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Eddie and The Hot Tub

A young housewife finds erotic pleasures in her neighbour's hot tub
“Good holiday?” Eddie asked as he handed Kerry a bunch of keys.

“It was lovely, thanks. We really had a great time.” She told him.

“All over tan?” He asked with a twinkle in his eye.

Kerry laughed. She liked Eddie, her next door neighbour. He was a sixty year old retired widower and he had a great sense of humour. He was also trustworthy and whenever they went away they would leave the house keys with him to feed the cat and look after things.

“Just a couple of white bits!” She teased.

“Hmmmm.” He moaned. “You tell your hubby he’s a luck man!” He added.

Kerry smiled. She had no doubt that in his day he would have been quite ladies man. She also suspected that there was still some fuel in the tank even now. “I will.” She told him.

“Oh by the way.” He told her. “The hot tub is now finished. A few of us are having a get together tonight; might even christen it. You are quite welcome to come.”

Eddie had told her that he was having a hot tub installed while they were away. Kerry smiled “You just want to see my tan don’t you?” She joked.

“Damn!” He told her. “You can see right through me can’t you.”

Kerry laughed.

“We will come over for a drink. I will have some wine for you for looking after the house for us.” She told him.

“Now don’t you go wasting your money on me. It was a pleasure doing it and anyway what are neighbours for?”

Kerry thanked him again but insisted that she would buy him some wine.

Later that evening her and Mark went round to Eddie’s with a few bottles of wine. Kerry and Mark had been married just two years but they had live together a couple of years before hand. Mark was an accountant and Kerry was a trainee solicitor and both were twenty four. Their marriage was a happy one but it was still in that honeymoon stage.

Eddie’s small gathering consisted of two other couples who lived in the same Close; both in their middle to late forties. When they bought their house Kerry’s dad had told her that they were making a mistake living in a Close with mainly neighbours older than them but they preferred it that way. Loud parties and lots of kids was not their scene.

Over a few glasses of wine and some snacks they talked about their holiday then after a while Eddie came in the room and announced that the hot tub was fired up and ready. One of the women told him that they not brought any swimming costumes with them and Mark told them that we too hadn’t brought ours.

“Do we need any costumes?” Eddie asked.

Kerry laughed but she could see that he was serious. One of the other men also said that he wasn’t bothered about costumes either.

“You just want to see some naked female flesh!” His wife told him.

“I wasn’t suggesting any funny business.” Eddie told them. “What’s the harm in getting in the hot tub together?”

“Well I would imagine Kerry wouldn’t want three older men seeing her naked!”

“I am sure that she spent most of her holiday on a beach topless.” Eddie said.

“Actually there was a nudist beach near the hotel but Mark didn’t want to go. It wouldn’t have bothered me.” Kerry told them.

“See Margo, youngsters aren’t so prudish nowadays.” Eddie said.

There was silence for a few moments.

“So are we up for it then?” Eddie asked.

Kerry looked at Mark and he just shrugged his shoulders. The rest said nothing. “I’ll lead the way shall I?” Eddie said.

A few minutes later they followed him out of his kitchen to the newly built extension. Inside there was a large round hot tub and on the far wall was a bench with neat piles of towels. On the wall itself were around eight hooks and there were white towelling dressing gowns hanging from them. Eddie walked up to the furthest hook and turned his back on everyone and started to undress.

One of the other women said loudly “Oh why not?”

Kelly looked at Mark as the others went to bench and started to undress. “Well?” She said quietly.

“If you are okay with it I am too.” He told her.

She found it strange undressing in front of strangers. She was used to doing it at the changing rooms in the baths where she went twice a week but this was different; there were men here. Once naked she reached she reached for the towelling robe but when she turned and saw that the others had only picked up a towel, she decided to follow suit. She gave the men their due as she walked with Mark up the short steps to the tub, none of them stared at her. After a few minutes the silence turned into chatter and soon it was almost is if there was nothing unusual occurring.

