered, even more wide-eyed.

“You will make every effort to put this behind you but will learn a valuable lesson from it and if anything even the least bit suspicious comes up in the future you will call me and not do anything until after you have talked to me.”

“Of course; I have learned something, Jeremy, I promise.”

“Great, now let’s go out to brunch and then take in a baseball game.”

With that I stood up, gave her a real hug that she reciprocated and that lasted a good five minutes, we got dressed and were off.

That night when we got back from the baseball game I stripped her, mauled her in the shower, and then attacked her in bed. With every digit, my lips, and tongue I worked her into a frenzy by manipulating her pussy lips, sucking on her clit, and tongue fucking her cunt. After her first orgasm I put on a G-spot “lust finger” and went after her most sensitive body part. Claire had the most sensual G-spot, by far, of any woman I had ever had sex with. I had used this “accessory” on her only once before and within seconds she had an earth-shattering orgasm; her pussy contracted so violently that it almost broke my middle finger.

Once Claire came down from her second orgasm I turned her on her hands and knees, buried myself in one thrust, and banged her through another orgasm before I ejaculated one of my all-time loads into her.

I was awakened in the middle of the night by Claire sucking my cock, after which she mounted me and rode me cowgirl harder than she ever had before while I finger fucked her ass. In the morning after we both went to the washroom while I was sitting on the edge of the mattress I pulled her to me, she wrapped her thighs around my torso, I buried my cock in her still soaking wet pussy, and we both undulated our pelvises as energetically as we could resulting in another outrageous simultaneous orgasm.

All of Claire’s co-workers, including her immediate boss, were devastated by her resignation, and it left the company in the lurch since she was one of the most valued employees. Pursuant to my instructions, however, when her immediate boss called and begged to know why she told him “The reason will only come out if my two week notice waiver is not granted and any payment that I am due is not made, or I get less than favorable recommendations.”

I’m sure her immediate boss knew that something was up after being told that, and told by Morris to do as Claire asked, but he wasn’t going to rock the boat. Also pursuant to my instructions Claire didn’t answer the phone when Morris’ number came up on caller ID; he gave up after the third unanswered call.

Since Claire really is a star in statistics, and since her old company followed through with giving her the recommendation she deserved, she had a new job, even with a slight raise, within three weeks. In her new job both her immediate boss and her boss’s boss were women, pleasing me.

I immediately started gathering as much information about Clayton Morris as I could, some helpful, some not, but I wanted a complete picture. He was married with two children, a boy 15, a girl 17; he had a married sister and married brother, and both of his parents were living. All members of the family lived in different suburbs of the same city as we did. Morris belonged to a country club where his wife was social chairman, he golfed most weekends and regularly went on hunting trips. His parents were big contributors to political candidates and often hosted fund raisers, and his sister-in-law was a member of the council in the county that she and his brother lived in.

Morris’ house was in “horse country,” and his family owned two horses that various family members rode. He was the vice-president of the local chamber of commerce, had season tickets to our city’s professional hockey team, and was part owner, with his sister, of a downtown restaurant.

Since part of my plan was to get enjoyment over the next year I was pleased to run across an attractive woman by the name of Julia when playing golf. She and a female friend of hers, and me and a male country club member friend of mine, happened to be at the same course on a relatively crowded day and got together as a foursome. Since Julia and I seemed to be hooking the ball all of the time and our friends both seemed to be slicing after a few holes we switched club bags on the carts and Julia rode with me the rest of the course.

Julia was probably in her early forties and had a few pounds on her hips that I’m sure she didn’t have when she was younger but she had an attractive face, shapely thighs, and big tits. I turned on whatever mysterious charm I have and after we finished playing golf and we had lunch together, sans friends, she seemed to be enamored with me. We made arrangements to meet for a swim the next day.

When we did meet the next day I was pleased that her big tits were natural – there was no mistaking that in the revealing suit that she wore. She was very touchy as we sat by the side of the pool, and got more so as she consumed more mint juleps. When we both needed to get back to our spouses I maneuvered her into a secluded corner and stroked my hands over her arms, “inadvertently” contacting her tits a couple of times. I suggested that the next Saturday morning we go to a public course about fifteen miles out in the country which had beautiful scenery and "play a few holes.” She readily agreed and we kissed goodbye – not a platonic kiss, but one with some tongue.

