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Dr. Blackwood

Black doctor performs vasectomy on husband and then inpregnates wife
This story is pure fantasy. The names or characters are not based on real people or events.

Lynn and Scott met in college. Lynn was a freshman and Scott a senior. Love blossomed and Scott took Lynn’s virginity before the first year was finished. Birth control pills did not agree with Lynn and she soon became pregnant after a condom slipped off Scott’s small penis.

After a quick marriage, Lynn, like a lot of women, dropped out of college to raise her children. They had two children in rapid succession and even though they were still young, they decided Scott should get a vasectomy to prevent any other surprises.

It was difficult to find a doctor that would perform a vasectomy on a twenty-three year old. Then one of Lynn’s neighborhood friends told her of a doctor close by that would do it. His name was Doctor Blackwood.

At the initial appointment Doctor Blackwood took great interest in Lynn. He wasn’t exactly what they thought a doctor in this predominantly white suburban neighborhood would look like. The doctor was a very dark skinned, and handsome man. They found out he came to America on a student exchange program from Nigeria and decided to stay on a work visa. He was tall and slim and not all that bad to look at, Lynn thought.

He made sure they were both certain they didn’t want more children, then he asked why she couldn’t take birth control and she told him about her reaction to it. They all decided a vasectomy would be the safest method to prevent an unexpected pregnancy.

The procedure was scheduled for Friday afternoon so Scott would not have to miss much work. Lynn set the kids up to spend Friday night with her parents to give Scott a nice quiet evening to recover form surgery. They arrived on time and Lynn waited while the nurse took Scott to the back. Doctor Blackwood came out and sat next to Lynn to ask her about her certainty of not having any more children.

Lynn confessed to the doctor that she had always wanted a large family, but with Scotts work, it just didn’t make sense because he traveled a lot. Doctor Blackwood placed his hand on her thigh, squeezed it and said, “Everything is going to be just fine.”

Scott was in back getting his vitals checked and the nurse told him to remove his clothes from the waist down and lay back on the table. Scott felt slightly embarrassed when he pulled his briefs down. His normally 5-inch dick had shrunk to 2-inches. She proceeded to nonchalantly shave all the pubic hair from around his cock and scrotum. The doctor came in and ordered a shot of Demerol and Thorazine to keep Scott calm.

The procedure was over very quickly and the doctor asked the nurse to go get Lynn so he could explain the post op procedures. Then the doctor helped Scott over to a chair to come out of his drug-induced stupor.

When Lynn walked in and saw Scott sitting in a chair she exclaimed, “Oh my god, is he OK?”

Doctor Blackwood took her hands in his and said, “He’s fine. Every thing went perfectly. I’ve given him a sedative that will keep him calm for a few hours.” He dismissed the nurse and said she could leave for the evening.

He walked Lynn over to the exam table and had Lynn sit down. “Let me explain what you need to know post op. Have him keep ice on the area this evening to help reduce swelling. Scott is going to feel some discomfort over the next few days, but nothing too extreme. There may be a little bleeding at the incision site, which is normal, but f it is more than just a little, bring him back or take him to an urgent care immediately.

"No sex for a few weeks and he must wear a condom until after he’s been checked out in a month or two. He will be back to normal function right away and you should be enjoying vaginal orgasms again soon.”

Lynn was embarrassed to admit, “Oh, I’ve never had a vaginal orgasm. Scott has always finished me off with his tongue or hand after he’s cum.”

This is what doctor Blackwood was waiting to hear. “That is unfortunate Lynn, have you ever been checked out?”

“No. It’s never really been a big deal. Lots of women don’t have vaginal orgasms.”

“Well that may be true, but it doesn’t have to be that way.”

“I’ve been working on a method that will guarantee a woman to have an orgasm during intercourse, barring any medical/physical reason preventing it.”

“Really?” Lynn asked. Her interest peaked. She noticed moisture had begun to build in her pussy with this sexual discussion.

“Yes. It involves a little sensitivity cream and making sure the man is hitting the right spot while he is inside you.”

