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Exposing Cindy - volume two - the workers

My husband sets into motion an encounter with two workers at our home
Volume II – Exposing Cindy: The workers

Chapter 1 – Cindy is sunbathing

Jim and I had been married about two years, when we bought our first home, a lovely place on a golf course in North Houston. When Jim received a large promotion a year later, we decided to treat ourselves to an ‘in-ground’ hot tub and spa.

The installation was taking longer than we had anticipated, stretching over six weeks, but the end was in sight. All of the plumbing was complete, the heater and filter units had been set. All that remained was the final electrical and controls tie-ins. The electrician and his helper were due to come on Saturday morning to complete the job.

Jim and I had gotten to know many of the workers, including the electrician and his helper. Brian, was the electrician and the boss. He was about 30 years old, and a nice looking sandy hair guy with a beach boy look about him. Richard, his helper was about 20 or 22 years old, black, tall and slender, but quite muscular. He was a handsome young man, with an engaging smile.

I found both of these guys to be nice and friendly. Jim suggested I give these guys a little “eye candy” on what might be their last day working at our house. Jim suggested that I sun bath in my bikini on the deck near where they would be working once they arrived.

I protested, “I can’t do that. I’d be too embarrassed to be out there in my bathing suit with them. It would be too obvious anyway.”

“Not if you were already out there when they came over, and we both acted like we forgot they were coming over this morning.” Jim reasoned. “Come on, go get your bikini on and give the guys a treat.

I reluctantly complied. I really have never been able to refuse Jim anything. I knew I would eventually agree to modeling my bath suit for these two workers if that is what Jim wanted me to do.

I was lying out about 20 minutes when they arrived, coming around the corner of the house to the backyard unannounced, I pretended to have fallen asleep on the deck as the came up. I pretended to be startled “Oh, I forgot you were coming over this morning….”

“Oh, we’re sorry. Is it OK for us to finish up, or should we come back another time?” Brian asked. I could see both of them were trying not to stare at my near naked flesh.

“No that’s alright. Come on back and finish up. I was just catching a few rays before it got to hot.” I was shielding my eyes for the sun as I looked at them. “Am I going to be in your way here on the deck?”

“Not at all. In fact we will enjoy the company, and you do add to the view.” Brian said in a flirtatious tone.

“Well don’t let me bother you.” I said as I lay back down on my stomach, closing my eyes, well aware that they were both taking in every inch of my flesh. And I liked being on display.

The guys proceeded to do their worked for about 15 minutes when Jim came on to the deck. “Hi guys.” Jim then sat on the edge of the recliner I was lying on. “Baby, you are going to get burned. Let me put some sun screen on your back.”

Uh oh, I thought. Jim is up to something. He untied the back string of my top and the string around my neck; and he began applying sun screen to my back. “What are you doing?” I asked in something approaching a ‘stage whisper’.

“Just making sure my baby doesn’t get burned.” Jim said as he massaged the lotion into my back, allowing his fingers to wander down the sides of my breasts as Brian and Richard watched with intense interest. Jim, started applying the lotion to the back of my legs next, paying particular attention to my inner thighs. I was blushing deeply as Jim let his fingers wander up my inner thighs to the gusset of my bikini bottom touching my pussy through my suit in a ‘less than subtle manner’.

“Jim, stop it. They are watching.” I whispered with embarrassment. This had already gone much further than I anticipated when I agreed to come out here.

Jim then started pulling my bikini top, which he had untied moments before, out from underneath me. “Jim, what are you doing?” I was panicked, but trying not to draw too much attention to myself, or to my situation. But Jim ignored my pleas and held up my bikini top; leaving me topless, laying on my stomach.

Jim turned to Brian and Richard and said, “You guys need negotiate something good in exchange for this.”

And he tossed my top to Richard. “Now Richard, this is a very valuable top; don’t give it back too quickly. Get something really good for it.” Jim smiled at me, and then walked in the house. I knew Jim would be watching from the kitchen window.

My heart raced, and I could feel my face flush with embarrassment. Still on my stomach, I leaned up slightly, and realized that my breasts were essentially exposed in this position, “Richard, give that top back to me please.” I reached one hand out to him.

Brian chimed in, “Richard, you need to think carefully about the Mr. B. was right; that is a pretty valuable top you have there. Let’s think about this a minute,”

Richard studied the top and studied me. He seemed to take an eternity before he spoke again. “Mrs. B, how about getting Brian and me a couple of beers in exchange for your top.”