The next week I went to a motel near the course and rented a room for Friday night and paid for three p.m. checkout on Saturday. Dog that I am I installed a motion and sound activated video camera, with audio, that would record what I hoped to be a hot sex session with Julia.

Things worked out great on Saturday. Julia and I met at a location between our houses on the way to the golf course. She was bubbly and touchy the entire way there, and I was as pleasant, complimentary and gracious as I could be. After we had played nine holes I said “I’m tired of golf today – looking at your spectacular thighs and boobs has really distracted me. Actually, I’d rather engage in some other physical activity.”

With a diabolical smile on her face Julia replied “I’m up for anything.”

I drove us to the motel, went into the office to pretend that I was just checking in, led her into my room and went after her.

I aggressively groped her as I took off all of her clothes. She frantically pulled down my pants like she hadn’t been fucked in months and as soon as she exposed my cock started sucking it like a starving woman would a lollipop. I manipulated her tits while she was sucking me – they were really nice with some sag but firmer than I expected, with extremely sensitive nipples.

Once I was really hard and she was yelping – as much as she could with my cock in her mouth – in pleasure from my nipple manipulation I pulled my cock from her lips, lifted her onto the bed with her ass at the edge of the mattress, stuck her heels on my shoulders and starting fingering her pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet it was, so wet that she wasn’t really interested in much foreplay and started moaning “fuck me, fuck me.”

I fingered her clit for a couple of minutes until she was on the verge of an orgasm and then buried my dick in her anxious cunt with one push. With her heels on my shoulders I squeezed her tits as best I could while whacking her pussy as hard as I could. It wasn’t the tightest pussy – actually it wasn’t tight at all – but it was sensitive and squeezing her tits was really turning me on. Once she started orgasming I blasted a large load of man cream into her, resulting in a banshee scream from her and making me glad that the only other possible motel patrons at the time would be fucking too and pay her no mind.

When we lay cuddling after a more-than-decent fuck I couldn’t help inquiring. “Wow, you really seemed ready. Don’t you get enough at home?”

“My husband doesn’t fuck very well,” she moaned, “not like you stud. That was better than any fuck I had in my married life.”

“How sad for you,” I replied, “because I love your equipment. You deserve to be fucked well, regularly.”

“Maybe you can do the job,” she cooed, “I’d really like to make this a regular activity.”

“Hey, as fun as you are, I have a very demanding and jealous wife. The only reason I could get away was because she is out of town today. Also, once she gets back we will be moving far away within a month – but let’s make today as good as possible.”

“You’re ready for more?” she asked, a little surprised. “I haven’t been fucked twice in a day for decades.”

“I hope you like doggy,” I said with a big grin, then turned her on her hands and knees so that she was facing the hidden camera. I then stroked over her pussy with both my fingers and hard cock, then poked her and started massaging her prodigious tits and banged away.

I was really in a zone and banged her as hard as I ever had any woman in my life and the harder I banged the more she seemed to like it. Since I had already come once I must have whacked her for a good ten minutes, through two of her orgasms, before I felt a rumbling in my balls. I grabbed her shoulders to provide more leverage for my thumping causing her pendulous tits to swing freely and smack into each other. That sound put me over the edge and I blasted her with even more cum than the first time as she collapsed, whimpering.

It took me a while to wake her up from her sex-induced stupor but I got her into a communal shower and we got dressed and were ready to check out by three. After we had pulled out of the parking spot I said “Oh shit, I think I forgot something.” I backed up near our room’s door so that she really couldn’t see me without turning completely around, and so that she had no view through the side view mirror on her side, popped the trunk open to obscure things even more, and then quickly went into the room.

I removed the camera, wrapped it in the towel I had “forgotten,” and put the towel into the trunk.

When we returned to her car, and after I put her clubs in her trunk, she moaned “Are we really not going to see each other again? That was sooo much fun.”

I bit her nose, rubbed her pussy, and cooed “I would love nothing more than to fuck you again, Julia, but I guarantee you that you do not want to run afoul of my wife. I promise to send you a card with my address after we move – who knows, maybe we can hook up again sometime; but if we can’t we’ll always have this great day to remember,” as I French kissed her goodbye.

Of course I wasn’t moving and had not given her my real last name and had put expired license plates from a flea market on my car, so she was not going to be able to find me.