“If you’re willing, I can give you an exam and make sure everything is OK. Please, remove your clothes.”

Doctor Blackwood turned and began to collect instruments and supplies for the exam. Lynn thought for a moment and then began removing her clothes. She looked at Scott and saw that he was asleep. As each piece of clothing came off and she neatly folded them, she could feel the warmth in her pussy begin to grow. She stepped out of her panties and put them on the pile then climbed onto the table and sat down.

The doctor turned around and was stunned at the beauty sitting on the exam table. Her conservative clothes didn’t do her body justice. After two children, Lynn was curvy in all the right places, which made his cock began to twitch in anticipation.

“I will need to gather some vitals, measurements and test your nervous system first.” The doctor began his routine. He asked Lynn to step on the scale and reach his hand out to help her from her perch and placed his other hand on the small of her back as he guided her to the scale.

His hands were warm compared to the cool air in the room and his touch sent a shiver through her body that made her nipples stiffen. As she stepped on the scale, he let his hand slip down to the crack of her ass before removing it.

“One hundred and thirty five pounds and sixty six inches tall," he said into a small recorder.

He had her stand in front of the table and measured each arm and leg. His hands were slow and purposeful. They gently stroked each limb as he moved the measuring tape over her. He gently spread her legs apart to measure her inseam. Lynn looked down and watched his black hand pull the measuring tape closer to the V between her legs.

She let out a slight gasp as his hand brushed against her moistening vulva. With each measurement he spoke into the recorder.

Next he measured each calf, thigh and hips. When he reached around to grab the tape, she could feel the warmth of his breath on her belly just above the C-section scar. He had her raise her arms and reached around to get the tape. Again, she felt his breath on her chest as he lingered for a moment pretending to struggle to grab the tape.

“Hips: 38 inches. Waist: 30 inches; Chest: 36 inches. Very nice.”

Lynn thought the comment odd, but felt good about the complement.

The doctor took a plastic instrument from the little table and said, “Now I’m going to check your reflexes.”

Every move the doctor made was designed to excite the body. He held her small hand in his and ran the sharp end of the instrument under one arm and then the next. Each made Lynn jump and giggle.

“Normal response.” He smiled and said into the recorder.

Next he ran it down her side under each arm and grazed her breasts. Each nipple stiffened prominently jutting out. The young wife turned a little red as she watched them grow.

He spoke into the recorder he spoke again and continued running the sharp instrument around different spots on her body. When he stroked the point up the inside of her legs, he could smell the intoxicating scent and see the juices beginning to lubricate her pussy.

“Response, normal. Please lay back and try to relax.” He told her.

Lynn nervously laid back and tried to relax. She had never been excited during a medical exam, but she just wanted to relieve the pressure building inside her. The doctor moved a screen over her so she could not see what he was doing below the waist.

“This is to make sure I have a controlled situation and you cannot anticipate sensations, although you won’t need to.”

Then he pulled out the stirrups and gently placed left and then her right foot in each one. He was surprised to see that she still had a small tuft of hair at the top of her pussy mound. So many women completely shave these days. “Scoot down to the edge of the table please.” He asked in a professional tone.

Lynn always hated her OB appointments. Being in such an exposed and precarious position never sat well with her. She heard him take something off the table and waited for the first uncomfortable touch.

He looked over the screen and said, “This is a sensitivity enhancing ointment developed by a leading manufacturer. I will apply it and then begin my examination. This will give it time to work.”

Doctor Blackwood didn’t bother putting on rubber gloves and squirted a generous amount of standard KY jelly onto his thick black fingers. Lynn jumped when she felt the cold lubricant touch her outer pussy. He slowly worked the lube around her pussy lips and gently began inserting a finger into her opening.

Her pussy was still tight since she had C-section deliveries and her husband’s dick was so thin. He was going to enjoy breeding this one.

Lynn bit her lip and closed her eyes as she felt his large index finger slipping inside her and he quickly found the sensitive area just inside her pussy.

“How does that feel?” He asked as he pressed up on her G-Spot.

All Lynn could do was moan in appreciation. She thought to herself that his finger felt as thick and long as Scott’s penis.

