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Exciting And Adventurous Experiences Of Indian Couples - 1

Two neighbours enjoy erotic, exciting and adventurous time with their wives.
This is a story of adventure, suspense, titillation, excitement and sensuality. It uncovers subtle, expressive and passionate relationships. 

I am Sunil. I was working for an international media company as a political journalist. I was 35 years old and my wife, Sunita, was about 32 at the time when this story developed. We had rented a flat in an army colony and had moved in a short while ago.

Colonel Jaswant Singh and his wife, Jyoti, made a nice couple. They lived in the block opposite to ours. The husband, Col. Jaswant Singh, was a retired army colonel. (We shall address him as the Colonel in this story). He was in the commando group and was engaged on various fronts. He was considered an expert in anti-terrorist and anti-guerrilla warfare operations. He retired and started a successful security agency business. Over a period of time, his business grew to the extent, that his staff was able to manage the affairs of the business well. That left the Colonel enough time for golf and some other social activities. His wife Jyoti was an attractive woman.

The Colonel and I did not know each other for quite some time; until that fateful evening. He came to our flat to ask me to move my parked car; which blocked his car. My wife Sunita and I were sitting in our drawing room watching TV. We had seen the Colonel earlier and knew that he lived in the next block opposite to ours. As soon as we saw him at the door, Sunita and I got up. We welcomed him and before he could say anything, we requested him to make himself comfortable first and sit on the sofa.

Sunita made tea quickly and offered it to him. The Colonel was angry, when he landed at our door. However, he was disarmed at seeing our reception. He kept looking at my wife for some time. He seemed more than impressed looking at her. He was rather surprised at our welcome and hesitantly accepted the tea. When I apologized for the inconvenience caused to him by my careless parking. He brushed aside the need for an apology and invited us for a cup of coffee in the evening at his house the next day.

Actually, our flats, which were opposite to each other, enabled a view of the other's drawing room. If we chose, we could even talk, standing close to the windows of our flats. We had seen him and his wife earlier; but had not been introduced. We accepted his invitation. Our visit to his flat started a chain of mutual visits that led to a memorable friendship, association and a lot more.

We were quite impressed with his mannerism and his personality. Although he said that he had retired from the armed forces, he hardly looked older than us. Sunita felt that perhaps, he must have taken a premature retirement. He stood tall and had no flab on him. His smile was infectious.

The Colonel’s wife Jyoti was an attractive woman. She was thin and fairly tall for an Indian woman. She spoke well, was well qualified and was fond of reading. She wore smart dresses and did not have to make an effort to attract attention. She had bright white teeth which shined as she smiled. She carried herself with dignity. She had her hair cut short and wore slacks, jeans and loose shirts or tops. Her face was typically round with dimples decorating her cheeks.

She had a pretty nose and her eyes always looked mischievous to me. Her breasts jutted out of her dress prominently. They were full, ripe ‘C’ cup size; but shapely and always invited men’s stares. Her hips curved out of her waist line. She certainly had a figure to stare at. At the cost of being called impertinent by my wife several times, I found it difficult to avoid taking my eyes off her whenever we met.

I began to develop a fancy for her and dreamt of fucking her in my dreams. I loved her juicy melons and creamed out in bed fantasizing of squeezing and sucking those lovely, ripe and sumptuous globes. I suspected that many times, she deliberately wore revealing dresses and posed, so as to give me better view of her breasts. Once when I went to her flat for some work, she made me wait and returned after changing into a skimpy dress. She made me sit, offered me tea and gave me titillating poses of her boobs, ass and navel; pretending as if all her actions like bending, turning, raising hands etc. were accidental. She sat in the chair opposite me, gently exposing breath taking views of her thighs and the cavity between them covered by a tiny panty. Needless to mention that she was driving me crazy. I knew that she also liked me and perhaps fancied me.

The Colonel’s situation was not much different. The very first time, when the Colonel landed in our flat for asking us to move our car; he was swept away by my wife Sunita’s charms. Perhaps that was the reason why instead of complaining about my wrong parking, he landed up inviting us to his home and took initiative to befriend us.

My wife Sunita was well filled unlike Jyoti. She was curvaceous and stood slightly shorter than Jyoti, at about 5 feet 4 inches. My wife almost always wore sarees. I liked her to wear a saree, because I felt that a saree is sexually more stimulating than other dresses; if worn rightly. In case of urgency, I could have a quick session with her simply by raising her saree and petticoat. No need for removing any garments.

By nature, I was and am a flirt and perhaps a bit of pervert in the eyes of an average person. I loved to experiment and enjoy sex. When we married, my wife Sunita was conservative as far as sex was concerned; like any normal Indian woman. It took me a while and a lot of efforts to make her realize that sex is just not a woman’s duty to her husband for making babies; sex is also to be enjoyed. After partially succeeding in these efforts, I was able to have sex with her in different positions, make her orgasm and make her wear more revealing dresses.

I loved her to wear saree in the way that excited one’s imagination. After my endless persuasion, she learnt to wear saree revealing her navel and abdomen; tying the knot such that exposed her body and invited stares from men. I made her wear blouses and bra that accentuated her lovely globes. Not that they needed any promotion. I made her overcome her initial inhibition on partially exposing her body. However, her enthusiasm ended there.

I had this secret perversion (as most people would like to call it) of my wife and me enjoying sex together with another well endowed male. This is known as threesome. Not that I would not love to fuck an attractive woman together with my wife. However, I thought it to be a farfetched possibility. When it was so tough even to get my wife to agree to accept another male in our bedroom, the chances of her accepting another woman was virtually impossible. Add to this, the challenge of getting another woman to agree to join us in bed! Well, that could just be a fantasy and nothing more.

