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Double Dating My Husband Watched Me Make Love

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My husband likes watching me get felt up


     I'm a paramedic in a small town, but I don't live there.  My home town is over 50 miles away. I like that. It gave me the opportunity to flirt with guys without worrying about gossip etc.

      I'm married, but my husband "Knows  how I am."  and... Sometimes even encourages me.

I'd get home after a 12 hour shift, and he'd glance up from his computer  to ask... "Get hit on tonight babe?"  When I'd say:  "Not tonight hon,  was too busy"  he'd almost sound disappointed. I am so lucky to have a man who isn't psycho about my strange "ways."

     I DO love my husband. Nobody can or will compare, but... I work alongside these hunky Cops and firemen all day and there's a few who merely lay a hand on me and my insides go boingy! Sandy, the dispatcher, used to shake her head at me asking... "What IS it about you that has all  these guys acting like morons whenever your around?"  I really didn't know. Sandy is pretty, has a killer body ( Wears mini dresses and Vee-cut tops showing off her more than ample cleavage at work) and yet poor little B cup moi had all these guys after me. ( Some married.) 

     Yeah, I flirted. But so did Sandy, and she WAY looks better physically than me.  If I got "a thing"  going..It might be I'm always happy? Yep... Terminally giddy.

          Oh?  You want to hear about blowing and fucking, swinging, and 69 stuff?  Be patient, it's coming.

    I'll give you a "teaser" now then. >>>>>>>>  Low lights,plenty of wine> Me, Sandy, my husband and Ritchie my paramedic partner all making out in the same room but..  I was with Ritchie, Sandy was blowing my husband! 

       That night started out innocently enough... It had been a hard day. Sandy was clocking off the same time as our crew. She sighed she really needed a drink. I rarely drink because I have a low tolerance to alcohol, but... Even as I insisted I had to get home, Ritchie lifted me off the floor with his big arms in a way that made me feel defenseless.   "Your coming!" Ritchie insisted. The man has these gorgeous Hazel eyes to die for, and...  I called my husband to tell him I had to work "OT". My shift normally ends at 10:00 P.M. and I felt I should call him when I was still out after 1:00 A.M.>

        "Somebody's been drinking?"  he guessed.

       I was like... "Yikes?"   He knew?  I decided honesty was the way to go. I admitted we were out a a club.

                He laughed..  "So? You, Sandy and Ritchie? A  Menage A Trois?"

            Truth is... Ritchie was behind me rubbing his groin up against my ass, and groping my boobies even as I was speaking to my husband.         


    I hated fibbing to him but.... I said,  "It's not like that.  Ritchie's hot for Sandy but she don't like him the same way and I'm just a distraction for him while he pines for her. 

          I was busily slapping Ritchie's hands out of my top during the conversation though, and truthfully, if I hadn't had a wedding ring on I might have fucked him right there in the hallway of the club because he was driving me insane with clit teasing.

          "Where's Sandy right now?"  my husband asked.

             I laughed...... "Showing leg to a guy old enough to be her father.
He sounded symphathetic, even offering......     "Sandy's a fox. I'd do her."

             Wham!  After three wines my brain gets stoopid?

                    I laughed out...... "Want to do a double date? Sandy's home is like mansion!"

After a long pause, he answered back...  "You serious?"

Serious and pretty drunk.            Sandy and my husband had never met.  He'd seen her a couple of times as he dropped me off at her house,  but never officially met her.  WE concoted a story about him being my In-law cousin and..... Your guessing?   Yep!  I hooked up my husband with big tittied Sandy and my husband got to the club just in time for "Last Dance"  and Sandy did a number on my husband to light up his eyes.    The Woman is a snake in a slow dance. I had Ritchie feeling up my ass while my husband ogled 38D's like a kid seeing candy for the first time.

      "Well! That was interesting?"  He whispered to me as we left the club, headed to Sandy's "Purple Passion Pit."  Sandy's basement is NOT like your ordinary cellar.      There's "Two-seater" lounge chairs,  a magnificent 4000 Watt Chandelier bright enough to blind you, and.....    A Surround-Sound system to rivl most Mall movie places.  Really!

   A few drinks later, The 4000 Watt Chandelier ws emanating probaly 20 watts, and I could barely see Sandy and my husband "Scrunching up" together.

       Me and Ritchie however were kinda under a ceiling light so I sure felt uncomfy as he attempted to pull my top down.

Attempted?  Ooops.  Did!        Whatever my husband and Sandy was or was not doing in their dimly lit area, being felt up topless sure freeked me out some.

         Until...  Ritchie went after my neck and nipples.      I am like spastic then.

Dim as the lights were in their corner, I could still see that Sandy was tugging out my husbands cock and stroking away happily.

          Then he seemed to go over and top of Sandy and I realized......... "I think he's fucking Sandy?"

               Ohh yeah?  I'll show him!"  I thought.  (  Four glasses of wine.)

             Ritchie hardly complained as I unzipped his Jeans and tugged them down.

BOING!  This hugey cock sprung lose and I was fascinated.

           Now, I knew Ritchie had a nice "Bulge."  But....... This was ridiculous?

I actually gasped!         Had to be TEN?  WOW!  Wow!

I was content with the low lighting but..........         As Sandy dropped off what little clothing she was still wearing, I guess she went into a "proud mode"  and hit at the lighting's switch.

 Blam!  4000 Watts of brightness and I'm caught sucking Ritchie's cock!

My husband's eyes seemed focused on Sandy's big boobies.  Duh?

          Bad enough but...  Ritchie's balls literally exploded into my mouth just at that instant. I searched around for paper towels or napkins but was left trying not to splurge Ritchie's cum from my mouth. What a mess?        

I guess my husband hadn't yet cum as.. He picked up Sandy off the lounger and carried her off somewhere. I'm guessing her bedroom.      

           I played with Ritchie's cock and balls for maybe 15 minutes because......  Blowing is fun but...... Don't help my clit much?        

            As I got his cock in me after, I was quite surprised to hear the LOUD moanings from upstairs.        "Guess they're hving a good time?"  Ritchie laughed.

Ohhh yeah??  I  can moan too!!!!!!      And proved it!  I hope my husband heard that!





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