I thought for a moment, then I got up, covering my exposed breast with my hands and walked silently into the kitchen as Brian and Richard watched and wondered what was in store for them this morning. I wondered the same thing.

“They want a couple of beers for my top.” I told Jim as I went to the refrigerator.

I took two cans of Lite beer out and started for the door, when Jim stopped me. “I love you baby; I love you so much. Enjoy yourself.” Jim said as he kissed me and he untied the bottom of my bikini, pulling it from between my legs. I stood there, completely naked with a can of beer in each of my hands.

“Jim, no! I can't go out there like this. This is too much. This is over the top. No way." I was serious in my protests this time.

"Baby, you look great. The guys will love this. This will be a day neitehr of them will ever forget. You will be forever etched in their minds." Jim opened the door and held it for me.

I stood motionless for several seconds. "You are really going to send me back out there with those guys like this?”

“Baby, you’ve never looked better.” Jim said as he held the door open a bit wider for me, inviting me to wlak through it. I was blushing a deep crimson, my heart was pounding in my chest as I took a deep breath and walked through the door as my husband instructed me to do.

The astonished look on Brian’s and Richard’s faces was priceless as I walked onto the deck, covering my breasts with the two cans of beer while my cute little shaved pussy was exposed for their viewing pleasure. I doubted they could tell, but my cute little pussy was already responding and getting wet from being displayed in this manner. I thought to myself, 'forgive me, but you do like being put on display'.

“What happened to the bottoms of your suit?” Brian asked.

“My husband took it.” I answered honestly.

“And why would he do that?” Brian asked.

“I guess he wanted to see what you would do.”

“And what does he think we will do?” Brian asked honestly.

“I think he thinks you might play with me. I don’t know. Maybe he is just waiting to find out what you will do.”

Brian then walked up and took one of the beers from my hand, and gently rubbed the cold can across my erect nipple before taking a long drink from the can. Brian then kissed me as his free hand gently tugged my nipple. I returned the kiss, wondering what Jim was thinking right now as he watched his sweet little wife get fondled by the electrician. I guess this is exactly what he wanted to see, I reasoned.

As I kissed Brian, I felt Richard approach me from behind, sandwiching me between them. Richard reached around between my legs and started running his fingers along my moist slit. When he found my erect clit, a quiet moan escaped and I felt my body quiver slightly.

I felt Richard’s firm penis humping against my lower back as he gently massaged my clit; all the while Brian was exploring my mouth with his tongue and gently playing with my nipple. I knew I was going to get fucked by these two guys. I did not exactly how, where or in what combinations; but I knew I was going to get fucked. And I knew my husband would be watching every stroke of it.

Richard continued to fondle me; with his right hand gently flicking my clitoris, I felt his left hand come between my legs from behind, looking for the entrance to my highly aroused vagina. Almost involuntarily, I felt myself spread my legs and lean forward to allow this young black man access. God I felt like such a wanton, sexy slut. His fingers found my opening, and he opened me and entered me with two fingers. I could feel my juices running down my inner thighs as he fingered me. I could actually hear the wet slurping sound my pussy was making as he plunged his fingers in and out of me.

I was arching my hips back to meet Richard’s probing fingers when I saw Jim approaching from the kitchen. “Baby, you and your friends come inside. Come on guys, let’s go inside before someone sees you all.”

Richard’s fingers exited my vagina and clit, and I handed him the other beer. And both he and Brian followed us into the living room. “Make yourself comfortable guys. Cindy is in no rush, so take your time guys.”

Richard, having already had his fingers deep inside me was the more aggressive of the two. He stripped his jeans and tee shirt quickly. And the largest, thickest and blackest cock I had ever seen sprung free as he lowered his pants. I was taken aback at its size, girth, rigidity and deep black color. I had never been with a black man before, but I had heard all the stereo types and rumors. Ladies, at least in Richard's case, they were all true.

“Oh my God.” was all I could say. “Jim, look at that thing.”

“Baby, can you handle that?”