A very acceptable experience, I cackled to myself as I drove home. Pursuant to our agreement Claire didn’t inquire at all about my whereabouts. We had a pleasant dinner and as she was cleaning up the dishes I looked at the video and on low volume listened to the audio of the most intense moments of my doggy fuck of Julia and her comments leading up to it. It came out just like I hoped and so inspired me that I went into the kitchen just as Claire was finishing up, bent her over a kitchen chair, pulled down her panties, stroked her hyper-sensitive pussy lips for a couple of minutes, and then fucked her brains out, one of our best fucks ever! That’s really saying something since we have had scores of super fucks over the years that we have been together.

After my experience with Julia worked out so well I kept my eyes open in future gatherings. I attended a political rally and came across two women who interested me, one a politician the other a stay-at-home mom with a few outside business interests. Both were about the same age as Julia, early to mid-forties, and both had big knockers.

The primarily stay-at-home mom, Cindy, was easy to seduce. Although she didn’t really talk about it she seemed to be ignored by her husband and the rapt attention that I gave her obviously sexually energized her. We had lunch out one day and a few days after that she invited me to lunch at her house. From her low cut outfit – highlighting her best feature, her boobs – she wore when I arrived at her house for “lunch” it was clear that she was ripe for some heavy duty sex.

Even before she served lunch I went to work. I stood in the kitchen facing her, staring into her eyes, and telling her how nice she looked. When I started running a finger over the blouse, no bra underneath, covering a nipple she shuddered. I picked her up, carried her to her living room couch and plopped her down on it. As I was doing that she did nothing but moan and flutter her eyes.

When she was sitting on the couch I straddled her while unbuttoning her blouse and exposing a really nice large pair of tits. Once I played with them for a few minutes, fondling, twisting, and sucking, I dropped to my knees on the floor, pulled her panties off, and dove into her pussy.

It was clear that she had recently shaved and “sweetened” her pussy and considering how wet it was that she was very excited. I sucked, tongued, and fingered her clit and pussy lips until she experienced two mammoth orgasms as she held my head in her hands and whined and squealed. After the second one she was almost limp.

I pulled off my pants and pushed her back on the couch, straddled her and stuck my cock between her tits. With the energy she had remaining she pushed her tits together. I pulled up several handfuls of her pussy juice from her leaking cunt to lubricate her tits, and then started vigorously tit-fucking her. She stuck out her tongue and licked my slit on every forward stroke.

Her boobs had just the right combination of softness and firmness for a nice tit fuck and it wasn’t long before I was spewing cum on her chin. To my pleasant surprise she had another mild orgasm herself – her boobs obviously liked my cock stroking them.

After I cleaned Cindy up she was still lost in a sex-induced stupor so I told her I’d get lunch on the way back to the office and see her again. I had to since it wasn’t realistic to film her in her house.

At the same time that I was bird-dogging Cindy I was doing the same to the politician, Mary, that I had met at the rally. Mary was a little harder to seduce given her schedule, but she seemed to be as “interested” as Cindy was. The two times that I took Mary out to lunch she often “innocently” touched me, and there was plenty of sexual innuendo. I just had to find a way to work something out.

I found out that Mary would be attending a political conference in a city about ninety miles away, far enough that she needed to stay over-night between the two days of the conference, Tuesday and Wednesday. I booked a room in a hotel right next to the one the conference was in and I assumed that she was staying in, got into work early on that Tuesday so that I could leave early, and drove to the hotel and set up my video equipment.

I “just happened” to be in the conference hotel lobby as Mary was exiting a lecture hall where the last Tuesday session of the conference was held. I wanted her to approach me, not me to approach her if I could help it, so I only looked at her out of the corner of my eye. I was very pleased that she did a double take when she saw me and almost immediately excused herself from the two people she was chatting with and came over to me.

“Jeremy, what are you doing here?” Mary asked.

I pretended to be startled when I saw her. “Mary?” I exclaimed then laughingly said “I could ask you the same question, but what a treat it is to see you. You’re looking very smart and professional.”

It wasn’t more than twenty minutes before I had talked her into coming to my hotel for dinner and with a glint in my eye said “Bring your bathing suit so that we can soak in the hot tub afterward, they have a really nice one.”

“I didn’t bring a suit with me,” she said blushing slightly but smiling.

“Then I’ll buy you one – they have a store right there.”

“OK; I’ll meet you at six,” she responded, squeezing my hand good-bye.