Eddie got out after a while and returned with a tray containing glasses of bubbly. “Let’s christen this in style hey!”

Kerry sat on the small ledge close to Mark and Eddie was next to her but not touching. She was of course used to seeing Mark naked; she was used to seeing his penis and had seen it in its various stages of erection but she was not used to seeing other men’s penises and while none had reached full erection yet they were all out of their flaccid state.

“Almost an all over tan.” Eddie said to her with a smile.

She returned his smile. Yes he was right. The only white part of her was her bottom and mound. She glanced down and looked into the water; Eddie’s penis was starting to harden and she could tell that it was much bigger than Mark’s. When Mark left her side to go the toilet a few minutes later one of the other men came over to them and joined in the conversation. It all seemed so surreal to Kerry with her sat naked in the water between two naked males with prominent erections. After about half an hour people started to leave and Kerry and Mark joined them in getting out of the pool and drying themselves. Eddie came up behind her with his towel and rubbed the centre of her back with it. “You missed a bit.” He told her.

Kerry turned to thank him. His penis was fully erect and protruding just inches from her mound. Their eyes met for a few moments; she knew that he wanted her and she also knew that she wanted him. Kerry had to turn away to avoid the moment but Eddie stepped forward for a brief moment and pressed his erection against her flesh sending a shiver of sexual excitement through her body.

Later in bed she asked Mark how he felt about the other men seeing her naked and he told her that he had enjoyed seeing the other men aroused with her.

It was exactly a week later when there was a knock on their back door. “I’m going to be firing up the hot tub in a minute you and Mark are quite welcome to join us.” Eddie told her.

“Mark is watching a football game.” She told him. “He won’t move for that.” She told him.

“What about you?” He asked her.

Kerry knew that she was stepping onto dangerous ground but she felt that tingle of excitement running through her again. “I will ask him if it’s okay.” She told him.

Kerry went into the lounge and told him that Eddie had invited them over for a hot tub session. Mark shook his head “I want to watch the match.” He told her.

“I said that to him.” She told him. “He asked me if I wanted to go.”

Mark looked up at her. “Do you want to go?”

She glanced away. “I wouldn’t mind. I did enjoy it last week.”

Mark said nothing for a few moments. “Better put your bikini on then if you are going on your own.”

Inwardly she felt excited but there was also a shade of nervousness. She told Eddie that she would be over and she went upstairs and picked up her bikini and left the house. When she got to Eddie’s she found that his two friends from last week were there but their wives were not with them. She also realised that she was clutching her bikini in her hand when she should have been wearing it. Eddie laughed. “So you are going to strip off in front of us to put your bikini on then?” He said.

Kerry laughed. Eddie took hold of the bikini in her hand. “No need for this is there when you are among friends.” He said.

Kerry let go and Eddie took it from her and tossed it on the table. “Shall we go then?” He said walking away.

She followed him out with the other two men behind her. She knew something was going to happen; she wanted something to happen but she was not sure what or how. At the bench she stood between Eddie and another man and undressed. She didn’t feel so shy this time; they had seen her body before so the novelty was gone. She had seen their bodies too but the only difference this time was that their penises were already fully erect when their pants came off.

There was already a bottle of bubbly in a cooler with some glasses on a tray by the side of hot tub and as soon as they were in the water Eddie poured the drinks and handed the glasses around. There was tension in the air as they stood close together sipping their drink; there was also tension in the water. Kerry looked down and saw the state of their penises.

“We would like to fuck you Kerry.” Eddie suddenly said quietly.

His words shocked her, no man had ever said something as direct as that before; apart from Mark of course but he was her husband after all.

“Can we fuck you Kerry please?” He asked again.

What could she say? What could be her response? She was standing naked with three naked males around her; they were displaying their sexual excitement; they were red-blooded males who needed a fuck.

Eddie reached forward and took hold of her glass. “Please Kerry?”

