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Just a fantasy about my wife
My wife and I have been married now for about 16 years. Kids have arrived, we are both getting a bit older now, and her work as a freelance tutor tends to keep her busy in the evenings.

Sex is not as frequent as it used to be, and certainly not as frequent as I would like. Or her, I hope. Don't get me wrong; when we do get going it's fucking fantastic, and we are still very much in love, but it can sometimes get to be weeks between sex, and I do get frustrated.

Once, a few weeks ago, we'd got the kids to bed and I'd suggested sex. "Not tonight, hon," was her response. I must have looked really fed up, because she looked really guilty; it had been a while.

"Christ," I muttered, "The pope gets more action than I do." Half-joking, only.

Heather looked straight at me. "Hon," she said, "I'm really tired, but look; next Friday after we've got the kids to school..." 

My job allows me a fair degree of flexibility, and of course as a tutor, most of her work is done in the evenings; mornings are fairly free. Sometimes I take the morning off, and we spend it in bed together.

I must still have looked annoyed, because she continued; "Tell you what; as a special treat, I'll do anything you ask for." 

"Anything?" I repeated, puzzled. 

"Anything!" she emphasised, with a giggle.

"I want that in writing," I responded.

She thought that was a joke... But I fetched paper and pen, and made her write down 'On the Xth of.... I, Heather, will do anything my long suffering, wonderful husband asks of me'. She signed this with a flourish and, obviously slightly annoyed that this wasn't being treated as a joke, went off to bed.

I sat for a while, thinking out what I could do. My wife enjoys sex with me, but isn't particularly adventurous. I wanted to use this opportunity to push a few boundaries, in a way which I thought might be pleasurable for both of us. An idea began to form in my mind.

Over the next few days the written contract featured somewhat in our domestic banter. She let me know, in a lighthearted way, that a wife shouldn't need to provide a written guarantee of a verbal promise, whilst I let her know that I hadn't forgotten the promise and intended to claim on it. In fact, if she really knew what I had planned, I thought she would likely refuse point blank, contract or no contract, so I planned to lead her in stages up to it. With some of the later stages presented in such a way that "no" would not be an option.

I also made a couple of purchases online, of items I'd seen or heard about. When Friday came around, I was up early. I woke Heather with her customary cup of coffee, and a pile of carefully selected clothes. Clearly visible on the pile were some other items, including her butt plug; we had experimented a bit with anal toys a few years previously but she hadn't been all that keen, so it had been gathering dust in a drawer for some time. On top of the pile was the contract, as I thought she might need some initial persuasion.

Sure enough, she frowned at the butt plug. "I guess I might have known," she muttered. "So how does this work? Do I get into this stuff when we get back, or do I get the morning in bed whilst you take the kids to school?" She grinned hopefully at me and fluttered her eyelashes at me.

"Neither," I replied. "You are to wear this stuff under your clothes." 

Her eyes widened in shock. I waved the contract at her.

"Don't worry," I continued in a reassuring, friendly tone of voice, "I've chosen clothes which won't show. Only you and I will know what's underneath." 

I was shading the truth here a bit; when dressed some aspects of her outfit would be apparent, but who looks that closely? She sighed, and, stripping her pyjamas off, started to comply. I lubed the butt-plug and handed it to her, with another sigh she inserted it, then picked up the next item, a new one.

"What's this?" she enquired.

"Duo balls," I informed her. "Japanese Geishas used them to tone their vaginal muscles. You insert them like a tampon, and they stimulate you internally. Anyway, you are always going on about your pelvic floor - this will be great for that!" Again, shading the truth here. Actually, rather close to a lie, but I wasn't going to let on just yet what this toy would do for her.

Heather opened the third package, then looked quizzically at me.

"Sweater bumpers," I informed her. "You use the suction pump on your nipples like this..." I demonstrated. "And then the rubber ring goes over the nipple to hold it erect." 

She snatched the pump from me. I thought for a moment that she was going to object, but she must have started to find the idea arousing, because she began to pump her left nipple up. Once it was erect - she pumped much harder than I would have dared - she slipped the ring on, and repeated with the right breast. She was obviously getting into the swing of this, because the balls were slipped in without a murmur, and she started to get dressed.