At dinner I made sure to order a bottle of Mary’s favorite wine and only pretended to drink it; she was so animated during dinner that she consumed virtually the entire bottle without even realizing it. I also made sure to eat a light dinner since I would shortly need the blood somewhere besides my stomach.

After dinner Mary was pliable and not the least bit apprehensive when I bought her a one piece bathing suit, she changed in the locker room, and we went into the hot tub. The warm water seemed to enhance the effect of the alcohol, causing her to giggle when I started to feel up her tits and push my hand onto her mound in the tub. Fortunately the only other people in the hot tub were only interested in each other and didn’t pay any attention to us.

When after only ten or fifteen minutes in the hot tub I suggested that we get dressed in my room and maybe go out dancing she went right along without even a hint of protest. Hotel bathrobes were available in the locker rooms so we put those on and carried our clothes as we rode up in the elevator to my room.

When we got into my room I could tell that Mary was ready but wanted me to take the lead, which I was happy to do. I threw my clothes on a chair, took hers and threw them on the same chair, yanked off my robe then hers, and then started passionately kissing her while grinding my body into hers.

While Mary had a very ordinary face and enough belly fat for her to have insisted on the one-piece suit that I bought her, she did have a big round ass and large knockers. I was actually ready to fuck her – for the camera – in very short order so I dropped my trunks, exposing my hard-on, and yanked off her suit.

While I don’t dislike bushy cunts hers was a little too hairy for my tastes so I only sucked on her clit for a short time while fingering her pussy. She was very aroused with just a small amount of sucking, however, and climaxed about as fast as any woman I had ever orally stimulated. Even before she came down from her climax I turned her on her hands and knees so that we were both facing the camera, and rammed my cock up her pussy.

She was surprisingly tight and nice to fuck, particularly with her big tits slapping into each other as I banged her hard. I especially liked squeezing her ass because it looked even bigger and rounder now that she was naked, and it had no blotches, pimples or other aesthetically undesirable features. We had a nice almost simultaneous orgasm.

I pulled away the bedspread and blanket and got under the sheets with Mary. I cuddled her while we pillow talked. I occasionally squeezed her ass as we lay there and each time she let out a pleasure moan. I hadn’t had anal in quite some time because Claire didn’t really like it and her pussy was so great there was really no reason for it; but I had a feeling that Mary was an anal artist.

“It seems that your ass is very sensitive, Mary,” I said with a diabolical grin.

“You noticed, huh. It seemed that you liked squeezing it while fucking me.”

“Yeah; actually I’d really like to fuck your ass,” I replied with an even more diabolical grin.

We bantered back and forth for a long time. I started talking dirtier and dirtier to her. At first she pretended like she didn’t like it, but from her sly smile I knew that she did. Finally she got into it when I started fingering her asshole.

Wow, her ass was sensitive; she spasmed when I rimmed it with my finger. I could feel myself getting harder and harder—there was no doubt that I was going to fuck that thing.

After I got her moaning in response to my finger-rimming I quickly got up and got some hand lotion from the bathroom. I slathered the entire mini bottle of lotion onto my cock and her anus, and two of my fingers. I inserted one, then two, fingers, which caused her ass to move around like a Mexican jumping bean, made sure we were both facing the camera again and then buried my cock in one thrust.

She let out a scream that sounded like half pain and half pleasure, but once I started thumping her it was clear that it was all pleasure. I hadn’t remembered ever fucking an asshole that tight or sensitive before, nor one that constantly squirmed and contracted.

Between grunts I kept up a constant chatter about fucking her ass and she started howling “Yeah fuck that thing, pound my ass, yeah shove your cock in deeper, fuck yeah!” Despite the fact that I had fucked her pussy only 45 minutes to an hour before the tightness of her anus and her oral encouragement soon had me blasting a series of cum grenades into her anus causing her to shake like a pom-pom before she collapsed.

Since I didn’t know when or if I’d be getting anal again I fucked her ass a second time about six a.m. giving her an even larger orgasm than the night before.

When we showered together before she went back to her hotel, about 8 a.m., I was shocked by how appreciative she was. She thanked me profusely the entire shower and as she dressed and had the happiest grin imaginable on her face when she kissed me good-bye. I never, ever, had a more grateful sex partner in my life.