I began to work on my wife to make her fantasize for a man other than me during our love making sessions. I began to toss names of her ex-college mates and ex-colleagues or names of some of the people we knew. I even inquired if she had any male friends with whom she had some outings, who tried to woo her. She made it clear that she had never entertained even a thought, leave aside fantasy, for any man; who might have tried to woo her in the past. List of such men, she told me, was not small. After strong initial resistance, she yielded to hear my talking about some known or imaginary men, as her possible lovers, but only as a fantasy.

The Colonel invited us to his army club and entertained us well. He was full of chivalry. He was very graceful and paid special attention to my wife Sunita. He told us that we should pay due respect to our ladies. Sunita not only liked his gestures, but talked appreciatively about them to me. I saw a ray of hope there.

Similarly, the Colonel desired that I should show the same courtesies to his wife Jyoti. He was pleased to let me escort his wife out of the car, to let her sit next to me and to let me talk to her at length. I didn’t mind it at all and I felt that neither did my wife. By that time, the Colonel’s wife Jyoti and my wife Sunita had become good friends. I loved escorting her or offering her a chair before I sat.

Sunita found the Colonel very likable and found his company entertaining. She liked the way he chaperoned her. For me, this was a welcome development. I suppose I was also able to establish a good rapport with the Colonel’s wife Jyoti; who I guessed, was more adventurous than my wife.

We met generally on weekends. Sometimes the Colonel took me alone to his club during the week. He and I drank beer until 10 pm. He told me of his time in the army, how he fought a war and sweet moments during his service period. One day I could not avoid asking him if it was true that army officers flirted with each other’s wife. The Colonel was surprised at my question; but admitted that it was not uncommon. However, it happened undercover, discreetly. As I knew the Colonel more, I realized that with his greater association, my pervert side was itching to surface.

There was another reason for it. I noticed that the Colonel looked for an opportunity to see or meet my wife, to talk to her and to get as close to her as possible. He tried to be subtle about it. I did not miss it, however.

During one of the casual chats, I told the Colonel that Sunita was preparing for an exam and had some difficulties in maths. When the Colonel heard it, he jumped at the opportunity. He immediately offered his service to coach her. He said that he was very good in maths and always passed with distinction in the subject. When I told my wife Sunita about this, she was thrilled. She told me to accept his offer immediately.

The Colonel started to coach Sunita in the evening every alternate day. Usually he came alone. Sometimes, he came with his wife Jyoti. When he came with her, she and I would sit in the drawing room watching the TV, or talked about nothing in particular. The Colonel taught my wife in our bedroom. He preferred not to teach her in my presence. My wife Sunita made it a point to leave the bedroom door open for anyone to come in, if necessary.

At times it happened that, when the Colonel came, Sunita was busy in the kitchen. The Colonel then, made it a point to join her in the kitchen. He sat there on a stool and watched her work. He would wait patiently for her to finish her work and then commence coaching. My wife appreciated his tolerance for the delay on account of her preoccupation. I was sure the Colonel was utilizing the time, enjoying the sight of my wife at work. He sat on a stool behind her watching the movement of her buttocks when she moved in the kitchen and her cleavage, when she bent to fetch something. I would surely have done much more if I was in his place.

One night, at bed time, I asked Sunita how her studies were going. Sunita was all praise for the Colonel. She said that he was indeed an expert in maths and she loved the way he taught her with endless patience.

In our early marriage days, Sunita and I had a pretty good sex life. However, it petered out after we had a child. Stormy sex sessions were becoming rarity. I did not remember when we had one in the last four years. However, the company of Singhs injected some element of interest and excitement in our bed time talk. In the night, when I wanted her to be active in sex, I would mention the name of the Colonel in a casual manner. Our dialogues one night went somewhat like this.

I asked her, “How do you find the Colonel? He is really well built and strong. He told me that he fought five terrorists single handed, in a hand to hand combat in Kashmir.”

She came closer to me and nuzzled her head into my chest lovingly as she responded murmuring, “He is strong and handsome. He has been decorated in the army also for his gallantry. He is gentlemanly and polite with me.”

I chided her and said, “But I have seen him staring at your boobs many times, when you are not looking.”

“Of course, at times I have seen him staring at me and at my body with a particular look. Any woman can understand when a man looks at her with that hungry look. But then he has so far not even touched me with wrong intentions; although he could have done it under some pretext. Therefore I don’t know if my judgement of him is correct or not.” She cuddled me and dug her nails into my back pressing her body hard against mine.

I was on the defensive, “Well, let us presume that he looked at you with desire in his eyes. The question is which man would not look at a beautiful and sexy woman like you with lust? Darling, you are a very desirable woman. You know it well. I feel like doing something to you by just looking at you. Whenever I see you, I always want to undress you and fuck you. So, what is his fault? It only shows that he is a man with virility.”

I knew that all women love to believe that they are beautiful and attractive to men. My wife was no exception. She really was desirable and beautiful.

Sunita readily agreed with me whilst also attacking me, “Well, you are right. All men are like that. When you look at me at times, I see a wolfish look in your eyes. Well, to be fair to him, he is better than you.”

“Are you disappointed that he is not like me?” I asked her.

Sunita got a bit cheesed off, “What do you mean?”

I said patiently, “Have you ever thought why he spends so much of his time teaching you? I wonder what his wife is thinking.”

Sunita was thoughtful. She looked at me and asked, “Do you think his wife feels jealous? At times, even I have wondered, why does the Colonel spend so much of his time teaching me? Should I ask him?”

“No. You would be a silly woman to ask a question like that. Why would a young smart man want to spend time with a young, smart and beautiful woman?” I tried putting a thought in her mind.

Sunita blushed. Then she looked at me with a question mark on her face and asked, “Do you think he is trying to woo me or something? I have found him to be a decent gentleman.”