I'd found her black padded bra and a tight sweater. The absence of panties confused her momentarily, but as it dawned on her that I wanted her to go knickerless, a raised eyebrow from me was all that was necessary and we were back on track, with her wriggling into her tightest pair of jeans. I watched her climb into her heels - normally she wore flats for comfort but did own some heels, and I had selected a pair of 4" black ankle boots - and admired the package.

My wife has a fantastic figure; still slim and with long wavy hair. With a short coat on she would not look unusual amongst the other yummy mommies, but she was undeniably sexual, and if you looked carefully you might guess at some of the concealed toys underneath. That is, if you were able to guess that a MILF might have a dildo up her cunt, another up her ass, and have her nipples sucked taut and erect under her bra.

Breakfast was a bit strained; Heather was clearly still trying to get accustomed to the toys filling her pussy and ass. At the same time however, she was constantly finding opportunities to bump into me, flutter her eyelashes in an exaggerated manner, almost but not quite overtly sexual.

After breakfast we agreed to drive into town and go shopping, then go for coffee. In the car Heather seemed to relax more, obviously relieved that things were staying in place and clearly hopeful that no more would be expected of her. I chuckled to myself, thinking of exactly how much further I wanted to push her.

We parked in one of the town car parks, and I steered my wife into a fairly crowded part of the shopping centre, where the crowds would make it impossible for Heather to respond. Time to ratchet things up, I thought. I reached into my pocket, and pressed a button on a remote control. Heather jolted, as the eggs in her pussy vibrated briefly, then subsided.

She looked across at me, and mouthed something at me. I continued to chat airily to her, thus reminding her that she was hardly able to complain or even react whatever happened in her cunt. She must have realized that the toy was barely audible, and that providing she was careful with her reactions she might be able to get away with this level of stimulation. I gave her another couple of jolts at selected points as we wandered around, to get her used to the situation.

A break in the crowds gave Heather an opportunity to take my arm and whisper in my ear, "What is this thing doing in my pussy?"

I smiled evilly and flashed her a sight of the remote, pushing the button again so that she got the idea.

"You unutterable bastard," she whispered.

"I love when you talk dirty to me," I replied.

She was about to continue in this way, so I thumbed the remote up to the next level and gave her a longer buzz. The scowl on her face was replaced with a look of dreamy contentment, and she gripped my arm and halted her walk briefly. "How many settings?" was her next question, and I knew I had won.

"Six, and that was number two," I informed her.

"Well, don't go any higher ... At least, not yet," she replied with a wistful look.

We drifted in and out of shops. Whilst Heather was in one, I noticed one of her friends, Ali, come out. Ali is divorced; she has a son in the same class as Jemma, and she and Heather get on well. She's also a bit of a tease, and I noticed, nearly as sexily dressed as my woman. Perfect, I thought, and strolled over to chat to her.

As Heather came towards us out of the shop, I slightly raised my voice, and mentioned to Ali that my wife and I were going for coffee, and would she like to join us? It turned out that she would. My wife glared at me; she obviously had other things on her mind other than coffee, but she could hardly un-invite Ali without being rude and, in fact, the two women are girlfriends.

As we strolled over to the coffee bar, I flirted with Ali just in order to wind Heather up a bit further. Ali could talk for her country, and happily nattered away obliviously. Heather is usually able to keep her end of the conversation going as well, but on this occasion mysteriously was quiet, alternating between scowling at me and a look of dreamy bliss as I zapped her with the remote.

In the coffee shop I continued to wind her up; making her jealous and zapping her down;now on the level three setting. Eventually I decided I might be pushing things just a little far; also I felt I might be in danger of exploding, let alone Heather, and we made our excuses and left. We set off back to the car, but I deliberately took a route along the busier streets.

Back at the car, Heather had obviously decided to go with the flow. She cranked the passenger seat down as flat as it would go, flopped back in it with one arm behind her head in the most stereotypical "Playboy" pose imaginable, unbuttoned her jeans, shoved her other hand down there and started to play with herself, looking up at me with heavy lidded eyes. The appeal was obvious, and I gladly obliged, setting the remote to low power but continuous.

As we drove home again, she continued to wriggle around in the passenger seat, obviously both enjoying the sensations and enjoying teasing me back; her actions were not exactly visible from outside the car, but not exactly private either. Its a good thing we weren't picked up; my driving wasn't exactly highway code standard that morning.

