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Fantasy Fulfilled. Part 1.

Mark plans a romantic getaway with Susan and Things heat up fast. And Susan may change his plans.

Fantasy Fulfilled. Part 1

Mark had planned this romantic getaway for some time now. He had been meticulous with every detail including the champagne and roses. He had called Susan and told her he would pick her up from work and their evening would begin. He had gotten her an overnight bag and picked out some sexy night attire and a little black dress with perfect shoes to go with it. Susan had taught him lots about putting together the perfect outfit and he felt he had picked well.


Mark arrived at the hotel early and checked in. It was a five star location and had been painstakingly renovated several years before. Every detail had been restored to its former glory. The lobby was huge with marble tiles and mahogany as far as the eye could see. Every room was perfect and his was no exception. The bed was a California king, large enough for four people he thought to himself, raised off the floor so it appeared as though you needed a step to get into it. The shower was huge, with enough room for many people, if the need arose. Susan and Mark had both stayed here before and had enjoyed every minute of it, Susan especially enjoyed the shower.


Mark left the bags in the room and headed out to get Susan. His mind wandered to what he was going to do to Susan on such a large bed causing a slight bulge in his jeans. He rode the elevator down to the lobby and exited the building where he was greeted by the valet who had his car ready for him within minutes. He arrived to get Susan only fifteen minutes later.


She was waiting for him outside and she looked so beautiful. Even though she had been working all day she still looked as great as she did when she left the house earlier that morning. She was wearing a white button up shirt which hugged her full chest and a black skirt which hung to about mid thigh. She was a statuesque woman of about 5’9” and was perfectly proportioned. Her ass was shaped like a pear atop perfect thighs. Her breasts were 38DD with large sensitive nipples that were showing through her shirt when Mark arrived.


“Hi.” She greeted him with a kiss as she got into the car, spreading his lips apart and finding his tongue with hers.

“Hi.” He replied after their embrace. “Are you ready to go?”

She took his hand and slid it up her thigh, between her legs to her perfectly trimmed pussy. She wasn’t wearing her panties and Mark could already feel her getting wet.

“What do you think?” Her smile told him he needed to get to the hotel pretty quick. “I need your cock.”

“Your wish is my command.” He replied as they embraced passionately again with her hand firmly on his cock with his fingers caressing her clit. She pushed forward a little causing his fingers to slide into her. She was becoming so wet. She moaned as he probed her deeper. Susan felt so naughty because they were still parked outside her place of business. Their kiss ended slowly as their hands drew away from each other. Susan made no attempt to fix her skirt and continued to rub between her thighs while Mark drove to the hotel.


When they arrived at the hotel, the valet opened the door for Susan and smiled. Susan realized as she stepped out of the car she hadn’t adjusted her skirt and she had inadvertently given him a peek at her womanhood. Surprisingly she wasn’t embarrassed but it just compounded her level of arousal, her pussy was dripping now and she needed to be fucked. Mark escorted her through the door and into the elevator. They were alone and she wasted no time, she pounced on Mark like a predator devouring its kill. Her tongue thrust into his mouth and his hands reached up her thighs as he grabbed her ass pulling her close to him. She could feel the bulge of his thick cock through his jeans and rubbed her pussy into him. Mark noticed they were about to reach their floor and he straightened up Susan’s skirt just before the door opened. He smacked her perfect ass as she exited the elevator making her moan as she turned to pull him down the hallway.


When they arrived at the room she dragged him in by his jeans, fighting to get his belt open while he ensured the door was closed behind them.

“I need these off.” She was frantic, practically pulling the buckle off his belt. She opened his jeans and yanked them down to his knees revealing a pair of black boxers that now resembled a circus big top.


“I can’t wait” Mark said with his erection throbbing under the light fabric. She got on her knees in front of him and took his cock from beneath its cotton prison. She gripped the shaft of his throbbing member with one hand and began to kiss and lick him with purpose. She took him into her mouth and began to bob her head rhythmically. Mark gripped her hair as he fucked her mouth. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t going to stop. Mark could feel his balls throbbing and knew if Susan kept up this pace he was gonna cum. He was moaning and his legs were getting weak. He told Susan he was gonna blow soon and she stopped, standing up in front of him.    


She walked over to the bed and began to unbutton her shirt, exposing a white lacey bra which held her breasts prisoner.

“You want to fuck me now?” she asked as she hiked up her skirt revealing the wetness of her honeypot.

Mark stood with his erection out in front of him. “Yes I do!” he replied as he kicked off his jeans and removed his boxers. His shirt was gone pretty quick too because Susan didn’t want to waste any time. She wanted him to take her and she didn’t care how.


As Mark finished undressing Susan removed her shirt, hiked up her skirt and bent over the bed while she explore between her thighs with two fingers, probing her pussy and rubbing her clit while she waited for Mark. Mark got on his knees behind her and she moaned as she felt his tongue began to lap up the juice her hot pussy was dripping down her thigh. He probed her box with his tongue while she rubbed her clit between her finger and thumb. Well he tasted her he traced her asshole with his fingers. She moaned each time he applied a little pressure. As he could feel her intensity raise he moved his tongue to her rosebud and began to tease her, licking and gently probing her forbidden region with his tongue.


“Eat my ass! Stick your tongue up my asshole.” She pushed her butt into his face and took his tongue deep into her. She moaned and writhed with each lick and touch of his masterful tongue. She had two of her own fingers deep inside her and his tongue in her tight ass. This felt so electric to her. The sensations were shooting up and down her spine and making her shake. She was about to about to cum and she wasn’t about to stop. She felt her pussy clench around her fingers as Marks tongue entered deep into her ass. With that last penetration she knew it was time and felt herself cum over her hand as she sprayed all over. Her legs were weak but she needed to stay there in position because she wanted Mark’s cock inside her wet pleasure canal.


“Give me your cock! Fuck my wet pussy. I wanna cum again. Fuck me hard.” She begged and ordered at the same time.

Mark stood up behind her and began to rub his cock up and down between her thighs, inserting the tip into her womanhood just to tease her. He reached up and undid her bra revealing her heaving breasts that now hung free. He thrust into her as she yelped feeling his cock fill her up. His balls slapped against her thighs with each thrust and her breasts bounced in rhythm with his advances. Mark grabbed her hips and buried his cock deep inside her as she screamed for him to fuck her. He pounded harder with each scream and before long he knew he was going to cum.


Her pussy tightened around his throbbing cock. “Fuck me I’m cumming Mark! Oh God pound me. Don’t make me beg. Fuck yes oh God.” Mark was ready. Each thrust delivered his seed deep into her pussy and each time he could feel her tighten around his shaft as though she was milking every last drop.


“Oh God don’t stop. Fill me up!” She screamed as they both came.

Mark was done he had nothing left and Susan could barely stand. As she stood up she could feel the combined juices of their session drip down her thigh.

She was satisfied…….for now.

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