As soon as she left I did too and got in to work only an hour late on Wednesday. The encounter with Mary had given me an idea for my next (and last) encounter with Cindy. That very afternoon I called Cindy and asked if we could meet Friday at lunchtime at a motel near her house. She enthusiastically accepted even going so far as to tell me that the oral orgasms I had given her were the best oral orgasms of her life.

When Cindy and I met on Friday she was very anxious to get down to business. I had set the camera up before she arrived and I was raring to go too. I ate her to an orgasm again to warm her up but then immediately turned her onto her hands and knees facing the camera and shoved my cock up her pussy. While her pussy was certainly well lubricated it actually was too sloppy and loose for my tastes ensuring that I would implement my plan.

While continuing to stroke in and out of Cindy’s pussy to her obvious enjoyment I started slathering up her pucker hole with the copious amount of fluid leaking out of her pussy. When I shoved a lubricated finger into her anus she shook, turned her head, and said “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to fuck your ass, Cindy,” I matter-of-factly replied.

“I’ve never been ass-fucked,” she moaned.

“You’ll love it!” I responded.

Cindy whined as I rooted one finger around in her anus, then inserted and rotated a second lubricated finger. Once I thought that she was ready to accommodate my cock I removed it from her pussy, her fluids dripping off of it, and very gently but firmly inserted it into her pucker hole. At first she went “Ohhhhhhhhh,” not sure if she liked it or would get used to it, but by the time that I was fully buried she was relaxed. Since this too, like my last ass-fuck with Mary, might be my last one ever I made sure to enjoy it and was pleased when Cindy orgasmed when I deposited a full charge into her and appreciatively groaned for the camera.

Once Cindy became completely lucid again we showered together. “How did you like your first ass fuck, Cindy?” I asked.

“Wow, it was nice, real nice. I want to show my appreciation.”

“If you do, why don’t you soap up my cock and after you rinse it off suck it?” I replied, jokingly. While I really wasn’t expecting her to do it Cindy dropped to her knees right on the tile shower stall and had cleaned me off, got me hard, and sucked me off within minutes. It felt great.

Once we got dressed and kissed I laid on her the same story that I had told Julia, about my insanely jealous wife and moving away shortly. She almost started crying but I encouraged her to only think about our two wonderful encounters and she had at least a half smile when we parted.

After we both drove away I returned to the motel and retrieved the camera. That afternoon I called Mary and gave her the same line as Cindy. She was obviously disappointed but still expressed gratitude several times during our conversation.

Saturday morning I reviewed the videos of Mary and Cindy. Wow, were they verbally and facially expressive, especially when getting ass-fucked; and there was no doubt in the videos that they were getting ass fucked. Their prodigious tits flopping around truly inspired me to go after Claire that weekend. Saturday and Sunday we fucked like minks achieving four mutual orgasms, and I joyously gave Claire two more oral ones.

While I wasn’t actually developing a taste for older women there was another one I became anxious to fuck. She was in her sixties, likely twenty or more years older than Julia, Mary and Cindy, but she had obviously had a significant amount of work done since her face and body (at least when clothed) were more than decent. I met her at a charity event where at first she seemed gruff, but changed after a mutual conversation with her husband.

While I was talking to her and not seeing any indication that she was responding to my charms her husband approached her. After introductions he said “Millie, honey, I’m not feeling well; can we leave?”

“But they haven’t given out the awards yet nor has the band started playing,” Millie replied.

“Derek,” I said to her husband, “if you need to go I’ll bring Millie home – according to Millie you live only one suburb over from me. That is unless you don’t trust me with her,” I said laughing.

Derek laughed too, although Millie did not. “Thanks, Jeremy, I know that she wants to stay but I really can’t. See you at home, dear,” Derek replied giving Millie a peck on the cheek which she responded coolly to.

“Good-bye, Derek,” she tersely replied.

After Derek left I took a chance that I might be moving too swiftly and put my arms around Millie’s waist and said “Poor guy, he didn’t even notice that I was really attracted to you. I guess he didn’t think a thirty two year old could be attracted to a fifty year old.”

The “fifty year old” comment really broke the ice. Millie was obviously pleased and didn’t correct me.

Millie and I hung out the rest of the evening, and talked to several of her friends in addition to each other. I danced many dances with her including several slow ones where it was clear that she could feel my engorged dick but instead of shying away from it sought it out, even running her hand over it once. Are all older women this easy to seduce? I asked myself.

