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Every Woman Should Have Fuck Buddies On The Side

My husband lets me have fuck buddies on the side.
My name is Liz and I am the luckiest woman alive. My husband, Alex, lets me keep fuck buddies at the ready to keep me satisfied. I am one horny woman. If the truth be known, I'm a nymphomaniac. I've always loved to fuck and I was fortunate to find a loving husband who understands my craving for cock.

I've been married for five years. I'm thirty years old with a killer body and wet pussy. I am an exhibitionist and enjoy having men stare at my big 34D natural tits. I wear tops that show a lot of cleavage. The tighter the better, unless I'm wearing a loose top that men can look down to see my tits.

I met Alex seven years ago. He didn't know what he was getting into when I met him at a bar. Like most men he couldn't take his eyes off my tits. My halter top barely concealed my tits. A short skirt let men see my shapely legs with little left to the imagination. When I wear panties it's always a thong. But more times than not I go commando. The night I met Alex I was wearing a little red thong.

Alex is cute, muscular and smart. What a great combination. I've had lots of one night stands and have had cocks of every size, shape and color in my cunt. I just love to fuck. I'm a free spirit and never thought I'd get married. But here I am happily married for five years.

I've had a few relationships that lasted a few months, but guys usually get possessive and don't like it when I fuck other men. I am honest and straight forward. I always told men that I dated that I am not exclusive. When asked, I always told the truth that I fuck on all my dates. If they couldn't accept that I was a slut, the door was always open.

When Alex approached me at the bar we hit it off immediately. The physical attraction was mutual. He had no idea how easy it is to get me in bed. I was coy as we flirted. As much as I wanted to fuck, the night passed quickly and I gave him my number to call if he was interested in seeing me again.

The day after we met he called. He asked me out the following Saturday, but I already had plans to have sex with one of my fuck buddies. He asked me about Saturday two weeks out. I was free, so we made plans to meet at a restaurant.

When the night arrived I dressed rather conservatively. I didn't want to appear like a slut on a date. Dressing sexy for a night at a bar was different than a dinner date.

We had a wonderful dinner. Alex told me he is a product manager for a large company and I told him I work as a sales assistant at an insurance company. I was happy to hear he was a professional with a good job. It turns out, Alex had recently broken up with a girl he had dated for over two years. He was just getting back into the dating scene. I told him I dated several guys but wasn't exclusive with any of them. I didn't volunteer that they were all fuck buddies and nothing more.

We had separate cars and ended the night agreeing to go on another date. I had a good feeling about Alex and was willing to act 'normal' and not come across as a slut looking for a quick fuck.

Alex called the next day and asked me out again. We agreed on a date and he said he would pick me up for dinner.

I knew I would finally get to fuck Alex. After dinner on our second date he drove me home and I asked him to come inside. We'd had a few drinks but Alex wasn't aggressive or making any moves. I flirted as we sat on the couch. He finally got the courage to lean in for a kiss. Finally. Like any normal guy the kiss progressed to him brushing his hand across my tits. I let him fondle my tits as I put my hand on his crotch and felt a boner in his pants.

I was ready to fuck. I whispered in his ear that we should go to my bedroom. He looked surprised, but willingly held my hand as we went to the bedroom. He was nervous, which I thought was a nice change of pace compared to my fuck buddies.

I slowly undressed as he stared. He was mesmerized as I unhooked my bra and let him see my 34D natural tits. He gently fondled my tits as I massaged his hard cock in his pants. I unbuckled his pants and he took them off. I pulled down his underwear and stroked his hard cock. We both stripped naked and got on the bed.

I immediately started sucking his cock while he licked my wet cunt. I was in heaven. I really enjoy having guys lick my cunt. After five minutes or so he climbed on top of me and pushed his hard cock into my pussy. We fucked for another five minutes when I felt him tense up and shoot off in my pussy. He dumped a really big load of warm cum inside me. It was just what I needed. I didn't orgasm, but felt really satisfied with our first fuck.

We lay in bed and talked. He told me he really liked me and said I was the most beautiful woman he had ever been with. That was nice. I told him I really enjoyed getting to know him and looked forward to spending more time with him.

Alex asked me if I was dating other guys. I told him that I was dating four or five other guys, but nothing was serious with any of them. He seemed relieved to hear that. I didn't volunteer that they were all fuck buddies.