“I don’t know; I don’t think so.” To be honest I was more scared of this huge rigid black snake than I was aroused at that particular moment. I walked towards Richard almost in a trance. I knelt in front of him as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft, but my fingers did compltely encircle the large shaft. Richard was also uncircumcised, and I studied the huge purple-black head with a keen interest; pulling the foreskin back and forth, making the ridge of his cockhead appear and disappear. I was like a little girl with a huge top that both interested me, and frightened me. And yes, excited me.

He stood fully erect, pointing straight up, and he was almost as long as my arm was from my wrist to my elbow, and nearly as thick. “Richard, where do you think you are going to stick that monster?” I asked while continuing to study his penis.

Richard stroked himself towards me and said,"It is going into you, beautiful lady. It is going into you.”

“I don’t think it is, Richard. I don’t think that will fit. Not at all.”

Richard lowered himself on to the living room floor, lying on his back in front of me; his penis sticking up. “Come here Mrs. B, you lower yourself on to me, I won’t hurt you. You will be in complete control. You take it as slow as you need to. But you will open up just fine for me. Just try a little bit at a time.”

I looked at Jim and Brian in amazement. Jim nodded, "Go ahead, baby. Give it a try. See how the ehad feels inside you at least." he encouraged me. And as I straddled Richard, and directed the pulsing head of his cock towards my opening, I was scared and excited. I wanted to feel him, but I doubted I could take his girth or length.

As I touched the his cockhead to my opening, I was amazed at how very wet I had become; the head was slippery from my juices as I rubbed it across the opening of my vulva. I felt he arch his hips slightly and the head passed into me about an inch, “Wait, not too fast. Don’t hurt me.” I cautioned.

I felt stretched open and full. I felt the first few inches just inside my oepning when I caught our reflection in the full length mirror on the entry way closet door; we were quite a sight. The contrast of my tiny white frame astride his dark black muscular one was stark. But the huge 7 inches of thick cock that remained outside my pussy and its thick head pulsed just inside me looked sexy and scary.

I raised up a bit and tried to lower myself down further; a loud gasp escaped my lips as I felt my pussy being wedged open and stretched further than ever before. I had about two inches in me. I looked at Jim, “I don’t think I can do this. He’s just too big.” I was almost crying.

Jim came over and knelt by my side, kissed me with Richard’s cock partially in me, and said, “You can do this baby, just work it slowly. Just relax and go slowly,” He gently pushed my shoulders down, forcing Richard further into my tight pussy.

“Oh shit, he’s going into me.” I raised and lowered myself slowly at Jim’s encouragement, taking myself a half an inch deeper with each cycle. I glanced over and now there was three inches of ‘unused cock’ remaining outside and under my totally stretched pussy. The fullness had aroused me like never before. I knew I was going to cum just like this.

Brian had stripped off his clothes as well, and was standing on my other side, his erection bobbing in front of my face. I took hold of his shaft, and stroked him as I worked myself deeper and deeper on Richard’s cock.

Richard was rocking his hips now, stroking in and out of me, but he was careful not to impale me with too much too quickly. He was obviously used to allowing women to come to grips with his size slowly. But he was fucking my pussy. As I raised up and pulled most of hom out of me, I looked down and could see a thin white cream of my pussy juice coating the first six inches of his shaft, displaying for everyone precisely how much of his cock I had been able to accommodate to this point. I had never notice the ‘white cream from my pussy’ on Jim’s cock, or anyone else’s before; I assume the dark contrast of Richard’s skin color made my feminine lubrication so obvious now. But the fact that the last two inches of Richard’s cock did not display my juice told me precisely how much more of Richard I needed to accommodate.

As I pushed down deeper, really trying to take more, I looked to Jim and said, “Honey, he is so far inside me; he is fucking your wife’s womb. He is all the way up to here.” I said as I pointed a couple of inches above my naval. I did not know how far he was up inside me, but I did know it was further than anyone had ever been.

I felt my first orgasm building inside of me, and my movements became faster and more dramatic. “Oh baby, I am going come on this big black dick. I feel it, your wife is going cum on her black stud for you.” And I took Brian’s cock in my mouth and started fucking Richard with a passion as I sucked Brian. Moaning loudly around his cock, I came violently, with a large and long series of convulsions rocking my tiny frame. And as I came, Richard arched up, fully impaling me, I felt a surge of pain mixed with intense pleasure as his cock pulsed deep inside of me, shooting ropes and strings of his sperm into my womb. My moans triggered Brian who started cumming in my mouth. I was getting fed sperm from both ends, from these two men at the same time, as I had one of the most earth shattering orgasms of my life.