I tried to be simplistic, “I think he likes to spend time with you. May be he feels attracted to you.”

There was an expression of irritation on her face as she asked, “Don’t talk nonsense. On second thought, I hope you are not telling me all this to divert my attention from the fact that you like to spend time with his wife Jyoti? Is that true?”

I was again on the back foot, “Well, Jyoti is of course an attractive woman. We get along well. But the situation that we have to spend some time together is not of my choice. However, if you do not like my sitting with Jyoti, then I shall stop seeing her.”

Sunita placed a finger on my lips and said, “Nonsense. Why should I stop you? I am not at all jealous. You are my husband and nothing can change that. Jyoti is the Colonel’s wife. That is final. So what is there to worry about? Do you remember that you told me once about your affair with a girl in your college days? Both of you had even decided to marry. Since you both were so close, it is very likely that you might have had some sexual relation with her also at that time. But then what happened? We got married and that affair lapsed into history. If you enjoy Jyoti’s company and she enjoys yours, why shouldn’t you two spend some good time together? Why should I complain? Besides I know Jyoti too well. She loves her husband very much.” I was surprised beyond words at her such a generous analysis of the situation. Obviously this bode well for my plans.

Sunita paused and then asked, “But tell me frankly. Do you think that I should stop learning from the Colonel? I feel that you have some issues with it. You don’t like him staring at my body. Is it not?”

The dialogue was heading in a direction that I disliked. I had not only to nip it in the bud, I had to give a positive direction to it. I said, “Not at all. I definitely want you to continue to learn. Don’t even think of discontinuing it. On the contrary, I would like to add something. According to our culture, the teacher or Guru is like next to God. To learn properly, the first thing you must do is to treat your Guru as if he is God and should never find faults in him. To learn well you must fully accept the teacher and obey him in all respects. Without that you can’t learn.” I paused and looked at her. She was listening attentively.

I resumed, “I feel that his looking at your body or occasionally flirting with you by touching you means that he is seriously interested in you. It is a sign that he perceives you as person close to him. It’s a welcome sign and if such a thing happens, you should be happy and you should show that you are happy. Your happiness will energize him to teach you better and give all that he has got. For a man, it is a natural urge to touch a voluptuous and desirable woman like you. Am I right or not?” I paused and looked at my wife for her reaction. I knew her answer. Any woman after such lavish praise would not disagree. She was listening to me intently. She nodded her head.

I continued pampering her ego, “He cannot be faulted for it. After all, you are a very beautiful and sexy woman and he is a normal strong and virile man with manly instincts. I must admire his restraint that he has so far not flirted with you. Perhaps he is afraid that you will react negatively. Otherwise, he would have swept you off your feet. You see he was in the army and there, ladies do not mind men touching them or mildly flirting with them. I think so far he does not feel free with you. He should feel free with you so that he teaches you with all his heart. He needs to know that you are not averse to his touching or flirting.”

She asked me, “Well, you are right. He has been very gentlemanly so far. Perhaps he may have some fear in his mind. But then, what can I do about it?”

I smiled like an expert and offered a generous solution to her problem. “What you need to do is to intentionally touch him once in a while and express your affection in order to make him realize that you do not mind him touching you. I feel that at least, he is entitled to that, if he sacrifices so much time for you.”

My wife Sunita thought for a while on what I told her, nodded her head and said earnestly, “I appreciate your advice. I think you are right. But such a situation has never arisen. If it arises, I shall have to understand his feelings and respect it; rather than take it negatively. And yes, I should be extra friendly to him and try to make him feel wanted by touching him occasionally and welcome his flirting. Darling don’t worry, I shall follow your advice. I am thankful for your selfless interest in my studies. I know I must improve my maths and do well in my coming exams.” She became emotional and I could see a tear in her eyes. I patted her back sympathetically.

I was deviously pleased at my success. That was the first time that I felt that I managed to plant an amorous thought for the Colonel in my wife’s mind. She seemed to have absorbed it. We had rollicking sex that night. I knew that the thought of the Colonel looking at her body with lust or flirting with her, excited her. I felt good for her.

One evening, when the Colonel was teaching my wife, I entered the bedroom and began talking with both in a casual way. I asked the Colonel if she was a good student. Without waiting for his reply, I told him that if she did not study well, he could spank her bottom or pinch her waist. I demonstrated it by spanking her bottoms once and by taking the Colonel’s hand and placing it on my wife’s waist and making him pinch her waist to show how he could do it.

Sunita blushed profusely, whilst the Colonel looked somewhat ill at ease. However, Sunita looked at the Colonel encouragingly and said, “Of course, he is my teacher and if I am a bad student, he has the right to punish me.”

The Colonel smiled and said, “I would love to do it. However, Sunita does not give me such an opportunity. She is a very a good student. What could I do when she has been such a good student?”

I was surprised to hear my wife’s response. “If as a teacher, you can punish me for my fault; then you must reward me for being a good student also. You could hug me or pat me on the back or give me a kiss on my cheeks. That will be my reward of being a good student.”

The Colonel also seemed pleasantly surprised at her encouragement.

She was so pleased with my intervention in their studies that evening that in the night in bed, she profusely thanked me, kissed me hard and gave me a VIP sexual treatment. She not only undressed me and made me ready for sex; she gave me a fantastic blow job and made me fuck her hard. Then she mounted me and fucked me again. She had repeated orgasms during sex, I was amazed to see the Colonel’s charms working on her and my sexual life getting resurrected.

After that, whenever I wanted her to be aggressive in bed, I would just start the topic of the Colonel, and I would have my way.