We went on several more dates and fucked after each date. On more than one occasion I had to tell him I was busy. He didn't like that, but he knew he couldn't push. He finally asked the big question. He asked, "Liz, do you sleep with other guys?"

I was honest and said, "Yes, I like to fuck. You and I have something special going. I'm not serious with the other guys I date, but I do like to fuck. I hope you are okay with that."

He wasn't okay with that and said he'd like to be exclusive with me. I know I hurt his feelings when I told him I wasn't ready for that.

We continued dating, but I also hooked up with my fuck buddies at least once a week. Alex started asking me about my other dates. He pressed for details.

I told him about James. He wanted to know if I liked getting fucked by James. I responded by saying, "James is a real stud. He has a big eight inch cock that I love to suck. I like cum in my mouth and always swallow what I can. The best thing about James is he can shoot off in my mouth and still keep a hard cock to fuck me. I know that sounds nasty but it's great sex."

Alex stared at me. He then asked, "When was the last time you fucked James?"

I smiled at Alex and said, "I fucked James two nights ago. He stops by during the week for a blow job and fuck. He has a girlfriend to keep him occupied on weekends. He loves my big tits and is really good at eating my pussy. I can always count on him to bring me to orgasm when he licks my clit."

Alex was rubbing his cock as I told him about James. He was aroused. I looked at Alex and told him to get naked. His cock was rock hard. I started licking the tip of his cock and could taste cum dripping into my mouth. I stopped for a minute and asked, "Did you like hearing about James?"

Alex was all but panting when he said, "I did like hearing your story. Do you like James's cock better than mine?"

I grinned and said, "I like all cocks."

I started sucking Alex's cock as he thrust his hips and his cock went in and out of my mouth. Alex shot off very quickly as his cum surged into my mouth. I swallowed what I could but cum dripped onto my tits. I stood in front of Alex and rubbed my tits.

I was surprised, but happy that Alex wasn't pissed at me. I said, "Let's fuck right here. I want your cock in my pussy. Alex was ready to fuck and he fucked me with a vengeance. As he fucked me he called me a slut. He said, "You are my slut girlfriend. I love to hear about you fucking other guys,"

Wow. A boyfriend who didn't mind that I fucked other guys. That was a new experience.

Alex really got off hearing me talk about my fuck buddies. He wanted to know what the other guys were like. I told him that Mike liked to fuck me doggie style. I told him I got on my elbows and knees as Mike fucked me from behind. I told Alex that I enjoyed having my tits flop around as Mike thrust his cock in and out of my pussy. Alex liked to beat off when I told my stories. After I was done with the story he would duplicate the scenario I described as he fucked me.

Alex was dumbfounded when I told him that Justin fucked me in the ass. When pressed for details I explained that Justin had a small cock and got more pleasure putting his cock in my ass than my pussy. I told Alex I used a lot of lubricant and actually enjoyed the sensation of a hard cock going in and out of my ass hole.

Every guy gets off in different ways when they fuck. Variety is great. Knowing that Alex enjoyed the stories I also told him that all my fuck buddies really liked the fact that I had a boyfriend who knew I fucked guys on the side. They all thought that was really nasty. None of them wanted their girlfriends to fuck other guys so they had a hard time understanding Alex. Oh well, to each their own. I simply reminded them that Alex's fantasy was their win. They got to fuck a nice piece of ass with no obligation or commitment. 

We dated for several months. One Wednesday night I fucked Tom, another fuck buddy. Tom left around 9:00 PM. At 9:30 my doorbell rang and it was Alex at the door. I answered the door wearing only a bathrobe. Alex asked, "Are you alone?"

I replied, "Yes, Tom just left." I let the bathrobe fall to the ground and said, "He just fucked me. Do you want sloppy seconds? My pussy already has a load of cum and could use more if you want to fuck."

Alex was really aroused. He said, "I want to fuck my slut girlfriend."

This was pretty nasty stuff. Alex stripped off his clothes, pushed me onto the couch and proceeded to fuck me hard. My pussy was lubricated with Tom's cum as Alex thrust his cock in and out of my cunt. He lasted about three minutes when he shot a big load of cum into my pussy.

Alex looked at me and said, "That was great. I get so turned on knowing you just fucked another guy. I can't believe how much it turns me on knowing what a slut you are."