To be honest with you I didn’t particularly like Millie’s personality. She was not a warm person, opinionated in an obnoxious way, and very self-centered. However her vainness made it even easier to seduce her. When I drove her home she lay her head on my shoulder and softly chirped when I pulled her dress up and squeezed her thigh just above the knee. I was beginning to believe that she might want to fuck that night!

When we got to her house I found out that it was a mansion; it wasn’t really on my way, I just pretended that it was. In actuality my house was a good thirty minutes away, almost on the opposite side of the city from her estate. “Won’t you come in for a night cap?” she asked, more like a command – suiting her personality – than a question.

“Sure,” I enthusiastically replied by now anxious to fuck a sixty-something year old pussy, something I had never done before.

When Millie went up her sweeping spiral staircase to change I went out to my car and got my camera. I found a perfect spot to set it up in their “pool room.” About a minute after I set it up she came back down in a robe, likely with nothing but undergarments on underneath it. “Derek is more passed out than asleep,” she brazenly announced, “I don’t think that I’ll see him before noon tomorrow, and the maid has the weekend off.”

“Does that mean that effectively we’re alone?” I grinned.

“What a naughty question,” was her sly reply. ‘Would you like a drink, Jeremy?”

“Actually, Millie, I thought I saw a pool table in that room over there,” I said pointing to the room the camera was set up. “Can you show it to me?”

“I never go in there, but if you insist,” she replied, turning and walking into the pool room.

I followed her, made a statement by dramatically closing the door and propping a chair against the door knob, and then started disrobing. Millie’s eyes got wide but consistent with her personality she said “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m getting ready to give you the best fuck you’ve had in thirty years,” was my terse reply, the word “years” coming out of my mouth just as my cock sprung out from my boxers.

Her eyes almost popped out of her head as she fixated on my cock. I approached her, grabbed her in my arms and started French kissing her. Her response was passionate, bordering on wild. After we kissed a while as I rubbed my hands over her shoulders, back, and ass and she grabbed my cock with one hand, I unceremoniously yanked the robe off of her.

I knew that Millie was burning with desire but it still surprised me when I found her naked underneath her robe. Never having seen a naked sixty-something body before I don’t know how hers compared to others, but it really wasn’t too bad. I especially liked her very full pussy lips and naturally sparse bush. While her tits were floppy they were big.

I kissed her some more while rubbing her crotch and tits then suddenly turned her around and bent her over the pool table. I had set up the camera above the level of the table and on the side so it would get a good picture of me porking her as well as her face if she turned that way.

While she was bent over and whining I stroked her pussy some more, first with my fingers and then with my dick. I had heard that older women sometimes are dry, but not this one. She was more than moist. Her pussy had probably not been penetrated by a cock in a while since it took a little effort to spear it, but once I was buried Millie’s pussy was clearly happy to receive my cock.

I gave Millie the “increasing frequency” treatment. I started off with nine slow strokes then a fast one, then eight slow strokes and two fast ones, etc. By the time I got to four slow strokes and six fast ones she was shrieking in orgasm, and to my delight, facing the camera. By the time I got to all fast strokes she was into a second orgasm and almost ripping the felt off of the pool table with her fingernails. Once she was halfway into her second orgasm I blasted her pussy with five or six streams of cum giving her a long, loud, continuous orgasm.

When I finally withdrew from Millie she gave out one more loud groan. I rubbed her ass and tits for a few minutes before she came back to life. Since I didn’t really like her personality and considered myself to have done her a favor by fucking her I decided I needed something more.

“Millie, I need you to get on your knees and suck my cock clean.”

“Whhhaat?” she moaned.

“You heard me; didn’t I fuck you good?”

“Oh, yeah, you did.”

“Well, I need my cock cleaned off. I can’t have my wife seeing your pussy juice caked on it, can I?” With that I pushed her down onto her knees and stuck my cock in her face. At first she moaned and moved her head back and forth but then I twisted a nipple. It caused her to open her mouth greedily, and she allowed me to shove my still three-quarters hard cock into it.

After a minute or so of reluctance she got with the program and actually did a decent job of sucking me clean while playing with my balls. When I withdrew and said “Thanks, Millie,” she moaned “You're welcome,” and collapsed onto the floor with a smile on her face. I took that opportunity to pick up my clothes, grab the camera, and exit, without her seeing me.