During the following weeks, her coaching went on unabated. Both, the student and teacher promptly started the class on time (sometimes, earlier than scheduled time) and ended up late. Her enthusiasm for studies was enviable. I kept asking her about their interactions. She elaborately described to me how the Colonel became freer with her; after she encouraged him by touching him occasionally and making affectionate gestures. She said that she was following my instructions and she felt that the results were astounding. She was pleased at the spurt in Colonel’s enthusiasm for teaching her. They had completed the syllabus once and were rehearsing it. She said that the Colonel would like to rehearse the subject thrice. The Colonel said that he guaranteed her passing with close to 90 % marks.

She also said that the Colonel squeezed her waist, patted her back, or touched her thighs or lovingly tussled her hair, when she did the examples right. She told me that once the Colonel hugged her; when she did a difficult example correctly. I could feel the Colonel leading her on the garden path and I was excited to hear their preliminary adventures.

On the other side, my relationship with the Colonel’s wife progressed in a more mature way. I realized that Jyoti understood me and my intentions. I also knew that she was game for it. Both of us understood each other. Each knew the other’s feelings and therefore there was no need or scope for any adventure or preliminaries.

There was a festival for foreign films for which the Colonel managed to buy four tickets for a Saturday evening show. He informed us well in advance that he had planned for us to go with them. I thanked him for the invitation. However, Sunita expressed her reluctance. She said that she did not comprehend highly accented dialogues of English pictures and therefore it would be a waste of money. She also said that she would not be a good company for them; because she would blankly look at the screen, when all others might be enjoying the dialogues. I also agreed with her. The Colonel dismissed our argument. He said that he would translate and explain the scenes to my wife. He explained that these pictures also had sub-titles. The Colonel did not listen to our arguments and ensured that we were ready to go with them.

I told Sunita, “Since there would be an esteemed group of people, amongst them, mostly foreigners, you should dress up well. You have to wear your dress to look modern. If you wear traditional, conservative dress, it would look awkward. People would look at you and may comment also. Wear skirt, frock, pant or something exciting with revealing top.”

Although she understood my desire, she was not ready to wear skirts. She said, “If you insist that I have to wear a skirt, I shall not come to attend the program. I shall wear a saree, if you want me to come. However, do not worry. I shall look modern and you will see more men staring at your wife than at other women.”

I smiled to myself and said, as if I was making a special concession for her, “Well, I guess, I have to accept it as there is no alternative. Nowadays, women do not wear sarees, unless they are fat or ugly looking. But anyway, it’s ok, if you are up to your promise.” I sighed as if I was disappointed. She looked sad seeing my disappointment.

She really fulfilled her promise. She spent almost half a day getting ready. She had her hair done at a parlour. She also had some work done on her face etc. She put on a semi-transparent saree; which I had bought for her. It was green with parrot patterned designs. The blouse she wore was the shortest one she had, with completely open back. It was also a bit too tight; which accentuated her shapely well filled pin-up breasts. Her embroidered thin stripped bra highlighted her cleavage and was visible through transparent blouse, which was held in place by two strings tied by simple pull string knots at her back. Her breasts jutted out of her bra and blouse both from the top and bottom. The saree was tied such that not only her belly button and navel but also her abdomen curve leading down to just above her pubic area was visible. She had wrapped her saree tight below her waist, which heightened her ass curves. She just looked sex incarnate. I was thrilled to see her dressed to kill.

We met the Colonel downstairs. When he saw Sunita, his eyes popped out of their sockets. He kept staring at her shamelessly. When Jyoti nudged him, did he look away. Perhaps Sunita and Jyoti had talked on dressing up. When I saw Jyoti, my jaw dropped. She was wearing tight blue half shorts with pleated top. The top was loose at the neck, but tight on breasts and low enough to reveal her abundant cleavage. The tight hip hugging shorts and exposed legs right until her thighs looked tantalizing. Her long legs looked inviting and I felt the crevice between them was sure to leave a dry taste in the mouths of the men watching her. It was such a pleasant thought to see these two young women offering a feast to the hungry eyes of hundreds of males during our journey to the theatre. I realized that there was a subtle competition between the two ladies about who looked better.

There was heavy rain that day. That helped drop the temperature quite a bit and there was a chill in the air. The Colonel asked his wife to carry her shawl with her.

I had a big shawl. I carried it with me. We decided that it would not be advisable for us to go by car; as there was a traffic jam due to rains. The theatre was close to the station and we decided to go by metro train. We presumed that there would not be much rush in the train; as the peak traffic would be in the opposite direction. How wrong were we!

At the suburban station, the Colonel and my wife Sunita were talking and Mrs. Singh (Jyoti) and I were standing some distance away from them; when the train arrived. The train was packed and it was a herculean task to get in. I lost sight of the Colonel and Sunita. However, I caught Jyoti’s hand and both of us barely managed to board the train before the train started.

There was just no space for us to move. Jyoti was almost crushed between some men. I pushed and shoved some passengers and managed to reach her. She managed to free herself from surrounding men and pulled me to cover her from the crowd. She was with her back to the wall of the compartment. Without having to make any effort, my body was pushed into her. I could feel her breasts on my chest and I was sure, she could feel my expanding member poking her crotch. I felt embarrassed and yet excited. Jyoti took this in a matter of fact way. She was neither embarrassed nor upset.

I looked for the Colonel and my wife. I could not spot them initially. After a while, I saw the Colonel waving at me from the other end of the coach. I could not see my wife Sunita. He indicated that she was standing there behind him. I realized that she also was almost enveloped by the Colonel to protect her from other men. It was hot and humid and smelling foul with the perspiration of the passengers. When we finally landed at the station, Sunita quickly ran to me. She wanted to tell me something. However, there was drizzle and we ran for the theatre. Her voice drowned in the noise and before she could speak to me, we arrived at the theatre. It was a great relief to settle ourselves in the cool air-conditioning when we reached the theatre hall.