Alex and I fell in love over the next six months and decided to get married. I had found my perfect mate. A man who not only let me keep a stable of fuck buddies, but encouraged me to fuck other men. Alex liked sloppy seconds and couldn't wait for one of my fuck buddies to leave so he could get sloppy seconds. To each their own and it works for us.

We got married in January in a very nice ceremony. We decided to go to Orient Beach in St. Martin for our honeymoon. We picked a high end hotel on the beach. Alex was excited by the prospect of me going topless at the beach. He wanted me to show off my 34D tits. I told Alex that I wasn't sure what I would do. I'm a slut but I'd never been topless in public. I love to tease the guys with tight tops, but the thought of baring my tits for everyone to see sounded a little too risqué.

We arrived in St. Martin late in the afternoon. We wondered around the hotel and scoped out the pool, beach, bar and restaurant. It was very nice and luxurious. We were exhausted from the wedding and the flight. After an early dinner we went back to the room to fuck before getting a good night's sleep. Alex had me put on a bikini bottom and walk around the room with my tits jiggling as I walked. His cock was rigid as he commented how sexy I looked, and how much the guys on the beach would enjoy seeing my big tits. He couldn't wait for the next day at the beach.

We slept in and had breakfast in the outside restaurant before heading to the beach. We changed into our bathing suits and grabbed a couple of towels. When I put on my bikini Alex asked me to take off the top. I was uncertain and nervous, but who was I to deny my husband some fun. He lets me fuck other guys, so the least I could do was let him live out his fantasy of seeing me topless on the beach.

Alex took me by the hand so I couldn't cover my tits. We walked through the hotel and got some interesting looks. The guys all stared at my tits bouncing as I walked. The women mostly glared at their lecherous husbands and boyfriends.

About half the woman at the beach were topless – old, young and everything in between. Attractive women like me and more than a few European women who were something other than cover girls. I enjoyed the attention and have to admit I had the best body on the beach. We went for walks and stopped in several beach shops.

Alex pointed out guys who were taking pictures and videos of me as we walked by. I didn't expect that but found it arousing to know they would probably beat off as they looked at the pictures or watched the video of my tits bouncing as I walked by.

We ate lunch in a beach cafe. I sat at the table with my tits on display. The waiter came up to take our order and said, "I can't help but admire your tits. I hope you don't mind me checking you out. I don't see many women as beautiful as you with perfect tits."

I just smiled and said, "Thank you. We're on our honeymoon and my husband wanted me to show off my tits. He gets all horny knowing you and the other men get to see me topless."

Alex was a little embarrassed when the waiter looked at him and said, "Thanks man. That's pretty generous of you."

We went back to the room after lunch so Alex could fuck me. He was like a dog in heat. He said, "Did you see all the guys checking out your tits? That waiter sure liked looking at you topless as you ate lunch. Your nipples were sticking straight out. I guess you were pretty turned on going topless,"

I admitted that I did enjoy the attention and was glad he talked me into going topless. I assured him my bikini tops would stay in the room for the rest of the week.

Alex fucked me good. He was thrusting his cock in and out of my wet pussy as I thrust my hips into him, stroke for stroke. He unleashed a torrent of cum into my pussy. He rolled over on his back with a big grin on his face. Honeymoons are for fucking and this was going to be a great honeymoon.

We went back to the beach around 4:00 PM to get some more sun. Around 5:30 we went to the outside bar for drinks. It was pretty crowded. I was one of only two women topless at the bar. The guys all stared at my tits. Alex was in heaven as he saw the reaction of all the men checking out my tits. My nipples were really hard. I was arroused beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Two young guys were at the bar and started talking to us. Alex told them we were on our honeoon. They couldn't help but stare at my tits. They introduced themselves as Brad and Tim. But Tim said we should call him Mule since that's what all his friends called him. He was big and muscular. I laughed and said, "That's a nickname I haven't heard before. Where did that one come from?"

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "You'll have to ask Brad. He's the one that came up with that a few years back. It just stuck and all the guys call me Mule now."

I looked at Brad and he laughed as he said, "It's an inside joke."

I didn't push it any further. The bar filled up and I found myself standing inches away from Brad and Mule. My tits were brushing against them as we talked. I was getting really horny and Alex was enjoying the sight of my tits brushing on our new friend's arms as we talked.