After swallowing the first three long bursts of Brian’s semen, I released his cock and fell forward, collapsing on to Richard’s chest. I tried to kiss Richard, but he was obviously uncomfortable kissing me after I had just swallowed several mouthfuls of his bosses semen. I felt another smaller string of semen from Brian’s cock strike my back as I lay panting in a heap. Richard’s large cock still pulsing inside of me. I realized Brian was not completely done ejaculating when I had released his cock from my mouth.

Jim broke the sounds of our heavy breathing with “You did it baby, you took all of him.” He was beaming with pride.

I smiled at my husband and simply said, “I did it for you, Honey. I took all of him for you. I can still feel him pulsing inside of me.” And then I gave his cock a long firm squeeze with my vagina. “My pussy will never be the same.”

I started to pull away from Richard, leaving my pussy wide open and leaking; but Richard flipped me on my back as his cock began trying to enter me again. He was still hard. I wrapped my legs around him and allowed his to slide back inside me.

My pussy was dilated, and the juice and semen dripping from me made his entry easy this time; however I still felt incredibly full. In this position, the head of his cock was hitting the from of my vagina with a force that quickly told me that I could cum again. I looked up at Jim as he watched this young black buck fuck his lily white, blond wife with a passion as I cried out each time he plunged into me. He was thrusting in fully, and I was accommodating his entire tool with each stroke, as my second orgasm arrived. I dug me heels intyo his ass as he pounded himself deep into me with each stroke.

“Oh shit, don’t stop. Fuck me.” I cried out as he hammered into me time after time. “Jim, he is pounding my little pussy. Can you see how much he is stretching me? Can you see how deep he is going? Oh, God, I am cumming again.” And with that Richard buried himself fully, pressing forward to releasing his second load of semen into me, pinning me in place underneath him. I had no choice but to lay there with my legs wrapped around him accepting each and every string of semen he could pump into my womb. I contracted my vagina again and again, milking his huge cock of its last drop.

When he finished and withdrew, I lay there me knees pulled to my chest and looked at Jim, “Look at what he did to your wife’s pussy. Can you see how he stretched me out? Can you see how much sperm he pumped into me?”

Jim climbed between my legs and slipped into me with no resistance at all. “Baby can you feel how open I am? How wet I am? You are fucking your wife's very well fucked pussy.”

I looked up and saw Brian massaging his cock back to hardness as Jim fucked me. I knew he was waiting his turn to add his semen tot the pool, so to speak. Jim did not last long. The excitement of the pounding of my pussy he just witnessed had him on the edge.

As soon as Jim finished adding his sperm to my uterus, Brian replaced him. I barely felt Brian’s cock in me, I was so dilated. But I realized this was my first gang bang, and I wanted Brian’s semen added to the wicked cocktail of sperm that was churning inside of me.

Brian came, withdrew and I lay there, panting trying to recover. My pussy was throbbing in a series of spasms, trying to readjust to no longer being stretched open, trying to recapture its size and shape. Each spasm felt like it was involuntarily trying to find something to hug, hold or grab on to. And with each spasm I could feel a small amount of semen being pushed out of me. I could feel the semen trickling down my ass slowly and obscenely.

Looking directly at my gapping vagina, Jim said, “Baby, you are dipping with cum. Can you feel it?” I merely smiled and nodded, yes I felt it. And it felt wicked, and delicious, and naughty all at the same time.

When I stood up, the flood from my pussy really started, and large globs of semen started running down my inner thighs. “I need to go clean up guys.” I said as I headed for the bathroom. I showered first to wash the large volume of semen from me, then I ran a bath. After dismissing the guys, Jim came in and joined me in the tub, having directed out guests back to the work on the tub.

Jim and I did not talk much in the warm tub; reflecting silently in our thoughts trying to process what had just happened. I broke the silence after a while, “Are you OK with what just happened?”

“Yes. I enjoyed seeing you like that; I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t ever want you to do anything like there when I am not here, or when I am not around. But yes, I love sharing you, seeing you react, seeing the pleasure you get. I loved seeing you get fucked.” Jim said.

And we spent the rest of the weekend quietly relaxing, making love and assessing what kind of relationship we would have as man and wife.

chapter two --- Richard returns alone (coming soon)
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