The Colonel and Sunita were ahead of us. The Colonel was explaining something to Sunita when we entered the hall. The Colonel and Sunita were ushered in to the seats first. The Colonel went to occupy the last seat. He asked Sunita to sit next to him. When we reached them, Jyoti occupied the seat adjoining Sunita. I had to sit next to Jyoti. Both the ladies sat next to each other. We husbands sat at the ends with the wife of the other.

After we were seated, the Colonel gestured me to move my head closer to him. He asked, “Is it ok, if I sit here with Sunita? May I have the company of your beautiful wife? We can change the seats if you like to sit with her. However, Jyoti is there to give you company. She will also explain to you the story; if you ask her.”

Then the Colonel asked my wife, “Sunita, would you like to sit with me so I can translate for you, or would you like to sit with your husband? You can change the seat, if you feel jealous about your husband sitting with Jyoti.”

Sunita smiled hearing this and said with a smirk on her face, “No, Colonel, this is alright. Let my husband have the pleasure of Jyoti’s company for the show. I have my husband’s company twenty-four/seven; except his office hours. He desires some change and I feel that perhaps he needs some distance from me.”

I interjected, “Yes, and she also needs some change. Under the pretext of allowing me Jyoti’s company, she is also opting for your company.”

We all laughed when Jyoti said, “This is all very good! Nobody is asking for my views. Anyway, I shall sit here and give company to Sunil, unless Sunil has any objection.”

I told Jyoti, “I would love to have your company.” The matter was settled.

Jyoti told me that the film was an acclaimed art film and was uncensored. The Colonel cautioned that such films could have some explicit sexual scenes. Sunita looked at me with some concern; because she was sitting next to the Colonel. I told her that both the Colonel and his wife would translate for her so that she would not have any difficulty understanding. I understood her concern and stretched my hand and patted on her lap to indicate that it was ok. When the Colonel heard me, he asked my wife if there was anything wrong. I was happy to hear from Sunita that there was no problem.

As Jyoti had told us, the movie was intensely sensual. The film was a story of a happily married sex loving couple. Soon after marriage, they went for a holiday in their car. The wife was driving. The husband wanted to kiss her. However, she lost the control of the car and there was a serious car accident. The husband developed mental problems after the accident. Due to his mental instability, he tortured and sexually abused her. In that unstable condition, he developed a phobia that his wife wanted to kill him. One day, when the husband started beating her, she cried out loud, ran out and knocked the neighbour’s door shouting for help.

The neighbour was a divorcee and at that time was making love to a call girl. He opened the door partially. The wife saw that the neighbour stood naked at the door. She also saw the naked call girl on bed. She could see that they were making love. She ran out on the street. The neighbour in that condition ran after her, caught her and brought her to his flat. He listened to the lady’s problems. He got dressed and went with her into the next flat and caught the husband’s collar and threatened him to behave. The neighbour was strong, hefty and tall. The husband was subdued after he saw the physical strength of his neighbour.

The neighbour was sympathetic to the wife and went out of his way to help her in dealing with the problems arising out of the husband’s mental illness. During his mental illness, the husband became hornier and insisted on having sex with his wife regularly and during the intercourse, beat his wife. The wife tolerated the beating so as not to mentally hurt her husband more. The doctors had told her that if her husband did not undergo any more tension, he could regain his mental balance. Out of frustration and driven by her gratitude for the neighbour’s help, one night the wife succumbed to the neighbour’s charm. They had an intercourse on the neighbour’s bed.

The wife and the neighbour developed an intense physical relationship. At the same time, the wife and the neighbour both continued to take meticulous care of the sick husband. One night the husband saw the neighbour making love to his wife. The shock suddenly impacted his mind so strongly that he fainted out of shock. When he recovered, his mental faculties began to work normally. He regained his mental balance and became normal. The husband remembered how both had looked after him during his sickness and forgave them.

The film was very touching at the same time very erotic and sensual. It had explosive intimate sexually explicit scenes of love making between the husband and the wife, the call girl and the neighbour and the neighbour and the wife.

In the beginning of the film, Sunita asked the Colonel many questions. The Colonel continuously translated the dialogues to my wife. Whilst he was talking, he gradually placed his hand on top of Sunita’s hand instinctively. I could sense her hesitation and indecision whether she should remove her hand from under the Colonel’s hand or let it remain there. As I saw it, she let it be there.

Occasionally the Colonel craned his neck to tell me of some important dialogues. In the process, he had to move his head under Sunita’s chin. His head was close to my wife’s breasts. As the scenes became more and more sensual and intimate, the talk and questions stopped. I was sure all four us had high rate of adrenalin flowing through our veins. The air-conditioning in the theatre was powerful and we felt the chill.

I looked at the audience in the hall. Most of them were couples. I saw many of them necking their mates and some could be seen smooching their wives or girl friends or whoever they had brought along. There were some lonely guys. I could not see many, but I was sure that they had their cocks in their hands. All were completely swept away by a strong current of sensuality.

As a matter of fact, the movie was far more erotic than what we had guessed. There were so many totally nude scenes and intercourses shown vividly. I had a huge hard on and I struggled hard to adjust my trousers to control the bulge of my male member. Jyoti saw my efforts. She looked at me and smiled understandingly. Then she gently removed her shawl and spread it on her chest and lap taking care to cover me up also under it.

Then she gently placed her hand on my thigh. It was dark already and having covered our selves under her shawl, others could not see what was happening under the shawl.

I looked at the Colonel. I could see his hand on Sunita’s hand. He was playing with her fingers. She sat there like a statue. She did not know how to react to the scenes on the screen on one hand and the Colonel’s playing with her fingers on the other. I saw both of them sitting awkwardly because of cold and also seeing such highly arousing scenes. I got up, removed my shawl from the bag, went behind Sunita’s seat and spread the shawl over the Colonel as well as Sunita; covering both of them, their neck downward. Sunita looked behind and saw me. I patted her and the Colonel’s shoulder. I told her “It is cold. It is better that both of you cover your selves properly.”