Brad looked at Alex and said, "I guess you don't mind Liz showing off her tits to strangers. We certainly appreciate your generosity. She has great tits. She must enjoy the attention. Her nipples are sticking straight out."

I answered Brad by saying, "Alex likes it when other men see my tits. In fact, he likes it when other men fuck me. I have several fuck buddies back home."

Brad and Mule looked at each other in disbelief. Brad said, "Let me get this straight. You fuck other guys back home and Alex is okay with that? Holy shit. I'm getting turned on looking at your sexy body and knowing you fuck other guys."

I was having fun. I looked at Brad and Mule and continued, "I am one lucky woman. The variety is great. Every guy is different. In fact one of my fuck buddies only likes to fuck me in the ass."

When I told them that I saw a funny look on Brad's face. He said, "No shit. You don't mind getting fucked in the ass. Holy shit. My girlfriend would never let me do that."

It was so loud in the bar we could hardly hear ourselves talk. Alex looked at Brad and Mule and invited them to come up to our room for more drinks on our balcony where it wouldn't be so crowded. Wow. What was Alex thinking? Brad and Mule jumped at the chance and we headed out of the bar to our room. I knew what they were thinking. They both thought that was an invitation to fuck me 

We got to the room and took some beer out of the refrigerator. We went out on the patio. I was topless, horny and very aroused. I had a lot to drink and whatever inhibitions I had were long gone. I looked at Brad and said, "Go ahead. You can fondle my tits if you want. I know what you're thinking, so go for it if you want."

I didn't have to ask twice. Brad's hands were all over me as Alex watched with a grin on his face. Mule came over and joined Brad as they both felt me up and rubbed my nipples.

Brad looked at Alex and asked, "Are you okay with this? Liz is one hot woman. I can't believe you don't mind having two guys fondle your beautiful wife's tits on your honeymoon."

Alex was calm when he surprised me by saying, "I actually get turned on watching Liz with you guys. I wouldn't even mind if you both fucked her."

Brad and Muke looked at each other with smiles in their faces. That's what they were hoping for. Brad became more aggressive and started rubbing my pussy through my bikini bottom. Mule reached out and pulled my bikini bottom off. I stood there naked with my trimmed bush on display.

I looked at them and said, "Are you going to get naked or just stand there?"

They both started taking off their clothes. When Mule was naked I stared at his cock and said, "Holy shit. I've never seen a cock that big."

Brad laughed and said, "Now you know where his nickname came from. His cock is so big we all started calling him Mule because he has a cock like a Mule."

They were both hard. Two cocks standing at attention. I went up to Mule and started stroking his twelve inch cock. It was at least twelve inches long and so fat I couldn't come close to getting my hand around it.

Alex was siting in the chair watching. He had never seen me fuck another guy, let alone two guys. In fact, I'd never fucked two guys at once.

Brad came up and said, "I should fuck you first to get you ready for Mule. I want a piece of your tight cunt before Mule stretches it out."

I got down on mg knees and said, "I want to suck both your cocks before I get fucked, but only if Alex says it's okay."

I looked over at Alex who was beating off. He mumbled, "Suck their cocks. I want to see what you do with that monster cock Mule has ready for you."

I put both my hands on Mule's huge cock and started licking the tip of his cock with my tongue. Cum was dripping from his cock as I sucked the head of his cock between my lips. His cock was so big I couldn't get more than an inch or two into my mouth. I turned to Brad and started sucking his average sized cock.

As I went from one to the other I looked over and saw Alex beating off in a frenzy. He was enjoying the show. His new bride sucking two cocks on our honeymoon. This was nasty sex.

Before either one could shoot off I went to the bed. Brad followed and got on top of me. My pussy was soaking wet as he thrust his cock into my cunt. He humped me for all it's worth. I fucked him for a good ten minutes when we both had an orgasm. I shook from head to toe as his cum filled my pussy.

He rolled over as Mule got on the bed. I stared at his huge cock and wondered if it would fit in my pussy. He eased the head of his cock slowly between the lips of my cunt. He pulled it out and eased it back in. Inch by inch he went deeper and deeper into my cunt. Before long he was all the way in and thrusting in and out. I'd never felt anything like that before. I was filled up to the point of bursting.