When I reviewed the video I was a little non-plussed to see how unattractive her body was. Somehow it looked better in the low lights of the pool room and when my cock was stiff. However the video showed the events clearly including her enthusiastically sucking my cock clean.

I was now ready for some teenage ass. I came across Samantha at a local swimming pool, a blond girl who had just turned eighteen. I noticed that she hung out more with girls than boys despite the fact that she had a nice tight, if unspectacular, body and a cute face.

By eavesdropping in on her conversations with her friends I got an idea of her interests, including that she worked at a local bookstore to get a few bucks for college. “I want to get as independent from my Mom and Dad as soon as possible,” she told one friend who asked why she worked since her parents were wealthy. “They can pay for college, but I don’t want to have to ask them for spending money,” Samantha replied.

The next time she worked at the bookstore I went in. It was at a dead time so I struck up a conversation with her about her favorite authors. She was very anxious to talk, and pleasant too, smiling and animated.

We interrupted our talk while she waited on a few other customers from time to time but spent more than an hour chatting. She really seemed to warm up to me. When the owner returned to the store I loudly proclaimed my thanks for her excellent advice and bought more than a hundred dollars’ worth of books and joined the store’s “book club.” She was very pleased. After I left I peeked through the window as the proprietor went up to her and obviously complemented her on her good work causing her to break out in a big smile.

I knew that Samantha would be at the book club Wednesday night so I made sure to read the book and go to it. I sat next to her and we chatted before, during, and after the event. Afterward I said “I think we just touched the surface of that book. Do you have time for coffee on Saturday to discuss it some more?”

“Sure,” she grinned.

“How about 10 A.M. at the coffee shop at Fifth and Vine?”

“I’d love to,” she said.

I met with Samantha several times to chat, and we also went on a picnic together and even roller skating and to an amusement park. By the time that I had known her for a month I was sure that she was ready for sex. When we met one Saturday morning I was blunt.

“Samantha,” I said taking her into my arms in an obscure corner of a park, “I have to be honest with you. I’ve really developed the hots for you. I have no right to want sex with you because as you know I’m married and love my wife, but I can’t help it. You just drive me wild.”

I didn’t expect what happened. She virtually jumped into my arms and planted an enormous French kiss on me. When she finally let me come up for air I said “WOW, you’re even hotter than I thought.”

“Can we go someplace and screw?” she enthusiastically inquired.

Despite what I considered a low probability of success earlier in the day I was prepared. I had rented a local motel room and installed my camera. After asking her “Are you on birth control?” and after she responded “I have the morning after pill,” which she showed to me, I whisked her away.

I kept the conversation light, but erotic, on the way over to the motel. When we got in the room she quickly disrobed with no help from me and I did the same. Despite how fantastic Claire’s body looked I had forgotten how soft and supple a teenage body was, especially hers; my initial opinion that her body was “unspectacular” changed when I saw her in the all-together.

Her pelvis was perfect, her pussy inviting, her tits perky, and her face gorgeous. I got hard as a rock very quickly. However, I did overcome my desire to simply plunge my cock into her small shaved pussy and instead pushed her on the bed and got on my knees and started tonguing and fingering her pussy.

Samantha squeezed her own tits as I worked over her clitoris and pussy lips, and every once in a while I moved a hand up to massage a nipple. She orgasmed quickly. Once she did I stuck a finger up her pussy and went on a quest to find a G-spot. Fortunately she had one and as I abused it she writhed and flopped like a landed Marlin until she screamed in a second orgasm.

To be sure that I got at least one good fuck on video I immediately put her on her hands and knees facing the camera and started burying my cock in her wet chasm. She was so tight that despite how wet she was it took a while to get balls deep.

What a wonderful fuck it was. She banged back the best that her lithe little body could and I timed my whacks to correspond perfectly to her bangs. We were perfectly in sync when she started contracting her pussy muscles and I came inside her. It was a long, intense, draining orgasm causing us both to collapse, me on top of her with my cock still buried.

Samantha was moaning “Oh that feels so fucking, awesome, good,” as I simply softly squealed. When I popped out of her we each felt an electrical charge up our spine. When I lay next to her we both started giggling.

It was a wonderful afternoon as we fucked again in the missionary position and then showered together, touching and massaging each other the entire time.

As we were getting ready to leave I gave her the story about my jealous wife and moving meaning that we couldn’t have a long term relationship. She again surprised me.