The doctor wasn’t in any hurry and slowly rubbed her G-Spot. He began to slide another finger into her tight pussy and began rubbing her clit with his thumb. This was doing the trick on Lynn. Her pussy began to create copious amounts of lubrication. The doctor commented, “Vaginal lubrication normal.”

Doctor Blackwood used his left hand to release his solid eight-inch black baby maker. His full balls swung low ready to pump black sperm into her fertile white womb.

Lynn was moaning in pleasure nearing the point of no return. Her orgasm slowly began to build deeper than she had ever felt. She was ready for more.

The doctor lined up his cock at the entrance of her moist pussy and looked over at Scott, who was still out of it. He almost felt a pang of guilt for what he was about to do, but his lust overcame it.

He slowly pushed the head of his cock into the lovely married woman’s love channel. Her tightness nearly overwhelmed him, but he controlled the instinct to thrust deep into her.

Lynn wondered what large instrument he was using. She whimpered with pain as it entered her, but it quickly became pleasure as her body adjusted to the intrusion. He must be using one of those large dildos she had seen in the adult bookstore. It was grotesque and she wondered why they would make one so large because it never would fit inside a woman.

The good doctor slowly began to ease his member into the tight velvety glove gripping his cock. Lynn’s entire pussy was drawn inward. Every nerve ending received stimulation. He felt the tip of his cock touch her cervix and paused for a moment. Lynn jumped a little having never felt that sensation. A small spasm took her by surprise and focused her entire universe on her pussy.

The doctor only let her enjoy the feeling for a moment and began to pull out. Her entire pussy gripped his cock like a vice and she whimpered with the fear losing the feeling. He looked down and marveled at how tight she held him. When his head reached her opening, he shoved himself back into her. He began to build a steady rhythm pumping in and out.

Lynn unconsciously squeezed her own breast and pinched her nipple. She pushed her nipple to her chest bone, sending a shock directly to her pussy. Has his cock head touched her cervix again, he noticed he still had cock left to get inside her and pushed a little harder. Lynn tilted her hips a little, which allowed him to sink to the balls.

Lynn realized that this was no medical instrument; the doctor was fucking her! Her body stiffened with the initial panic, but she loved the feeling of his cock inside her and began to relax again and enjoy the fullness.

The black doctor's lust was building and he began to thrust with earnest. His cock filled her completely. Her first vaginal orgasm built from deep within her. A series of small spasms at the back of the vaginal wall set off a chain reaction that could not be stopped. The spasms quickly reached her G-Spot and she exploded. She felt like a sexual being for first time in her life.

The spasms of her cunt sent the doctor over the edge. He thrust deep into her and pumped his seed directly into her receptive womb. Lynn could feel jet after jet of hot sperm hitting her cervix.

Lynn looked over at Scott, who was basically drooling on himself. She knew he could see what was going on, but was powerless to stop it.

“See now, you can have a vaginal orgasm.” Doctor Blackwood arrogantly said.

Lynn began to sob a little. A mixture of pleasure, pride and guilt swept over her as the doctor pulled his shrinking cock from her swollen, used vagina. The hot stream of semen that she felt flowing out of her and down the crack of her ass, reminded her that she was not protected. Panic struck her as she realized what that meant. She could be pregnant . . . pregnant with a black child!

Doctor Blackwood watched with pride as his seed puddled on the floor beneath the married white woman. He knew she would never abort his child and he was right. Over the next few months Lynn had to figure out how to explain to her infertile husband that she was pregnant.

The OB/GYN clinic happened to be in the same building as Doctor Blackwood’s office. Over the next few months he enjoyed seeing the lovely white woman and her befuddled husband walk into their appointments. The doctor starred out the window watching them walk in. Her belly had grown large with his black baby and her breasts filled with milk.

His assistant startled him and said, “Doctor Blackwood, your next patient and his wife are here.” His cock twitched in his pant.

“Thank you my dear. Tell them I will be right there.”

Lynn looked up at the window and held her stomach. She wondered what excuse she could use to see the doctor again.

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