As I was leaving, as an afterthought, I whispered into Sunita’s ears, “Remember that he is your Guru. Comfort him. In this time of high excitement, he may be expressing his desire through his fingers. Perhaps he wants to feel you. The scenes are so erotic. Hold his hands and get closer to him. Remember you promised me that if a situation arises, you will follow my advice?”

She looked at me, bowing her head a few times to acknowledge that she understood. She whispered back, “I remember. Don’t worry.”

I pinched the Colonel hard on his shoulder, as I withdrew, without saying anything. I saw the Colonel grimace and smile. However, he did not look behind. Perhaps he had heard my advice to Sunita. 

As I was returning, I saw the Colonel’s wife reach out to catch my wife’s hand under the shawl. I did not know what followed. However, she told me that she squeezed Sunita’s hand hard. She rubbed her hand on my wife’s thighs. Gradually, she took her hand to the spot between my wife’s thighs on her saree and kept rubbing it there. I could see strange expressions on Sunita’s face.

Jyoti’s another hand played with me. She tried to reach out between my legs. I was surprised at her boldness. However, I was too aroused to feel anything other than the action between my legs. She grabbed the bulge between my legs. I felt as if my erection was bulging out to the point of tearing off my trousers zips. Jyoti leaned on me resting her head on my chest. She gently unzipped my fly and inserted her hand in it. She could feel my boxers and the tiger underneath. I manoeuvred my underwear to let her have access to my pulsating shaft. My lund was hot. Her hands felt cold on it. She caressed her palm on my lund spreading my pre-cum over its surface.

I covered her back with my one hand and poked playfully at one of her breasts. The impact of the film on me was so much that I was leaking pre cum liberally. The film was showing one intimate scene after another. I had a situation between my legs. Jyoti was actively massaging my cock.

I inserted my hand between her thighs. Surely, she must be dripping out her juices with all the fucking scenes displayed so liberally on the screen. As I expected, her thighs were wet with her leaking juice. I had no difficulty in reaching the joint between her legs. Her panty was dripping wet. I poked my finger on the panty. Jyoti’s hands caught my hand. She gently raised her butt and pulled the panty down to let me have an easy access to her liberally leaking pussy. I raised my hand a little and massaged the periphery of her pussy lips. She jerked feeling my fingers touching her pussy lips. I kept massaging the area around her clit and occasionally lifted my hand to feel her breasts.

I strained my eyes to see what was happening between the Colonel and my wife under the shawl. I could just sense that the Colonel had Sunita’s hand in his and was perhaps pressing it on his lap. I saw her bend a little towards the Colonel. Was it to reach out to the Colonel’s member between his legs? Was she trying to “comfort him”? It was dark and I could not watch the movement of her hand, although I suspected that it was deep down between his legs.

After considerable time, I clearly saw the Colonel turn his body facing sideways to Sunita and spotted some movement of his hands in the upper half of her body. Was the Colonel trying to feel more comfortable than I was prepared to let my wife make him feel? I must admit that I was jealous. All the same, I also did not want to let go of my share of comfort feeling the Colonel’s wife’s hand rubbing between my legs. I also kept massaging between her thighs and tried to feel her valley of love.for a good part of the film.  

Suddenly the lights came on. The movie ended. My eyes were trained on my wife’s hand. She jerked suddenly when the lights came on. She quickly removed her hand from under the shawl and tried hard to adjust her blouse and saree. She looked at me. She was flustered. I could detect guilty feelings in her eyes. We were all feeling too awkward to talk.  

We went to a restaurant, ate some sandwiches, pizza etc. and started our return back home. The return journey was uneventful. The train was not crowded and we returned home in complete silence, except for perfunctory remarks. Whilst the ladies returned to their respective flats, the Colonel and I stayed back to park our cars properly.  

The Colonel said, “Hope you will enjoy the night well, after the movie.”

I could not suppress my jealousy and said, “Not only the movie but also the company and the train journey.” The Colonel did not miss my sarcasm.

He nodded his head and replied, “That is true for me and also for you. The score is equal on both sides, I guess.”

It stung me. However, he was right. I replied, “You are right. Let us both relive the movie in our individual beds, in our own flats.”

The Colonel’s reply was significant. He said, “This is good for a start. God knows, there is a long way to go.”

We said bye and returned to our flats.  

Sunita was waiting for me after changing into a tempting night gown. I reached for her, kissed her hard on her lips for a long time and carried her to the bedroom. She released herself from my kisses and said, “Go, have a wash, change into something or nothing and come in my bed. I am waiting with open arms.”

I knew that I was in for a treat that night. my wife was a different woman in a matter of months. Oh, what a night it was! She was waiting for me naked in the bed. I quickly undressed and fell beside her. As soon as I began playing with her, she jerked and had an orgasm.  

As I fondled her boobs and rolled her nipples between my fingers, I asked her. “I believe that in the train you were almost crushed under the Colonel?”

“Well, that is true. However, it was better than being crushed by a group of rough morons.” She replied.

“Did you feel him? I mean did you feel his body on you?” I asked eagerly awaiting for her reply.

“What a silly question? Well, he was right on top of me. How could I have avoided feeling him?”

“You mean you felt his cock on you? “ I saw her squirm.

“Well, don’t ask me such embarrassing questions. Yes, of course. You could well imagine. What could I have done? Do you feel bad about this? If you don’t like this, I shall stop meeting him. I really will.” She used her final weapon. She knew, she had me.