“That’s OK, I’m going off to college in two weeks anyway. I was really attracted to you and wanted to be sure to get a really good fuck before college so that I’d know what it’s like, and now I do. Butttt….”

“What?” I asked, smiling.

“Can’t we do it one more time. My parents will be gone Friday and I’ll have our house to myself, no one else around, and no time commitments, and I really want to fuck in my own bed since I never have. Did you get enough pleasure today to do it again?”

“That’s probably the funniest question I’ve ever been asked,” I laughed, since except for sex with Claire this session with Samantha had been the best of my life. “I’ll find a way to make it work,” I said, “What’s your address and when should I meet you.”

I was really excited the next few days. I had sex with Claire Monday through Wednesday while imagining Samantha. That was the best of both worlds because at the time I was more mentally stimulated by Samantha yet I had the benefit of the best body for fucking imaginable in Claire. It was heavenly. Despite being horribly tempted I cleverly avoided sex with Claire Thursday night and Friday morning to be ready for some heavy duty action with Samantha.

I really wanted to video my session with Samantha in her bedroom so I bought a smaller camera, one that I could hide in a fanny pack, and cut a perfect opening in an old fanny pack I had and mounted the camera in it.

It was now late August, 2012, when I arrived at Samantha’s parents’ house exactly on time at 10:30 a.m. on Friday. I cleverly positioned the camera while removing my fanny pack before attacking Samantha. We pleasured each other orally, fucked, and cuddled until 2:00 p.m. and didn’t even get hungry except for each other. By then we were both wiped out; in fact Samantha was comatose, gurgling and smiling but not moving or responding to words. Plus I had some things I really needed to get done at work before the weekend so I picked up my fanny pack and limped out of her room, bowlegged.

This gets me to the first paragraph of my story, where a wonderful serene feeling washed over me. It wasn’t only the incredible sexual experience I had just had. One that was as good as half of the sexual encounters with Claire and much better than any other besides with Claire, but also because all of the ground work for my mission was completed. Only the final act remained.

On September 15, 2012, Claire and I really would be moving. I had gotten a fantastic promotion that would insure no future money worries in a city almost two thousand miles away, one near Claire’s parents. Claire would just do freelance work until we had kids; she was having her IUD removed September 20. We were both excited and the awful incident with Clayton Morris didn’t seem to have any lingering effect on Claire whatsoever.

I put all of my fuck videos from over the last year or so into a single action-packed DVD. The faces, naked bodies, and fuck ecstasy of all of Julia, Cindy, Mary, Millie and Samantha were clearly visible, as were their surroundings, Millie’s pool room and Samantha’s teenager bedroom providing the most dramatic back drops. I also printed out the best, most expressive, frame of the videos for each one of them, including Millie being clearly visible on her knees sucking my cock and fondling my balls.

I couldn’t help but mentally rate my experiences when preparing the highlight DVD. As far as physical enjoyment was concerned I rated the sexual experience with Millie a 2, with Cindy a 5, with each of Julia and Mary a 7, and with Samantha a 9.9. Considering what I was going to do with the DVD emotionally they all were a 10.

I put the DVD and photos in an envelope. I anonymously, and in disguise, went to a local courier’s office and paid cash for a courier to deliver the envelope to Clayton Morris once our plane was in the air on September 15. I included this note in the envelope:

“If I find out that you told anyone about this DVD or these photos they will immediately be posted on numerous Internet sites. Love, Jeremy (Claire’s husband – remember me?).”

As Claire and I flew to our new home holding hands I smiled knowing that the envelope was being delivered to Clayton Morris exactly at that time. My smile was so big that Claire had to ask me about it. “Why the crocodile grin, Jeremy?”

“I love you so much and am so excited about our new life, especially the prospect of children, and I can’t wait to fuck your brains out. Plus, I’ve just successfully concluded revenge on Clayton Morris and that part of our life is gone forever.”

At first the look on Claire’s face was a little quizzical, if not disturbed. I leaned over, kissed her gently several times, and repeated, “Gone forever, never to be mentioned or thought of again.” We both smiled, she lay her head on my shoulder, and fell asleep.

In case you’re confused about how I got revenge on Clayton I guess that I need to clarify something. Julia is Clayton’s wife, Cindy his sister, Mary his sister-in-law, Millie his mother, and Samantha his daughter.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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