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Dylan and I, Part 2 - Yesterday

Tags: sex, cheating
I've been cheating on my husband with Dylan, for over a month now. I've told myself over and over again not to fall for him, but it's harder than I thought. I'm in this for the sex, and I'm fine with Dylan fucking other women; like I mentioned before, it even turns me on a little. I just didn't realize how addicted I've become to his thick nine-inch cock. I fantasize about him a lot, and I've avoided sex with my husband, because quite frankly he can't compare physically.

I know that's horrible to say, but that's where we are. My husband is getting fat, and Dylan is a toned, tight, lean sex machine. But, it's also more than that. Dylan's confidence borders on cockiness and that makes me hornier than anything. That's probably why he's so successful. It reminds me of the last time I was this dirty, when I was in college. I was that girl who was attracted to the alpha dog athletes, even if they weren't the smartest guys around. Dylan is smart too; he's like a total package, but one I can't let myself completely fall for.

This past Saturday, I was at the mall with my husband. By total chance, Dylan happened to be there with a very beautiful, tall black woman. I was startled when I saw him, and I shouldn't have been surprised when he approached us to say hello. My mind was spinning as I introduced him to my husband as a former client, and it turned to curiosity as he introduced us to this woman, named Robin. A twenty second conversation felt like hours, as I stood there with my husband, my lover and who I just knew was one of his lovers. It amounted to meaningless pleasantries, but as we went our separate ways I started wondering about Robin.

As we walked away I was on pins and needles, half expecting my husband to ask something about Dylan. But he never did. I felt a brutal pang of guilt, because he has no idea about the nature of my relationship with him. I know my husband trusts me, and that's what felt awful. Yet my human nature let that slide away. On the drive home I basically tuned out his chit-chat and thought about Robin more and more. She was gorgeous. I started thinking about how she and Dylan fucked, if it was as intense as us.

I didn't feel so much jealous, as maybe possessive. I know that's bad, but I almost felt competitive over his cock. Yet, I was also turned on. I know it sounds weird, but the idea that Dylan could have a beautiful black woman like that got me horny, because it meant he could have any woman he wanted. I thought about it all day Sunday, and then yesterday at work I texted him.

"Thanks for being so cool Saturday, who is Robin BTW?" I wrote.

"Just a friend," Dylan texted back.

Feeling both cheeky and determined to know, I responded with "Friend with benefits?"

"What do you want to hear?" he replied.

I was suddenly concerned he would take it out of context, and called him. We talked for a few minutes and he didn't offer much, but he asked me over to his place after work. I was supposed to meet my husband and son for dinner, and told Dylan that.

"Can't you do that any night?" he asked.

I shouldn't have let it, but his logic started to twist my arm. Again, I began fantasizing about Dylan's body. After all, it had been almost a week since our last encounter. I told him I'd see about coming over and let him know.

"You know where to come," he said.

By the end of the day I was ready to blow off dinner. Working on a young guy named John's back had got me in the mood to see Dylan. I called my husband and told him that I couldn't make it because we were swamped with clients' benefits paperwork. Then I drove straight to Dylan's. It's strange, but I felt out of control but in control.

Dylan answered the door in jeans and a tight cargo button-up. "I'm a little surprised to see you," he said.

"No you're not," I joked.

He offered me a drink and I sat on one of the bar stools by his kitchen counter. We talked for a minute, but he didn't waste any time. "Are you jealous about Robin?" he asked. I told him I wasn't, which is actually true. Then rhetorically I asked him if he was jealous of my husband.

"No," he matter-of-factly answered, as he moved in and began kissing my neck. "I've seen him now."

My head started to spin because I knew where he was going, but I asked what he meant.

"You know what I mean," he responded, gently rubbing my body through my blouse. "He's fat and probably boring."

His words were on one hand terrible, but on the other hand so hot and true. By now Dylan's other hand was between my legs, stroking my thigh. "That's so mean," I gasped, turned on but not really knowing what to say.

"Well, there's winners and losers," was all he said, as began unbuttoning my blouse. His near-arrogance once again made me lose control, and while part of me felt filthy the rest of me went into a sexual frenzy. I tore his shirt off, breaking the buttons to rub my hands all over his thin, Y-shaped frame. He then pulled off my pants and panties and dropped his jeans.

His cock sprang up and snapped off his belly-button tattoo. With me perched on the stool, the corner of the counter was digging into my back but I didn't care. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his back. The height was perfect with him standing in front of me, and like that he was inside me again.

He began fucking me with slow, languid strokes, slowly building his pace. "I can't get enough of you," he blurted out as his hips drove his column into me, stroking my thighs with his hands. I was so wet I could feel my juices pouring down my ass. I moaned his name over and over again as his cadence quickened.

I came hard and fast, my whole body convulsing. I tried to buck up hard into him to feel every inch, but I almost toppled the stool over. Usually Dylan pulls out and comes on my stomach and tits, but this time he came deep inside me. I squealed as I felt the head of his uncircumcised cock flare, and then came a flood of his come. My vagina contracted violently and our fluids flowed out, all over the stool.

I had barely recovered, before he got down on his knees, and with me still on the stool, began eating me out. He gently fingered my soaking snatch and worked my clit with his tongue expertly, not afraid to let the tip of his tongue touch my ass. As he licked hard and rubbed his face all over my area, I came again.

I was feeling confident myself at this point, so I asked him how many times he fucked Robin the other day.

"Just once," Dylan replied.

"Where?" I asked.

When he told me it was on the sofa behind us, I told him I needed to ride him on it. He laid on his back and I straddled him, slowly lowering myself onto his huge rod. I love riding him because it's the tightest it gets, even more than doggy-style. His cock completely fills me, and I can slowly build it up. It hurts a little at first, but it's amazing. I milked it this time, torturing him as I very slowly moved up and down. My nipples were so hard they looked like wine corks. I arched my back as he gently squeezed them, while I purred like a cat. I even turned around and slowly went reverse cowgirl on him, just to prolong his climax.

"Am I better than Robin," I looked back and asked him, torturing myself, as I felt every centimeter of his manhood.

"You might be the best I've ever had," he cried out. Suddenly he bent his knees and sat up, pushing me forward into doggy-style. He then fucked me hard and fast again and the sound of our bodies slapping together was even louder than our moans. I came like that, and with a few more thrusts Dylan groaned "I'm going to fucking come!"

He pulled out and I slithered and spun around onto my back. He came so much, draping his huge load all over me. Seeing his cock explode was incredible, and I absentmindedly began rubbing his warm essence all over my tits, stomach and legs. My whole body was tingling, and my skin suddenly turned a bright pink. We started giggling, and he collapsed on to me.

I stayed for a while to try and catch my breath, but I realized everything with Dylan is so purely sexual that I can't really do that. We showered together and fucked again on the bathroom floor, but even after that, when he was doing guy things like watching a soccer game on TV, I got turned on by him.

This was last night. We also talked about him helping me train for a triathlon. I'm worried, because I think the only physical training we will do will be sexual.

Like I said before, I feel out of control, yet strangely in control.

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