Kerry found herself relaxing the grip on her glass and Eddie took it and put it on the tray. He turned around and scooped her up in his arms and lifted her onto the edge of the hot tub. He leapt up behind her and then scooped her up again in his arms. She put her arms around his neck as he carried her away; she was wet and dripping with water but she allowed him to carry her away. Kerry knew before he started to climb the stairs where he was taking her; he was taking her to be fucked. She could feel his erection pressing against her bottom; she could see the two men following on behind, their erections swaying from side to side. They too would be fucking her; Eddie would be fucking her; all three of them would be fucking her.

Eddie laid her gently on his bed and as the two other got on the bed either side of her, Eddie lay between her thighs. Kerry was already spreading her thighs for him before his hands began to gently push her thighs apart. She knew instinctively knew what he was going to do; she knew that he was an experienced lover; she knew that he would do all what good lovers do, he would prepare her for cock. He would arouse her with his tongue; tease her with his fingers and set her clitoris on fire.

Kerry groaned as his tongue entered her. She turned and saw an erect cock inches from her face and she reached out for it. She would also do what all good lovers do; she would prepare cock for her cunt. Kiss it; lick it; suck it, bring it to its fullness in readiness. The man groaned as she wrapped her lips around it. With her other hand she reached out and found the other cock waiting patiently for her. She would hold it in her hand and keep it ready and prepared for her cunt.

Her preparations soon went awry though, Eddie’s tongue was becoming too much for her. It was bringing her to a climax and she had to push the cock from her mouth so that she could gasp for air and moan. She found herself shaking; found herself bucking and writhing; found herself screaming in ecstasy. Kerry found herself begging Eddie to fuck her.

Eddie duly obliged her. The two men at her side each grabbed an ankle and raised her legs high. “Come on Eddie give it to her.” One of them said.

“Yes Eddie come on give it to me.” She cried out. “Give me your cock.”

Kerry screamed out as he duly obliged her again by ramming his hardness into her with one huge thrust. She looked up at him and saw the look of pleasure in his eyes; she saw the look of satisfaction at the conquest; she saw the look of lust. “Come on Eddie fuck me; fuck my cunt.” She told him.

He groaned and closed his eyes as he thrust harder and deeper. “That’s it Eddie cum for me; cum in me. Fill my cunt!” She told him.

“Awwwww fuuuuuuuuuck!” He cried out.

Kerry felt his seed gushing inside her as cried out with her own orgasm.

She was already spent from Eddie’s fuck; she would have been happy to leave it at that but there were two others there. Two other men wanted to fuck her as well. Eddie lifted himself off her and one of the men climbed into the space between her thighs that had been left.

Her cunt was already wet and sloppy from Eddie’s fuck; his copious cum was already oozing out of her. Kerry was well lubricated for the next male. She reached up and wrapped her arms his neck “You going to fuck me as well are you?”

The man groaned as he thrust harder into her. “That’s it big boy show me how good you can fuck.”

The man was already screaming in ecstasy as she thrust herself against him. “That’s it fill my cunt; fill my cunt with your cum.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I can’t hold ittttttttttttt’” He cried out.

Kerry felt his seed releasing inside her. Two men had fucked her in quick succession; two cocks had been inside her’ two cocks had pleasured themselves with her. She parted her thighs for the third man but he wanted her on her knees. “On your knees!” He told her.

Kerry duly obeyed and pushed her bottom against him. “Doggy fuck me then.” She told him.

As he plunged his hardness into her Eddie reached for her breasts, holding them in his hand before toying with her nipples. The man behind her was rough with the grabbing of her hips as he fucked her but she didn’t care. “Slap me big boy.” She cried out.”Come on slap your whore.”

Kerry cried out loudly as he hit her hard with his hand. “Bastard!” She called out.

He slapped her again “Come on whore move your ass.”