I felt that the talk was getting derailed. I said, “Oh Gosh, no dear! Don’t ever say such things. I have not felt bad at all. I am just joking. How can I feel bad? After all, it was not your choice that there was so much rush in the train. Remember that it was I, who made you sit with the Colonel. I also wrapped that shawl around you two. Would I have done that if I had felt bad about it?”  

I made a face pretending to be offended with her remark. I let out a big sigh, expressing my sadness at her words.  

She quickly retracted her words, “No… I did not mean that. I know you are very sporting. Even the Colonel told me so. However, I do not know, if you will forgive my action in the theatre.”

“Do you mean to say that you both did something, under the shawl? Please tell me truthfully. Please, I assure you, no, I promise you. I will not feel bad at all. I swear that I shall not be scornful or angry.”

Sunita appeared cagey, but I felt that she was gradually feeling more at ease as she started, “Well, he caught my hand and placed it on his thigh. He also rubbed his hand on my thighs.”

“His hand was over my saree. He even lifted my saree up to my knee and attempted to pull it up further. I was confused and did not know if I should allow him to do it. Finally, I gently deflected his hand away. You see, the picture was so erotic and there were so many highly sexy scenes in the movie that I could not blame him; yet I could not go that far. That was the first time that he took any serious sexual initiative. Do you think that he could have avoided it? Frankly I was also aroused very much. I wished you were with me.”

She curled up to me and came into my arms. She was trying to woo me. I could trace a sense of guilt in her eyes and in her voice. I knew that what had happened was perhaps more than what she was prepared to reveal.  

She continued. “Frankly, I really wished you were with me. I was sure you would have opened up my dress under the shawl and would have almost fucked me right there in the theatre. Would you not have, dear? Both the Colonel and I were very excited. I just did not know what to do. He could not control his reactions; at the same time, he was far more restrained than what you could have been.”

Although she appeared to be nonchalant about it, I could see that she was horny remembering her experience with the Colonel in the theatre. I was also excited hearing my wife’s adventure with the Colonel and my experience with his wife.

She was aggressively shagging my cock. I stopped her, made her crouch on all fours and went behind her. I kissed her ass, ass cheeks and bent further down and kissed her pussy. She began spewing out her juices and the flow made a small stream rolling sown slowly on her thighs. I lapped it up. I licked her dripping pussy. I slowly began rubbing my finger on her labia. That sent her into a tizzy. She shivered as if she had high fever. I knew she was horny and wanted my cock badly.  

I slowly murmured, “Look dear, whatever I am asking you now, is meant only for fun and enjoyment. Reply to me in the same sporting way without taking any offense.”

She appeared to be puzzled but eager to know the game and nodded her head in agreement.  

I asked her, “Tell me frankly, without hesitation, did you enjoy feeling his cock rubbing on your pussy in the train, although you were both fully dressed?”

I felt her jerk at the mention of the Colonel’s cock rubbing her pussy. She nodded her head in acceptance and said. “Darling, I am sorry, but you have asked me to tell you the truth and therefore I cannot lie to you. Initially I felt a bit offended, but when I saw his helplessness and when the train kept jerking and made him rub his cock on my pussy area, I did feel aroused. I cannot deny that I did enjoy feeling his cock rubbing on my pussy. I hope you don’t think that I sinned?”  

She was shaking in anticipation of what I would ask her next. She was aroused talking about the Colonel and further driven crazier by my fingers rubbing her labia and poking her pussy hole. She was moaning loud, feeling my fingers working in her love hole. She reached her high and let out a big moan.  

She cried out “Ahhh…” and shuddered and had her second orgasm that night. I let her cool down a little.  

Just when I was ready with my next question, she asked me, “Well dear, now I have some questions to ask you.” I felt earth slipping under me. I knew what was coming. The fact that she began shagging my cock hard, made me feel slightly better. Her level of excitement, even after two orgasms was high.  

“You asked me so many questions. Well, let me ask you what you were doing under the shawl with Jyoti? Surely, watching such a hot movie would have made some impact on you both also dear? Would it not have? I know you well enough to guess, what could have happened.”

I stammered initially, but then decided to be truthful. “Well, frankly you are right. I was unable to control myself. You know me well enough by now. I too wished that you were with me. However, if I had come and asked you to change seat, it would have felt very awkward. You know, my cock was so hard that it was quite a problem for me to adjust my hard and engorged cock in my pant. Jyoti did not miss seeing me struggling with my pant. She smiled and placed her hand on my thighs…”

Before I could complete the sentence, Sunita thundered, “So? She touched your cock? Is that right? Were you so jealous? Just because the Colonel did that to me, should you also do the same?” Out of vehemence, she forgot that she had blurted out the truth of her adventure in the theatre with the Colonel.  

I looked at her with a blank face. “So you mean to say that the Colonel made you caress his cock in the theatre. Is it correct?”

She realized that she could have been more discreet. However, she admitted regretfully, “Yes, I am sorry but I did that. But let me explain to you the facts. When the Colonel touched me the first time, I wanted to withdraw my hand. However, the Colonel requested me to let my hand remain there. I did not want to offend him. He made me place my hand on his crotch. I took my hand away. I felt really bad. I wanted to get up and change seats. He stopped me and apologized. He said that he was unable to control himself. The scenes were so highly erotic. That was of course true. He said that he did not want that our relationship should be spoiled. Then he asked me to look in your direction. At that time, you were rubbing Jyoti’s thighs and she was rubbing your crotch under the shawl.” I squirmed at being caught.