I had my second orgasm within three minutes of Mule humping me. He fucked me for at least ten minutes when he shot the biggest load of cum I've ever experienced into my pussy. It surged out all over the bed. What a mess.

I looked over at Alex who had shot off when I wasn't watching. He was smiling ear to ear.

Mule said, "Liz, you are one hot woman. Getting to fuck you on your honeymoon is beyond comprehension. We are leaving in two days. Any chance you might want to fuck tomorrow and the next day before we leave? Are you okay with that Alex?"

Alex and I looked at each other. I waited for Alex to respond. He calmly said, "Sure. Why not? Liz sure seemed to enjoy herself. I enjoyed watching. I hope you don't think I'm weird, but I like watching my newlywed hot wife be a slut."

Brad said, "We'll see you at the beach, or in the bar, tomorrow. Speaking for myself, I can't wait for another turn in that tight pussy. Holy shit. You are making this the vacation of a lifetime."

The guys left as I lay on the bed. My pussy was sore, but I wasn't going to disappoint Alex. He wanted to fuck. This was going to be sloppy thirds, not seconds. Alex climbed on top of me and fucked me hard. He called me his slut wife. He called me a dirty little whore. He liked to talk dirty when he fucked me. He shot off and rolled over onto the bed.

I was exhausted, but still went to the bathroom to take a shower. I had cum all over me and wanted to clean up. When I came back into the bedroom Alex was sound asleep.

Over breakfast the following morning we talked about the previous night. I wore shorts over my bikini bottom, but was topless in the outdoor restaurant. All the men enjoyed looking at my big tits while they drank their coffee.

We had lots to drink the prior night and I didn't know if Alex was serious about me fucking Brad and Mule the next two days before they left. Alex confirmed that he wanted me to fuck them both. He said, "Watching Mule ease his huge cock into your tight pussy was really a sight to behold. I couldn't believe your pussy stretched out to accommodate his entire shaft."

We went to the beach for another day of sun and fun. I enjoyed being topless and put on quite the show. We walked up and down the beach. I saw three guys taking photos and went right up to them. They were embarrassed. I asked, "Do you want your picture with me? My husband will be happy to take a picture if you want."

They were stunned, but stammered, "Are you kidding? Absolutely. They guys back home won't believe this."

They gave their camera to Alex as I stood between them. I told one of them to fondle my tit for the photo. I was having fun. He put his hand on my tit as Alex took several photos. They took turns and Alex took ten or twelve photos before handing the camera back to them.

We went back to our chairs on the beach when we spotted Brad and Mule walking up to us. They joined us for an hour or so before lunch. Mule was pretty bold in his comments as he looked at Alex. He commented, "Alex, you have one hot wife. I can't believe you are sharing her with Brad and me, but we sure are happy we got to fuck Liz on her honeymoon. I can't wait to put my cock back in her tight pussy."

We all went to lunch at the same restaurant as the day before. We got the same waiter. He stared at my tits and looked at Brad and Mule as we sat down.

I was feeling really dirty when I looked at the waiter and said, "These are our two new friends, Brad and Mule. We met them at the bar last night. I fucked them both. I"m really enjoying my honeymoon."

The waiter stood at the table frozen in time. He didn't know what to say. Finally he started laughing and said, "Now that's a good one. You have one sick sense of humor. You had me going for a minute."

He couldn't imagine that I had actually fucked Brad and Mule. This was pretty funny. We finished lunch and headed back to the beach. About half way to our chairs, I looked at Alex and asked, "Is it okay if I go back to the room and fuck Mule. I'd like some alone time with Mule when he fucks me."

Alex didn't miss a beat when he said, "Sure, if that's what you want to do. Brad and I will hang out at the beach while you two have a good time."

Mule was grinning from ear to ear as we walked back to our room. As soon as we got to the room we were all over each other. I was more relaxed being in the room alone with Mule. It's hard to let go with other people watching. I kissed Mule and put my hand on his hard cock - his huge hard cock. We were naked in seconds.

We climbed on the bed as I positioned myself to suck his cock while he licked my pussy. He had a big tongue to go with his big cock. I was in heaven. I love getting my pussy licked. I couldn't get much of his cock in my mouth but I licked the tip of his cock and sucked a couple of inches into my mouth.