Back at home, Heather was aiming for the bedroom, but I managed to divert her to the kitchen. I felt almost ready to explode, but thought I might be able to milk this situation just a little further. Standing next to the counter, I undid my belt, and dropped my trousers.

Heather looked at me. "The neighbours..." she began, huskily.

"The neighbours won't notice if you keep your head down," I informed her, pressing lightly on her shoulders.

This was probably true, and she took the hint, kneeling down in front of me and pulling my pants down as she did so. She took my erection into her mouth and began to suck and lick it noisily. As she did this I lent back against the counter and began to experiment with the remote. This was now on continuous, and the buzzing for some of the higher settings was quite obvious, in the quiet of our kitchen; however she was by now oblivious to anything like this.

Setting four seemed to be the best, allowing her to concentrate on what she was doing to me whilst still getting obvious pleasure; one hand was assisting the blow job, the other was down the front of her jeans, obviously assisting the toy.

Now, normally, oral sex is not on the menu; or at least it's something I give her, not the other way around, and I've never cum in her mouth before, so just as I was feeling I was about to explode, I made to withdraw, aiming to find some other place for it. I was rather surprised to find her resist this, therefore; she smiled up at me and winked, whilst continuing to roll her tongue around my glans. Moments later I came, and I felt the warm spunk cascade down her willing throat as she greedily and noisily swallowed it.

As I recovered, she knelt back on her haunches and regarded me. "Okay, what have you planned for round two?" she enquired. "You did have something planned, didn't you?" she demanded with a wicked smile. "You are not going to tell me that that's all you can manage? I've only just got started!"

Well, I couldn't really turn that down, and I started towards the stairs.

"Wait a bit," Heather added, and bolted up the stairs ahead of me. "Must just pee. You get your ass into that bedroom, and prepare to fuck me like your life depends on it. I want your dick up my cunt till it splits me in two.".

Actually, it was more like twenty minutes before she re-emerged, but the pause was valuable, and the transformation worth waiting for. In that time she had put on makeup - not her normal style, but it looked like she had been looking at these 'do your makeup like a porn star' things on line - deep red lipstick, lots of eye shadow - that sort of thing.

She had found the G-string to go with the bra, plus fishnet stockings, suspender belt, and black platform boots - very high heels, and obviously bought for the occasion. Clearly I was not the only one who had been planning ahead. She still had the anal plug in, and the nipple rings, but she also carried her wand vibrator. Had she taken out the pussy vibe? She grabbed the remote, spun the dial to maximum, and threw it across the room, so I guessed not.

I was already naked, sitting on the end of the bed waiting. She advanced and pushed me backwards, spreading me on the bed, then climbing on top to pin me down. She pulled her G-string aside, straddled my face, and began to rub her pussy against my lips. I could taste her juices, and feel the buzzing of the toy inside her as she started to grind away at my face; I stuck my tongue up her snatch as far as I was able. She had me helpless, and I felt as aroused as her as she rode my face like another toy.

Eventually I began to feel we should move on. She must have felt the same way as she spat at me, "Okay, what next? How are you going to fuck me now?"

I grabbed the end of the pussy vibrator with my teeth and she slowly began to lift, drawing out one, two, three balls as she did so.. She rolled off of me, and I disentangled myself and came up behind her. By now I was really going, and I roughly pulled her hips up to the right position, pushed her shoulders down, and manoeuvered her ass till it was perfect. Pulled her G-string down, and revealed her round, pert bottom, split by the bright red anal plug.

"Fuck me, you bastard," she screamed into the pillow.

I didn't need any encouragement to do just that, but one thing was still missing. I picked up the wand and switched it to full power. As I entered her from behind, I reached around with the wand and pushed the business end against her pussy. I could feel the vibrations come through my dick and knew she was feeling them as well, as she wailed like a banshee and I rammed home into her cunt as hard and as deep as I possibly could.

She pushed back against me to extract the most from this fucking, then grabbed the wand and pushed it even further and harder against her snatch and my dick. This left my hands free and I grabbed her hair, twisting it hard and pushing her head down into the pillow. Her muffled wail turned into an absolute scream as she came, bucking her hips against me as I shot my load deep into her cunt.

Finally I let go and rolled over next to her. Her makeup was smeared on the pillow; her face was red as was her chest, and she smiled her sultry smile up at me.

"Shall I sign another contract?" she whispered to me.

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