“The Colonel asked me not to disturb you and Jyoti. I was too frustrated to think. I did not know what to do. After that, you came and covered us under the shawl and told me to make the Colonel feel more comfortable, so I caught his hand. I sat there looking at the movie. The movie was touching. Just remember the pathetic condition of that woman in the movie. Then there was the scene of her intercourse with the neighbour. It was so intense and so sensual that I felt that after all, it was not the Colonel’s fault that he touched me and made me touch his groin or squeezed my thighs. Even I was feeling horny. I was blown high by sheer lust. I put my hand in the Colonel’s hand and murmured an apology for my rough behaviour. I could not control my own emotions. My pussy was leaking heavily at that time. How could I therefore blame young and virile Colonel? I could not even blame you and Jyoti for flirting.”

“The Colonel pulled me closer. I moved closer to the Colonel and rested my head on his shoulder. I squeezed the Colonel’s hand in mine. The Colonel raised his arm and took it around behind my neck and shoulders and took me sideways under his arm. His arm then hanged almost touching my breasts. He, however, did not make any attempt to touch my boobs. I rested my left hand on his thigh over his trousers. In that moment of indiscretion, I moved my hand between the Colonel’s legs and felt his cock over his trousers. He was rock hard. He even pushed his hand inside my blouse. He was making an attempt to open my blouse and bra.”

I was too stunned to speak. My wife looked at me and smiled. “What happened? Have you second thoughts after hearing me? Or are you too jealous to fuck me. I see that your Lund is even harder than before. Your lund is rock hard and I am very hot. Please fuck me hard.”

That day my wife crossed all the limits of her inhibitions. She used the word “Fuck” and “Lund”, which was very unusual. She demanded to have sex after two orgasms, was a very pleasant experience for me.  

“You said that he inserted his hand inside your blouse. Did he fondle your boobs?” I asked her with abated breath.

“Well he did feel my breasts from over the blouse several times. He squeezed them and rubbed them over my blouse and bra. He even inserted his fingers inside and left the there. When the film showed the couple fucking on the floor, he pulled my blouse and bra up and cupped one of my breasts in his palm. I went crazy at his touch, darling. I am very bad and you have all the right to punish me.” She was almost in tears.

I said in mock anger, “Stop it. I told you that I am not angry. You have not done anything wrong. I am not at all unhappy. By making the Colonel feel that you are cooperative, you have done a great job. I am so happy for you.”

She looked unbelievingly at me and said, “Really? You mean that? Do you think that I did not overreact? Thank you darling. You are the most loving and understanding husband. I am so happy; I can do anything for you.”

I said, “For the time being please do not stop. I beg you to tell me exactly what happened thereafter.”

She continued, “Well, darling, I must admit that I was aroused at the Colonel’s expert fondling of my boobs. He is so good at it. I kept rubbing his cock in excitement. Darling, his cock is really big. Please don’t mind, but it is much bigger than yours. Well you are also big. He felt uncomfortable controlling it. He gently lowered his stretch belt and took his lund out of his underwear. Oh God! It was like an oiled steel rod. I took it in my palm and massaged it gently. His balls are so large and heavy. I caressed them and kept massaging his lund. Darling, I wanted to make him feel comfortable. As I lovingly massaged his balls and his big rod, he came in my palm jetting out big load of his hot semen in my palm.” She looked at me apprehensively.

I did not know where this would end. I kissed her lightly and said, “Go ahead.”

She said, “He gave me his handkerchief. I wiped it clean. He bent and kissed me lightly and kept massaging my one breast in his hand as we watched the movie. However, before I knew, the movie was finished.” She sighed. Was it a feeling of disappointment or relief? I wondered.

Sunita caught my rock hard pole in her hand. She bent down and kissed my cock. She began to lovingly shag it. She came into my arms, kissed me on lips for a few seconds and said, “Are you angry with me? Do you want that I should not meet the Colonel? I can do anything for you. No one is more important for me than my husband.”

I took her in my arms and kissed her hard this time. Then I moved down to her legs and began slurping her vaginal mound. I licked her pussy and began fucking her love hole with my tongue. I said, “For me there is nothing more important than you and your love. I can never be angry with you. Please do not think that I do not want you to meet the Colonel. On the contrary, let me be frank with you. I definitely wanted you to enjoy the movie sitting with the Colonel. I wanted to see you and the Colonel sit close and enjoy with each other. This was my desire.”

I saw Sunita’s pussy twitching and pulsating on my tongue. She was as horny as I ever saw her. I moved on top of her. I rubbed my cock on her pussy for a while and placed my cock at the crack of her pussy. She was on the edge, waiting for me to enter her. As she was shaking out of excitement, she said, “I do not know how I could ever thank you enough. You are indeed the most loving and understanding husband a woman can have.”

I pushed my cock in a little and said, “The Colonel always praises his wife’s beauty and her love. I know how sweet you are. I want the Colonel to know and experience that you are equally, if not more beautiful and loving. Darling, please do not misunderstand me, but it was my secret desire to see you and the Colonel enjoy each other freely. I am happy that you two had physical contact and that you masturbated him and he felt your breasts. Really, believe me, I am very happy. I would not mind, if you go all the way. You are mine and will always be. Darling, do you understand me? I hope you are not angry with me for this fantasy?”

My wife Sunita raised her pelvis to try to make me thrust my cock into her. As she did it, she said, “Darling, I am not angry or unhappy with you. However, your desire is rather strange. How could I fulfil it? Do you really want me to fulfil it? We shall see. But first please fuck me. I am horny and you know it.”

I began to fuck her, rather she began to fuck me with unprecedented vigour and energy. After a while, she made me climb down and she climbed on top of me. She inserted my cock into her love hole and moved up and down to fuck me. She huffed and puffed and finally both of us let go of ourselves with a huge "Ahhh…"

When we fell in the bed, tired; I asked her, “Sunita please tell me frankly and clearly, what is your secret fantasy.”

She hesitated. When I pressured her, she said, “I would love to watch the Colonel and Jyoti fuck. I want to see how Jyoti would take in such a big cock of the Colonel in her mouth and pussy.”


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