I felt my entire body let go as I experienced an earth shattering orgasm. I no sooner finished shaking when I felt Mule tense up and unleash a huge stream of cum into my mouth. It went all over the place. I swallowed what I could, but most of it sprayed onto my tits and my belly. Holy shit.

I repositioned myself and started kissing Mule. I had cum all over my face. He didn't mind and was really aggressive in kissing me back. I stroked his cock and felt it grow in my hand. He was hard in no time at all.

He very slowly eased his huge cock into my pussy. I was ready for a hard fuck. His cock eased in and before long he was driving his cock in and out with rapid thrusts. What a glorious fuck. Size does matter. Mule fucked me for a good ten minutes. I climbed on top of him as he played with my tits and thrust his cock into my cunt. He fucked me on my side. He rolled me over and fucked me doggie style. When he finally shot off, I was exhausted.

We both got dressed. For me, that meant I put my bikini bottom on. Mule put on his swimsuit with his huge cock bulging in the front. We went back to the beach to find Alex and Brad.

As I walked up to Alex he casually asked, "Liz, how was the fuck? Did Mule satisfy you?"

I grinned and said, "Absolutely. I enjoyed being alone with Mule. Thanks for letting us fuck in private."

Brad looked at me and asked, "Can I fuck you now?"

I answered, "Sorry, but I'm done for now. How about after dinner tonight. You guys can join us for dinner and you can fuck me while Alex and Mule have some drinks at the bar. Does that work for you?"

Brad looked relieved and said, "Sure, that works for me. Besides, it will give your pussy time to go back to normal after getting stretched out by Mule."

We had dinner that night with Brad and Mule. When we were done I took Brad by the hand to lead him back to our room to fuck. Alex and Mule went to the bar to have some drinks and speculate about what Brad was doing to me up in the room.

I sucked Brad's cock and wanted to fuck. Brad looked at me and asked, "Can I fuck you in the ass? I've never done that and my girlfriend won't let me."

I was surprised, but I do enjoy getting fucked in the ass once in a while. I got up and went to the bathroom to get some lubricant. Brad took charge of getting me ready. He put lubricant on his finger and slowly put his finger up my ass hole. I relaxed as he got my ass ready to accept his cock. I got on my elbows and knees as he eased his cock into my ass. Before long he was fucking me up the ass, stroke for stroke. I loved the tight feeling. He lasted about five minutes before he shot his load of cum into my ass.

I have to admit it was more fun and stimulating to fuck Mule, but Brad was a good fuck. I never let on that I enjoyed Mule's huge cock more than Brad's average cock. I was happy that he chose to fuck my ass and not my pussy. 

Brad went back to the bar and Alex came back upstairs. He wanted to fuck. I was sore as hell and exhausted. I told Alex that Brad fucked me up the ass. He was speechless. He looked at me and said, "You are a real slut. I can't believe what a slut you are. But, you are my hot wife, so I think it's great that you are enjoying yourself."

When I told Alex I wasn't ready for another fuck, he agreed he could wait till morning when I was refreshed. Thank god. I slept like a baby that night.

We enjoyed our next day as we repeated our routine. Breakfast, topless at the beach, fucking and more fucking. I fucked Brad first that morning and fucked Mule after dinner. Since Brad went first he fucked my pussy. I wasn't stretched out from Mule.

Brad and Mule left the next day, leaving Alex and me to enjoy the rest of our honeymoon alone. I didn't need anymore fuck buddies. My pussy and ass needed a rest. Alex was all I needed to satisfy me for the rest of the week.

We flew home from our honeymoon with memories to last a lifetime. I had photos of Brad and Mule to remind me of my slut behavior on my honeymoon. I had both of them pose for me with hard cocks when I took them to our hotel room. I still can't believe the size of Mule's cock. I get wet every time I look at the photo of his hard cock.

I continued to hook up with my fuck buddies after our honeymoon. It was a little different since I didn't have my own place. They felt a little awkward, at first, coming to our home to fuck me while Alex was downstairs. Alex assured them all he didn't mind and hoped they enjoyed fucking his beautiful wife.

As soon as my fuck buddies would leave, Alex would all but run upstairs for sloppy seconds. I don't think our friends would ever understand our relationship, but it sure works well for us.

A happy marriage is a happy wife with fuck buddies on the side. I recommend it for all.

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