Kerry pushed back against him; she was enjoying the copulation with him; enjoying his cock; enjoying his fucking. She could hear the slapping of their thighs against each other; hear the squelching noise of his pounding of her pussy and she could hear the obscenities spewing from his lips. Kerry was a whore; his whore; their fuck whore; Kerry was a cock loving fuck whore.

The man lasted a little longer that the other two; he had managed to hold back and saviour the moment he emptied himself inside her. By the time he slipped out of her Kerry was completed exhausted. She could have slept for hours lying between Eddie and another man; it was so warm and comfortable there but there was Mark; her husband Mark.

She thought she was imagining hearing his voice; thought it was all a dream but it wasn’t. Mark was calling her from their back garden. Eddie shook her. “You get back in the hot tub and I will keep him busy.”

Kerry scrambled off the bed and rushed downstairs with Eddie in hot pursuit. Eddie’s quick thinking made him pick up her bikini from the table and thrust it into hand. “Get it on.” He told her.

It was a good few minutes before Eddie walked into the hot tub room with Mark. “It’s half time.” He told her. “I was just wondering if you were okay.”

Kerry stood up letting him see that she was wearing her bikini. “Of course I am.” She told him.

“Kerry has been behaving herself.” Eddie laughed.

Kerry smiled and looked admiring at Eddie’s brightly coloured swimming shorts. The only problem was they were dry. She wondered if Mark would notice; she also wondered where the other men were.

“No one else joining you tonight?” Mark asked.

“Phil and Jeff were here earlier but I sent them back to get their swimming trunks; didn’t think it was proper to have them naked with Kerry present and you not being here.” He explained. “They never came back.”

Mark smiled. “Thanks for taking care of her.”

Kerry had to look away.

”You going to join us?” Eddie asked him.

Mark shook his head. “Better get back the second half will be starting.” He said before blowing Kerry as kiss. “See you later.”

Eddie saw Mark out and then came back. “Where are the other?” She asked him.

Eddie reached out with his hand to help her out of the tub. “They are upstairs waiting to fuck you again.” He told her.

“Woooooooo!” Kerry called out.

Eddie tugged at her bikini bottoms. “Come on get them off and get upstairs.”

“Yes boss!” She said as she pushed them off her hips while looking admiringly at the large bulge in Eddie’s trunks.

Tossing her bikini bra onto the floor alongside the bottoms she reached and took hold of the bulging material as she kissed him. “I like a man who is bossy in the bedroom.” She teased.

“You like to be submissive?” He asked her as he kissed her.

“Only with males who very firm!” She teased.

Eddie slapped her thigh. “Come on get upstairs whore.” He told her. “You have some cocks to pleasure.”

Kerry turned quickly away and headed for the bedroom; she never realised just how revitalising a hot tub could be. When she entered the bedroom the two men were stood by the edge of the bed with their erections at the ready. She walked up to them and sank to her knees. Eddie stood in line with them and waited his turn as she went from one cock to another taking it in her mouth; licking it; kissing it; sucking it. Back and forth she went until they were ready to get her on the bed and fuck her.

They stood in line again as she knelt on the edge of the bed; face down with her bottom raised in the air. One at a time they inserted their cocks inside her and gripping her hips gave her the fucking she craved for.

It was almost an hour later when she returned home to find Mark waiting for her. He too was horny. “I was a bit worried about you all on your own your own there and half naked with another man.” He told her as he kissed her.

She smiled. “There was nothing to worry to about I was well looked after!”

Mark smiled as he began unbuckling her jeans “You’ll be telling me next that they all had their wicked way with you!” He joked.

Kerry looked down at him as he dropped to his knees to pull her panties down. “They did.” She told him, “Took me upstairs and gave my cunt a right going over!” She added.

Mark kissed her mound “I love it when you talk dirty and tease me.” He told her. “Now get upstairs. I’ll show you what a good going over is.”

Kerry just had to smile to herself. “What is it about hot tubs?” She asked herself.

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